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First California gay couples wed

Excuse me while I whoop in delight and hope they can hear me rooting for them over there. YOU ROCK CALIFORNIA! I honestly don't know how someone could watch a video like this and have any possible desire to harm that.

Watch Ben and Mikey's wedding and make yourself GRIN LIKE A FOOL! CAUSE THEY COULD TOTALLY GO TO CALIFORNIA AND BE THAT CHEESY AND ADORABLE NOW! Except that would be a way longer bike ride! Not the point lalalala! Also, I do not remember Brian still being that hot in S4!
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I am so damn spammy lately! I just need to shut up. But I'm too bored to. =D

1. I'm surprisingly not hating the ESPN coverage of Euro 2008. EXCEPT for the fact that every frakking commentator spends at least ten minutes of any given game verbally sucking Cristiano Ronaldo's cock. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to put it. Yes, he is a very good player. No, he is not the Jesus of football. STFU about Ronaldo's glorious manhood and footwork, plz.

2. Verbotene Liebe people! Have you've seen this picture? It's probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life, if for nothing but Christian's face: "Yeah, I'm hittin' that." Oh, Christian. And how great were they this week? Gregor FTW!

3. I'm having a Brian/Justin fanfic reading revival. Except most of it kind of sucks. Like, I really don't think Brian would be struck by the deep beauty of Justin's cerulean orbs ever, let alone in S1. Yet I still read it. What does that say about me?

4. I'm considering doing a Kara/Leoben ficathon, or possibly Kara/Leoben/Sam (you could pick any of those pairings or the OT3). Would anyone be interested? I might do a more informal one than I usually do, without assignments. But you tend to get very little actual fanfic when you do it that way. Hrm.

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I have two VERREH IMPORTANT things to address in this post:

1. I don't know if this is old news (probably to most people), but it delighted me so I had to share: [ profile] pipsi_pirate pointed out Ianto Jones' secret gay past! In which Gareth David-Lloyd plays another bi/gay character named Ianto Jones on another RTD show.

2. Is there any time at which starting a sentence in an essay with "indeed" is not terribly pretentious? Not that I'm going to change it, I just wanted to throw that out there.

When did I become so terribly spammy? I swear I didn't used to be that person on livejournal. This is what writing about Upton Sinclair will do to you! Make you pretentious and spammy. Soon I'll be making socialist picspams of inhumane working conditions in the early twentieth century. :/

ETA: OMG NEW ADMINISTRATION BOOK! New Toreth (and probably Warrick) set between "Mind Fuck" and "Friday" in the next paperback release. And it has "Pancakes," which I feel is best described in the following analogy: "Pancakes" is to Toreth/Warrick as Ice Cream Kissing in Episode 112 is to Brian/Justin. You watch/read it and you're like, "Damn, that boy might as well give up the fight now." One day I will get other people to read this stuff!
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Don't you hate that feeling when you spend a good few hours reading a fic, and then it all ends in soul-crushing angst and woe? And not the "good" kind, the kind that just leaves you feeling bleak and depressed and you're like, "I did not agree to this angst! I demand a refund! ...Someone give me a hug." WELL I HAVE THAT RIGHT NOW. Obviously, or I wouldn't be making a post about it.

So I'm watching Brian and Justin's reunion from S3. LIKE I DO EVERY OTHER... MINUTE. Here, watch it, make yourself cry with joy like the first time I watched it. Seriously, people, there were some points during the height of my QAF obsession where I was this close to writing an epic love ballad set in medieval times solely because of those four minutes of perfection right there. Brian's little smile at 2:52, it makes me into this pathetic pile of goo. And then I watched S4. :/ But that is not the point!

I actually have no idea what the point is! Other than that I hope Luke and Noah do some more "physical therapy" in upcoming episodes. I don't remember the last time they even hugged.

Oh, and I'm starting to feel an ache in my wisdom teeth. Damn. In a month or so perhaps I will finally be able to use the "high" mood icon because I'll be hopped up on painkillers. But not in the bad way that leads to melodramatic interventions where you make fun of your brother because his boyfriend deserted him for Malaysia (KILL THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA!) and your half-sister because she skanked it up with your actual sister's husband, who you also insult about their inevitable divorce. Seriously, Brothers & Sisters. You crack my shit up sometimes.

I need some sleep, for real. Pretend this post never happened. Or rec me some happy fic you enjoyed recently.

P.S. Throughout basically the entire last two episodes of Skins, [ profile] capesofwrath's face looked exactly like this. High-larious.

P.P.S. I'm catching up on Entourage. Does anyone else sometimes wish they could just watch the Ari & Lloyd Show? Ari's been kind of a softie this season, what's up with that?

Hmmm. This turned into an inadvertent "stuff I'm watching other than Heroes" type post.
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Here's some late Friday night what-to-do-when-you-have-no-life rambling for you:

1. EW's Landmark moments in Gay Hollywood has gotten me to do the unthinkable: watch Queer as Folk S5 clips. I'm one of those fans who thinks that S5 is basically Satan's pit of despair and really, really bad hair. It makes me cry because it's so wrong. But there were a few good parts. And Deb's "He must've knocked up Sunshine" literally made me laugh for five minutes the first time I saw it. Still does, so that's good. Bri-tin. Haha.

2. Do you ever find yourself reading really, truly awful fic that is so OOC and terribly written, but you just have to know what happens next? And then you feel dirty afterwards and go read something by an author you actually like, but you're still secretly glad you read the bad one?

3. The only reasons I subscribe to Out are the pretty ads and the ridiculous, nonsensical, but kinda hot fashion spreads in each issue. The latest one was "Lost in Italy," which actually turned out to be "Prep School Geeks in Italy." Maybe it's just me, but this picture gives me happy "bad boy deflowers secretly hot geek in closet during fifth period" thoughts. The October issue (with John Barrowman!) had "Vampires in Los Angeles," which I heartily approved of even though it contained no homoerotic-and-fashionable Spike and Angel, despite the title. I mean, seriously people, it has John Barrowman with his sleeves rolled up standing over some dead body in a pool. AWESOME.

4. Oh, blast, I have not at all started a paper that's due Monday and I have to work tomorrow and Sunday. Is okay, though, I got such a good grade on the last paper, I could get a D on this paper and still have a B+ average for the final. So I'm not too worried!

5. Finally, a rec: Make Sure They See My Face by [ profile] hackthis (RPF/RPS/Entourage/CRACK! as the author describes it). I'm not a person who can usually enjoy RPF/RPS, but this is perfect and hilarious and you will love Shia LaBeouf/Milo Ventimiglia SO MUCH. And god do I love random fandom-made pairings. First George Clooney/Anderson Cooper, now this. Maybe it will be like fairies/the Doctor - if we wish it enough, all at the same time, it will magically happen!

6. I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO MAKE THIS POST SO GAY. But I have to say this. This season of SGA is like Atlantis: The Femmeslash Years. I like it!
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1. Via [ profile] the_grynne: awesome, wonderful, dance-for-joy-inducing pictures of Zachary Quinto with the Heroes S2 Casting Spoiler That Everyone Knows About. But, awwww, the boy got fugged! I'm so gleeful and excited about this season. I just keep bouncing around and dancing when I think people can't see me. And now this (casting spoilery) news too! ZOMG! ETA: Has the world seen this video of Adrian full on groping Milo at last year's Comic Con? They have no shame at all.

2. You know that feeling when you finish a series, and you realize that these characters will never live in your mind the same way they did while you were reading/watching their adventures? That deep, almost physically painful sadness that just rips you up? I HATE THAT. And I'm experiencing it right now, as I just finished Lynn Flewelling's Tamír Triad. Tamír! Ki! Arkoniel! Tharin! Lhel! Lynx! Caliel! Una! Lutha! Nik! I'm gonna miss those guys, for sure. THERE WAS A HOT GAY NAMED LYNX! How can I not love this author? Also, to Nightrunner people: Alec and Nysander show up in visions! AWESOME.

3. I get to see Nickel Creek (and Fiona Apple!) Friday night. FINALLY. I've seen Chris Thile about fifty times in the past year (not that I'm complaining!), but I've never managed to actually see the full band. And my desire to hear "Helena" live could very well drive me to give someone my first born if I don't hear it on Friday.

4. Did I mention that I watched the first season of Weeds? I'd put it off for so long because MLP's character on The West Wing was so grating, but I really liked her on this show. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It's a strange kind of show, but in the best way possible. And, whoa, if I'd been told there were Jeffrey Dean Morgan SEX TAPES involved, I would've watched it a lot sooner.

5. Rewatching Queer as Folk has not only rekindled my Brian/Justin love, but also reminded me why I adore Emmett and how much I want one of my own. Everybody deserves a BFF like him! Also: GLITTER YAY!
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1. I just finished The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss via [ profile] fan_elune's rec, and I LOVED it. Hilarious and a great plot and OMG CHARLIE JACKPOT. I want to marry Charlie. This was particularly nice because I've been in a book drought of sorts lately, not really enjoying anything I read. So, success there. Woo. Also, Lucifer Box = Captain Jack Harkness pre-Doctor. Yes? No?

2. I'm doing this Valentine's Day Game thing, because I love my flist. You are all like pearls of happiness created by the oyster of the internet. Which doesn't really make sense because aren't those formed as a result of something irritating their insides? Oh well. Pearls!

3. I really want to continue my cracktastic Oz recaps with season four but someone still has my DVDs. Who will go unnamed. I'm considering doing this with QAF too. It will only be my seven millionth time watching the first season. I'll even attempt to watch scenes with Dr. David and/or naked!Mikey. It's easier when you don't have someone curled into a fetal position screaming at you to fast-forward, like I usually do.

4. Who else is watching Top Design? Don't be ashamed! I, too, have been sucked into Bravo's never-ending cycle of reality television. I'm just hoping the person I hate the most on the entire show won't win again, like with PR and TC. I'm still pissed about those two.

5. What should I read next? Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman or Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson? Clearly a poll is in order. cut because they're fugly )

6. Ah, pointless numbered posts. How I've missed you.


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