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So it turns out I have a lot of feelings about Harry Potter. Also this song is 100% my Remus/Sirius anthem. UUUUUUUGH. Why did I have to pick the soul-crushingly sad pairing?

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In real life news, a tornado touched down near campus yesterday, after seven warnings and five sirens throughout the evening. It was just an F1 and no one was killed, though there were injuries and property damage and uprooted trees EVERYWHERE. Walking around campus feels very much like a disaster area. Considering what other people have been dealing with in the Midwest, we got lucky - but, still, terrifying. Glad I'm going home this weekend, where I at least have an actual basement.
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I watched Dare to Dream, which is about the rise of US women's soccer and how a handful of awesome ladies made soccer and women's team sports relevant in America (even if that shine has certainly faded in the decade since their World Cup win against China). Not gonna lie - I was openly crying at certain parts. The team's first international championship, Mia Hamm finding solace after her brother's death from her teammates and the sport, and of course their amazing World Cup win in 1999. I actually started getting weepy when they drove up to Giants Stadium and realized that 90,000 people had shown up to watch a women's soccer match. People actually gave a shit. TEARS. In any case, I think I'm going to make a certainly less popular companion piece to last summer's attempt to drum up WC interest with a primer on why you should care about the 2011 Women's World Cup.

I can't wait to enjoy the sure to be HIGHlarious comments from family, friends, and random passersby who see me watching women's soccer through a window about the pointlessness of soccer in general and, in particular, those uppity ladies who waste their time playing a sport that people in football-mad countries don't even care about. Although countries like England really might want to get behind their women's NT, as they have a much better chance than the men's team of ever winning a WC. I for one love the different landscape of the teams that are considered the top contenders in women's football as compared to men's. I mean, you've still got teams like Brazil and Germany up there, but you've also got the USA, Japan, even North Korea of all women's teams. The European and South American teams don't have quite the strangehold on the sport as they do in men's competitions.

Anyway, we've had some terrible weather here and are expecting more tonight. No tornados so far, just 80mph winds and trees in houses and power outages. It's very anxiety-inducing, especially because my apartment building doesn't have a basement. :/

Also anxiety-inducing is the fact that I am approaching the Point of No Return in Order of the Phoenix. I am literally going to have to physically force myself to finish this book. I just need to rip the bandaid off quickly rather than prolonging it, right? Then I get to the awesomeness of Neville and Luna and Tom Riddle's memories and epic battles and the Harry/Draco fanfic that is HBP. And Draco's epic woobieness. Ohhh, and the awesome bits of DH where it's just the Harry & Hermione Show of Greatness. Sorry, still not a Ron fan after more than a decade. And since [ profile] cetacea and I ripped out the epilogue and physically burned it (in a fireplace!) in a fit of fangirl rage that will perhaps never be matched our entire lives, I can pretend it ends where it should have ended! Yay.
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I HAVE POWER. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I was reduced to driving around forlornly this morning trying to find somewhere to watch the World Cup. I have also accumulated a lot of knowledge about random subjects due to the Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts. Good times. It's a good thing the electricity came back on before the Germany and USA games, because I need the freedom to curse horribly and - in the worst case scenario - cry deeply in the comfort of my own home.

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I'm so nervous for tomorrow. I can't deal with another one-two football punch like the last time my two teams played. Also I've started reading Soccernomics. Very interesting so far, and totally spot on about England's entitlement issues.

All I have to say about the latest True Blood episode is: JFC, Eric Northman. JFC.

Also I'm really behind on comments. I had no power! :/


Jun. 19th, 2010 01:41 pm
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We had two huge storms with 100mph winds hit our county last night, so I haven't had power since about 6:30PM yesterday, and the second storm took out the land lines but we didn't have any damage to the house besides a lot of tree branches. We went outside this morning to get the lay of the land and, sure enough, one block down from us there's a huge tree downed that's pulling down all the power lines and took out a few of the poles as well (it miraculously missed the house it was next to by about a foot - damn those people must be feeling lucky). Looks like we won't have power back until about Monday or Tuesday.

Which I would be able to deal with, but it's really humid and hot, and the freaking World Cup is on! Luckily I have some friends who have power and I don't really care about any of the games this weekend. So it could be worse. But it's so weird to be disconnected from all the news and stuff. I just now found out about how truly abysmal England were and wtf Anelka was sent home? The French team is, tbh, disgusting me at this World Cup. It infuriates me that they took this chance from Ireland and now they are purposefully not playing well to stick it to their manager and breaking off into factions and ostracizing hot people. (ETA: And apparently the ostracizing of Gourcuff is because his dad is a coach and he's well-educated or something? IDEK. I need someone to explain why everyone hates Gourcuff, because he seems like one of the more likable Frenchies.) I HAVE RAGE. Also I can't decide if Ghana and Australia drawing is good for Germany or not. I suppose now Ghana might play for a draw, since they could go through on that. Hmmm. And also: AMERICA FUCK YEAH. I am still so pissed about that disallowed goal that I MIGHT JUST KILL SOMETHING.

I think I'm going to download a bunch of podcasts, because reading a book by candlelight is too frustrating.

Oh and I'm posting this from my mom's office, in case you're confused as to why I can still post things with no power. But if I'm not around much for the next few days, this is why. PRAY FOR THE POWER TO RETURN. We don't want my pet T-Rex to realize the fences aren't working and start eating lawyers.


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