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so I watched Kings - if you're avoiding the details of the biblical story, don't look here )

I kind of want the crossover where Castiel is the bearer of divine advice/justice/hotness. Let's do that.

Also, everyone should go watch this interview with Jo and Thore from Verbotene Liebe in which Jo proudly says, "Van Hansis and I.... are friends on Facebook." The precious. It kills me. Also I imagine them all attending a convention entitled "Actors Who Are Famous for Playing Gay Guys on Soap Operas Which Are Popular on YouTube". Of course also attended by James Sutton and Guy Burnet.
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1. You should all go participate in [ profile] winter_baby's 2009 FANDOM STEEL CAGE MATCH MARCH MADNESS! Resistance is futile, etc. AND VOTE FOR PEGGY OLSON FOR GOD'S SAKE. How can Peggy be losing to Betty? I can fully understand losing to Joan, but Betty? And, wow, I am incredibly surprised by the popularity of Lafayette for True Blood. TBH, I found his character pretty offensively stereotypical. Stop interesting me, random polling statistics!

ETA: Since I have posted this, Peggy is back in the running. Phew. Crisis averted.

2. I've been catching up on my soaps! It's what I do when I'm procrastinating writing papers. The last time I watched them was, I think, around September. And, wow, on Verbotene Liebe a whole steaming pile of NUTHIN' happened. Except Olli had like three separate irrational midlife crises (seriously, you're mad at Christian because he won't randomly go to Ibiza with you and miss a huge test?! wtf?!) and Christian was, oddly, the rational one. And also, really really hot, I might say. As is Gregor, lately.

I'm stuck in this stupid election storyline on As the World Turns. Who even cares about student body elections at a community college? Blah. It's a nice sentiment, but ~valiant gay warriors against evil homophobes~ was boring when they did it on Queer as Folk and Brian and Justin were having sex the entire time. It is certainly not going to get anymore interesting when you take away the softcore porn. Oh well, Luke and Noah are cute and they actually let them kiss onscreen now. Baby steps.

3. I've been quite depressed with Liverpool lately. I think I almost actually cried when I read that Xabi had had an own goal in the Middlesbrough game. There's a slight possibly that I fell to my knees and screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the sky in rage and defeat. Maybe. It's just so WRONG for that to happen and I'm sure Xabi feels like shit about it and I just want to sex him give him hugs. Anyway, I've mostly accepted the fact that Manchester United has almost certainly won the Premiership for this year, so I will cling to the Champions League. However, the game today was greatly happy-making. I ♥ Yossi. And I really, really want the Israeli NT to beat the Greek NT in their qualifying group. Because that group makes me go, "Really, UEFA? REALLY?"

4. Ach. After having a laughably easy last few weeks, the next two weeks will be made of epic fail, school-wise. Which could mean that I might not be around that much but more accurately means that I will just spam more to avoid work.
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I looked back and determined: goddamn does this journal need more fandom!

1. Hollyoaks this week has literally been giving me heart palpitations of PURE JOY. Well, the last episode made me ecstatic and crushed at the same time. OH 'OAKS. Thank god I'll be kicking this habit soon. I didn't realize how much I'd missed You Know Who's prune face until he showed up again and got all grabby. And the ego is just as big as ever klsajfsklfjdkl! On the other hand, Verbotene Liebe has been pretty yawn-worthy lately. :(

2. Can I just express my PURE RAGE over the fact that Italy is now ranked higher than my beloved Nationalmannschaft? I don't know if you watched the Euros, but Italy? THEY KIND OF SUCKED IT UP. And Germany hasn't lost any games since the final against Spain. ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM, I WILL ALWAYS DESPISE YOU. Even though I don't actually dislike any of the footballers. COLLECTIVELY I HATE THEM.

3. Prison Break brings the hilarity, as always. What makes it especially enjoyable is that I equally ship both Michael/Sara and Michael/Mahone. And who does Michael spend 90% of his time with? Well, either of those two, of course. Also, my mom's not buying Wentworth Miller's heterosexuality! I was talking to her and out of the blue she says his straight lovin' is not very convincing. I'm like, he was "seen around town" with Luke Macfarlane. That's tabloid code for gay.

4. I have... nothing else fandomy to say. This whole first week of college thing is a little time-consuming, and they haven't even had the club fair yet. Although if [ profile] thehangedwoman can find time to read assloads of Snape/Hermione fic (WHICH SHE THEN LEAVES OPEN TO THE BAD SMUT ON MY COMPUTER) and take fifty million science classes, then I will manage. Although she is a hermit.

ETA: OH NOW I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! I keep seeing people in football jerseys all over campus, and of course I always check to see the name. And I swear I've seen about a million Crispianos, which just makes a part of me die when I see it. And I saw a few Rooneys and Beckhams, which was just as soul-crushing. AND THEN I SAW A TORRES LIVERPOOL JERSEY. NANDO YOU SCOUSAH! And then, after all that awesome, I SAW AN EFFING SCHWEINI JERSEY. I think I cried, to see the Nationalmannschaft and Liverpool in the midst of all that ManU.

Also I saw a Cesc Fabregas lookalike but he gave me a funny look. Probably because I was gaping at him. At least I didn't get the stink eye like Laurie gets all the time for no reason.
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Okay, I am seriously years behind on comments, but I just have to say this: Verbotene Liebe, you win. Alright, I give up. You have just WON The Prize. I don't know what The Prize is yet, but you win it. CHRISTIAN AND OLLI. OLLI AND CHRISTIAN. Reminds me of the end of this scene in Queer as Folk 1x18. And, people, that is an HONOR that I do not give out lightly, let me tell you. That's actually my FAVORITE SCENE EVER OF ANYTHING.

In TRAGIC FOOTBALL NEWS, I went to a poster store today and the only football posters they had were of CRISPIANO RONALDO AND BECKS. I was so offended, I can't even tell you. I was like, "Not even some Spain? Did you not notice Euro 2008?!" In the words of Tim Gunn, "WHY DON'T I JUST SLIT MY WRISTS BEFORE I THROW MYSELF IN FRONT OF A TAXI?"

I like all the RANDOM CAPSLOCK in this post. It's probably because I had TWO COOKIES while at the mall tonight (why, yes, I am a preteen just out of the eighth grade, thanks for asking) and because VL JUST KILLED ME. And because I needed this after being forced to shelve for what have to be the sweatiest, most hectic, most fly-dive-bombed hours I've ever worked. DEATH TO THE LIBRARY. Not really.

ETA: Fine, Guy Burnet, YOU WIN TOO. I take back the mean things I said about you before. "If I was uncomfortable with kissing James Sutton, would I be doing THIS?" Oops, now there are tongue marks all over JP's face.
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1. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night yesterday talking BSG OT3 with [ profile] transtempts. I'm still surprised at how much the idea of Kara/Sam/Leoben just makes me GRIN like a dork. Maybe it's just in our twisted minds, but they work. Being domestic and putting up cabinets and getting into barfights because Leoben never loses at cards and all. My favorite cap in the world, let me show it to you. Have I mentioned how "Faith" is probably my favorite episode of S4 of BSG? Just throw some cylons and some humans together into closed quarters and watch what happens. Guaranteed good times.

2. I'm so glad you all enjoyed my cracktastic guide to gay soaps! Warms the cockles of my heart. But I feel I owe at least a small addendum to some couples I overlooked. The first one being John Paul/Kieron, who I finally got around to watching and who are painfully adorable (though not as much as Christian and Olli). You can find their story (including some Craig angst) starting here. I mean, just watch this scene starting at 3:00 and tell me if that's not one of the sweetest things you've ever seen, meant as a blatant counterpoint to the nasty voice-over. Nuzzling!

The other couple is Max/Iago from El Cor de la Ciutat, a Catalan soap, pointed out to me by [ profile] verasophia. I haven't watched too much of them yet, but their first kiss has me hooked. LOL *WINK*!

3. I'm still working on my Nationalmannschaft picspam, but I have to picspam my other Germans. Did you see the latest episode of Verbotene Liebe? I mean they had a swimsuit photoshoot complete with Zoolander Blue Steel faces and, inexplicably, cowboy hats. I am for any excuse to get Christian, Olli, and Gregor shirtless, even ones as tenuous as this.

verbotene liebe 7/11/08 picspam )

4. I rewatched Batman Begins to prepare for the new movie, and all I could think of during the training montages where Liam Neeson was saying some cryptic shit about fear opium, was "But can you do it..... WITH WATERMELONS ON YOUR FEET?!" from Mystery Men. Which kind of ruined the ~*atmosphere*~. Whatever, Tony Stark needs to take Bruce Wayne out for drinks, sleep with him, and make him less broody all the time.
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So, I have this guilty pleasure. I like to call it: Watching Gay Soap Opera Storylines on YouTube. In particular the "Gay Power Couples": Christian/Olli on Verbotene Liebe, JP/Craig on Hollyoaks, and Luke/Noah on As the World Turns.

This post is for anyone who has ever thought to themself, "Self, I would like to watch a gay soap opera storyline on YouTube. But there are so many options! How can a person pick?" WELL HAVE I GOT A POST FOR YOU. (/end t-rex) I think I'm going to call it GRAB SOME GAY. This is your definitive guide to the best of gay daytime television, including the good and the bad about each couple, pretty pictures, the certifiably scientific Brian Kinney sex-ometer, links to YouTube playlists, and a greatest hits (so to speak, harhar) of each storyline.

In short, this post is a terrifying testament to not only my extreme levels of geek and love of semi-bad television, but mostly how much free time I have during the summer.

choose your own gay soap opera storyline! )

I want you guys to cherish my Brian Kinney sex-ometer. CHERISH THAT SUCKER.
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I am so damn spammy lately! I just need to shut up. But I'm too bored to. =D

1. I'm surprisingly not hating the ESPN coverage of Euro 2008. EXCEPT for the fact that every frakking commentator spends at least ten minutes of any given game verbally sucking Cristiano Ronaldo's cock. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to put it. Yes, he is a very good player. No, he is not the Jesus of football. STFU about Ronaldo's glorious manhood and footwork, plz.

2. Verbotene Liebe people! Have you've seen this picture? It's probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life, if for nothing but Christian's face: "Yeah, I'm hittin' that." Oh, Christian. And how great were they this week? Gregor FTW!

3. I'm having a Brian/Justin fanfic reading revival. Except most of it kind of sucks. Like, I really don't think Brian would be struck by the deep beauty of Justin's cerulean orbs ever, let alone in S1. Yet I still read it. What does that say about me?

4. I'm considering doing a Kara/Leoben ficathon, or possibly Kara/Leoben/Sam (you could pick any of those pairings or the OT3). Would anyone be interested? I might do a more informal one than I usually do, without assignments. But you tend to get very little actual fanfic when you do it that way. Hrm.

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Can someone explain a certain person being listed on the IMDB page for The Incredible Hulk? If you go there, you'll know who I'm talking about. And, hey, I only recently realized that Tim Roth is going to be in it. Damn, I always find the Hulk so boring, and now I have to see it. speculative spoilers for the film based on that casting )

Man, Verbotene Liebe was so ~*dramatic*~ this week, I could hardly stand it. With the crazy jungle music playing and potential drug use and shamed stumbling. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE.
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I stayed up late watching the gay German soap opera saga of Christian and Oliver. The only thing I can always understand without subtitles is "Es tut mir leid." I can apologize in German! But the boys! They were so pretty and angsty and now they're finally all pretty and happy. And, seriously, I love Luke and Noah, but it is so refreshing to get past the "Self-Hating Formerly Straight One Freaks Out Around Openly Gay One" stage* and not have it end in SEVERE COCK-BLOCKAGE. Or in the case of John-Paul and Craig, soul-crushing angst. Instead we get lots of happy fun sex times and Olli being really surprisingly level-headed for a soap. I think this goes to show: put a slash couple on a soap opera, upload that shit to YouTube, and I'll watch it in any language you can subtitle. This scene practically made me cry my own tears! So much forehead touching and nuzzling and aslkdasdlksdk-type kissing.

* The stages of the Modern Gay Soap Opera Storyline:
1) Nicer "sensitive" Character A has coming out story and becomes The Gay Guy
2) Character B, who has been written as straight until this storyline, becomes attracted to A and they kiss (if American) or sleep together (if European)
3) B flips his shit and gloms onto his girlfriend and is an ass to A in an attempt to regain his manly heterosexuality
3a) A spends a lot of time looking like a kicked puppy and I spend a lot of time wanting to punch B
3b) Optional self-hating kissing and/or sex during this stage
4) Girlfriend of B discovers the affair and is either sympathetic or goes big time crazy
5) Either way, Girlfriend discovering eventually leads to B accepting his gay and attempting a relationship with A
6) B has moments of heterosexual freak-out but A's Pure Gay Love eventually wins out
6a) This is totally not the case for the JP and Craig storyline. But everything up until the last stage was!

Also, regarding last night's BSG... )


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