Jun. 7th, 2010

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1. I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL LOVED MY SHIRTLESS FOOTBALLERS POST. I should've known the way to get you all to care about something football related was to involve nudity. I really should've known. I am still replying to comments, but I just wanted to say thaaank you for loving it. I mean, how anyone cannot love Yoann Gourcuff's dreamy eyes is beyond me, but still good to know I'm not a crazy person. In certain areas of life. Although I'm sad I didn't get to include my favorite footballer of ever and all time, Mr. Pepe Reina. Because *I* find him hot, but I don't know if other people do. And I think a lot of what is hot about him is his personality and how hilarious and kind and loyal and hardworking he is. And also how he tosses his baby daughters in the air. I LOVE YOU PEPE. YOU'RE ALWAYS #1 IN MY HEART. LOL EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT ACTUALLY, ON ANY TEAM, #1. If he was the starting goalkeeper for Spain, they probably wouldn't annoy me as much. ALSO how did I not know Pepe and Nando are next door neighbors in Liverpool? Hey, Nando, you better stay in Liverpool so you don't have to leave your BFF. It would be sad for everyone.

2. I went to a White Sox game and got sunburnt to hell. Also it went from sweltering hot without a cloud in the sky to freezing and pouring rain and back again. Freaking Chicago. Every damn time I go to a game! But hey, they won and the Cubs lost, that's all that matters. Also: BLACKHAWKS. HELL YES. Anyway, they had to win. They couldn't bring shame upon Michael Jordan, Lord of Chicago, in his own arena.

3. Have I talked about how fantastic the new Doctor Who is? Because I eventually got over my bitterness from Ten and gave Eleven a shot and I am SO GLAD. I love Eleven, Amy, Rory, and although it's had some problems, nothing near the fail that RTD's episodes were usually full of. And for the most part the stories are interesting and make a semblance of sense! I'm very much looking forward to the finale. And I hope that Amy Pond will be around as companion for another season, but I have no idea, so if anyone knows, DON'T tell me.

4. I don't particularly like Rio Ferdinand, but I know how much it must hugely suck to get knocked out of the World Cup this late in the game. Still I am very excited that Stevie gets to be captain, something that I've always thought he was very, very worthy of, especially considering how up until the most current season he could single-handedly push Liverpool to a win through sheer force of will. I still hate the English NT, but I will of course be hoping that Stevie, Carra, and Glen do well for themselves. (I'm an American of German and Scottish descent. It would be WRONG of me to do anything but hate the English NT.)



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