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This song has gotten me through many a tough football time. And I'm a Liverpool fan, so my pain runs deep. Let's all get drunk and talk about how much we love each other. Hug time now.

(The most positive thing to take from this tournament is that the US team, like the young German team, may not have what it takes to win everything this year, but they are on their way to becoming forces to be reckoned with in four years. I feel like this is the start of something amazing for Team USA, Men's Edition. Not to mention we got the ladies next year! They will almost certainly only make you cry happy tears.)

I lost South Korea and the US in one day. If Germany go out tomorrow, I may need to become a hermit in a cave for awhile.
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AH OMG STILL SHAKING AND CRYING RIGHT NOW I DON'T EVEN KNOW. This team just loves to make it as heart attack-inducing as humanly possible, but I am so proud of them. That was amazing and inspirational and they overcame TWO disallowed goals that would've had them topping their group easily and STILL managed to do it. A lot of teams would just whine and cry and blame bad luck for their loss, but they just kept on fighting. LANDON DONOVAN. Finally all the haters can shut the fuck up about him. I'm so happy for all of them. After the England game, they've all played with so much spirit and been so horrifically unlucky, that for them to reach this place is just... perfect. CONGRATS, BOYS. ♥

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Want some really hot pictures of the US men's NT half-naked, sweaty, and dirty? Hmmm, that's what I thought. They are here. I suddenly feel very patriotic... IN MY PANTS.

I woke up early to watch Denmark play... and then went back to sleep when it became clear that they weren't going to do much. Although I think de Jong should've AT LEAST gotten a yellow for that challenge on Bendtner. He could've broken his freaking ankle! The way these refs have been calling games, he should've been on a plane home. I couldn't watch the Italy game because you know how I feel about Italy? It's pretty much this.

Day 04 — Your favorite club team

Sigh. You know, after Euro 2008 when I first got into club football, there was nothing that made me choose Liverpool. The choice that makes the most sense for a diehard Germany fan and (then) big Michael Ballack fan was Chelsea, right? And it's true that most German NT fans I know (though not all, obviously) follow Chelsea if they follow any English team (although now there are NO international Germans in England, so IDK). So I don't know what it was about Liverpool that made me fall for them. That 08-09 season was glorious, though, wasn't it? They were all so happy and full of spirit and determination - they embodied the spirit of Liverpool FC. It was difficult not to be drawn in by that team. And then it all went to shit and continues this summer to flow in that general direction. But it's gone to shit before, and it's come back to be amazing again. I've been through much worse with other teams I love. The Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 1906, 1917, ....and then never again until 2005. I have no doubt that Liverpool FC, no matter how long it takes, will always shine on.

SHIT GUYS I'M GETTING MAUDLIN. But, seriously, I think I've come to some kind of peace about transfers. We know half the team is going to jump ship this summer. And it's going to suck. But.... Liverpool FC is so much bigger than any one player, than any eleven players. It's gonna be okay. GROUP HUGS AND POPSICLES ALL AROUND. You know when I think you know you're a real Liverpool fan? When you sing YNWA and you feel that physical ache in your chest of sheer pride and love and joy. Nothing can hurt us when we're singing that.

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Greece vs. South Korea )

Argentina vs. Nigeria )

USA vs. England )

Serbia vs. Ghana )

I have yet to see any team play very impressive football. Mostly it's been unorganized, blunt, and ugly. Not entirely unexpected when not only is everyone having first-game nerves, they're also poorly matched to the skill level of their opponent. I'm hoping the next round of games will provide some more interesting stuff. But I think more African teams should score more goals, because they have AWESOME goal celebrations.

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And now, decked out in my sadly obsolete Frings jersey, I will begin to prepare myself for the Germany game. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. OMG KLINSI IS ON MY TV! ♥_♥
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AMERICA FUCK YEAH! Dude. That was just. Eight different flavors of awesome, and also gave me a heart attack. I didn't let myself believe that we'd won until the last thirty seconds. America: The Most Tenacious Fucking Team You Will Ever Play. Why kick the ball out when you can throw your entire body at it twenty separate times? Also, I laughed SO HARD when Altidore fell over when Ramos, like, walked by him. Although I think that was half dive, half I'm-so-exhausted-I-can-barely-stand.

Wooooow. This will be such a confidence boost for them going into the World Cup. Yay United States men. Maybe one day you will achieve the same level of awesome as the lady footballers of our country. :)

Note: This is so, so far from me trying to be a bitch to Spain fans. I love the Spaniards! Even if I don't support their team. In fact, the fact that I have so much respect for them as a team is what makes this victory so fantastic and something to be so proud of. This is me being happy that my team won, not happy that your team lost. HUGS ALL AROUND.
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Talk about premature! Here's the schedules for next season. Well. They haven't really been released yet so it's just the national teams and pre-season friendlies and I'll edit it later. I'M REALLY BORED OKAY. And I needed to update the NT schedules. I decided to add Denmark, Barcelona, and the Chicago Red Stars and got rid of the teams I had listed that I wasn't really following (Wales, Bremen for Torsten, Bayern for Mannschaft boys, and Chelsea for Micha - I've found that liking one or two players on a team that I dislike as a whole is not enough to get me interested enough to follow them regularly). Why, yes, I am already prepared to get my ass kicked by football again and spend 90% of my days like this.

P.S. If you know of any more games that I don't have listed, please let me know. Danke!

Germany | USA |Scotland | Liverpool FC | VfB Stuttgart

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