May. 6th, 2010 04:59 pm
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I am officially finished with my second year of college. I'm happy that I'm done and can now commence the Summer of Laziness, but at the same time I'm halfway done with college. Noooooo. DNW the real world.

And now that meme where you answer questions people give you. If you want some questions, I would be happy to serve you in this fashion. My questions were from [ profile] typicrobots, so you know they're happenin'.

questions )

Also: the cast of Oz is awesome, bros around. Beecher, Keller, O'Reilly, and Said beautifully reunited. Also McManus but let's be honest with what we care about, people.
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1. I'm thinking for my semester in Vienna, I'm going to leave a week or so before I need to be in Vienna and meet up with a few friends of mine who will be in Germany... somewhere. Possibly Nürnberg or Berlin. Wherever they are then. I figure this will give me time to a) get over my jetlag before I have to deal with school and moving into a new place and meeting tons of new people b) give me time to get used to being in a German-speaking country and c) give me time to hang out in Germany with my friends, obvs. The only problem is I would have to carry around all my luggage wherever we went unless I can find somewhere to store it. But I'm sure I could figure something out.

Also, I signed up for a nine day trip to Prague, Budapest, and Krakow, so hopefully I signed up early enough to get a spot! Eeeeeeee! \o/

2. I think my problem with Supernatural this season is that it's taking the apocalypse - and itself- way, way too seriously. I was raised on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, okay? I need people to crack a joke once every two episodes instead of constant jaw-clenching and single tears and self-loathing and total despair and hopelessness. I feel like I'm in an episode of Oz up in here! Dean deals with his pain by being a drunk manwhore and Castiel is his religious friend who .... well, disapproved at some point. Lucifer is O'Reily, obvs, and the angels are the corrupt guards. Not sure that Sam could really pull off Keller though. Needs more crazy. And at the end of the episode you're like, who the fuck is still letting these people run this place? How have the guards/angels not been fired yet with all these dead people? I really wondered how it was possible that Glynn and McManus kept their jobs for as long as they did. There were like three deaths every episode, on a good day. And usually ALL in the small population of Em City.

.... Because Oz is obviously a show where everything makes logical sense.

3. I saw Invictus, which is yet another movie in the strong tradition of ~Sports Bring People Together Across Racial Barriers~ but without the fun singing and dancing in Remember the Titans. And, wow, are South African accents really that weird or did Matt Damon just have a really bad one? In any case, it made me really excited for the World Cup. Uh, of football. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT PEOPLE. I'm going to have to get some kind of night job because I can't miss the matches. From June 11 to July 11, FOOTBALL TAKES OVER MY LIFE. My family should consider themselves lucky that there aren't any games on July 4th this year so they won't have to deal with me sobbing at the family cookout.

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An actor narrowly escaped death after slashing his throat on stage with a real knife, instead of a blunt stage-prop blade.

Sorry to spam, but I just HAD to post this. WHO IS LETTING CHRIS KELLER BE PROPS MANAGER AGAIN?! Did they not see the Oswald Penitentiary production of Hamlet?
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I have officially Retreated To My Bedroom During Familial Christmas Festivities. I took the food and ran. Who's with me? Luckily there are babies now so no one really cares when the surly teenager types disappear. Thank you, small children! I wish [ profile] spillshercoffee and her husband were here. It would make things so much more bearable.

Holy crap! I just came out of the bathroom to discover my sister waiting for me creepily on my bed because I deserted her with Crazy Aunt and Spoiled Brat Baby. BLAST.

Thank you so much to Faith (plus a CD! woo!), [ profile] kurosawa, [ profile] decollete, Ellen, Liezl, [ profile] dettiot, [ profile] _enharmonic, [ profile] lostt1, [ profile] ladyoneill, and Brix for your pretty, pretty cards! I must confess that I'm a bad, bad person and I never got my cards out this year. However, if you want, to make up for it I can send you a random postcard or letter of some type in the mail at some point during 2008. Let me know.

I did manage to get my [ profile] oz_magi assignment in on time. Two years in a row! And I can't wait until Yuletide goes live, since I've seen so many of you awesome writers talking about your stories. There's almost 1800 stories posted so far. Whee!

I watched Hurrah! A Year of Ta-Dah with Laurie last night, and, wow, could Jake Shears be any more precious and adorable and also really pervy? I think not. I want to be Ana Matronic when I grow up.

I've been discovered! Oh well. Everyone who celebrates, have a great Christmas!
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1. Stalk me! At the stalking meme, obvs. Or in real life, you crazies!

2. Mind Fuck has finally been released! (At Amazon too!) I can't recommend this book and series enough. If you want some brilliant m/m fiction, buy this. I love my kinky future dystopia! [My mom is refusing to let me buy it because my birthday is in a month. WHY MOM, WHY?]

3. [ profile] oz_magi requests are up! For some reason, this is the only challenge of any kind I participate in. And, uh, you should too. Who doesn't want some prison funtimes to brighten up their holiday season? Only a crazy person would say no to a shank and some light drug addiction.

4. I have the worst, most hilarious senioritis ever this week. I got home from work today and spent the last two and a half hours and counting putzing around pointlessly rather than even checking to see if I have homework. I just hope this goes away when I go off to college. Possibly it will because I won't be taking Idiotic High School Classes. The only thing I even try with anymore is Calculus because it's the only class that challenges more than my ability to BS and memorize notes. What is wrong with my brain that I actually.... enjoy math? For now, at least.

5. I just want you all to know that I am reading almost all your posts, I just rarely have time to comment with anything meaningful. WHICH SUCKS. But I get to see Tori Amos with mah sistah this Friday and then I am free and not working and maybe I can actually read some of the two million tabs I have open.

6. I completely ransacked my library's Christmas music collection at work today. The librarians all gave me looks. DON'T JUDGE OKAY. And I almost weeped with joy when the Yankee Candle catalogue came and had little rub-and-sniff things. MY NOSE WAS SO ECSTATIC. What a strange mental image!

7. I listened to Love during the many hours of roadtripping with my dad last weekend. And, okay, that moment in track 10? When the guitar from "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" smashes into "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" with a little "Helter Skelter" mixed in for fun? SERIOUSLY THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. I listen to it over and over again and never stop getting chills. Amaaaaaazing.
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It's Oz season four time! So rife with pain and angst one might compare it to a shank in the heart. OH WAIT AUGUSTUS HILL BEAT ME TO IT! If only I could have that perfect mix of depressing prison statistics and homosexual-ized platitudes. But no. Also, Kirk Acevedo deserts his imprisoned comrades to shoot Band of Brothers. SHAME, KIRK! With him we also lose 1/4 of the plot that I still care about at this point. SHAME!

[I started this a long time ago, but when I finally finished it was a few days after the tenth anniversary of Oz's premiere. So consider this my tribute to this crazy show that I love so much. There will never, ever be anything quite like you again.]

'homosexual acts are a blasphemy!' )
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1. answers to the movie meme )

2. I saw Chris Thile in a wonderful outdoor bluegrass festival last Saturday. AND HE SO WINKED AT ME I SWEAR TO GOD. Okay, so I may be clinging to this a little pathetically, but, in all seriousness, he's an amazing performer and I think I might be a little bit in love with him. I'd heard him play live before, but never got to hear him sing. AMAZING. No words! Also, there was some hilarious drama with a guy getting arrested for accidentally hitting a kid with a soccer ball that unfolded right in front of the stage during the entire fifteen-minute version of "The Blind Leading the Blind." Chris was a very good sport about it though, saying that the only thing we'd remember about that song was that "the law was involved."

3. I'm rewatching the fourth season of Oz (and taking notes, of course), and, holy crap, the beginning of that season is so hard to watch. It hurts like hell. I don't know if I'll be able to get through it again. But then there was this scene and this one, and it was worth it.

4. This will only matter to two or three people, but Lynn Flewelling posted at her Yahoo! Group that she's actually writing two more Nightrunner books which will be connected like Luck in the Shadows and Stalking Darkness were. I hope this means the second book will be extremely angsty and drama-filled and people will get kidnapped and tortured and things. I LOVE THAT!

5. Look, some actual content: I'm going to be visiting Dublin and London from June 21-27. Anyone have any suggestions for places I should visit, keeping in mind the fact that this is a school trip and I'm only seventeen?

6. This is me killing time until Saturday night. OMGYAYUTOPIA! *bounces*
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It's time for that wonderful time-wasting activity: surfing YouTube. Here are some of my favorite videos. Embedded for five times the fun!

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Check out [ profile] premium_blend - for people with a love of HBO/Showtime small fandom shows like Entourage and Dexter and The Wire. AKA things I am madly in love with but can never find fandom-y things for.
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1. I just finished The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss via [ profile] fan_elune's rec, and I LOVED it. Hilarious and a great plot and OMG CHARLIE JACKPOT. I want to marry Charlie. This was particularly nice because I've been in a book drought of sorts lately, not really enjoying anything I read. So, success there. Woo. Also, Lucifer Box = Captain Jack Harkness pre-Doctor. Yes? No?

2. I'm doing this Valentine's Day Game thing, because I love my flist. You are all like pearls of happiness created by the oyster of the internet. Which doesn't really make sense because aren't those formed as a result of something irritating their insides? Oh well. Pearls!

3. I really want to continue my cracktastic Oz recaps with season four but someone still has my DVDs. Who will go unnamed. I'm considering doing this with QAF too. It will only be my seven millionth time watching the first season. I'll even attempt to watch scenes with Dr. David and/or naked!Mikey. It's easier when you don't have someone curled into a fetal position screaming at you to fast-forward, like I usually do.

4. Who else is watching Top Design? Don't be ashamed! I, too, have been sucked into Bravo's never-ending cycle of reality television. I'm just hoping the person I hate the most on the entire show won't win again, like with PR and TC. I'm still pissed about those two.

5. What should I read next? Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman or Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson? Clearly a poll is in order. cut because they're fugly )

6. Ah, pointless numbered posts. How I've missed you.
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Since I have to go back to school on Monday, I decided to make a Beecher/Keller season four picspam to cheer myself up. And it grew into this huge thing that is not in any way dial-up safe. But there's so much B/K love in this season, how could this not be enormous? There's no commentary this time. I'll do that stuff later when I watch the episodes and not just the scenes with the boys.

Also, it's Oz. So it's not work-safe. But it's pretty tame, considering. Oh, and, duh, spoilers up to "Cuts Like a Knife".

'you and me together? god doesn't have the balls to keep us out.' )
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AULD LANG SYNE, PRAGS. It's time for the latter half of season three of Oz, or the part where Beecher and Keller completely destroy any ability to form coherent thoughts that I may have previously possessed.

'I wouldn't mind a four-way with Nooter and Pecky.' )
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It's time for season three of Oz! Which basically means that Beecher, Keller, and O'Reily work together to make my ovaries EXPLODE. And Beecher and Keller brave a rocky storm of emotions in pursuit of true love. Or possibly to prove that breaking all of someone's limbs doesn't necessarily mean you can't get back together. I'm not sure.

'you put it that way it makes me sound so cold.' )
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More Oz! Mostly I just wanted to get through S2 so I could get to the pure awesome of S3. But even though it breaks me, S2's still pretty great. So here's the last three episodes, with gratuitous caps of a certain scene in "Strange Bedfellows."

I promise at some point I'll start posting about things that more than five people on my flist care about. I have things to say about the new Atlantis and the Lucifer comics Torchwood and other fannish type things. But Oz, it eats the brain.

This be featuring naked men, so don't open it up in front of the kiddies or your boss.

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I got seasons two and three of Oz for my birthday (which is actually about a week from now, but I get my presents on Thanksgiving) which of course means only one thing: Christopher Keller. And more Oz recaps but this time with a million more pictures because Beecher and Keller, people. First five episodes this time, and definitely not dial-up friendly. BUT FULL OF HOT MELONI.

'this whole biting thing just isn't working for me.' )
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Part two of the exciting I Say Stupid Things About Oz posts! This time it's the last four episodes of season one AKA the good stuff that I don't have to fast-forward through because it doesn't hurt my soul to watch. Joy.

'that's not normal.' )
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I was bored and had absolutely nothing to do, so I decided to rewatch Oz season one. GOOD TIMES. Before I was shank-weary and all the good characters had turned to God or yoga or something. Anyway, I took notes because I'm a huge geek like that. Here're the first four episodes, for anyone who's interested in my rambles. With some pictures included!

one short day in the emerald city! one short day to have a lifetime of fun! )

Yes, this is how I spend my Saturday nights. I actually watched the whole season, but apparently sitting around on my ass all day makes me tired. So that can wait until tomorrow.


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