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I HAVE POWER. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I was reduced to driving around forlornly this morning trying to find somewhere to watch the World Cup. I have also accumulated a lot of knowledge about random subjects due to the Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts. Good times. It's a good thing the electricity came back on before the Germany and USA games, because I need the freedom to curse horribly and - in the worst case scenario - cry deeply in the comfort of my own home.

FRANCE TEAM, HOW ARE YOU SUCH FUCKING AWFUL PEOPLE?! Just.... UGH. My World Cup history is not that great, but I can't think of something so blatantly idiotic and wasteful and childish happening before. I mean, I understand that Domenech was a comically awful coach, but absolutely nothing excuses the behavior of these players. I think a lot of them will have destroyed their reputations in football, and with good reason. You know, I was thinking back to Schaftgate and how awful we all thought that was, but, dude, I think even Philipp Lahm would be a little shocked by this shit. Even on his Dry Erase Machination Boards in his Basement of World Domination, he dared not fall to these lows. I have to wonder if a lot of the older players involved in this who would probably be fit for Euro 2012 won't be dropped indefinitely. Any word on whether Evra will keep his captaincy?

And, seriously, one of the things that gets me the most is the hatred for Yoann Gourcuff. It's just... IDEK. He seems like a pretty nice guy, and they just seem to dislike him because he's kind of quiet and keeps to his Bordeaux teammates. AND HE'S SO PRETTY GOD. HOW CAN YOU HATE THAT GORGEOUS FACE? And, look, I am just going to leave you with this picture as a closing argument. Let me know when you can think thoughts again.

.... Why is there not Yoann Gourcuff fic? I would totally read fic with Yoann having a crush on sexy, older Zidane. I think that pairing would actually ruin me.

I'm more or less happy with the results of today's games. I wish it could've been South Africa moving on instead of Uruguay, but they should be proud of their final performance. They were never favored to do very well. SO HAPPY for South Korea. I'll say it now: I don't think Argentina have what it takes to win the entire tournament, but they will probably go far. Their defense is just abysmal though, and that'll be exposed when they play better teams.

NEW ZEALAND! WTF! I love those adorable fuckers. Good on you! I would love to see them advance.

I'm so nervous for tomorrow. I can't deal with another one-two football punch like the last time my two teams played. Also I've started reading Soccernomics. Very interesting so far, and totally spot on about England's entitlement issues.

All I have to say about the latest True Blood episode is: JFC, Eric Northman. JFC.

Also I'm really behind on comments. I had no power! :/

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Date: 2010-06-23 02:16 am (UTC)
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Also I've started reading Soccernomics. Very interesting so far, and totally spot on about England's entitlement issues.

is a really great book! [ profile] ladymauramcg, library clerk extraordinaire, reserved it for me last fall and was my constant companion on the bus to and from school. It has a lot of valid yet interesting on why soccer is the way it is, and it's backed up with FACHTS. ;)

I'm crossing every phalange I have that New Zealand advances. And Germany. And the US. And England. Basically the whole Commonwealth. And the US.

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Date: 2010-06-23 02:37 am (UTC)
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Welcome back!

JFC, Eric Northman. JFC
This needs to be on a T-shirt and yes, I would totally wear it.

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Okay, so while I was on my boat the entire France team seems to have imploded and I'm really not sure what happened? Could you fill me in? Because seriously, this seems hilarious.

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Date: 2010-06-23 02:59 pm (UTC)
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Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

The NT has been splitting into factions, apparently with older players like Evra, Anelka, and Ribery trying to lead a rebellion. Apparently Malouda got in a fight with Domenech that led to him being kept out of the Uruguay squad. And part of that has been that they've been ostracizing Yoann Gourcuff for reasons that are not clear but, from comments made by Evra, appear to be because he is quiet and keeps to himself mostly. At halftime during the Mexico game, Domenech told Anelka to change position and Anelka responded with, "Go fuck yourself you son of a whore." How dare he ask him to change positions?! The gall! So Anelka was sent home and Evra made comments saying whoever leaked the info about Anelka to the press is a "traitor".

At training after the Mexico game, Evra (I believe) got in a fight with one of the trainers and Domenech, which ended with the trainer stalking off the field, ripping off his badge and throwing it away. Another trainer quit in disgust after this as well. Then Evra showed up on the field later with a little letter saying all the players were refusing to train, and they all walked off the pitch and got in the bus. This was all caught on camera btw, as it was an open training session.

Evra was dropped from the squad for the final game, and I think he and the older players who led the little coup will probably be dropped from the NT for good. Apparently the younger players came to Domenech's office in tears saying they wanted nothing to do with the coup. Oh, and then at the end of the South Africa game Domenech refused to shake the hand of the SA coach and proceeded to give him a lecture on some bullshit and the SA guy was just like O_o.

Okay, even summing it up took forever.
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Date: 2010-06-23 06:19 am (UTC)
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Seriously, France, WTF. From the reports I've read, it sounds like the players involved in the 'revolt' are getting banned from the national team. So Evra is going to lose his captaincy - there was a ridiculous report this morning before the game that he'd gone MIA and FIFA was 'investigating,' yet he showed up on the bench at the game. But from the comments, it sounds like Evra, Henry and a couple other players are done for.

And I agree, how can you hate on Yoann?? Have you seen this post over at [ profile] ontd_football? I think it is very relevant to your interests.


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Date: 2010-06-23 07:00 am (UTC)
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I really hope England lose. My schadenfreude will be delicious.

(Seriously, is is *crazy* here)

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