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Ah, I'm terrified/excited/nervous for the semi-final. It's all I've been able to think about since Saturday. And while I have so much hope, it's like I have this built in defense mechanism from my teams justmissing it for as long as I've been watching football (which is, granted, relatively not that long - although I feel my fervor makes up for it ;) ). I mean, I don't know how many more times I can watch my boys get that trophy so close they can taste it, only to have it ripped away. *sigh* So while I have hope, some part of me doesn't believe it will actually happen, just because that's the story of my football-watching existence. But.... these boys are so good. They're better than any German team has been in a long time. FAR better than the German team at Euro 2008, and that team still only conceded one goal to a Spanish team that was stronger than the one they have now. That Spanish team rolled through Euro 2008 with total inevitability. Like Barca in the 08-09 season, some part of you knew that they were going to win everything. I can only hope that when I look back on this tournament, I can feel the same way about Germany as I did about Spain in Euro 2008.

If Germany score first, I think it will be nearly impossible for Spain to come back from that, since Germany can just rip open a team who has to take risks and attack, although Spain's defense is much stronger than Argentina's or England's. If Spain score first, we haven't been able to come back from behind yet, but the Serbia game had extenuating circumstances - in any case it will be very difficult. If it goes to penalties.... IDEK. I don't think Iker is as godly and untouchable as people think he is, but he is very good. And I... I have faith in Neuer. Should it come to penalties though, it'll be one of those times where I would kill for one of our older, vastly experienced typical German GKs. Jens should parachute in from his helicopter. But, hey, young and relatively inexperienced has gotten us this far, so we should stick to our guns. (But, um, in all seriousness? Wiese, for everything else he sucks at, is INSANELY good at penalties. CRAZY GOOD. It's actually sickening. Seriously, watch the first two minutes of that video. It will make you sick. This is the guy who saved three consecutive penalties from Hamburg (by which I mean not some shitty backwater team or anything). UGH. [Poor Hamburg that season. Ultimate FML.])

So, yeah, one way or another, this will all be over in less than a week. D: And no matter what happens, anybody who has a team left in the tournament gets to see their team two more times. But, goddammit, my boys are better than third place this year.

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Date: 2010-07-07 02:46 am (UTC)
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GERMANY!!!! Yes, I'm rooting for them. *hopes*

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Date: 2010-07-07 05:21 am (UTC)
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Agh, thank you. I have seen them lose this close far too many times. I cannot deal with it again!


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