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Dec. 16th, 2013 07:30 pm
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I know I'm behind on the December meme, but I just devoured Arrow and I have to ask, where is the fic, people?! Please, tell me there is at least some good stuff and you can rec it to me. I am all about the OT3 on this show, the OT3 obviously being Oliver/Felicity/Diggle. I am up for any combo of those pairings, gen or het or slash or threesome plz can I have it? Or is this another one of those CW shows that only has terrible fanfic?

Also, I'm so happy for John Barrowman that he's found a job where he can chew the scenery and use dramatic evil jazzhands all the time. GOOD FOR YOU BARROWMAN.

Also also, I cry a little bit every time a Spartacus actor shows up. I heard Katrina Law was cast in some upcoming role too? UGLY CRYING. CRIXUS. NAEVIA. MIRA. SO MUCH CRYING. At this point I have just accepted that I will never get over Spartacus and will forever get genuinely pissed at people who've never seen it who make fun of it. IT WAS THE MOST FEMINIST DIVERSE QUEER-FRIENDLY SHOW EVER AND IT BROUGHT MY BELIEFS ABOUT LIFE TO... LIFE. AND FREEDOM AND CHOICES AND IF NOTHING WE DO MATTERS THAN ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT WE DO.

... Okay. Wow. This post got derailed.

Also, Sons of Anarchy is the most fucking depressing show on the planet. I get that it's Hamlet but Jesus H. Christ on a cracker. Hamlet didn't last almost 100 hours!


Apr. 15th, 2013 11:49 pm
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So the Spartacus finale was simultaneously the most amazing and heartbreaking thing I have ever witnessed and I am constantly caught between loving this show SO MUCH and everything it did and the beautiful, tragic story it told so wonderfully, and just wanting to bawl my eyes out. There is simply nothing even close to it on television right now. It's left a little hole in my heart, something that legitimately physically pains me at times. I'm going to miss having these characters and stories in my life so much.

If you haven't watched this show for whatever reason, I cannot recommend it enough. Few shows have touched on issues of love and freedom and equality and loyalty and endurance and survival (or not) so amazingly, and been so diverse and feminist and queer-friendly while doing it. FEMINIST CRIXUS HIGHLY SUGGESTS YOU WATCH THIS SHOW, BUT HE RESPECTS WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE.

I watched Da Vinci's Demons to see if it could fill the void left in my heart by Spartacus. Um, that'd be a no. Maybe if the actor playing Leonardo was more charismatic and less... cookie cutter tv leading man-looking? If that makes sense. He just seems incredibly ordinary. They should've gone fey. I would've eaten that shit up. But this Leonardo is a MAN'S MAN. SEE HIS HEAVING MUSCLES. Sigh. Major downgrade from Spartacus. And that show was FULL of heaving muscles. They just did it so much better.

Also last night's Game of Thrones was surprisingly hilarious? A light hearted romp! (Except for the horrifying parts.) There is actually only one scene in the entirety of ASOIAF that has made me laugh out loud and it occurs in ASOS, but waaaay later in the book and with a character they haven't even cast yet. CAN YOU GUESS IT?! It's really random actually, I have no idea if anyone would even think of it.


Mar. 23rd, 2013 07:42 pm
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Can we please talk about last night's Spartacus for a second? Oh, and this includes speculation on scenes that appear in the promo for 309, so don't look here if you want to avoid that.

spartacus: war of the damned 308 )

Can I just say I really want an AU where all the Spartacus characters live in modern day New Zealand and just have nice lives and nothing really interesting happens to them and they're just good friends who maybe run a gym together or something? And sometimes they get in disputes with the fancy chain gym run by Glaber that tries to set up shop across the street and run them out of business and have to deal with shady local politician Batiatus but otherwise just generally have a good time together? I WOULD LITERALLY READ NOVELS OF THAT.
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Have you ever wished there was a show that had many, if not all, of the following things:

  • a basic premise that requires most of its male characters to have incredibly perfect and oiled-up bodies, which you get to see all the time because they only ever wear glorified underwear while they wrestle/spar/fight each other to the death

  • the self-awareness to realize that's kind of gay, so some of those same characters are in same-sex relationships with each other

  • awesome female characters who are multi-layered, complex, and flawed - sometimes good, sometimes bad, usually ambiguously in between, but always great and oftentimes pretty gay with each other even without the underwear dress code

  • great characters of color with stories and relationships and motivations of their own, some of whom are queer, some of whom are women

  • incredibly evil villains that you sometimes just can't help but love, even as you fervently wish for their violent, grisly death (which you will probably get to see)

  • graphic sex that is actually hot and - often! - there for plot and character development, not just because the showrunners like boobs (they are equal opportunity nudity)

  • a setting in the most amazingly fabulous civilization that ever rocked this world (in my opinion FUCK OPINION THAT IS A GODDAMN FACT) and a portrayal of that civilization in all its brutal, violent, dirty, sexy glory

  • the most hilarious/awesome cursing this side of Deadwood, oftentimes from the mouth of John Hannah

  • a cast that includes the aforementioned John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Peter Mensah, Craig Parker, and a whole host of other people you may or may not have heard of but will probably love once you watch this show

WELL THAT SHOW EXISTS, MY FRIENDS. You may have guessed by now that it is Spartacus, and I feel that you need to watch it.

Why You Should Watch Spartacus (NSFW) )
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Soooo. I may or may not have watched everything that's currently aired of Spartacus over the last couple days. Including the prequel, which, thank you guys for telling me to watch that first because I would've been really confused and also had much less emotional impact re: certain things. Oh man, I think the last time I fell for something this hard was TVD. I'm in one of those post-marathon fugues. So let me just explode my feelings all over the place.

spartacus spoilers up to latest episode )
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Guys, I am straight up mainlining Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I thought it was going to be really stupid, but it's actually kind of good and very addictive. Just with the most hilariously gratuitous amounts of violence, nudity, sex, and swearing that I have ever seen. And I have watched a lot of HBO. It is difficult to faze me with these things. So well done there, Starz. I find myself doing my best Sgt. Doakes impression a lot and yelling at the screen, "This is some sick fuck ritual, guys, you need help!" But I also spend a lot of time giggling and simultaneously being like WHAT? WHY DID I NEED TO SEE THAT? THAT WAS BOTH HORRIBLE AND AWESOME.

Anyway, I'm almost finished with the first season, and I wanted to know if I should watch the prequel series before I start the second season. I don't really want to, because I know I'll want to know what happens in the current storyline, but I wasn't sure if there was stuff that happened in the prequel that has important bearing on the second season. Let me know, Spartacus people.


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