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merlin finale spoilers )

Even if you gave up on this show seasons ago, if you ever considered yourself invested in the Merlin and Arthur relationship, I highly highly recommend watching this episode.
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merlin finale spoilers )

Even if you gave up on this show seasons ago, if you ever considered yourself invested in the Merlin and Arthur relationship, I highly highly recommend watching this episode.
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1. I keep getting defriended by people. I guess I have become more boring and/or offensive since I have been in Vienna. Whoops. That's what living in a city of perpetually grumpy old Austrians with poorly dyed hair will do to you. If I had studied abroad in Salzburg I would be fucking singing all the time and shit. Mistakes! Mistakes?

2. I caved and started watching the Hawaii Five-0 reboot. GODDAMIT FANDOM HIVE MIND. I always go where the slash writers go. I'm so easy. Also I will watch anything that gives Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim a reason to be on my TV again. I also kind of want to actually watch Merlin season 3 because this Gwaine thing intrigues me. GODDAMIT FANDOM STOP MAKING ME WATCH BAD TELEVISION.

3. How awesome was the Kurt scene in yesterday's Glee? SO AWESOME. ♥_♥ spoilers )

4. SO EXCITED FOR THE BORGIAS. Watch the trailer! Some of my favorite things in fiction are trashy historical dramas, vaguely incestuous sibling relationships, and Jeremy Irons, so it all works out.

5. I only have 8 more days in Vienna. 0_o
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While I'm in Austria I'm trying to somewhat ween myself off fandom (just while I'm here, of course, I am an addict after all) and I have been somewhat successful, although I would be a lot more successful if Inception fandom stopped producing like eight masterpieces every day. In any case, TV has gotten progressively shittier these past few years, so I don't watch much of it anyway. I'm not even going to give Glee and Brothers & Sisters a chance. Those are just really not "watch these while I could be having gelato and hot chocolate for lunch (JUST DID IT)" kind of shows.

So, except for The Good Wife, which I hope will be smarter than me or else I will be sad, I've watched all the premieres.

let's discuss )

So that's like, what, four hours of TV a week once MM is over? Totally manageable.

Blergh, why is it so cooooold in Austria? Eternal question. Good thing I brought a lot of sweaters. Also I find it hilarious and sad that I got a lot of "Oh, that'll be warm this time of year!" comments when I told people where I was going. False. Austria is not a continent in the southern hemisphere, and it is decidedly not summer here right now. Also they do not speak Italian here, because Vienna is not Venice. Sometimes Americans make me sad.
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I keep posting sporadically and then never replying to comments and then being like AH I SHOULD NOT POST I HAVE NOT REPLIED TO COMMENTS but then I think of something to post and post it anyway. I dunno, I just don't have much of a fandom right now. Football is, frankly, depressing and I try to avoid it most of the time. Watching Liverpool play is just excrutiating for the most part, with one notable exception. Let's not even talk about Stuttgart. I watch Barcelona to partake in the viewing of a team that can actually win more than they lose, but even they fuck up. Sigh. My life is hard.

Anyway, let's talk about some TV I've been watching:

merlin )

glee )

supernatural )

mad men )

dexter )

I'm also watching White Collar, which was yay! And Brothers & Sisters, which is just... itself. Oh show. If only you could be about Scotty and Sarah all the time. Project Runway is a joke this season.

God, in one of my classes we've been reading Plato for the past week or so and every. single. time. I fall asleep. Just conk out. I am keeping that book for if I ever develop insomnia.
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So Merlin is officially On Notice with me. spoilers for yesterday's episode )

Yesterday was an AWESOME day of football, with Germany, Denmark, and the USA all qualifying for the World Cup. So pretty much all the teams I support. \o/
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Merlin 2x01 )

That fifth Barca goal was quite possibly one of the best fuck you's that I have ever seen. Just throwing that out there. That's what you get when you mess with their little lamb Leo. I seriously respect Barcelona for their ability to go through with humiliating an opponent when they try a dirty tackle on Barca's golden boy, with, like, twenty seconds left in the game. That's just embarrassing Atleti, and I even like you guys.

It's so frustrating to watch Liverpool be really pretty great in the front and midfield and just APALLING in defense. I mean, we won, but we really should've shut them out. That performance was absolutely atrocious by Carra. (Although that penalty was SO ILLEGAL ARGH.) Our defense is just LAZY and I would absolutely include Pepe in that because he has not been impressive this season. I hope that Agger and Fabio returning will make a good difference and hopefully Aquilani will help to smooth out the remaining problems in our midfield and let Stevie G get back behind Torres where he likes it (harharhar). Sigh. But that first Torres goal was GORGEOUS and Yossi's run in the second half was so perfect they should've just let him score on principle.

Also I got a text from my mom in the middle of the game that said "babel tried to nuzzle nando!" I was like. I know Mom. Stevie will be talking to him after the game.
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1. I'm involved in a production of Euripides' Cyclops this year through my Classical Drama course. For those who don't know, Cyclops is the only extant example of the Greek satyr play, which was performed after a trilogy of tragedies at the City Dionysia and was distinct from Greek comedies. Also, as you can guess from the name, the chorus is always made up of satyrs. And basically? They're dirty as fuck and proud of it. The chorus is supposed to go around with fake erect penises, but our professor decided to opt out of that. Can't imagine why. Cyclops contains one little argument about the nature of the gods and the other 99% of it is sex and drinking jokes and I think a healthy dose of Euripides poking fun at Odysseus' douchiness. I PRETTY MUCH LOVE IT, OKAY? I might blush when saying my lines but I'll still say 'em. This whole performance thing is a lot more fun than it looked in high school. Yay Classics! \o/ (I say that to myself almost every day. *g*)

2. I convinced my dad to go see a Women's Pro Soccer match with me this summer. \o/ Chicago Red Stars obviously - I am from northern Indiana. Hopefully we will get to see them when Los Angeles is visiting and I can see Marta play. I'm such a glory hound. But seriously? I am so excited that there's a women's league again. SISTAHS NEED A PLACE TO PLAY. I'd become obsessed with the US women's national team right around the time the first league folded in 2003. So that was kind of a bummer. And whenever I'd watch Bend it Like Beckham and it ended with Jules and Jess going off to America to play there... DOWNER. So yeah. I hope this one doesn't fold too. C'mon, Marta, you are ten times the man David Beckham is! Inspire Americans to like a sport they never collectively will!

3. We (being various assorted persons) started watching Flight of the Conchords since we hadn't actually seen any full episodes, only clips on YouTube, and we're going to see them live next month. And omfg people. You weren't lying this time. It's not like the sixty million other comedies that my flist loves that I just do not get. I was practically crying I was laughing so hard. And Jemaine and Bret are DISTURBINGLY SIMILAR to my sister and I, respectively. Like, I would totally run away and leave her on a fence to be mugged because I got scared. We have a beautiful relationship.

4. Writing the Victorian Football AU is too much fun to be healthy, I think. God, such drams, people. And I haven't even gotten to the part where Count Torres has to be revived with smelling salts. I honestly think I wouldn't care if no one else even ever read it. I would just sit there and pat its head proudly and perhaps whip up a fake trashy romance novel cover. I've realized that this is completely for myself and I'm totally okay with it. Result: I AM A FIC CAT LADY.

However, certain football comms make me sad a lot of the time. I think I may have to take a break from them for awhile and hang around some other fandoms. Too bad Merlin is in hibernation right now. Generation Kill is wonderful and amazing and full of fandom's best and brightest, but also kind of tiny and only sporadically active. Ah, such conundrums in my life.

5. Three people on my flist who care about Nightrunner: in case you didn't see it on her blog, Lynn Flewelling basically said that there will be at least two more novels after the one that comes out in September. I am.... happy about this? I think. I mean, you could tell Alec & Seregil stories for centuries, but in some ways I'm kind of ready for them to get to ride off into the sunset, thieving and deceiving as they go.

Long post is long. I just paged down myself.
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1. I was supposed to read Oedipus at Colonus (bleh) before going to dinner but instead I am watching an endless series of History Channel specials on Abraham Lincoln. At the end of the last one this historian was narrating the moment of Lincoln's death and he started getting all choked up and I was like, "Awww, poor historian man! I'm sorry this pain is still too real for you!" I love people who love some historical subject enough that it can make them cry as if they actually knew the people involved. It's like crying over fanfic (except, uh, the people are real) but you get paid for it and you get to be on History Channel. P.S. I say this as someone who can and has cried over ancient history, so I am not mocking but loving. *g*

2. I think I figured out part of why I'm loving Merlin/Arthur so much and reading so much Merlin fanfic: I genuinely love both the boys as characters on their own. It's not a case of, "Oh, I'll put up with Character B because I adore Character A and they're infatuated with B" which is how I feel about a lot of my OTPs. I adore both of them and look forward to the day when their gay love saves Camelot. Plus it doesn't hurt that, especially considering the fandom's been around for less than half a year, there's tons of fic and good fic at that. Yay fandom migration!

3. Lost has been so much fun this season. let's talk about that )

4. I shared my theories of Xabi Alonso's stubble growth with [ profile] toronja and [ profile] randomeliza and now I feel I can share it with the rest of the class.

my theory of xabi alonso's stubble )

5. Doesn't the Dead Like Me movie come out soon?
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1. I watched tennis and... I liked it? Clearly my weakness for hot Spaniards who are incredibly good at their games is not limited to football. Although whenever I watch tennis, I have a tendency to spend a lot of the time wondering to myself who thought up that ridiculous points system. And giggling at the little people who RUNOMFGSOFAST to get the stray balls. Also the fact that it sounds like the two players are having really vigorous sex. I am not mocking, I am just amused by the absurdities of professional sports. Like when players get carded for taking off their shirt before a game's over in football. Or the dropped third strike rule in baseball. Or the annual Chicago outdoor hockey game where, for some inexplicable reason, they plop an ice rink into Wrigley Field and play a game there in January. WTF is that?

2. Flight of the Conchords are (is?) coming to my university in April! Wheeeeeeeeeee! And students who line up next Friday at the Box Office get first pick. Which I am totally going to make my sister and her boyfriend do, since I have class. \o/

3. I feel OTP-ish about Merlin/Arthur in a way that I haven't for any pairing for a long time. It's been way too long since I've been like, "OMFG GIVE ME EVERY FIC YOU HAVE!" And, seriously, where is this fandom's Big Bang? I think we're ready for it!

4. You know what I wish I could write for my Classical Drama paper? A comparison between the inescapable cycle of retribution and vengeance in the Oresteia and the inescapable cycle of sacrifice and death in the Winchester family. Father dies for son dies for brother and so on. The Winchesteia. See what I did there? I am BRILLIANT.


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I just finished re-reading Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, and I have some thoughts.

spoilers for entire first season of true blood and most of the sookie stackhouse novels - but mostly just about eric/sookie )

Also, I have been watching and loving both Mad Men and Merlin. And wow, only I would choose two shows that are pretty much complete opposites of each other to marathon at the same time.

Mad Men )

Merlin )

ETA: I decided there should be a Generation Kill Christmas Pageant AU, with Brad and Nate as Joseph and Mary and Ray as the Baby Jesus. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, OKAY?

re: merlin

Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:56 am
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"Take this seal to Geoffrey of Monmouth." OH SHOW. OH. SHOW.

I have more to say but I want to watch more Merlin. I will only say that I thought I could never be surprised by the amount of slash in a show again. Clearly I was mistaken. Smallville season one, it is on.

ETA: Wait, he's the guy in the library? *dies* Please someone tell me that Thomas Malory doesn't show up. I don't know if my brain can deal with all that timey-wimey-ness.


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