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1. football - Liverpool, England, Germany )

2. Okay, my Prison Break people, who watched the T-Bag episode of Breakout Kings? spoilers )

3. I've decided I'm not going to continue taking German next semester. It's just so unsatisfying after having taken it in a country where I could actually make practical use of it. And I don't feel like IU's German classes are particularly challenging. Plus I'm just unmotivated, at this stage in my college life, to be doing so much busy work. PLUS they insist on having even sixth semester German be scheduled on Fridays. UGH. Why don't you offer a Tue/Th German section? WTF? I want my three-day weekend semester! Next semester I think I'll be taking (registration time permitting) Roman Lit, my Classics capstone course (topic as yet undecided), Iranian history, Music of the Beatles (!!!), and some other class that I have yet to decide on. I have a lot of options, like Hindu Goddesses, African-influenced Religions in the Americas, North and South Korea, Making of the Modern Middle East, etc. LOTS OF EXCITING OPTIONS. :DDDD I have such odd interests.

4. Thanks so much for all your help on my last post, those who could see it. :D
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[ profile] sdwolfpup won my mood theme making services for [ profile] help_nz and requested, much to my joy, a Prison Break mood theme. Obviously, based on who was involved in the creation of this mood theme, it may have ended up just a liiiitle Mahone and Michael/Mahone heavy. :) But I think I got a good representation of a lot of characters. I hope you enjoy it!

prison break mood theme: downloading instructions )

Oh, and if this ~inspires~ you to want a mood theme from me, I am still on sale over here for [ profile] help_japan.
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1. I was pondering Prison Break because I keep seeing commercials for Breakout Kings, which T-Bag will be in (is he going to be the new Det. Munch?!). Anyway, I was thinking about how despite the fact that PB was at times (okay, most of the time) utterly ridiculous and terribly written, it was gifted with these incredible character actors who consistently brought it. Specifically Robert Knepper and William Fichtner, who were both some of the best things about that show even at its worst. I was just thinking about the physical gestures of Mahone, actually, the ticks he developed from his drug use and, at least I assumed, from his obsessive personality. Fichtner had such great physical continuity with Mahone. I think that's something that's taken for granted but adds enormous depth to a character that you don't even necessarily consciously notice. In short: character actors are the best.

2. I bought The Vampire Diaries season one DVD. :D It was on sale! I couldn't help myself.

3. I've been rewatching some random BtVS episodes as a result of #2, including Becoming. And, okay, first of all: AMAZING EPISODES. Buffy grabbing that sword and saying "Me"? STILL THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. Although this episode is kind of odd for me, because the scenes where Buffy and Spike become reluctant allies confirmed to me with zero doubt that, when it comes down to it, I am a Buffy/Spike girl. But this is also the episode where I find Buffy/Angel to be the most interesting and least cloying teen vampire romance-y. In any case: "The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are." Still one of the best and truest lines Joss Whedon has ever penned.

Damn, season two started out all cheesy and MotW like season one, but it really became something amazing by the end. Angelus is just so much more fun than Angel (at least when the characters are on BtVS and not AtS), and Boreanaz's acting skills increase a million fold when he is allowed to smile regularly. Even if the smiles are evil. Man, now I wanna crack out my Angel S4 DVDs and watch THAT Angelus arc.

4. Today was 60 degrees and sunny. :)
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1. I am back from glorious Houston. It's a nice city, it just doesn't feel very Texan to me. Although the terrifying amount of oil rigs certainly does. I got to go swimming in March, though, so I'm good. We also went to San Antonio, which I liked a lot better. I guess I feel like Houston is a cool city, but it doesn't have the kind of soul that other big US cities like Chicago and New York do. Those cities are alive and full of character and history. I didn't get that from Houston, despite the remnants of the Texas War of Independence. It just seemed like a lot of restaurants and highways. It felt like the epitome of American commercialization and obsession with making things BIGGER and BETTER and AMERICAN-ER. But, y'know, I could be totally wrong so please do not be offended if Houston is your home. *g*

2. I read Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book which was wonderful and unique and so very Gaiman-y. Definitely deserving of the Newberry. If I ever have kids, I will guide them in that general direction of the library.

3. I'm in the midst of the horrible process of searching for degrading summer work. Agh. Why, public library, why couldn't you have just kept me on the payroll and let me work holidays? AGH. I hate being judged. Especially since I don't have many references and, uh, in case you didn't notice the job market is not exactly thriving. But, well, I basically have nothing to do for four months so I'd at least like to make some money during that time. *headdesk*

4. I kind of can't believe today actually happened, football wise. I feel like Six should show up and talk about the hand of god favoring Liverpool or something. WUT. (Of course, we could royally screw it up and lose tomorrow, but let's have hope plz.) I mean, we're still four points behind. But. But. When was the last time Man U even lost two games in a row? And they've got suspensions coming out the ass too. I don't even know what's going on anymore, TBH. I'm just sitting here, fucking boggling.

And, of course, as soon as things start going well for Liverpool, Germany loses like half its starters to injuries. FINE. WHATEVER. I DIDN'T LIKE WINNING ANYWAY.

5. Saw Watchmen in IMAX. Lol'ed.

6. I FUCKING MISS PRISON BREAK. There are only like four episodes left, just let us have them.
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My Prison Break + Michael/Mahone obsession continues. Including me willingly rewatching the second season. Eek. I bought the second season. The season of toothless incest and T-Bag's veterinary hand surgery and Michael and Linc's "disguises" of a baseball cap and sunglasses. The season of wtf do we do now that they've prison broke? But also the season of SPECIAL AGENT ALEXAAAAANDER MAHONE. That's how I say his name in my head. With accompanying jazz hands. And this is also the season of Michael and Alex's Very Special Connection.

So I made a mix! And I have to say, I really really love this mix. It's kind of my baby. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. *g*

michael/alex fanmix: the further I slide )
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"I think you'd better pop another pill, 'cause that's crazy." WHAT. WHAT. MICHAEL SCOFIELD I LOVE YOU. That has to be the sassiest, most spectacular zinger to ever come from that boy's mouth. I am going to say that in every situation where it even remotely fits now. Also: okay, I've seen the Wallporn scene, and I vaguely remembered the premiere, but holy gay fairies of Oz this season brings the prison slash. Kind of makes me wish this show had been on cable so Michael and Alex could act on all that sexual tension. Except then there'd probably be a lot of life-scarring rape scenes like in Oz and never the sex you want between Beecher and Keller. Yeah, I'm still pissed about that cockblock.

So to make a long story short I decided to do a capspam of all the Michael/Mahone moments in S3. And there are a damn lot of them. If my S2 DVDs arrive before I leave for school, I will picspam those too. All this sizzling sexual tension, I don't know if my computer can handle it. But I will persevere. Do you know how hard it is not to include every single cap of Wentworth Miller because the man is so inhumanly beautiful? And then I want to include every cap of Alex because he's my favoritest. Also, I put the wall scene on slow speed and just hit that cap button like I was being paid for it. In other words, not dial-up friendly!

This includes spoilers for season four! But only in text, so looking at the pictures is safe. I feel that I should also warn for utterly ridiculous amounts of sweat and the jaundice-coloring of everything that apparently happens when you're in Panama.

prison break season three episodes 1-4: michael/alex )

Oh, and happy new year, I guess. :)
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1. there should be a prison break boarding school AU )

2. Apparently my residence hall is going to be converted into Liverpool for a day, but in the sense that it will have a lot of Beatles stuff. That's all there is in Liverpool, doncha know? I must control the urge to yell, "NANDO YEH SCOUSAH!" every time I walk past these supposedly Liverpudlian things. Or possible spend the day talking like Jamie Carragher.

3. My utterly non-fandom friend just texted me to tell me that I have to watch the House episode that just aired because it was so gay. Hee! Like I didn't get that from the fifty magazine covers they've been on lately. Seriously, House would be so happy to know that he is half of the new Luke & Laura.

4. I finally got around to reading Watchmen, and, well, damn. That's all I can really say (though I am only on chapter V, so don't spoil me, please). It's strange, but it seems the only really truly original-feeling fiction I've been reading lately is in comics form. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm so selective about what comics I read, whereas I'll cringe through terrible gay romance novels and watch, well, Heroes. I'm mildly - mildly! - excited for the movie, but I still glare at them like Alan Moore glares at the world. It might make an interesting film, but it's so perfect as is. I adore the comic medium with all its limitations. Why can't people come up with their own ideas anymore?

5. Woe! I am going to miss the first half of the Germany v. Wales game for a class I HATE, but we sometimes get in-class assignments that you can't make up. Argh. I hate that that evil hippie history lady is keeping me from my football. Even if Dad probably won't start and the ~Kuranyi Katastrophe~ (yes) is still making me go ".........", I STILL WANT TO WATCH MY BOYS. I didn't watch them one time and they tied with Finland. I mean no offense to that noble country, but that's a pretty sad draw right there.

6. I am supposed to be answering questions on the Most Confusing Article Ever on Posthumanism. It makes me feel like this:

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Wow. I do not hold my friends like that in pictures! They look like tourist boyfriends. Also, I love that that's how Adrian poses for a cameraphone picture. These two just never stop do they? I guess not, since their relationship is "electric," according to the Pas.

2. I don't really have much to say in regards to Heroes. To be honest, with every episode, regardless of how good it is, I get less and and less interested in the show. These aren't the characters I fell in love with. I want my S1 morally ambiguous Nathan and idealistic floppy-haired Peter and gleefully evil Sylar. Do you guys remember when Mama Petrelli's biggest offense was socks theft? Those were good times. *sigh* I would probably drop this if I didn't have a little group of people who watch it with me each week. Oh well, it is fun to boggle at the insanity of it.

3. What I really wish I could be watching on Mondays at 9 is Prison Break. I just wish I could spend more time playing in the fandom because I'm having so much fun reading everything, but when I go to meta on anything these days, I'm just like "uggggh I used up all my meta in college." [Btw, Classics? YAY. History? BOO. Major change? Signs point to yes!] ANYWAY: last night's prison break episode and michael/mahone ramblings )

4. So I have this really, really sad confession to make: I've spent the majority of my free time in the last week making an epic football powerpoint that explains the basics of the game, league systems, scoring, and important teams and players. I KNOW, OKAY. It's all for [ profile] capesofwrath, because I want to indoctrinate her into the cult. Also it's hilariously Germany/Spain/Liverpool biased. Look, I don't want her becoming a ManU fan or something! Anyway, if anyone in football fandom wants to like, take a look at it? That would be wondeful. For fact-checking and if you think I need to add anything, as I am, like I said, incredibly biased. Like, yes, I do think Thomas Hitzlsperger is someone important enough to include in this thing. I EFFING LOVE THOMAS HITZLSPERGER. He is German Samuel T. Anders!

4a. I am so nervous that Micha and Torsten are going to get themselves injured before this Saturday. ACK. But seeing the boys frolicking together with Mom & Dad at practice literally made my heart grow two sizes too big. LITERALLY. I am now dead.

5. In regards to Supernatural, I don't really have anything to add to what's already been said. Mostly just: A+++++ and keep the Castiel coming. However, I d have one request that maybe the SPN diehards on my flist could help me with. I read pretty much all the SPN fic produced during S1, but when I semi-jumped ship during S2-3, I didn't read anything. And now there's like a million fics and I don't know who the good authors are and, basically, I need a rec list. Could you point me to some of the good SPN fanfic/authors I missed during the last two seasons, preferably Sam/Dean? Also, preferably not those depressing stories where the boys spend the entire time hating themselves and then rocks fall and everybody dies. Oh, and I would be willing to try some J2, which I've never really read any of. So, uh, what's your favorite J2 fic?

This post got long! I apologize to your page down button.
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I am watching tonight's Prison Break and spoilers and my dreams of Michael/Mahone chess!porn... )

I am in the process of ahemming True Blood because, really, I will read and watch anything for Eric Northman. Look, I have a thing for ancient vampires and Vikings and - of course - amoral, opportunistic, schemers who are willing to do (or order other people to do) the unpleasant stuff to get things done (see: Sark, Lucifer, Krycek, Ryan O'Reily, Tony, etc.). So I'm pretty much helpless in this case, even though I gave up on Harris' series with the last book.

By the way, thanks for all your kind and level-headed comments on my last post. It was what I needed and I'm doing much better. *squishes*
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I looked back and determined: goddamn does this journal need more fandom!

1. Hollyoaks this week has literally been giving me heart palpitations of PURE JOY. Well, the last episode made me ecstatic and crushed at the same time. OH 'OAKS. Thank god I'll be kicking this habit soon. I didn't realize how much I'd missed You Know Who's prune face until he showed up again and got all grabby. And the ego is just as big as ever klsajfsklfjdkl! On the other hand, Verbotene Liebe has been pretty yawn-worthy lately. :(

2. Can I just express my PURE RAGE over the fact that Italy is now ranked higher than my beloved Nationalmannschaft? I don't know if you watched the Euros, but Italy? THEY KIND OF SUCKED IT UP. And Germany hasn't lost any games since the final against Spain. ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM, I WILL ALWAYS DESPISE YOU. Even though I don't actually dislike any of the footballers. COLLECTIVELY I HATE THEM.

3. Prison Break brings the hilarity, as always. What makes it especially enjoyable is that I equally ship both Michael/Sara and Michael/Mahone. And who does Michael spend 90% of his time with? Well, either of those two, of course. Also, my mom's not buying Wentworth Miller's heterosexuality! I was talking to her and out of the blue she says his straight lovin' is not very convincing. I'm like, he was "seen around town" with Luke Macfarlane. That's tabloid code for gay.

4. I have... nothing else fandomy to say. This whole first week of college thing is a little time-consuming, and they haven't even had the club fair yet. Although if [ profile] thehangedwoman can find time to read assloads of Snape/Hermione fic (WHICH SHE THEN LEAVES OPEN TO THE BAD SMUT ON MY COMPUTER) and take fifty million science classes, then I will manage. Although she is a hermit.

ETA: OH NOW I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! I keep seeing people in football jerseys all over campus, and of course I always check to see the name. And I swear I've seen about a million Crispianos, which just makes a part of me die when I see it. And I saw a few Rooneys and Beckhams, which was just as soul-crushing. AND THEN I SAW A TORRES LIVERPOOL JERSEY. NANDO YOU SCOUSAH! And then, after all that awesome, I SAW AN EFFING SCHWEINI JERSEY. I think I cried, to see the Nationalmannschaft and Liverpool in the midst of all that ManU.

Also I saw a Cesc Fabregas lookalike but he gave me a funny look. Probably because I was gaping at him. At least I didn't get the stink eye like Laurie gets all the time for no reason.
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1. My inner David Anders fangirl - dormant for so long while he rested himself in preparation for playing another morally ambiguous British guy - has been in a constant state of overwhelming joy for the past few weeks. I'm just so happy that my first real fandom love is finally getting a substantial role again. This interview from the Emmys (sans British accent! always weird!) makes me bounce around like the hyperactive small child I am. Also, I'm breaking out the old Sarkney fanmixes. Garbage's "The World Is Not Enough" could be applied to every spy relationship in existence, but it will always be "Sydney goes rogue with Sark and they take down all the people who've controlled their lives since they were born" to me. What can I say, I've had a lot of time to think about this pairing.

2. I have a favor to ask. As some of you know, I work as a shelver at the library, and even though I work in the children's section, I am still surrounded by books all the time. Except I have no idea what to read. So, could you rec me your favorite books, pretty please? I hate being at the library fifteen hours a week and not getting anything except sore feet.

3. I had no idea Prison Break premiered tonight until I got home from work at 8:20 and my mom was watching it. Meh. This show isn't nearly as good now that I've seen Oz. I'm just sayin': if you're going to do a prison drama with all the violence and drugs and depression, you've got to be willing to go all out. Although Wentworth Miller can still show up in my dreams any time he wants.

4. Forgive how completely boring this is. I've been so busy lately, I don't even know who I am anymore. My trademark slothfulness is but a mere memory. I miss it like I miss Adrian Pasdar In A Box, which I have not been able to watch for days.

5. I feel the urge to do an old-school Alias rewatch coming on. But then I'll just get depressed when S2 ends and I have to either a.) keep Sark in federal prison and Syd experiencing total mindfuck or b.) continue onto the horrors of S3. Oh wait, that's what fic is for. Problem solved!
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It's time for that wonderful time-wasting activity: surfing YouTube. Here are some of my favorite videos. Embedded for five times the fun!

cut to spare your flist )

Check out [ profile] premium_blend - for people with a love of HBO/Showtime small fandom shows like Entourage and Dexter and The Wire. AKA things I am madly in love with but can never find fandom-y things for.
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Heroes 1x18 - Parasite, or Even More Capslocktastic Than My Usual Posts )

additional heroes thoughts, this time with added bonus spoilers for tonight's prison break )

Oops. I totally forgot to watch TBD. SORRY KIRK. I'm sure you were hot and morally ambiguous bad.


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