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I finally got around to watching The Wire season five. Well, I haven't watched the finale yet, but I got past the episode I was dreading and now want to cry in a corner.

Still clinging to: AT LEAST NAMOND GETS A HAPPY ENDING?! Dear god, please don't get killed in the finale in some random drive-by, Namond.

I love this show, but watching it is like being constantly punched in the face. But not in a stupid, fake-shocking way like A Song of Ice and Fire where it's just depressing because GRRM hates the world. In a brutally realistic, America is super fucked up, and there is very little that good people trying very hard can do to deal with that problem way.

I will write up more thoughts when I watch the finale, for the two people who might care. *g* For the record, watching this was completely brought on by Idris Elba winning a Golden Globe and hugging Dominic West before he gave his speech. I don't even know. It just gave me a lot of feelings.
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Oops I completely forgot that meme just like I knew I would.

my favorite movie, TV show, book, and quote )

Also, I decided not to do holiday cards this year because I'm so much busier than I was last year, so I just don't think I'll have time. So instead I send vibes of happy holidays and warm thoughts for those in the northern hemisphere and cool thoughts for those in the southern hemisphere. Ohhhh. Vibes.
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1. Okay, I know Coldplay are all ~*lame*~ now and stuff, but "Viva la Vida" is one seriously addictive song. I think a lot of it has to do with [ profile] gloryliberty connecting it to the Doctor in one of her posts, and it is so perfect. I see Ten's vengeful god face the whole time.

2. Did anyone else notice that Michael K. Williams (aka Omar on The Wire) is a random extra in The Incredible Hulk? After my first moments of WTFOMAR?!, I ended up pretty depressed that an actor as amazing as MKW ends up as an extra in a mediocre superhero movie when he doesn't have The Wire anymore.

3. Nightrunner fans, I need your help! What celebrities do you think are good representations of Alec and Seregil? I'm going to attempt some fanart. I was kind of thinking QaF-era Charlie Hunnam for Alec, but he might be a bit, uh... debauched, I guess. That's what you get for popping your cherry with Aidan Gillen! And I have NO IDEA for Seregil. I've heard Jonathan Rhys-Meyes bandied about (yes, BANDIED), but I have some seriously deep, inexplicable (I don't really actively hate people I've never met) hate for JRM, so that's a no. Unless I'm desperate. But... his nose is too big. IT IS NOT ELFISH. Maybe Charlie Cox, AKA guy from Stardust. Seregil is supposed to look like he's in his mid-twenties, right?

4. ESPANA! Villa/Torres! They're slowly becoming my second football OTP. God, that whole team is ridiculous. Their "puppy piles" (as my mom calls the celebratory piles of manlove in sporting events) are terrifying and wonderful. One after another, twenty of them jump on whoever scored in a frenzy of triumph. I do not think crushing David Villa is a good plan at this point, guys. Deutschland on Montag! They had better fucking step it up or I will be forced to choke somebody.
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I'm 90% convinced watching The Wire series finale will literally destroy me. I'll just be a sobbing pile on the floor that has to be carried away. I'm close to tears just thinking about it. And, no, I have not been able to watch 5x08 yet, if you were wondering.

This is my fandom thesis statement: The Wire is the Mr. Darcy of television. It's ruined me for future shows, because I'll always expect them to be as brilliantly written, acted, and directed and as brutally honest and as darkly funny. I'll expect characters of color that are just as well-portrayed and multi-dimensional as the white characters. I'll expect female characters who are flawed and strong and defined by their own selves rather than their relationships with men. I'll expect gay characters who are really just characters who happen to be gay, and whose relationships are given the same treatment as the straight characters. I'll expect insane continuity that weaves in and out of every episode, something from the first episode showing up three seasons later. I'll expect shows to respect my intelligence and not shove plot down my throat. I'll expect another gorgeous love letter to a dying city.

I can't believe that once I watch 5x10 I will never again see new Omar, Freamon, Daniels, Bubbles, Greggs, Bunk, Renaldo, McNulty, Carcetti, Prez, Dukie, Carver, Pearlman, Sydnor, Michael, Namond, Randy, Beadie, Landsman, Cutty, and hey, even Avon goddamn Barksdale.

This show is making me freaking maudlin and overly sentimental! I'm going to miss it so much. :/
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In all my joy over Torchwood, I've forgotten to post my thoughts on the current (and final! I will cry for weeks) season of (let's be honest here) the far superior The Wire.

The Wire 5x03 - Not For Attribution and some unspoiled speculation for the rest of the season )

ETA: A sorta-promo for Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to the late, great Life On Mars. I'm very split about this - I love the thought of seeing Gene & Co. again, but LOM had the most absolutely perfect series finale of any television show I've ever watched. A big part of me doesn't want anything to mess with that. Also - if you haven't by this point in your life - I highly recommend checking out its namesake, the David Bowie song and video. Now that's what I call crack!
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Young Omar! Bunk & McNulty's first meeting! Bunk's face when he meets him! *cries tears of laughter*

This season is going to ruin me. I'm excited. =D
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There's this show that I love. Critics fall over themselves to praise it, it's won a Peabody Award, and for the four seasons it's been on air, I can pretty much guarentee that any list of the top ten best shows of the year included it, usually at the number one spot. And, yeah, that's all fine and dandy, let the critics wallow in their joy - but I adore this show to pieces. And I adore fandom to pieces. And I really think the two would go great together.

So here is my long-delayed "Watch The Wire, Dammit!" post. Please, please, please - before you skip this post because it's about a cop show about a wiretap set in Baltimore and you think you'd never enjoy it in a million years, just give me a chance. If you watch this show and don't love it after the first season, I'll change my name to vaughn-astic.

it's a thin line 'tween heaven and here: watch 'the wire', dammit! )

If you're so inclined, feel free to pimp this around. I'm leaving it public just for that.
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Time for my annual "Shows I Plan To Watch This Summer But Will Probably Never Get Around To" post of the summer. As always, feel free to pimp a show at me or tell me it's terrible. These things are helpful.

the list )

I'm rewatching The Wire with [ profile] thehangedwoman and I seriously think I might just start crying or something at some point because it's almost too much perfection. I CANNOT HANDLE IT AND I MAY FAINT!
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EW has betrayed our deep and meaningful love of many years by failing to deliver the Heroes issue to my house. So I bought it at Barnes & Noble, where as luck would have it they had the Peter cover. Jesus H. Christ, that is one hot magazine cover. And Nathan and Sylar in waistcoats on the picture inside? NOT FAIR. I will be sending a strongly worded letter to EW for their lapse in devotion despite the hotassery, in the hopes that they will send me a free CD like they do sometimes (true story! except it was Paul McCartney so I was like, "Meh.")

Now, this meme from a few people:

Ask me five questions about anything fandom related in comments, and I'll make a separate post comment with the answers.

Also, TWOP has a shirt for The Wire! INDEED. "But if you come to a meeting with a big-ass shotgun? Well, chances are that even your bitterest enemies are likely to respond to any of your proposals with a hearty 'Indeed.'" SO TRUE. If only I had money, I could have the wise words of Omar Little all over my boobs, even though he probably wouldn't like it much there.
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It's time for that wonderful time-wasting activity: surfing YouTube. Here are some of my favorite videos. Embedded for five times the fun!

cut to spare your flist )

Check out [ profile] premium_blend - for people with a love of HBO/Showtime small fandom shows like Entourage and Dexter and The Wire. AKA things I am madly in love with but can never find fandom-y things for.
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Supernatural 2x15 - Tall Tales )

Also, I caught the end of an episode of The Wire on BET and it was the one with Omar's "if you come at the king, you best not miss." Which is just such a perfect line it kills me. And I remembered why Omar is pretty much the best person ever. Well tied with Bunk. And Kima. And S4!Carver. And Freamon. Also? Idris Elba and Dominic West: STILL HOT. aldaslhasjkhf. Seriously.
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I'm whiling away what I'm concerned will be the never-ending hours until new Ugly Betty and SPN by playing Golf. The card game, it's not like I'm going out to the driving range in feels-like-negative-nine-degrees weather. Or ever, really. I would fall asleep. And I cannot win this stupid game. AGH. Why does it hate me?

In embarrassingly geeky news, today I was filled with such deep longing for a new season of The Wire that I almost started crying. WTF, self? I mean, really. It's not like it's cancelled, which is really a miracle. I blame it on hormones.

I swear I had something else to say. Not really. This is just me being reeeeeally bored and having no family members home to poke with the back-scratcher. What? It passes the time. There are so many things I could be doing right now. But I think I'll play some more Golf.


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