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I decided it was time to do a State of the TV-I-am-watching address. These all contain spoilers up to the latest episode unless I say otherwise. I gave up on Glee and Ringer a few episodes into the season, and I have not watched any of Supernatural. Is SPN worth watching these days? I mostly just watched it for Castiel the last three seasons, and I gather things are not great in that quarter, so I'm not sure it's worth it for me. I don't think I can take another season of Sam and Dean crying in front of picturesque mountains and not talking about the same issues they've not talked about for seven years.

Once Upon a Time )

The Good Wife )

Hawaii Five-0 )

Revenge )

Community )

Parks and Recreation )

The Vampire Diaries )

The Secret Circle )

Merlin )

Homeland )

Dexter )

What the actual fuck, self. I watch way too much television. I am also watching Up All Night and Grimm, but I don't have much to say about them other than they are enjoyable. And I'm also watching Misfits, but I'm behind on it so I will talk about that at some later point.
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The Vampire Diaries )

Supernatural )
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1. I think I realized my biggest problem with SPN this year, amidst the many, many problems. spoilery, although I would be surprised if anyone cares )

2. There is so much good television to look forward to soon! Doctor Who, which I know is going to kill me by making me wait until autumn for the second half of the season. The Borgias, which just afajljkgdgkdjgkfg YES. True Blood, which, while not "good" in the strictest sense of the word, will at least be enjoyable and trashy. And of course Justified just got going, and is as wonderfully delightful forever.

3. Liiiiiiiiiiiverpool. Ich liebe dich. Arsenal, we will be accepting gift baskets at any time this week. I am saddened by Pepe Reina's flip-floppy interview, but... le sigh. Good times are coming for this club, with or without Pepe, although GKs of his quality are hard to come by. Whatever, Spaniards.

4. I am starting to use tumblr more often, so here's mine: whatithacasmean. I'm sure I've posted it before, but I actually use it now, so let me know what yours is! I always forget because no one's is the same as their lj handle.
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Weirdly, the last episode of SPN made me want to read Sam/Dean for the first time in like three years. Unfortunately, all I ever read now is Dean/Cas, so I have no idea where to find Wincest anymore. My self from four years ago would be horrified. (And my self from eight years ago would probably be equally horrified that I was searching the internets for gay brother porn.) Anyone know any good recent Sam/Dean that deals with the events of this season? Possibly? :)

Also I am pretty sure that the new Harry Potter gets released in Austria before it does in America/UK. SUCK IT.

And... that's really all I have. Where is the good Sam/Dean fic hiding these days?
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While I'm in Austria I'm trying to somewhat ween myself off fandom (just while I'm here, of course, I am an addict after all) and I have been somewhat successful, although I would be a lot more successful if Inception fandom stopped producing like eight masterpieces every day. In any case, TV has gotten progressively shittier these past few years, so I don't watch much of it anyway. I'm not even going to give Glee and Brothers & Sisters a chance. Those are just really not "watch these while I could be having gelato and hot chocolate for lunch (JUST DID IT)" kind of shows.

So, except for The Good Wife, which I hope will be smarter than me or else I will be sad, I've watched all the premieres.

let's discuss )

So that's like, what, four hours of TV a week once MM is over? Totally manageable.

Blergh, why is it so cooooold in Austria? Eternal question. Good thing I brought a lot of sweaters. Also I find it hilarious and sad that I got a lot of "Oh, that'll be warm this time of year!" comments when I told people where I was going. False. Austria is not a continent in the southern hemisphere, and it is decidedly not summer here right now. Also they do not speak Italian here, because Vienna is not Venice. Sometimes Americans make me sad.
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1. I'm thinking for my semester in Vienna, I'm going to leave a week or so before I need to be in Vienna and meet up with a few friends of mine who will be in Germany... somewhere. Possibly N├╝rnberg or Berlin. Wherever they are then. I figure this will give me time to a) get over my jetlag before I have to deal with school and moving into a new place and meeting tons of new people b) give me time to get used to being in a German-speaking country and c) give me time to hang out in Germany with my friends, obvs. The only problem is I would have to carry around all my luggage wherever we went unless I can find somewhere to store it. But I'm sure I could figure something out.

Also, I signed up for a nine day trip to Prague, Budapest, and Krakow, so hopefully I signed up early enough to get a spot! Eeeeeeee! \o/

2. I think my problem with Supernatural this season is that it's taking the apocalypse - and itself- way, way too seriously. I was raised on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, okay? I need people to crack a joke once every two episodes instead of constant jaw-clenching and single tears and self-loathing and total despair and hopelessness. I feel like I'm in an episode of Oz up in here! Dean deals with his pain by being a drunk manwhore and Castiel is his religious friend who .... well, disapproved at some point. Lucifer is O'Reily, obvs, and the angels are the corrupt guards. Not sure that Sam could really pull off Keller though. Needs more crazy. And at the end of the episode you're like, who the fuck is still letting these people run this place? How have the guards/angels not been fired yet with all these dead people? I really wondered how it was possible that Glynn and McManus kept their jobs for as long as they did. There were like three deaths every episode, on a good day. And usually ALL in the small population of Em City.

.... Because Oz is obviously a show where everything makes logical sense.

3. I saw Invictus, which is yet another movie in the strong tradition of ~Sports Bring People Together Across Racial Barriers~ but without the fun singing and dancing in Remember the Titans. And, wow, are South African accents really that weird or did Matt Damon just have a really bad one? In any case, it made me really excited for the World Cup. Uh, of football. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT PEOPLE. I'm going to have to get some kind of night job because I can't miss the matches. From June 11 to July 11, FOOTBALL TAKES OVER MY LIFE. My family should consider themselves lucky that there aren't any games on July 4th this year so they won't have to deal with me sobbing at the family cookout.

4. a meme stolen from aurora_84 )
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I keep posting sporadically and then never replying to comments and then being like AH I SHOULD NOT POST I HAVE NOT REPLIED TO COMMENTS but then I think of something to post and post it anyway. I dunno, I just don't have much of a fandom right now. Football is, frankly, depressing and I try to avoid it most of the time. Watching Liverpool play is just excrutiating for the most part, with one notable exception. Let's not even talk about Stuttgart. I watch Barcelona to partake in the viewing of a team that can actually win more than they lose, but even they fuck up. Sigh. My life is hard.

Anyway, let's talk about some TV I've been watching:

merlin )

glee )

supernatural )

mad men )

dexter )

I'm also watching White Collar, which was yay! And Brothers & Sisters, which is just... itself. Oh show. If only you could be about Scotty and Sarah all the time. Project Runway is a joke this season.

God, in one of my classes we've been reading Plato for the past week or so and every. single. time. I fall asleep. Just conk out. I am keeping that book for if I ever develop insomnia.
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I have such epic comment reply fail. I AM SORRY. Here is a short list of things I love recently:

+ PEGGY MOTHEREFFING OLSON. Askfjsdklgdldfkgfdjgkfdgj. She's pretty much my idol right now. That scene last week affected me physically. But not in a dirty way you perverts. In a OH MY GOD PEGGY OLSON IS REACHING INTO MY VERY SOUL.
+ YOSSI MOTHEREFFING BENAYOUN. Old news but still. I love that he never complains about not getting enough time or being ~disrespected~ or whatever prima donna bullshit footballers come up with. He just goes out there and proves why you should goddamn well start him every game. I'm so sad that Israel probably won't qualify for the WC 'cause I wanted to see Captain Yossi!
+ Wednesdays. I don't work, and my classes don't start until noon. GLORIOUS DAY. I think I will do laundry and watch as much Champions League as humanly possible. All the teams I care about appear to be playing on the same game days. ARGH.
+ Dean/Castiel. My love of the Holy Crap They Came Up with Something Even More Likely to Send You to Hell than Wincest! pairing has returned. Well, it never really went far away. But now it has new canon to feed it.
+ The new version of Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry that's been airing. Love it!
+ Also been watching The United States of Tara. It's... interesting. You know, I think I'd like to know more about the mental illness in reality before I judge the show. Although I love the storyline with the gay son and one of the Lawrence brothers. And Toni Collette is, of course, brilliant. I would watch her mow the lawn.

Things that were lame: the True Blood finale. TWO THUMBS DOWN. It was especially disappointing after I genuinely enjoyed so much of this season, instead of cringing through it like I did with S1. Oh well. Hopefully S3 will bring more Eric, Lafayette, Pam, Sam, Jessica, and Hoyt. And you know what? I think I can say I actually like Jason now. I wish this fandom had more fic. :(

Oh look I did this meme: Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. Mad Men
2. Generation Kill
3. Lost
4. Supernatural
5. Merlin

answers )
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SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for the final - UNAIRED SO THIS IS SPOILERY - arc of season four of supernatural )

P.S. Christian Bale's RAGE-OUT sounds like an outtake from Deadwood. Where you don't really understand what's going on and things keep calming down and then GETTING REALLY ANGRY AGAIN FOR NO REASON. And you still don't know what's going on but you know somebody's pissed off. You can tell from the way Seth's walking and taking off his sheriff's badge.
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1. I watched tennis and... I liked it? Clearly my weakness for hot Spaniards who are incredibly good at their games is not limited to football. Although whenever I watch tennis, I have a tendency to spend a lot of the time wondering to myself who thought up that ridiculous points system. And giggling at the little people who RUNOMFGSOFAST to get the stray balls. Also the fact that it sounds like the two players are having really vigorous sex. I am not mocking, I am just amused by the absurdities of professional sports. Like when players get carded for taking off their shirt before a game's over in football. Or the dropped third strike rule in baseball. Or the annual Chicago outdoor hockey game where, for some inexplicable reason, they plop an ice rink into Wrigley Field and play a game there in January. WTF is that?

2. Flight of the Conchords are (is?) coming to my university in April! Wheeeeeeeeeee! And students who line up next Friday at the Box Office get first pick. Which I am totally going to make my sister and her boyfriend do, since I have class. \o/

3. I feel OTP-ish about Merlin/Arthur in a way that I haven't for any pairing for a long time. It's been way too long since I've been like, "OMFG GIVE ME EVERY FIC YOU HAVE!" And, seriously, where is this fandom's Big Bang? I think we're ready for it!

4. You know what I wish I could write for my Classical Drama paper? A comparison between the inescapable cycle of retribution and vengeance in the Oresteia and the inescapable cycle of sacrifice and death in the Winchester family. Father dies for son dies for brother and so on. The Winchesteia. See what I did there? I am BRILLIANT.


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I've been sort of flitting around SPN fandom lately, and I noticed that a lot of people are highly displeased with this season re: Sam and the Sam&Dean relationship.

my tl;dr thoughts on season four of supernatural )

Also, I'm curious: am I the only one who sees parallels between Castiel and Battlestar Galactica's Leoben? It's not an exact fit, but they remind me of each other especially in their obsessions with certain rather reluctant, self-destructive people who they're convinced are going to save the world/humanity. And they've both had their faith shaken because of, in part, their sticking around Kara/Dean. Although I imagine if they were ever to meet it would be incredibly unproductive, as they'd just spend the entire time staring intensely at each other. It'd be like a game of Holy Chicken.

ETA: Comments contain vague-ish spoilers for the S4.5 of BSG. Just to be careful.
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Wow. I do not hold my friends like that in pictures! They look like tourist boyfriends. Also, I love that that's how Adrian poses for a cameraphone picture. These two just never stop do they? I guess not, since their relationship is "electric," according to the Pas.

2. I don't really have much to say in regards to Heroes. To be honest, with every episode, regardless of how good it is, I get less and and less interested in the show. These aren't the characters I fell in love with. I want my S1 morally ambiguous Nathan and idealistic floppy-haired Peter and gleefully evil Sylar. Do you guys remember when Mama Petrelli's biggest offense was socks theft? Those were good times. *sigh* I would probably drop this if I didn't have a little group of people who watch it with me each week. Oh well, it is fun to boggle at the insanity of it.

3. What I really wish I could be watching on Mondays at 9 is Prison Break. I just wish I could spend more time playing in the fandom because I'm having so much fun reading everything, but when I go to meta on anything these days, I'm just like "uggggh I used up all my meta in college." [Btw, Classics? YAY. History? BOO. Major change? Signs point to yes!] ANYWAY: last night's prison break episode and michael/mahone ramblings )

4. So I have this really, really sad confession to make: I've spent the majority of my free time in the last week making an epic football powerpoint that explains the basics of the game, league systems, scoring, and important teams and players. I KNOW, OKAY. It's all for [ profile] capesofwrath, because I want to indoctrinate her into the cult. Also it's hilariously Germany/Spain/Liverpool biased. Look, I don't want her becoming a ManU fan or something! Anyway, if anyone in football fandom wants to like, take a look at it? That would be wondeful. For fact-checking and if you think I need to add anything, as I am, like I said, incredibly biased. Like, yes, I do think Thomas Hitzlsperger is someone important enough to include in this thing. I EFFING LOVE THOMAS HITZLSPERGER. He is German Samuel T. Anders!

4a. I am so nervous that Micha and Torsten are going to get themselves injured before this Saturday. ACK. But seeing the boys frolicking together with Mom & Dad at practice literally made my heart grow two sizes too big. LITERALLY. I am now dead.

5. In regards to Supernatural, I don't really have anything to add to what's already been said. Mostly just: A+++++ and keep the Castiel coming. However, I d have one request that maybe the SPN diehards on my flist could help me with. I read pretty much all the SPN fic produced during S1, but when I semi-jumped ship during S2-3, I didn't read anything. And now there's like a million fics and I don't know who the good authors are and, basically, I need a rec list. Could you point me to some of the good SPN fanfic/authors I missed during the last two seasons, preferably Sam/Dean? Also, preferably not those depressing stories where the boys spend the entire time hating themselves and then rocks fall and everybody dies. Oh, and I would be willing to try some J2, which I've never really read any of. So, uh, what's your favorite J2 fic?

This post got long! I apologize to your page down button.
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Supernatural S4 premiere )

Now I have to go read about the Divine Woman in Greek Mythology. Did you know I'm a ~*college student*~?
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1. So all I've posted about for the past three weeks is Heroes. Sorry about that to all the non-Heroes folks on here (......not really that much though). But, sadly, RL has not let up and I don't have time to do much more than skim the flist and watch a few shows and suck at replying to comments. How woeful my life is. But enough of this whining. I'm here for random pointless fandom things.

2. This is a very gay week for me. Heroes was new on Monday. Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. I bought the issue of Out with John Barrowman on the cover (omg he is the most inappropriate men to ever grace the earth with his presence) and the issue of The Advocate with Matthew Rhys on the cover because Kevin Walker (his character on Brothers & Sisters) is my adorable gay commitmentphobe woobie. Sometimes I think I relate to Kevin too much, in that I too can be an oblivious asshole who has a problem with saying the really wrong thing to a person. Not in the sense that I am a gay lawyer dating a hot minister. Because I'm not. I certainly would've posted about that.

Also, I got a subscription to Out because they had this fashion spread with a bunch of half-dressed male models pretending to be vampires and making out with each other. I have NO IDEA why, but I like it!

3. [ profile] linaerys is holding the wonderful and PURE GENIUS Top of the Tops, Bottom of the Bottoms. Helping to reassure me that I am not, in fact, the only person who enjoys mentally creating random crossover pairings and deciding who would top and who would bottom.

4. I caved and watched the Luke/Noah storyline on As the World Turns. SO MUCH GREATNESS RIGHT THERE. The poor Noah actor can't act, but it doesn't matter because everything is brimming with cracky greatness. Just... soaps, man! They are so beyond amusing. Where have they been all my life? Also, while I laugh at things a lot, I really think I'm starting to fall for Luke. He's such a sweetie, and he never stopped being true to himself throughout this whole affair.

5. Did Dexter start up again yet? Why is no one talking about it?

6. OMGELIZABETHTHEGOLDENAGETHISWEEKEND! True or false: the commercials for Elizabeth: The Golden Age have made Peggy cry? ........TRUE.

7. Quick judgements of the new non-Heroes TV so far:
- Brothers & Sisters: Holy crap the Kevin/Jason! Why Malaysia/Viva Laughin, Jason/Eric Winter, WHY? Nora, Sarah, and Justin have been great as always, too. JOE NEEDS TO DIE.
- Ugly Betty - Hilarious and happy-making, which is all I ask of it.
- Supernatural - Meh. My love for this show has waned in direct proportion to the increase of idiotic fandom wank. Sad but true.
- 30 Rock - NEVER LEAVE ME.
- Friday Night Lights - Connie Britton makes me cry, but when I say WTF I think you all know to what I am referring.
- Stargate Atlantis - Same old, same old. Enjoyable. I tend to enjoy the stand-alone episodes more than the big, dramatic finale/premiere stuff, so we'll see.

And that is all my TV. HOW DISHEARTENING. At least in January we get The Wire, BSG, Skins, and Torchwood all to look forward to. Except there is a 100% chance of me crying for days when those first two shows end. And then critics will cry because how will they make their end of the year top ten lists anymore?


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