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Greece vs. South Korea
I am actually offended by Greece's performance. If you show up at the World Cup and you take away that chance from other teams who would give anything to be there, and then you don't even fucking try? That offends me. I am legitimately angry about that awful display of ugly, unispired, lazy football. The only bright side is that, of course, South Korea were fantastic. They aren't perfect, but they showed a lot of creativity going forward. Plus they were super adorable! I find myself really, really liking them. MINI PICSPAM TIME. Sorry for the little arrows on the side. I was too lazy to figure out the way you can find the base image outside of the photo gallery. Anyone remember how we did it during the Euros?

Argentina vs. Nigeria
So, I'm not gonna lie, guys. Right before this game started, I got my dad to make me an omelette, and once I was finished eating it and saw the goal go in, I may or may not have fallen asleep. I'm not used to getting up at 7 in the morning! And it was so fucking boring. I was hoping it would be more interesting with Messi there to work his magic, but then I remembered it was Argentina and not Barcelona, and promptly nodded off.

USA vs. England
Wow, what was that? IDEK. I was happy that we managed to get a point from that, but we didn't play as well as we could have. I'm hoping they'll lose some nerves and loosen up a bit in the games against Algeria and Slovenia. If they can keep it together, they've got a very good chance of moving on. England, on the other hand, were utterly terrible. If they play like that against a big team (and I say that with all love to the US), they'll be destroyed. And I don't just mean because of goalkeeping. I was happy for Stevie G, though. I thought he did very well. (Carra, on the other hand...) The goalkeeping situation is interesting too, because England have such a huge problem with penalty shootouts, and in all likelihood they'll end up in one if they progress very far. Add to that goalkeepers with no confidence, and, wow, England is fucked. They're like a jigsaw puzzle of the Premier League, and that does not equal a strong, unified team.

Also: TIM HOWARD. It makes me feel weird to love you because you play for Everton, but you are so awesome that you overcome even that.

Anyway, you really need only one picture from this matchup:

David Beckham's face condemns your general failure.

Serbia vs. Ghana
Okay, none of those two are worrying me incredibly as opponents for Germany, but I don't want to jinx us. Still, I was very happy for Ghana when they scored, mostly because THEY were so happy.

Also the Serbian fans had a giant sign that said SEX MACHINES on it. For Vidic, at least, I have to agree.

I have yet to see any team play very impressive football. Mostly it's been unorganized, blunt, and ugly. Not entirely unexpected when not only is everyone having first-game nerves, they're also poorly matched to the skill level of their opponent. I'm hoping the next round of games will provide some more interesting stuff. But I think more African teams should score more goals, because they have AWESOME goal celebrations.

Day 02 — Your favorite retired footballer

Mia Hamm is the reason I love football. Yes, it was Germany that got me to really delve into the sport and educate myself and find a club team. But it was Mia Hamm and that amazing US women's national team that first instilled that love for me, brought tears to my eyes, and made me so proud. THANK YOU.

Day 03 — Your favorite national team

Of course I support the United States, but my heart belongs to Deutschland.

Day 01 — Your favorite active footballer
Day 02 — Your favorite retired footballer
Day 03 — Your favorite national team

Day 04 — Your favorite club team
Day 05 — Your favorite domestic league
Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 — Your favorite football kit
Day 08 — A video of a great goal
Day 09 — A football-related photo that makes you happy
Day 10 — Your favorite football rivalry
Day 11 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 12 — A football-related photo that you took
Day 13 — Transfer that made you the saddest
Day 14 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 15 — Your favorite manager
Day 16 — A football-related comedy skit/joke/whatever
Day 17 — A picture of the footballer you think is the hottest
Day 18 — Match that made you the saddest
Day 19 — Match that made you the happiest
Day 20 — Your favorite football-related piece of fiction (movie, book, fanfic, whatever)
Day 21 — A football-related photo that makes you sad
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Day 23 — A football-related song
Day 24 — A football-related photo that makes you laugh
Day 25 — A football-related .gif
Day 26 — A football-related item you've bought
Day 27 — A picture of your favorite bromance/ship
Day 28 — Your favorite team of all time (i.e., specific players at a certain point in time)
Day 29 — Your favorite football-related quote
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

And now, decked out in my sadly obsolete Frings jersey, I will begin to prepare myself for the Germany game. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. OMG KLINSI IS ON MY TV! ♥_♥
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