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Have a Collection of Random Thoughts With Peggy:

1. Here's my problem with the idea of Messi, or for that matter Ronaldo, being the best player in the world. Yes, Messi is truly amazing most of the time for Barcelona. It would be hard to argue that he ISN'T the best club player in the world. However, he really doesn't do shit for Argentina. How can someone be the best player in the world if they contribute so little to their country? I realize that with the amount of money involved in clubs they've started to take on a greater importance than country, but, quite frankly, fuck that. If a player never finds success in international football, no matter how amazing they are in club football, and, perhaps most importantly, if they're from a country that actually stands a chance in international football (which Argentina very much does), I don't know, to me that success is incomplete. I know that attitude is a result of my own personal belief that country is just as important, if not more, than club, and a lot of people don't share that attitude.

2. Angry Man Utd fans scare me. I'm like, okay, you beat our record, why are you still so angry? Mein Gott. Also, I surprisingly don't care that much. It's annoying, but. Eh. I'm just so happy to be in love with my team again. Anyway, it's way more exciting to win when you don't do it every other season. And I know about these things, I'm a White Sox fan. :)

3. I always forget how awful the ferret scene is in Goblet of Fire. Malfoy is not a nice kid, I get it, but he is also fourteen years old and being tortured and humiliated and JKR treats it as something comical. SO MUCH SIGHING. Hogwarts makes itself into a breeding ground for future Death Eaters by supporting such an atmosphere of hostility and distrust in these kids from the age of 10. Everyone from Dumbledore on down barring Snape treats any person sorted into Slytherin like the Enemy-in-Making, a second class student. Of course it's going to build up resentment and rage. Does that make it okay to turn into a murdering racist asshole? Nope. But, damn, it's frustrating how very far a little human kindness might've gotten "the good guys". Why does no one ever listen to the Sorting Hat! If it's our choices that define us, stop assuming Slytherins have already made it when they're barely preteens!

Also I find myself having a hankering for Draco & Narcissa fics. NOT incest, but I would love to know more about their relationship, develop it from the huge part it played in the final battle. I think, despite JKR's obvious hatred for Slytherins and Draco in particular, it makes them both about ten times more sympathetic (if you weren't already in love with them like I am).

4. I finally got around to watching the Skins series 5 finale. It was disappointing, and I am starting to slide back into disliking most of these characters. Oh well.

5. I forgot how truly awful the pilot of The Vampire Diaries is. The diary voiceovers! The terrible dialogue! Bonnie is kind of mean and has awful hair! Caroline is a total ditz! Stefan is creepy! Jeremy is a little bitch! So much terrible CW emo music moments! Tyler is a semi-abusive jerk! Vicki takes up screentime! Alaric does not exist! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I just had to skip to the episode where Elena finds out and it starts to become bearable.

I think those are all my thoughts. It's been a gripping day.
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1. Okay, so there's this whole thing with Ashley Cole, oh, SHOOTING A PERSON on the Chelsea grounds, and yeah it was accidental and the guy is fine, but my question is: why the hell did Ashley Cole have a gun while training for football, and why was he shooting it? And then Ancelotti goes and makes these comments about how things aren't "out of control" and all I can imagine now is the paintball war episode of Community as a football training exercise, and the Chelsea players and staff all running around in an anarchic battle with each other all over the training grounds to get THE PRIZE*, only no one told Cashley that it was a fake battle so he's like LET ME JUST PULL OUT THIS RIFLE! And then he's like ....I've made a huge mistake.



2. You guys! I had completely forgotten how Sam and Frodo are somehow even more adorable in the books than they are in the movies. Sam goes down and lays in front of Frodo's feet like a little puppy when they're hanging out with the elves in the Shire. And pretty much the first thing Frodo asks after he wakes up in Rivendell is where Sam is, and then... oh and everyone else is alive and stuff too right? And then that hilariously awkward scene of Sam stroking Frodo's hand and then blushing and looking away.... WHAT? WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD, TOLKIEN?! And they know each other so well! They can predict what the other is thinking and feeling, and I had forgotten how delightfully insightful and genuinely smart Samwise Gamgee is. LOVE YOU SAM. I just find this hilarious that Tolkien's version of Sam and Frodo is actually gayer than the movie version. Not surprising, because he was all about how male-male relationships are the most fulfilling thing a man can have, they give you things ~your wife just can't~. No joke. And then the biographer is all BUT C'MON IT'S RIDICULOUS TO READ ANYTHING GAY INTO THAT. JEEZ, GUYS. SO RIDICULOUS.

3. Also, I am watching Skins gen 3! Such an enormous improvement on gen 2, I can't even tell you. I will probably make a big post about it at some point, but here's what I got so far. LOVE BEYOND ALL OTHERS: Franky! Very fond of: Alo, Rich, Grace. Growing on me: Matty and Nick. Don't care about: Liv. Hate with the flaming passion of a thousand burning suns: Mini. But Franky! Probably the best character to come out of Skins since Chris.

4. I had absolutely zero desire to see Thor, but since I learned that white supremacists groups are boycotting it because Idris Elba is playing a Norse god, I kind of just want to see it on principle, even though it will probably be excruciatingly bad. Yeah, I'm buying all the hot dogs, and I'm giving them to the good people!

5. My biggest beef with the Oscars? Why the hell was Jónsi's amazing "Sticks and Stones" from HTTYD not nominated for Best Song? WTF? There were only four nominations!
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1. I continue to prepare for my semester in Austria. Egad. I've gotten most of the stuff taken care of, I just need to buy a few things and get my birth control sorted out. And hope the Euro stops rising. If anyone has any recommendations of good (relatively cheap) restaurants, cafes, etc. in Vienna, I would love to hear them. Or expensive places too. I could go there once a month...

2. I'm having a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon party... FOR TWO. I'm trying to think of LotR themed food. Anyone? I am going to make Kool-Aid and put it in a cool pitcher and pour it ~dramatically like Galadriel and nearly go crazy with power maybe. And Ring and Eye of Sauron cookies. And I feel like PO-TAY-TOES should be involved somehow. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

3. The US remake of Skins always seemed like such a terrible and unnecessary idea, and now they've gone and gotten rid of the Maxxie character. NOT COOL. They did replace him with a lesbian so it's not a case of degaying a show, but Skins already has two great lesbian/bisexual characters in Emily and Naomi. BOOOOOO. Maxxie is my favorite. Well, I probably would not have watched this show anyway. Stupid American remakes.

And I still have not watched the rest of season four of Skins. For someone who hated season three and most of the second gen characters as they acted in season three (except Emily and... really, that's it. Thomas sometimes), is it worth watching?

4. I think this transfer season has made me realize that, unless you really love one of them, to an outsider Real Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful. And I don't say that to be a bitch to the Barca and RM fans on my flist, only to point out that I've realized that Barca embody just as many of the things that I hate about football that Real Madrid also embody, only Barca act like they are the Noble Saviours of Football while doing those shitty things. At least Madrid are upfront with their douchebaggery. The Barca players have acted like a bunch of spoiled little brats who can't get the toy they want this transfer season. It's embarrassing to watch. I think any interest I had in La Liga is kaput, becaise the two teams that anyone else seems incapable of beating are two teams that I can't stand right now. Maybe if another team breaks through as a contender it would be interesting again, but for now I'm going to stick to Premier League and Bundesliga. And yeah, butthurt little Germany fan, cry moar, right? Well, there's probably some truth to that, to be honest. I don't have any desire to watch Spanish teams win more shit.

Also, Khedira. Sigh. Whatever. I am too angry right now to wish him well, but for the sake of the Germany NT I do hope he is played. Man, my grudge against Real Madrid gets new things added to it every day! It's like a charm bracelet of anger.
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I am home for spring break. Good times. I've just been sitting around, eating and being generally useless. I've mostly had my brain completely absorbed by [ profile] easy_academy, which is - of all things for me to have my brain taken over by - a Band of Brothers/Jonas Brothers high school AU. Which is hilarious because I don't even know anything about the Jonas Brothers. All I know is what I learned from shelving children's books at the library. But that is ~the power of fandom~, isn't it? Someone can take a fandom you know nothing about or even hate and write such a brilliant story that you can't stop reading it in spite of yourself. And yeah, this thing is like 400,000+ words, and when I had to take a break and read a normal fic for a second, I was so confused as to where all the self-loathing and self-destructive spirals and underage sex was. Although, ACTUALLY, I was reading a younger!JR/Apolo fic, so the underage sex was still there, now that I think about it. Man, what a perv I've become. I don't even notice when I'm reading underage sex.

I might use the break to start catching up on Skins too. It seems like something crazy happened that made everyone pissed off and/or sad in the last episode, so I should probably catch up before I get spoiled. Even though that show still really annoys me about 70% of the time.

For some reason my dad decided he wanted to watch the "Telephone" video, and the one thing he says after watching it? "What was with that ein, zwei, drei stuff? That was weird." I was like... THAT? THAT IS WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS WEIRD? Lady Gaga cannot shock my father.

And now I'm just going to continue my perpetual state of shaking and crying while waiting for The Pacific tonight.

dlkfgjlkfjalkjflhk I forgot how pretty football is in HD.
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1. So, I don't know if I've mentioned this here at all (I probably have to [ profile] transtempts, because she humors my crackiness), but I have something of an obsession with Maxxie from Skins paired with Eric from True Blood. It's one of those comfort pairings that I make up ridiculous stories for when I can't sleep. What, it totally works! Eric quite clearly enjoys humans who are pretty, blond, talented, and free-thinking. And Maxxie has eyes, so... And as Sheriff Lamb would say: he's legal! Barely. ANYWAY. ELIZA WROTE IT FOR THE PORN BATTLE AND IT MADE ME SO HAPPY I ACTUALLY DID A LITTLE DANCE. So you should go read it too, and then the rest of the world can understand the genius of Maxxie/Eric and, um, people will write it. =D

2. I just had a years-belated realization that the football rivalry in that one episode of Life on Mars, where Sam gives his stirring speech on how asshole fans have brought down the sport, is between Man U and City. Which you'd think would be incredibly obvious, but, guys, I didn't even know Liverpool (the team) existed a few years ago. I was so ingnorant. *sheds single tear* I didn't even know what a derby was.

P.S. Don't talk to me about Liverpool. *fucking scowls*

3. I've been rewatching Coupling, and while I still adore it to pieces, am I the only one who kind of wishes they could just do away with Susan and focus on everyone else? I'm always so bored with her scenes and stories, and it's sad to see Steve sucked into the boring vortex when he's in scenes with her. I would certainly take a show about Sally & Patrick, OH JEFFREY, Jane, and their good friend Steve who has an invisible girlfriend they never see, sort of like the neighbor in that Tim Allen show with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. You only see her eyes! Ah, what brilliance that would've been.

4. I've been watching a fuckton of Discovery Channel and History Channel lately. Considering that all Discovery Channel shows is Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, and Dirty Jobs (so much<3333333 for all of them), I've been doing a lot of comparing of the first two. And, guys, I know how much lj loves Bear Grylls, but Les Stroud has him beat in BAMFness by a mile, easy. I just had to get that confession out there. Bear may be prettier, but Les is who I'd want with me if I was stranded in the Artic. Also, I want to marry Mike Rowe, plz.

5. Holy crap, is it 5 already? PORN BATTLE IS EATING MY LIFE AGH. Good thing I only have one class tomorrow.
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Pleaaaaaase, people, go watch Skins and then talk to me about it.

skins 3x01 - everyone + the trailer for the rest of the season that aired at the end )

I miss Maxxie's dance routines. :/
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Guys, Anwar is at the Golden Globes. THIS IS AWESOME. Skins kids are going to take over the world. I am convinced of this. As long as Mitch Hewer gets rid of his new hair, that is.

Also: raise your hand if you want to sit at the 30 Rock table.
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So I'm watching a BBC America show about the trials of large-breasted women (I sympathize *sigh*) and what is airing right after? Why the American premiere of Skins. I have to watch of course, just to see if they butcher it, and there are - count them - three separate disclaimers before. Rather than bleeping, they're just removing all the fucks and twats and cocks and various curses. And they've shown all the asses and breasts I remember. I'm sure they've cut stuff, but I haven't noticed much.

So I was approving of BBC America's treatment of this. As I told my mom, the disclaimers make sense as they don't want a bunch of teen girls to tune in thinking this is The O.C. Or even Gossip Girl. Although any teen girls who watch BBC America could probably deal. And then? AND THEN?

THEY ACTUALLY SUBTITLED BRITISH ACCENTS. IN ENGLISH. I think this is probably the most hilarious/saddest thing I have ever witnessed. And, I mean, there are some times I have trouble following British accents, Manchester accents especially (I couldn't tell you half of what Chris said on Life on Mars). But Nicholas Hoult? No, you can understand him. He seems to be the one they find most offensive, with his British talk. Also Mitch Hewer. They subtitled English in English. And it's incredibly distracting! I want to watch the druggie hipster kids that, yes, I can understand because I understand my native language when it is pronounced differently than how it's spoken in my country.

Mmmmmmm, Tony is singing now. *sigh* MY FRONDS THINK YOU'RE SO SAFE. ...YOUR WHAT?
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Have finally watched Skins series finale.

Now finally understand why I put it off for so long.

Feel slightly like I want to die and apparently can no longer use pronouns.

Please send help.

[ profile] transtempts, I think you now MUST write me fic for putting me through this painful ordeal. However, yes, I have thoughts now.
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The upside of getting really invested in British television? Shorter seasons that allow for tighter storylines, a much improved taste in music for emo montages, and the freedom to show realistic nudity, cursing, violence, sex, etc.

The downside? GEE THIS WOULD BE ONE POSSIBLY. (Casting spoilers for S3 of Skins.) You really can't get away with that shit on American TV.

*cries so so much*
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Skins 2x07 - Effy )
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Skins 2x06 - How Tony Got His Groove Back )

Also, from this interview with John Krasinski at the Advocate that is 50% loving the gays and another 50% loving George Clooney - on second thought, you could just consider it 100% of either, I guess:

Are you uncomfortable being thought of as a sex symbol?
I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable being considered a sex symbol, especially after you work with someone like George Clooney. When you walk down the street with him and everybody starts weeping out of joy, you’re like, Oh right, that’s a sex symbol!

And I wouldn't bet against that having actually happened. I mean, grown men and women sobbing at the glory that is George Clooney. I know I have would. I think he has become my new (real person) Jack Harkness. I just want him to travel around the world being sex-ay and charming people. Which he already does! So life is good.

P.S. I love how there's a new episode of Torchwood on Good Friday. What is that?! It cracks me up. The annual double dose of Holy Week Torchwood or something?

P.P.S. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, GO NOW OMG to Papa Don't Preach. If you even vaguely like DW or TW, you will not stop laughing for hours.
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2x04 - Michelle )

I can't stop listening to "Bad Before" by Day One AKA the song from 2x01 with Maxxie dancing on the roof, Tony trying to write, and Michelle and Sid angsting.
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2x03 - Sid )
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Skins 2x01 - Tony and Maxxie )

[ profile] morgaine22, thank you for the card! I flailed around in an embarrassing manner when I got it. =D
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Here, have some completely things that've been rattling around in my head the past few days.

1. I was a little confused as to why I'm not as excited as everyone else about the Writer's Strike (almost for sure) being over, but then I realized it's because I don't care about any shows on network television much. The only shows I really look forward to anymore are 30 Rock (because I have a sense of humor!) and Brothers & Sisters because I pray for a day that they will realize that Sarah, Kevin, and Nora are all a million times more interesting than Calista Flockhart/Rob Lowe. It's sad. I need a new obsession that has more than 13 episodes a season and doesn't air in a different country.

2. Neil Patrick Harris and (his boyfriend) David Burtka singing "Take Me or Leave Me" at Broadway Backwards! It's just a couple seconds of it (near the end of the clips), but, damn, I wish I lived in NYC so I could've seen that whole thing. Because David Burtka is a friggin' HOTASS and NPH makes a hilarious Joanne. Also, I laughed so hard when tiny, pale Anthony Rapp showed up with huge, gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson. OH RAPP. There will never be a day when I can really take you seriously. That's poetic... that's PATHETIC.

That video's worth checking out just by itself, by the way. If only for things like lesbian Little Mermaid and gay( West Side Story. Dude, this is like John Barrowman's dream come true. They should ship him in next year.

3. Re: Skins - am I the only one who secretly ships Jal/Chris? I hope not. Also: MONDAY!

4. Holy bejeezies! I just realized the Punch Brothers' first album comes out this month. New Chris Thile! YOU GUYS. THE BLIND LEAVING THE BLIND. ALL OF IT. *weeps*
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While I wait for Torchwood to magically appear in my hands, I will share these AWESOME Skins series 2 spoilers I came across while surfing Wikipedia. LIKE I DO.

not too specific spoilers for skins series 2 )

I apologize for my spamming! But I have to share these things with someone.

For the spoilerphobes: it officially premieres February 11th.
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Three things:

1. I have been inhaling all the Never Mind the Buzzcocks I can get my hands on. If Simon Amstell wasn't gay, I'd ask him to marry me. Screw that, I still would. The episode where Preston walks out? TEARS OF LAUGHTER. I haven't laughed that hard in far too long.

2. Look! Look! New Skins promo pictures! Were there even old ones? I don't know. The important thing is: MAXXIE IS FUCKING HOT, people. Also, in a random and WONDERFUL connection to NMTB, Bill Bailey is playing Maxxie's father. Will Maxxie one day see the inside of his own storyline?!

Other things to consider: Cassie is beautiful, Sid is hot when he's showering regularly, Maxxie's hair is a gift brought down from the gods, Chris is AWESOME, and Michelle is really not the bombshell everyone says she is. I'd pick Jal over her any day. ALSO SKINS S2 OMG WITH THE FLAILING.

3. I've done this at least twice now, but... they added more questions this time! Stolen from all over the flist.

Comment to this post, giving me the name of a fandom that you know I'm involved in (tv, movies, books), and I will tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I would shag anytime:
6. The character I’d want to be like:
7. The character I’d slap:
8. A pairing that I love:
9. A pairing that I despise:
10. Favorite character:
11. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?
12. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom?
13. Who are your five favorite characters?
14. Who are your five least favorite characters?
15. What are your five favorite pairings?
16. What are your five least favorite pairings?
17. Which character are you most like?
18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret?

4. There are actually four things: I need to reply to comments! This school thing is so poorly timed.


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