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torchwood day four )
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Here's a collection of completely random thoughts.

1. This totally non-spoilery Torchwood: Children of Earth promo shot. akjfjdkjghdfgjfdhljkfhlfdjldf are they actively trying to kill me at this point? It's like someone took all my kinks and made them into one picture. 0_0 Well not all of them, that would be quite obscene.

2. I am desperately, desperately in need of new Mad Men. I just wanted to throw that out there. And yet I must wait two months. The thing I've realized about Mad Men is that it's one of the few shows where I genuinely enjoy every single minute. I mean, sure, I sometimes wish the entire thing could be about Peggy (and NOT just cause we have the same name *g*), but even when there's an entire scene of Don Draper literally just sitting in a chair drinking for two minutes and it ends in nothing and you never have any idea what the point of it was, I still love it. It's one of the few shows on television that I think is genuinely and consistently good and original and thought-provoking. It's so good that I don't feel in any way fandomy about it.

Also, god DAMN that show is pretty.

3. One day I want to write a tl;dr meta on how the ancient Greek perception of the soldiers of the Persian War and the soldiers of the Peloponnesian War is a direct mirror of the modern American perception of the soldiers of World War II and the soldiers of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. specifically as presented in Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. anyone who didn't back away slowly, read on! )

Well THAT certainly took a different direction than I intended. Huh.

4. For my final thought I leave you with the sad, sad knowledge that the first game of the Crosstown Classic, aka the White Sox v. the Cubs, (think of it as the Chicago baseball derby) was postponed due to rain. So our ass-kicking of the Cubs was also postponed. Le sigh. I wonder if the Cubs catcher will punch Pierzynski again this year.
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Can I just say how much I love Stevie G for that truly awesome, classy as hell handoff to Nando at the end of the Preston game? Completely unnecessary, Stevie could've made that goal with his eyes closed. But he gave it to Nando anyway because he hasn't played in seven weeks and cause Stevie looooves him. Even with all the shit going down off the pitch, and the fact that he was booed by the Preston fans every time he touched the ball. I've been really uncomfortably ambivalent about Stevie ever since his arrest, but this brought my love back full force. That's the Stevie I love and adore.

When Classy's injured, you just have to do it yourself.

Also I practicallly cried when Nando came on.

Also Dagger is really hot when he's pissed off.

Also Xabi owned that game until he got injured (TRADE HIM AND DIE RAFA) and I am praying to San Iker that this is not going to be karma for Cesc. It was an accident and he calls him every day! Please let this just be a small thing.

/end football

Re: the 11th Doctor: a huge steaming pile of MEH. I think I might drop the show after 10 and just stick with Torchwood. I'll always have Ianto, I guess.
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Fandom! You are on notice for not letting me know about this adorable and dirty and probably NSFW (but not that NSFW, don't get your hopes up) Jack/Ianto deleted scene from "Meat" that is 100% Captain Jack Harkness crudeness. Way to keep your kinks consistent, show!

Aaaaaaand, here is your daily Fernando Torres... )
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1. I've been trying to read Heroes fic again, but my immense dislike of Milo Ventimiglia seems to unfortunately be bleeding over onto Peter. Now I can't separate the skeezy, jailbait-dating idiot from the earnest, inappropriate-brother-touching idiot. *sigh* I need to detox with some Heroes S1.

2. This is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. The stars of Bayern Munich go to Oktoberfest clad in traditional German garb. I mean, I know Miro Klose doesn't smile too often, but I am hard-pressed to think of a moment where he looked grumpier. *g* Frank Ribery is as terrifying looking as always with added lederhosen, and Luca Toni just looks, as per usual, enormous and confused.

3. And now, because I'm bored and I waaaaaaant Doctor Who so I need ways to kill time so I don't go crazy, a shipper meme. )

ETA 4. [ profile] gloryliberty made an amazing Nationalmannschaft mix that makes me weep with joy, I swear. DFB, I loooooooove you!
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I finally bought a new iPod and I'm now gleefully awaiting OCD organization and pretty pictures and the fulfillment of my years-old desire to have dirty Brian/Justin scenes with me wherever I go.

Torchwood 2x13 - Exit Wounds )

I watched the new BSG. I loved the new BSG. But I rarely have anything of much interest to say except, "Kara/Anders/Leoben/Six/Lee was really hot!"

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeew Whoooooooooooooooo! *bounces*
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I had some stuff to say about "Adrift," but then I watched this episode and I forgot it all.

Torchwood 2x12 - Fragments )
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1. This is me not striking! I read this Dinosaur Comics and had my 50th "THAT IS MY LIFE" moment with these comics. Woo, non sequiturs!

2. I haven't watched the new Torchwood(s) yet, and I don't know when I will. only vaguely spoilery for s2 torchwood rant )

Basically, I'm just really glad I have DW to look forward to so I can get through these last episodes of TW without killing something.

3. Embarrassing confession time: I spent all my free time in the last week reading Unfinished Business and its sequels by [ profile] maygra, recced by [ profile] linaerys. It's Fast and the Furious fic (which, holy crap, do not worry about watching the source material for this fandom) for which [ profile] thehangedwoman mocks me cruelly. But it's brilliant: long and plotty and angsty and chock full of hurt/comfort and violence and crime. BASICALLY GOOD TIMES. With the added benefit of not having to rely on Vin Diesel's and Paul Walker's acting abilities. And rather than just making the uber-hetero character magically fall for another guy, the author spends 84,000 perfect words getting him there. [Note to self: send feedback!]

4. I've been reading Blood Price by Tanya Huff and enjoying it. I like Vicki, she's intelligent and capable and she's not grating and obnoxiously self-righteous like Anita Blake. Plus Henry is the bastard son of Henry VIII! That never stops being cool. *g*

5. So we get new Doctor Who a day after we get new Battlestar, right? That weekend is going to give the geek in me a heart attack. =D
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Skins 2x06 - How Tony Got His Groove Back )

Also, from this interview with John Krasinski at the Advocate that is 50% loving the gays and another 50% loving George Clooney - on second thought, you could just consider it 100% of either, I guess:

Are you uncomfortable being thought of as a sex symbol?
I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable being considered a sex symbol, especially after you work with someone like George Clooney. When you walk down the street with him and everybody starts weeping out of joy, you’re like, Oh right, that’s a sex symbol!

And I wouldn't bet against that having actually happened. I mean, grown men and women sobbing at the glory that is George Clooney. I know I have would. I think he has become my new (real person) Jack Harkness. I just want him to travel around the world being sex-ay and charming people. Which he already does! So life is good.

P.S. I love how there's a new episode of Torchwood on Good Friday. What is that?! It cracks me up. The annual double dose of Holy Week Torchwood or something?

P.P.S. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, GO NOW OMG to Papa Don't Preach. If you even vaguely like DW or TW, you will not stop laughing for hours.
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Torchwood 2x09 - Something Borrowed )

Non-spoilery Project Runway comment: "You want woven, bitch, here it is." ILU ALWAYS NICK VERREOS! Seriously, it's sad that I look forward so much to the parts where I can yell, "ANDRAE! DANIEL V! NICK! NICK AND ANDRAE SITTING TOGETHER!"

Those rumored DW and TW spoilers are cut for vague emotion )
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Torchwood 2x08 - A Day in the Death )
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I'd recommend avoiding this post if you haven't seen 2x06, as there is a lot of capslock that you might not be able to avoid. =D

Torchwood 2x05 - Adam )

aaaaaaand Torchwood 2x06 - Reset )
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I have two VERREH IMPORTANT things to address in this post:

1. I don't know if this is old news (probably to most people), but it delighted me so I had to share: [ profile] pipsi_pirate pointed out Ianto Jones' secret gay past! In which Gareth David-Lloyd plays another bi/gay character named Ianto Jones on another RTD show.

2. Is there any time at which starting a sentence in an essay with "indeed" is not terribly pretentious? Not that I'm going to change it, I just wanted to throw that out there.

When did I become so terribly spammy? I swear I didn't used to be that person on livejournal. This is what writing about Upton Sinclair will do to you! Make you pretentious and spammy. Soon I'll be making socialist picspams of inhumane working conditions in the early twentieth century. :/

ETA: OMG NEW ADMINISTRATION BOOK! New Toreth (and probably Warrick) set between "Mind Fuck" and "Friday" in the next paperback release. And it has "Pancakes," which I feel is best described in the following analogy: "Pancakes" is to Toreth/Warrick as Ice Cream Kissing in Episode 112 is to Brian/Justin. You watch/read it and you're like, "Damn, that boy might as well give up the fight now." One day I will get other people to read this stuff!
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I wasn't even going to make a post about this one, but then I decided to keep my streak of posting-about-a-show going, since my usual Heroes sucks and is MIA for the time being.

Torchwood 2x04 - Meat )

Does anyone else miss Hex? I still want Leon to be my boyfriend and smile at me all the time.
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Torchwood 2x02 - Sleeper )

It's so great to have television that I actually enjoy and look forward to again. Wheeeeeee, capslock!
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It's return of the capslock time! I haven't done this since I thought Heroes season two might pick up at some point.

Torchwood 2x01 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang + promo for series 2 that aired after )
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Keeping with the theme of my last post, I bring you yet more spoilery and awesome Torchwood pictures. This time in regards to That Casting Spoiler that everyone knows about.

torchwood pictures with season two spoilers )

School tomorrow. *sigh*


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