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It's sad when I'm more excited for a new episode of Teen Wolf than I am for the Euros. But the crappy, halfhearted playing of the Germans has kind of killed my enthusiasm for the moment. I hope they're back to being the team I know and love against the Netherlands. This lack of teamgeist happened last Euros; they only ever really showed up for the semifinal. I can't deal with them being like that again, it was so depressing. :(

However I find it really amusing when ESPN does its ridiculous super slo-mo when players are hugging or looking at each other and it looks like they're trying to make a slash vid. I guess Shevchenko and Zlatan's pre-game handshake was more ~loaded~ than any of us knew. Thanks, ESPN. (Also, Ukraine vs. Sweden is very confusing, colors-wise.)

But seriously, Teen Wolf has been SO GREAT this season. I don't even know what to do with myself. I was not expecting this! This is nothing we were ever trained for! If you need a show to watch this summer, you need to watch this so hard. It's just the greatest. It includes badass lady archers! I demand the AU where Allison is Hawkeye's cousin who he never talks to because the Argents are fucking weird, but then... somehow they meet? And he teaches Allison to jump backwards off of buildings while loosing an arrow and Stiles faints like a Victorian bride again because it's too awesome to handle, and Sheriff Stilinski is just like. SIGH. SERIOUSLY?! GET THE SMELLING SALTS AGAIN, DEPUTY WHOEVERTHEFUCK.

Also lately I've really been craving some Lydia/Allison.

Also, Teen Wolf vid rec, for people who are new to the fandom (because I assume everyone who's been here for awhile has already seen it): Pack by [ profile] wistful_fever. It's Jackson-centric, with Derek/Stiles and a sort-of-AU Jackson/Stiles. IT'S THE GREATEST. So much pretty boy Jackson freaking out while half-dressed and everyone perving on Stiles. Plus: LACROSSE! So basically the show.

True Blood: surprisingly not that bad? I only facepalmed from second-hand embarrassment, like, three times.
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quick gif heavy true blood thoughts )

Also Beyonce is pregnant and that child is going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. And she and Jay-Z and Kanye were fucking ADORABLE at the VMAs during her performance.
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1. I think I realized my biggest problem with SPN this year, amidst the many, many problems. spoilery, although I would be surprised if anyone cares )

2. There is so much good television to look forward to soon! Doctor Who, which I know is going to kill me by making me wait until autumn for the second half of the season. The Borgias, which just afajljkgdgkdjgkfg YES. True Blood, which, while not "good" in the strictest sense of the word, will at least be enjoyable and trashy. And of course Justified just got going, and is as wonderfully delightful forever.

3. Liiiiiiiiiiiverpool. Ich liebe dich. Arsenal, we will be accepting gift baskets at any time this week. I am saddened by Pepe Reina's flip-floppy interview, but... le sigh. Good times are coming for this club, with or without Pepe, although GKs of his quality are hard to come by. Whatever, Spaniards.

4. I am starting to use tumblr more often, so here's mine: whatithacasmean. I'm sure I've posted it before, but I actually use it now, so let me know what yours is! I always forget because no one's is the same as their lj handle.
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I HAVE POWER. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I was reduced to driving around forlornly this morning trying to find somewhere to watch the World Cup. I have also accumulated a lot of knowledge about random subjects due to the Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts. Good times. It's a good thing the electricity came back on before the Germany and USA games, because I need the freedom to curse horribly and - in the worst case scenario - cry deeply in the comfort of my own home.

random world cup thoughts )

I'm so nervous for tomorrow. I can't deal with another one-two football punch like the last time my two teams played. Also I've started reading Soccernomics. Very interesting so far, and totally spot on about England's entitlement issues.

All I have to say about the latest True Blood episode is: JFC, Eric Northman. JFC.

Also I'm really behind on comments. I had no power! :/
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1. I finally found the time to sit down and watch a bunch of the Worlds routines I'd had open in tabs all week. And omg JEWBEAR. I am so happy for you. TEARS ON MY FACE. And Daisuke was stunning. Absolutely deserving of the gold, IMHO, although I wanted Jewbear to get silver. But then I have an irrational hatred of PChan, so what can I say. It was a little bit disappointing without Johnny, Plushy, Stéphane, and even Orange Bro, but I still enjoyed it (and we got Johnny's commentary, so that kind of makes up for it). And Adam Rippon wtf how are you so pretty and angelic? So happy for Mirai, but damn, Yu-Na, get it together!

2. In connection to #1: Johnny Weir rode a yak. Your argument is invalid. I love how Johnny is making all these kind of stupid, uber-hetero talk show hosts fall in love with him and present him with gifts. His power is irresistible.

3. I find myself, as always and against my better judgment, actually looking forward to the new season of True Blood. Possibly because that poster is pretty fucking brilliant. Maybe this season will even be a bit textually gay outside of the whole ~metaphor of vampirism~ thing and Lafayette acting sassy but rarely doing anything actually gay and Eric/Godric subtext? I feel like Alan Ball is falling down on the gay agenda almost as much as RTD in never having Barrowman and Tennant kiss. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT PARTICULAR FAILURE, RTD. Among your many, many, MANY failures, it ranks high.

4. I'm getting judged so hardcore by my RL friends for my JoBros love. SHUT UP NICK JONAS IS ALMOST LEGAL YOU WHOOOOORES. They're just jealous. Haters. Also I love how (in my minimal reading) Nick almost always gets paired either with Joe or much older men. Does that say something about Nick, fandom, or both?

Except now I watched all the episodes of JONAS. What am I going to do with my free time now? :/

5. The amount of downtime LJ has been having recently is getting ridiculous. Get your shit together, LJ!

6. Baseball season starts next week! Actually: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is more appropriate. And then the WPS season starts the week after. Warm weather, I can almost feel you. Except even when I go to baseball games in June, it's always freezing. Fucking Chicago. I swear.
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I have such epic comment reply fail. I AM SORRY. Here is a short list of things I love recently:

+ PEGGY MOTHEREFFING OLSON. Askfjsdklgdldfkgfdjgkfdgj. She's pretty much my idol right now. That scene last week affected me physically. But not in a dirty way you perverts. In a OH MY GOD PEGGY OLSON IS REACHING INTO MY VERY SOUL.
+ YOSSI MOTHEREFFING BENAYOUN. Old news but still. I love that he never complains about not getting enough time or being ~disrespected~ or whatever prima donna bullshit footballers come up with. He just goes out there and proves why you should goddamn well start him every game. I'm so sad that Israel probably won't qualify for the WC 'cause I wanted to see Captain Yossi!
+ Wednesdays. I don't work, and my classes don't start until noon. GLORIOUS DAY. I think I will do laundry and watch as much Champions League as humanly possible. All the teams I care about appear to be playing on the same game days. ARGH.
+ Dean/Castiel. My love of the Holy Crap They Came Up with Something Even More Likely to Send You to Hell than Wincest! pairing has returned. Well, it never really went far away. But now it has new canon to feed it.
+ The new version of Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry that's been airing. Love it!
+ Also been watching The United States of Tara. It's... interesting. You know, I think I'd like to know more about the mental illness in reality before I judge the show. Although I love the storyline with the gay son and one of the Lawrence brothers. And Toni Collette is, of course, brilliant. I would watch her mow the lawn.

Things that were lame: the True Blood finale. TWO THUMBS DOWN. It was especially disappointing after I genuinely enjoyed so much of this season, instead of cringing through it like I did with S1. Oh well. Hopefully S3 will bring more Eric, Lafayette, Pam, Sam, Jessica, and Hoyt. And you know what? I think I can say I actually like Jason now. I wish this fandom had more fic. :(

Oh look I did this meme: Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. Mad Men
2. Generation Kill
3. Lost
4. Supernatural
5. Merlin

answers )
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There's a meme going around where you list ten things that make you happy. Uh, this is that meme!

1. Deadwood rewatch:

Shaunessey: No rooms to let.
Jack: Only taking the air.
Shaunessey: Well, go away. I’m at prayer.
Jack: If that’s not a lie as I situate on the common, what claim has your piety on my deference?
Shaunessey: ...Fuck yourself!
Jack: Fuck you, Sir!

2. This icon. The Bundesadler is the Bundesadler is the Bundesadler. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

3. Sam Cooke. He's got that voice that can reach through decades without him and make you feel like he never left because he's singing right to you.

4. Mad Men season three premieres next week (same day as the Premier League returns). Peggy Olson, it has been far too long. And Pete's crazy and Don Draper staring intensely at walls with drink and cigarette in hand and Joan being Joan.

5. I go back to school in two weeks to a new apartment and classes and I guess friends and stuff if they'll still have me. Three classics courses including one about ANCIENT GAY LOVE with my favorite fabulously gay professor plus more German to prepare me for a possible semester in Austria next year. And another one that looks kind of boring but that does not matter.

6. I made a new header for my lj since I had one with Stevie/Xabi/Nando love on it and it made me go DDDD: every time I saw it. Now it's just Stevie G. Not sure I love it completely but I do enjoy the sentiment at least. IT'S LIKE A LIGHT FROM HEAVEN SHINING DOWN UPON HIM LIKE HE IS SIMBA/JESUS.

7. This is old news but Alexander Skarsgård met Zlatan Ibrahimović and it pretty much made my life. DID THEY CONVERSE IN THIRD PERSON IN SWEDISH?! I will believe so unless someone proves that they did not.

.... I will never get over my fandoms colliding in this way.

8. Chocolate milk.

9. My parents got a new computer so I can finally play Sims 2 without having to wait for hours for everything to load all the time. \o/ And of course I promptly created Futbol Land and made the executive decision that Fernando Torres be a girlsim, mostly because I wanted to try out some of the girls clothes I had downloaded. Fingers crossed that Stevie G doesn't knock him up!

10. tonight's true blood )
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1. true blood episode four )

2. Guys, Southland is really really fantastic. It's like... The Wire's younger cousin from across the country. I approve. And, yay, I have more than two things to watch next season!

3. I'm about thisclose from breaking up with Xabi Alonso. Sigh. If he does leave at this point, I'll hate him (or at least, really really dislike him) for leaving us up shit creek without a midfield maestro, for dragging it out for so long that we'll have even more of a difficult time getting a replacement. I really don't understand what makes Real Madrid such a preferable club to Liverpool, it's not like he'll get Ronaldo or Kaka levels of money. It's not like he's guaranteed a starting position like he tacitly is at Liverpool. But if you really hate us that much, bb, then you should leave, and, frankly, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Sigh. Clearly I'm not bitter at all. But, man, how can I love somebody who's got so much hate on for the 'Pool? For a club that got him a Champions League trophy? I'm trying to convince myself that none of the rumors are true. Damn that Spanish press.

And maybe he will stay, maybe all this shit is made up (at least 80% of it is), but I think I'll always think less of him for this. Like, sorry, we were such a shitty second choice that you settled for when you couldn't go join the glorified ATM in Madrid.

I HAVE A LOT OF ABANDONMENT FEELINGS I NEED TO WORK THROUGH RE: FOOTBALLERS I ONCE LOVED. Xabi, I used to love you so much. :/ But, bb, I just love Liverpool about a hundred times more. Actually I feel like this song expresses my feelings more clearly. Just fucking say something one way or the other. If you're gonna say goodbye, don't take all damn night summer.

In other news:

4. Harry Potter tonight better have the appropriate levels of Harry/Draco gay or I will be sorely disappointed. I may write a strongly worded letter.
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1. You guys were totally right and I was very wrong about True Blood and Eric. Thanks for talking sense to me. *g* I've actually been genuinely enjoying about 80% of the episodes now. When Jason or Sookie are onscreen, I just think about other, more interesting things going on with other, more interesting people. Sometimes Sookie is even with these interesting people!

some random spoilery thoughts )

2. Did anyone else watch the pilot of Hung? I was amused. I'll stick around to see where it goes. Thomas Jane looks eerily like James Purefoy.

3. I've had so much free time this summer that I've been able to watch pretty much the entire White Sox season since I got home in May. I don't think I've ever watched a season of baseball this closely before. It's fun (and frustrating) to watch my team and see what's winning and losing them a chance at playoffs. Which is mostly idiotic infield errors in the case of the White Sox. The losing part.

I've also developed a major crush on our left-fielder (soon to be center-fielder) Scott Podsednik. He was with the team that won the World Series in 2005 and I had a major crush on him then. But we let him go a few years later and long story short he ended up with us on a minor-league deal. We called him up and he's been more or less amazing for the team this year. ALSO HE IS ADORABLE.

4. Did I ever mention that I finally watched Dead Like Me: Life After Death and thought it was a terrible waste of getting all those actors back together? What was even the point of that? Nothing happened that hadn't happened already on the show. Sigh.
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Hi, guys. My name is Peggy and I'd like to talk about why I wish True Blood would explode into a million little pieces of bad Southern accents and even worse porn and how how I just want to throw things at Alan Ball and yell GET AWAY FROM MY VIKING VAMPIRE YOU IDIOT HACK. And yet why I still watch it.

spoilers for 2x01 + preview and the book series and for what maryann is if you somehow haven't figured it out )
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I am home and finished with my freshman year of college! I was trying to figure out why it felt so strange, and I realized it was because summer wasn't some huge relief or release from a horrible place that I hated. I mean, I'm happy to have some time off, but I wouldn't have minded sticking around school at all. =D


1. I've become obsessed with these geography games of the sort you might try to get your small child to play. Except, fuck, Europe is HARD, people. Everything's so tiny there, sometimes you can't even see the country you're guessing the capital of. Especially after just dominating the US Capitals game. I'm like, wtf, is this a continent for ANTS?!?!

Anyway, I am DETERMINED TO LEARN THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD. I have the goals of an eight year old.

2. AGGER SIGNED ON FOR FOUR MORE YEARS! Yeeeeeeeees. But we lost Sami. :(((((((

3. In other football news, I was explaining the remaining Champions League fixtures to my mom, and I was all, "Anyway, you should be cheering for Barca and Arsenal. IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN MY MOTHER." And for some reason she went, "Ew, Barcelona! I don't like them!" And I was like, "Um what? Do you even know what league they play in? How do you dislike them?" It turned out that this was all a thinly veiled attempt to get away with rooting for Chelsea because I made her love Michael Ballack. She's always trying to secretly cheer for Chelsea when she thinks I can't see her. And I was like, "IN THIS HOUSEHOLD WE BLEED LIVERPOOL RED, IS THAT CLEAR?!"

Obviously, this should not be taken in any way as some sort of weird passive-aggressive attack on my non-Liverpool friends. I'd only do that to my mom! =D

4. My parents decided to buy HBO and Showtime for a year. And we got an HDTV, meaning: I CAN PERV ON ERIC NORTHMAN IN HD. But basically this is awesome. I now have a great way to waste the next four months of my life. OnDemand HBO and Showtime, here I come.

However, having watched some random HBO and Showtime just because I can, I can say with complete certainty that The Tudors is still shitty and Jonathan Rhys Meyers still has not managed to rediscover his acting skills.

ETA: This shirt CRACKED MY SHIT UP. B =/= V. That's kind of a real problem.
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AKA the entire reason I watch True Blood in two seconds. Check out the rest of the softcore porn promo here.
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AKA the entire reason I watch True Blood in two seconds. Check out the rest of the softcore porn promo here.
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1. So, I don't know if I've mentioned this here at all (I probably have to [ profile] transtempts, because she humors my crackiness), but I have something of an obsession with Maxxie from Skins paired with Eric from True Blood. It's one of those comfort pairings that I make up ridiculous stories for when I can't sleep. What, it totally works! Eric quite clearly enjoys humans who are pretty, blond, talented, and free-thinking. And Maxxie has eyes, so... And as Sheriff Lamb would say: he's legal! Barely. ANYWAY. ELIZA WROTE IT FOR THE PORN BATTLE AND IT MADE ME SO HAPPY I ACTUALLY DID A LITTLE DANCE. So you should go read it too, and then the rest of the world can understand the genius of Maxxie/Eric and, um, people will write it. =D

2. I just had a years-belated realization that the football rivalry in that one episode of Life on Mars, where Sam gives his stirring speech on how asshole fans have brought down the sport, is between Man U and City. Which you'd think would be incredibly obvious, but, guys, I didn't even know Liverpool (the team) existed a few years ago. I was so ingnorant. *sheds single tear* I didn't even know what a derby was.

P.S. Don't talk to me about Liverpool. *fucking scowls*

3. I've been rewatching Coupling, and while I still adore it to pieces, am I the only one who kind of wishes they could just do away with Susan and focus on everyone else? I'm always so bored with her scenes and stories, and it's sad to see Steve sucked into the boring vortex when he's in scenes with her. I would certainly take a show about Sally & Patrick, OH JEFFREY, Jane, and their good friend Steve who has an invisible girlfriend they never see, sort of like the neighbor in that Tim Allen show with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. You only see her eyes! Ah, what brilliance that would've been.

4. I've been watching a fuckton of Discovery Channel and History Channel lately. Considering that all Discovery Channel shows is Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, and Dirty Jobs (so much<3333333 for all of them), I've been doing a lot of comparing of the first two. And, guys, I know how much lj loves Bear Grylls, but Les Stroud has him beat in BAMFness by a mile, easy. I just had to get that confession out there. Bear may be prettier, but Les is who I'd want with me if I was stranded in the Artic. Also, I want to marry Mike Rowe, plz.

5. Holy crap, is it 5 already? PORN BATTLE IS EATING MY LIFE AGH. Good thing I only have one class tomorrow.
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First of all: [ profile] morgaine22, I got your package and OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! You not only made me smile, you made me make flappy hands of joy and perhaps do a little dance. YOU ARE AWESOME AND ILU! Your food blog has finally been transported to me in an edible format. \0/\0/\0/ Also, I've been going around saying, "I'VE GOT NEW SOCKS ON AND THEY'RE GAY!"

I do not want to be writing this history essay, so instead I will spam you with my random thoughts:

1. I got a speeding ticket for going 84 in a 60. :/ Damn my freaking lead foot. It's $136, but my parents are paying for half of it because I am a spoiled brat. I have to wait a week or something before I can call the County Clerk's office and figure out how to pay by credit card. UGH. I don't know if I can justify buying myself a Xabi Alonso jersey after this, especially after the soul-crushing process of buying all my books for next semester (during which I accidentally bought two copies of The Tale of Genji oh god why?).

2. In football news, I am just incredibly glad that every time Liverpool plays tepidly, the rest of the big four seem to follow suit. I am incredibly nervous about next week's game against Arsenal. I was happy back when they were beating Chelsea, but now it makes me nervous for us. Meep. At least the Bayern v. Stuttgart game was much more exciting. I swear, every Bundesliga game I've watched recently has devolved into a knock down drag out fight. Like that Schalke v. Hoffenheim game? Damn, guys. Maybe this is why the Bundesliga gets a winter break. To limit the number of death.

Also, just throwing this out there, but sometimes I listen to the Spice Girls and think of Fernando Torres. Like "Too Much" is what he listens to when he's angsting about Sergio horsecock*. Although Miley Cyrus's "See You Again" is all Nando/Stevie G. Nando, bb, what do you do to my brain? Put away the bedazzler. (you ask what's wrong with me, my best friend xabi says he just bein' nando)

*Omg, upon further listen this is probably the best thought I have had all week. ~he's a lover, I need a frieeeeend~ Oh god, I'm going to have to make a Spice Girls manip.

3. Watching Heroes makes me want to cry. Nathan is so far from the character that I fell in love with, and with absolutely no believable arc to have taken him to this point. It kind of sucks to see a character I was so obsessed with become so repugnant. When I think Peter needs to dump his brother and find a new boyfriend, you know things have gotten bad. Peter & Nathan's relationship was always such an important part of the show, that no matter what either of them did they'd eventually come back to each other. Nathan's actions this season make absolutely no sense. It's like they're trying to Lex Luthor him, but without the five seasons that Smallville took to make Lex into LEX, to get him from loving Clark to willing to kill him. Wow, when Smallville is the example to look up to, you are one terrible show. I just... someone cannot go from being willing to explode in the sky for someone to caring absolutely nothing for them in the space of six months. It hurts me deep down inside when OTPs crash and burn like this, especially since it's the kind of sense that's non. It's not like Clark and Lex where you were warned beforehand.

I REALLY JUST WANT TO WATCH PRISON BREAK ON MONDAY NIGHTS. I think next semester I am going to just tell my dad that if he wants to suffer through Heroes, he's on his own. I can't watch them make Nathan into Iron Man in Civil War.

4. At least Eric/Sookie does not disappoint (well, at least in the books). I'm rereading the whole series and I'm halfway through Living Dead in Dallas right now. Man, I really wish True Blood would just do a direct book-to-TV translation rather than adding in the tediously boring (and offensive) Jason and Tara storylines. Or at least make them interesting. But I guess you can't make 12 episodes out of that. *sigh*
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I just finished re-reading Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, and I have some thoughts.

spoilers for entire first season of true blood and most of the sookie stackhouse novels - but mostly just about eric/sookie )

Also, I have been watching and loving both Mad Men and Merlin. And wow, only I would choose two shows that are pretty much complete opposites of each other to marathon at the same time.

Mad Men )

Merlin )

ETA: I decided there should be a Generation Kill Christmas Pageant AU, with Brad and Nate as Joseph and Mary and Ray as the Baby Jesus. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, OKAY?
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True Blood + spoilers for the books )

Thanks to [ profile] randomeliza, I still cannot deal with Bill saying "Sookie!" I just devolve into a fit of giggles and have to pause it until I can collect myself.
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I am watching tonight's Prison Break and spoilers and my dreams of Michael/Mahone chess!porn... )

I am in the process of ahemming True Blood because, really, I will read and watch anything for Eric Northman. Look, I have a thing for ancient vampires and Vikings and - of course - amoral, opportunistic, schemers who are willing to do (or order other people to do) the unpleasant stuff to get things done (see: Sark, Lucifer, Krycek, Ryan O'Reily, Tony, etc.). So I'm pretty much helpless in this case, even though I gave up on Harris' series with the last book.

By the way, thanks for all your kind and level-headed comments on my last post. It was what I needed and I'm doing much better. *squishes*


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