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1. I've been obsessively watching the Olympics for the last week, and valiantly slogging through NBC's awful coverage and commentary and idiotic montages. But it's worth it for the awesome sports they hide in there. US WOMEN'S SOCCER! MY FEELS! I always thought the late 90's dream team would be firmly entrenched in my heart as my favorite, but these ladies are so wonderful all-around. They just give me gay type feelings. I want to be Megan Rapinoe's lady.

Also very happy for Gabby Douglas! Yay! I felt bad for the tragic femslashy Russians though. Aw, buddies.

I've also been enjoying the swimming (of course! America fuck yeah!), women's volleyball, the tiny swimwear in men's diving, and the bizarre awesomeness of handball, plus any other sport I can get my TV to show me. Plus Track & Field started today, so we can watch people with insane muscles run insanely fast.

2. I use this website to get ideas for wedding stuff for my sister's wedding that I'm maid of honor for, and it just happens to be called The Knot. And every time I go there I'm just like, "Dammit, fandom. Dammit."

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4. I start grad school in two weeks!


Jul. 30th, 2012 11:53 pm
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1. My paid account expired today. Le sadness. :( Oh well, I can't really justify spending the money on it when I'm in grad school and taking out loans. I know it's not that much, but I've gotta cut stuff while I can. I have 6 icons! The fuck! I haven't had 6 icons since, like, 2003!

2. Political Animals was great. Interesting, flawed, likable women getting shit done. Sigourney Weaver is a national treasure! And Sebastian Stan should always play the wounded gay son of a politician. I mean, hopefully in some instances he will become less wounded. But he just cries so well.

3. I know a lot of people are upset that the next wave of Marvel movies will all, yet again, be about white men. I totally share that frustration, and hope that for the next round they will get their collective asses out of their heads and make a Black Widow or Captain Marvel movie or ANYTHING. But at the same time, and while totally respecting people's right to be loudly pissed about this, I am SUPER EXCITED for the next slate of Avengers-related films - their subtitles look very promising indeed, and I am really hoping that Iron Man 3 will return to the awesomeness of the original, and not the snoozefest of the sequel. I hope Natasha, Clint, and Bruce manage to make some appearances in these three.


5. I went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and danced like a crazy person for most of the reception with my family. We all woke up the next day and were basically really sore zombies. I forgot dancing, like, uses muscles and stuff. But it was a good time.
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Seriously, though, this show has been legitimately really good this season. WATCH IT.

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It's sad when I'm more excited for a new episode of Teen Wolf than I am for the Euros. But the crappy, halfhearted playing of the Germans has kind of killed my enthusiasm for the moment. I hope they're back to being the team I know and love against the Netherlands. This lack of teamgeist happened last Euros; they only ever really showed up for the semifinal. I can't deal with them being like that again, it was so depressing. :(

However I find it really amusing when ESPN does its ridiculous super slo-mo when players are hugging or looking at each other and it looks like they're trying to make a slash vid. I guess Shevchenko and Zlatan's pre-game handshake was more ~loaded~ than any of us knew. Thanks, ESPN. (Also, Ukraine vs. Sweden is very confusing, colors-wise.)

But seriously, Teen Wolf has been SO GREAT this season. I don't even know what to do with myself. I was not expecting this! This is nothing we were ever trained for! If you need a show to watch this summer, you need to watch this so hard. It's just the greatest. It includes badass lady archers! I demand the AU where Allison is Hawkeye's cousin who he never talks to because the Argents are fucking weird, but then... somehow they meet? And he teaches Allison to jump backwards off of buildings while loosing an arrow and Stiles faints like a Victorian bride again because it's too awesome to handle, and Sheriff Stilinski is just like. SIGH. SERIOUSLY?! GET THE SMELLING SALTS AGAIN, DEPUTY WHOEVERTHEFUCK.

Also lately I've really been craving some Lydia/Allison.

Also, Teen Wolf vid rec, for people who are new to the fandom (because I assume everyone who's been here for awhile has already seen it): Pack by [ profile] wistful_fever. It's Jackson-centric, with Derek/Stiles and a sort-of-AU Jackson/Stiles. IT'S THE GREATEST. So much pretty boy Jackson freaking out while half-dressed and everyone perving on Stiles. Plus: LACROSSE! So basically the show.

True Blood: surprisingly not that bad? I only facepalmed from second-hand embarrassment, like, three times.
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1. Oh my god, Teen Wolf is so good to us. I was worried the show would lose some of its ridiculousness in regards to older men who want to Bad Touch Stiles, or it would make Derek into an asshole since he became alpha or something, but my fears were unfounded! Derek just wants to save people from their abusive fathers and bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles so they could all eat it and be happy. And of course older men continue to perv on Stiles in a manner that is frankly shocking! Seriously, where is the Veela!Stiles fic that explains why all these older men are constantly hardcore perving on this kid? Also the Stiles and Derek scenes in last night's episode were so good for me. Scott continues to be one of the stupider people alive.

2. I'm at the beginning of season 2 in my Lost rewatch. "Henry Gale" just showed up. Ben pretending to be scared of the Losties is such comedy gold in retrospect. And then he's like CREEPY EVIL STARE at Sayid when no one else is looking because he knows Sayid ain't buying it. Also, I forgot how great Eko was. Why did they kill him off so early? Le sigh.

Also also, everything romantic with Sawyer before Juliet I'm just like FAST FORWARD. I don't even care. PERFECT COUPLE.

3. Let's talk Game of Thrones finale. As always, it will probably have book spoilers. game of thrones finale )

4. Also, I got the new Nightrunner book, but I haven't had any time to read much of it yet. Gay fairy thieves! How I missed you. :D
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1. I did a rewatch of Teen Wolf. Still surprisingly kind of good in certain aspects. I mean, if you, like I assume most people probably do, believe that Stiles is the main character and not Scott. Scott's a nice guy, but he is very boring, and very dumb. Also, I forgot how much Bad Touch is in that show. Stiles and Jackson get manhandled by an older man like every other minute. And, on a certainly not at all related note, I've been enjoying the recent (and kind of random?) surge of new fic (including some of my favorite wrongdirtybad pairing, Peter/Stiles). I've been checking the Teen Wolf tag at AO3 religiously ever since the show aired, and suddenly there is all this great new stuff all the time. JOY. Also, my mom happened to be in the room while I was watching a lot of this, and became really attached to Stiles. She was very concerned for him and said, and I quote, "He's the only one with a lick of sense!" HE IS CATNIP TO ALL TYPES. And now I'm all excited for season two.

2. Baseball is back! Yay! I don't expect anything from the White Sox this year (hey, they won a World Series just last decade! I don't want them to strain themselves!), but it's just comforting to have it back. And I'm going to the home opener on Friday, which should be all kinds of awesome.

3. Football, on the other hand, I have been studiously ignoring for weeks now. Yikes. But Stuttgart have been having their usual second half surge and will probably play in Europe next year, so that's exciting at least. I've also realized that I am not hugely excited for the Euros right now. I think it's getting too close and the prospect of Germany getting really close and losing again in the semis or final (or god, even earlier) is causing my brain to avoid thinking about it. My poor battered heart cannot take it, especially if those smug Spanish fucks win again. Er. Not that I am bitter or anything.

4. Community was so great this week. I am a big fan of boring Ken Burns documentaries, so I enjoyed the loving spoof.

5. I think I got incepted by the hockey RPS people on my flist. I've started reading fic? I don't even know! I've watched hockey for a few years (I am a Blackhawks fan, obviously), and never been remotely attracted to any of these guys, because frankly I see them too often without their front teeth. But this fandom's got some good crack.

6. In other news: I have four weeks of undergrad left. Excuse me while I go throw up from terror, cry from sadness, and leap with joy at the same time. It's gonna be gross.
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1. I missed my lj anniversary by a bit, but omg I have been on this thing for EIGHT YEARS. I was in the eighth grade when I started it! That is terrifying. I'm sorry for everyone I traumatized when they learned I was like 14 years old and reading their porn. But thank you so very much for corrupting me, fandom. Thanks especially to Alias fandom. You guys are still the best.

2. I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit I watched a large portion of the Teen Wolf marathon on MTV today. I forgot how ridiculous and fun that show is. And so. much. dubcon. LMFAO. There is not a single scene with Jackson or Stiles where I don't feel like one of them is seconds away from being dubconned by an older, violently aggressive man. That show is as subconsciously (consciously?! I honestly have no idea) dirty as Suits. Everything just ends up feeling real sexual. And not just because I have a dirty mind. Probably.

Also, Lydia is awesome. Why is she not in more fic? If Stiles weren't the gayest gay that ever gayed, I would totally ship it like the show wants me to.

3. There's been so much racefail in the English football media lately. The Guardian has been a particularly egregious offender. I'm not even sure why I read that anymore. They have their clubs they hate (Liverpool and Arsenal in particular), they have their blatant biases, they've demonstrated frankly disgusting sexism and racism just in the past few months alone. And their non-sports news is offensively biased too. It's a liberal bias, but it's still obnoxious. I may have to return to the BBC, at this point.

4. My friends from Vienna linked me to the Austrian Grocery. AGH. I want it all. But the shipping is insane. Boooo. Someone send me to Austria so I can buy a ton of stuff. I told my dad to keep an eye out for Stroh Rum, which he thinks he should be able to find in Chicago and which I need to make Punsch properly, but now I have a backup if we can't find it! Gott sei Dank!
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So rather than watching any of the lovely shows I had on my to watch list, I instead mainlined the MTV reboot of Teen Wolf of all godforsaken things. I was like: maybe it's like The Vampire Diaries and it will secretly be an amazing show. Guess what guys? IT'S NOT. Shocking, I know. But it's incredibly gay, really. To a preeeeetty ridic level. Any combination of Derek/Stiles/Jackson I am pretty much 100% all over. Scott who? But seriously, this show is addictive in the worst way. And I don't even LIKE werewolves all that much. Werewolves in mainstream fiction usually bore me because they're, well, not vampires, to be honest. And shows never take advantage of the buckets full of pack dynamics and potential d/s at their disposal. But this show is working for me, despite the high levels of cheese which are, quite frankly, impossible to avoid if you are married to the idea of having your human actors play their characters in wolf form. I am a big fan of using actual wolves. Look, when True Blood outclasses you, you've got to reexamine some life choices.

Also, bakers on my flist, I have a question! My mom got me a springform pan with which to attempt cheesecakes, although sadly our oven broke down and I wasn't able to try it out before I went back to school. HOWEVER. I am definitely going to return to the homestead and attempt one in the near future. And I was wondering about the preferred baking method that I see on most of the blogs I frequent, this whole water bath thing. Outside of the fact that it sounds like a torture method, is it really worth going to all the trouble of the water bath? Does it make that big of a difference? I'm just somewhat wary because springform pans kind of have a built in crack, and if you have so much as one tiny little tear in the foil wrapping the pan, your crust is fucked. And that's a lot of work to get ruined like that. I've also seen people who just put a pan of water on the lowest rack of the oven below the cheesecake, rather than immersing the springform pan in water. Please share your thoughts, more gifted baker people.

A recipe for your time: this Pear Crisp is amaaaaaazing. Seriously. You may weep. Pioneer Woman is great. Plus she lives my dream life. She's married to a rugged stoic rancher and gets to bake/eat all day. Dude. Why not me.

In other news, I've found myself reading a quite frankly disturbing amount of srs bsns mpreg lately.

And in conclusion: YOU'LL NEEEEEEEEVER WALK ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. Also, I'm one of those people who absolutely adores international football so I'm probably one of the few people right now NOT having conniptions about players getting injured next week - not to say I won't be pissed if someone gets injured, but Euro qualifiers are just plain worth it for me, friendlies not so much. Anyway, Deutschland can ~officially~ qualify for Euro 2012 on Friday! *seal claps of delight*


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