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day 11 → a photo of you taken recently

....... No. Use your imagination!

day 12 → whatever tickles your fancy

There was no miracle at Istanbul, there was just a man inspiring other men to a victory.

Preach it, Zizou, biggest Stevie G fanboy to walk this earth. (Yeah, Nando, I said it.)

Also, wow, who else is just going to play their Istanbul DVD and pretend this season isn't happening? Nah, just kidding. In the timeless words of Rihanna: took an oath, I'ma stick it out 'til the end.
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I swear, this is what I am thinking of through 80% of my Roman Civ lecture. In a good way.

Incidentally, this is also what I think of when people say WHAT HAS RAFA EVER DONE FOR LIVERPOOL?! And can I just say: NO WALKING ALONE TONIGHT IN LIVERPOOL. Harharhar. Unless you are an Everton fan. Then you always walk alone.

But seriously I cried tears of happy into the coffee beans I was grinding.
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This is just for my own reference for when I'm writing fic and trying to remember how much English certain boys know and how strong their accents are. Also I'm a perv.

english as a second/third/six hundredth language! )
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I want to share with you my secret shame:

I hate Cristiano Ronaldo but in this commercial I am HELPLESS AGAINST HIS EVIL, EVIL CHARMS! I am reduced to a sad, shamed person in this moment. I want him to air-kiss me when I just got knocked on my ass by his goal. OH DAMMIT.

That whole commerical is way too much fun wish fulfillment and I have rewatched it way too many times. If you want to see the dorkier side of football, check out the Adidas campaign, which [ profile] gloryliberty so kindly pointed my way. It has Ballack, Poldi, Lahm, David Villa, Kaka, and I guess some English people if you're into that kind of thing.

This teaches us that Nike = NAIL THEM BITCHES AND SCORE THEM GOALS! And Adidas = let's help these young children from small countries become great! Oh my, is that Michael Ballack jumping out of a bush?
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I have two VERREH IMPORTANT things to address in this post:

1. I don't know if this is old news (probably to most people), but it delighted me so I had to share: [ profile] pipsi_pirate pointed out Ianto Jones' secret gay past! In which Gareth David-Lloyd plays another bi/gay character named Ianto Jones on another RTD show.

2. Is there any time at which starting a sentence in an essay with "indeed" is not terribly pretentious? Not that I'm going to change it, I just wanted to throw that out there.

When did I become so terribly spammy? I swear I didn't used to be that person on livejournal. This is what writing about Upton Sinclair will do to you! Make you pretentious and spammy. Soon I'll be making socialist picspams of inhumane working conditions in the early twentieth century. :/

ETA: OMG NEW ADMINISTRATION BOOK! New Toreth (and probably Warrick) set between "Mind Fuck" and "Friday" in the next paperback release. And it has "Pancakes," which I feel is best described in the following analogy: "Pancakes" is to Toreth/Warrick as Ice Cream Kissing in Episode 112 is to Brian/Justin. You watch/read it and you're like, "Damn, that boy might as well give up the fight now." One day I will get other people to read this stuff!
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[ profile] _jems_ did it first, and I agreed that we could all use a little happy to take our minds off the clusterfuckery of LJ/6A.

things that make me happy in picture and video form - long and not dial-up friendly )
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The news of the Backstreet Boys' - sans Kevin Richardson, who I guess realized that at age 35 it was time to leave a band with the word "boys" in it - upcoming new album (which I will so buy the day it comes out at midnight, you have no idea), has inspired me to go back and rewatch all their videos, like I do sometimes. Would you believe I still know every single lyric and beat and random noise from their first three albums? I am so proud of this fact, because then I can sing things like, "Empty spaces fill me up with holes" and not go, "Wait, WHAT?" and then lose the whole song.

But anyway, if you've never seen it, I wanted to share with you the pure and wondrous ridiculousness that is the video for Incomplete. Why is Nick Carter thrashing on his knees at a gas station, where his car has apparently caught fire? Why is Howie Dorough drying his laundry in the rain? Why is the old one playing a piano in the middle of a dead forest? Why is everyone shaking their heads in horror and shame and waving their fists in the air in rage, as if they just saw a particularly unsavory-looking streaker run in front of a daycare? However, I really think that the best part is when Brian Littrell jumps into the conveniently placed ocean during the lyrics, "I am swimming in an ocean all alone." DO YOU SEEEEE THE METAPHORS? All I know is that everything about this song and video makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, and I like it that way.

Also bask in the pure 90's cheesiness of the following: I Want It that Way for some self-congratulatory airport drama (this time with added matching black and white outfits!), their apparent belief that their fans will cryogenically freeze their bodies for a thousand years so they can surf in spaceships in Larger Than Life, the pure hat-dancing joy of All I Have to Give (HATDAAAAAANCE!), and the crowning achievement of all BSB vids: the I-say-this-with-no-sarcasm-actually-pretty-awesome Everybody (Backstreet's Back). LOOK IT'S A FLIPPING WEREWOLF IN A PIMP COAT! SUCK IT, N*SYNC!

I'M SO HARDCORE INDIE RIGHT NOW. If you have to pretend this post never happened to be able to speak to me again, I will accept that decision.
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1. I'm actually starting to get excited for Deathly Hollows, which is strange, because I'd gotten to the point with HP where I've chosen a stopping point in canon and refuse to believe anything else happened (like I refuse to believe Smallville had more than three seasons, or Alias had more than two). That point being, despite my love of a certain character, post-OotP. I really have no memory of what happened in HBP, except that it seemed like a rather long Harry/Draco fic. And that was before I even had my H/D-slash goggles on! I can't imagine what that book must've been like for those fangirls.

2. thoughts on doctor who christmas special and season four casting spoilers - text whited out for spoilerphobes )

Here's my absolute, number one, please-oh-please-let-it-happen wish for the fourth season: LEAVE FUCKING EARTH! Just one little episode on a different planet with a weird alien species that is not somehow descended or related to humans in any way. Please?

3. also: some thoughts on RPF that I've been.... thinking for awhile )

4. I found a primer for John Paul/Craig, AKA the gay boys on that terrible British soap opera Hollyoaks. And while the show is cringe-worthy, the relationship is surprisingly.... really great and angsty and fucked up and the one guy is at times just a tad crazy. So, basically, everything I love in a pairing! Plus the boys are pretty, for the shallow factor. *g* So, if you're looking for an amusing way to pass the time, I highly recommend watching the clips in that post.

5. Er, happy Fourth of July a day late. I guess we can celebrate it by our leaders blatantly ignoring the Constitution? But, gee, it doesn't even feel special and new anymore. And that's all I have to say on that, or I will probably start screaming. But, hey, the fireworks were pretty!

6. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day John-Barrowman-on-YouTube-surfing and reading fic. If I procrastinate the important things like picking a college to go to and getting a job, maybe they'll just go away.
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1. I am SO BUMMED that I wasn't in London just three days later, because then I would've been able to attend London Pride and see John Barrowman in person. London Pride looks like it's about five hundred times bigger than Dublin Pride as well. Oh well, Dublin Pride was wonderful, and I doubt I'll ever have the chance to see that many pretty gay Irish boys again in my life.

but here: video of john kissing his partner, scott, on stage at the parade )

2. I bought the first two books in the Tamir trilogy by Lynn Flewelling, author of the gay faery (harhar) spy/wizard extravaganza that is the Nightrunner series. Apparently, where Nightrunner went for the wonderfully slow-building canon gay couple as the protagonists, the Tamir trilogy is all about the genderswap, and I think possibly a gay couple that gets turned into a het couple be the aforementioned genderswap. But I'm not sure. Anyway, a whole trilogy of fantasy novels centered around a fanfic cliche, and, knowing Ms. Flewelling, done very well. If it's anything like the pure gay faery love of Alec and Seregil, I know I'll love it.

3. I just realized that I haven't read a Sam/Dean fic in ages. How sad is that? All the wank and hate going on in the fandom lately sort of made me back away slowly. Plus my ability to tell what's goodfic and what's badfic before starting a fic in that fandom just doesn't seem to work anymore. And, unlike my Heroes pairings, I haven't read every last piece of even slightly well-written fic out there, so I'm not quite ready to read the crap yet.

4. Yep, nothing else to say. A trip to Europe does not stop me from being damn boring. *falls asleep reading own post*

ETA: I just reread this post, and it's basically GAYGAYpossiblehet?GAYGAYGAY. Hahahaha. I've returned to my usual ways, it would seem.
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I spent the day of the Heroes finale watching all the terrible Mohinder/Sylar vids I could find on YouTube. You know, it's truly amazing how much people relate cheesy Broadway musicals and 90's pop songs to a pairing that has a psychopath who cuts out people's brains and in which both men have tortured each other at some point. I CLEARLY SEE THE CONNECTION!

I was a little too, er, overcome with emotion to post about them since then, but [ profile] rain_dances has been talking about a few of them lately, and on this eventless Sunday, I figured it was time to post my favorites here for your enjoyment.

you're the one that I want, momo.... and I'll show you by murdering all these people and removing their brains )

Also, [ profile] makesomelove posted what is possibly the best description of the Nightrunner series ever written. You should all go read the books now so I have even more people to flail with.

ETA: Is there perhaps a chance that anyone would be able to upload "She's Like the Wind" by the venerable Patrick Swayze for me? IT IS NOT RELATED TO THIS POST. I SWEAR.
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It's time for that wonderful time-wasting activity: surfing YouTube. Here are some of my favorite videos. Embedded for five times the fun!

cut to spare your flist )

Check out [ profile] premium_blend - for people with a love of HBO/Showtime small fandom shows like Entourage and Dexter and The Wire. AKA things I am madly in love with but can never find fandom-y things for.
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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights made me cry and I am not ashamed to admit it. Well maybe a little. But seriously, Diego Luna and Romola Garai are so awesome and have this crazy chemistry and it's SO SAD. OMG. What? IT SO IS! (There's a 90% chance this all comes down to PMS.)

Quite possibly my favorite dance scene EVER. I am dead serious. My love for this movie is really, really embarrassing and has completely eradicated any indie movie cred I may have once had. BUT THE KISS. That gets me every. Damn. Time. And dear god Diego Luna's hips are like something sent from heaven. Um. I'm done now.

Also, I cannot stop listening to "Caught Out There" by Kelis from [ profile] hackthis's Nathan/Peter mix. I have this perfect image of Peter getting drunk and listening to it and being all "OH NO!" and "Grrrrr!" and vindicated and it is maybe even funnier than quoting lines from Peter Is Emo at [ profile] capesofwrath. But not quite. (Can't two...or four dudes make out with each other without being gay?)

You know why I love mass days at my school? Because I don't have to come in until 11. And that is awesome and possibly the cause of this nonsensical, random post. I apologize.


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