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Ugh, I'm sick! Of course! We couldn't have me going into a spring semester not sick, that would just shatter long-held tradition! Freshman year: horrific stomach bug/possible food poisoning that made me miss the first two days of class (in retrospect: least problematic days of class to miss! but terrifying to my freshman self). Sophomore year: I woke up with my eye all fucked up and a giant sty in it. WTF! Junior year: in the midst of a cold that would last two months, picked up on my hellacious plane ride from Vienna. And now another cold! Grrrrr. I've certainly had worse, but this is frankly egregious, universe! I've never been a fan of January. It's the Monday of months. (Although February is the Tuesday of months, and that's quite a bit worse.)

Anyway, I've been pretty out of it and bleh. But I did rewatch Sherlock and found it slightly more enjoyable this time - most of the problems I had with it became that much stronger upon a rewatch, but the good stuff also stuck out more. There was one little thing that I missed the first time that made me laugh way more than was called for. mildly spoilery )

Also, my somewhat embarrassing love of Hollyoaks continues, but with significantly less shame because the last few episodes have been kind of awesome. I fully expect them to fuck it up anytime now, but I have to say that I am enjoying it. Give me all the bizarre black and white flashbacks to gay hookups. And Ste appears to have rummaged around in his closet and found his long-missing backbone, so that's an exciting development.

Oh, and one little thing about last night's TVD. spoilers )

UGH. How can break be over already? And, yes, I realize most normal not-college-students have been at work all week. But... I still wish to voice my complaints.
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Okay, so Sherlock! Fair warning: I did not love it. Please don't hate me, 99% of fandom who loved this. spoilers )

I also rewatched Iron Man 2 for the first time since I saw it in theatres, and, yikes, that was such a step down from the first one. I mean, it was enjoyable, but, god, someone has to come up with some better villains for Tony to fight. Why is it always someone who makes their own evil (and inevitably much larger) Iron Man suit? Although I had an increased appreciation for Black Widow this time around. There needs to be an Avengers drinking game where you take a shot every time Natasha kills someone with her thighs.
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I'm not much of one for new year's resolutions, but I do enjoy the occasional geek-related one. Like for 2011, my resolution was to watch 100 new-to-me films, and I was successful! Joy! So for 2012, I've decided I'll try to read 25 new-to-me books. I know that number is probably pathetic to many of you, but being in school I rarely have time to read for fun, and when I do my brain is too exhausted to spend the time of learning a new universe and slowly developing an understanding and love of characters - so I just read fanfic where you can usually jump into the middle of things and there is gay porn.

Under the cut is the list of 100 movies watched in 2011. I am too lazy to do full-on reviews for all of them like I somewhat attempted earlier in the year. Instead, films that are bolded are ones I absolutely loved and highly recommend to everyone and would rewatch ad nauseam - if they have asterisks it means they were my favorite films of the year. Films that are italicized were ones I enjoyed and were an amusing diversion for a few hours. Films with a line through them were terrible no good and you should stay far way. If it has nothing done to it, it elicited no feelings in me good or bad.

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1. Can I just say that I have a really embarrassing love of Hollyoaks going on right now? Like I obsessively check the always-enabling anthonydlangford's YouTube channel (damn that man! but also bless him!). And it's SO AWFUL you guys. Some of you may be thinking of the ultimately sweet and kind of epic JP/Craig storyline from awhile ago. But NO. This is the abusive psychotic gangster boyfriend storyline of Ste and Brendan. Like canonically physically and emotionally abusive and CRAZY and self-hating gay and WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?! But I can't turn away. Ste is kind of sweet but very dumb and with questionable hair. Brendan is breathtaking levels of crazy eyes with a beyond questionable moustache. He acts like he has a read a book of How to Abuse Someone and Make Them Think It's Their Fault, But Also Sometimes You'll Kill People to Protect Them. It's super horrible, but I am obsessed with it, even as I cringe through most of the scenes. I don't even know what I want from it. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts!

So much shame, guys. So much shame. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SUCCUMBED TO WITH SO FEW CANON GAY RELATIONSHIPS ON TV RIGHT NOW. I am in a desert with no gay for hundreds of miles. Desperate measures.

2. Can I just say that I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that there should be a Steve/Tony vid to "Like a Virgin" after The Avengers comes out? If someone does that, I have no money, but I do have a lot of enthusiasm. Random lion footage optional, but encouraged.

3. I'm starting to get veeeery excited for Euro 2012, but also trying to temper this with some German pessimism because I have had my heart broken too many times. In any case, I briefly considered doing a new Hotties Guide, but decided against it because the teams that were in the World Cup haven't changed enough. For some of them I would choose the exact same players. I will certainly do one for the next World Cup though. Pray that North Korea doesn't qualify!

4. Sherlock Holmes this weekend! And then BBC Sherlock on New Year's Day! I won't lie, I am 100% going to be judging the Downey/Law Moriarty and Mycroft against their BBC counterparts.

ETA: I highly recommend this Rome vid: Virgin by [ profile] obsessive24. To a certain extent about Mark Antony and Vorenus, but also about Antony's spiral into decadence and chaos and even the city itself's similar spiral. I was seal-clapping in glee by the end because it's so brilliant.
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I don't think there's ever been a period of my now SEVEN YEAR LONG WTF livejournal existence where I've been this inactive before. Obvs there's the part where I'm living in Vienna, but I still read my flist regularly and try and keep up with fic. I think it has more to do with the fact that I feel kind of fandomless right now. My love affair with football is steadily waning. At least club football; I've barely watched any Liverpool or Stuttgart since I've been here, though I have watched all the Germany games. Clearly this may have something to do with both teams' abysmal performances this season and Liverpool's extremely close call with administration and possible relegation. IDK. Plus football fandom is kind of awful right now. And I'm still in that post-WC phase where just looking at Spain players who aren't Nando and Pepe makes me want to scream and throw things and have it be four years from now when I can have my sweet, sweet, sweet revenge. Er. Sometimes I have emotions? Thomas Müller is going to kick all those sad bitches' asses in four years? And two, for that matter.

ANYWHO. My activity in fandom these days is mostly reading copious amounts of Inception and Sherlock fic. Although I find there is a sadly small amount of Sherlock fic that actually fits with my preferred characterization of Sherlock, which is leaning a bit more toward the sociopath side of things and less woobie who just needs love. But, alas, such are the burdens I must bear.

The last episode of Community is literally one of my favorite things that has ever happened. I don't tend to rewatch stuff a lot, but I have probably watched that at least daily since it aired. Also The Good Wife is amazing and so sneaky feminist that Sexist Old Grandpa CBS doesn't even realize it's airing the most feminist and female-oriented show on television. One of the reasons - beyond the brilliance of the writing and the prominence of women on the show - that I feel like it is such a female-driven show is something in the way Will is written. Those fleeting glances and unconscious touches and the way he talks to her - IDK. My words fail me. Not that it makes it an unrealistic portrayal of a man, just that it's not necessarily the side that men would chose to focus on in themselves if this were a male-driven drama. ... If that makes any kind of sense.

And with that I say Tschüss because it is ridiculous and my favorite thing to say in German apart from Grüß Gott in a super Austrian accent to everyone I ever meet in Austria. My dad is visiting me and it will be awesome.
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While I'm in Austria I'm trying to somewhat ween myself off fandom (just while I'm here, of course, I am an addict after all) and I have been somewhat successful, although I would be a lot more successful if Inception fandom stopped producing like eight masterpieces every day. In any case, TV has gotten progressively shittier these past few years, so I don't watch much of it anyway. I'm not even going to give Glee and Brothers & Sisters a chance. Those are just really not "watch these while I could be having gelato and hot chocolate for lunch (JUST DID IT)" kind of shows.

So, except for The Good Wife, which I hope will be smarter than me or else I will be sad, I've watched all the premieres.

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So that's like, what, four hours of TV a week once MM is over? Totally manageable.

Blergh, why is it so cooooold in Austria? Eternal question. Good thing I brought a lot of sweaters. Also I find it hilarious and sad that I got a lot of "Oh, that'll be warm this time of year!" comments when I told people where I was going. False. Austria is not a continent in the southern hemisphere, and it is decidedly not summer here right now. Also they do not speak Italian here, because Vienna is not Venice. Sometimes Americans make me sad.


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