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Apr. 10th, 2012 09:41 pm
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One quick thing about the last episode of Mad Men.

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While I'm in Austria I'm trying to somewhat ween myself off fandom (just while I'm here, of course, I am an addict after all) and I have been somewhat successful, although I would be a lot more successful if Inception fandom stopped producing like eight masterpieces every day. In any case, TV has gotten progressively shittier these past few years, so I don't watch much of it anyway. I'm not even going to give Glee and Brothers & Sisters a chance. Those are just really not "watch these while I could be having gelato and hot chocolate for lunch (JUST DID IT)" kind of shows.

So, except for The Good Wife, which I hope will be smarter than me or else I will be sad, I've watched all the premieres.

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So that's like, what, four hours of TV a week once MM is over? Totally manageable.

Blergh, why is it so cooooold in Austria? Eternal question. Good thing I brought a lot of sweaters. Also I find it hilarious and sad that I got a lot of "Oh, that'll be warm this time of year!" comments when I told people where I was going. False. Austria is not a continent in the southern hemisphere, and it is decidedly not summer here right now. Also they do not speak Italian here, because Vienna is not Venice. Sometimes Americans make me sad.
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Can I just pop in to say that "The Suitcase" was so everything I ever wanted from an episode of Mad Men that I would honestly be fine if I never saw another one? Because that was probably one of the best hours of television that I have ever seen.
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I keep posting sporadically and then never replying to comments and then being like AH I SHOULD NOT POST I HAVE NOT REPLIED TO COMMENTS but then I think of something to post and post it anyway. I dunno, I just don't have much of a fandom right now. Football is, frankly, depressing and I try to avoid it most of the time. Watching Liverpool play is just excrutiating for the most part, with one notable exception. Let's not even talk about Stuttgart. I watch Barcelona to partake in the viewing of a team that can actually win more than they lose, but even they fuck up. Sigh. My life is hard.

Anyway, let's talk about some TV I've been watching:

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glee )

supernatural )

mad men )

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I'm also watching White Collar, which was yay! And Brothers & Sisters, which is just... itself. Oh show. If only you could be about Scotty and Sarah all the time. Project Runway is a joke this season.

God, in one of my classes we've been reading Plato for the past week or so and every. single. time. I fall asleep. Just conk out. I am keeping that book for if I ever develop insomnia.
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I have such epic comment reply fail. I AM SORRY. Here is a short list of things I love recently:

+ PEGGY MOTHEREFFING OLSON. Askfjsdklgdldfkgfdjgkfdgj. She's pretty much my idol right now. That scene last week affected me physically. But not in a dirty way you perverts. In a OH MY GOD PEGGY OLSON IS REACHING INTO MY VERY SOUL.
+ YOSSI MOTHEREFFING BENAYOUN. Old news but still. I love that he never complains about not getting enough time or being ~disrespected~ or whatever prima donna bullshit footballers come up with. He just goes out there and proves why you should goddamn well start him every game. I'm so sad that Israel probably won't qualify for the WC 'cause I wanted to see Captain Yossi!
+ Wednesdays. I don't work, and my classes don't start until noon. GLORIOUS DAY. I think I will do laundry and watch as much Champions League as humanly possible. All the teams I care about appear to be playing on the same game days. ARGH.
+ Dean/Castiel. My love of the Holy Crap They Came Up with Something Even More Likely to Send You to Hell than Wincest! pairing has returned. Well, it never really went far away. But now it has new canon to feed it.
+ The new version of Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry that's been airing. Love it!
+ Also been watching The United States of Tara. It's... interesting. You know, I think I'd like to know more about the mental illness in reality before I judge the show. Although I love the storyline with the gay son and one of the Lawrence brothers. And Toni Collette is, of course, brilliant. I would watch her mow the lawn.

Things that were lame: the True Blood finale. TWO THUMBS DOWN. It was especially disappointing after I genuinely enjoyed so much of this season, instead of cringing through it like I did with S1. Oh well. Hopefully S3 will bring more Eric, Lafayette, Pam, Sam, Jessica, and Hoyt. And you know what? I think I can say I actually like Jason now. I wish this fandom had more fic. :(

Oh look I did this meme: Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. Mad Men
2. Generation Kill
3. Lost
4. Supernatural
5. Merlin

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There's a meme going around where you list ten things that make you happy. Uh, this is that meme!

1. Deadwood rewatch:

Shaunessey: No rooms to let.
Jack: Only taking the air.
Shaunessey: Well, go away. I’m at prayer.
Jack: If that’s not a lie as I situate on the common, what claim has your piety on my deference?
Shaunessey: ...Fuck yourself!
Jack: Fuck you, Sir!

2. This icon. The Bundesadler is the Bundesadler is the Bundesadler. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

3. Sam Cooke. He's got that voice that can reach through decades without him and make you feel like he never left because he's singing right to you.

4. Mad Men season three premieres next week (same day as the Premier League returns). Peggy Olson, it has been far too long. And Pete's crazy and Don Draper staring intensely at walls with drink and cigarette in hand and Joan being Joan.

5. I go back to school in two weeks to a new apartment and classes and I guess friends and stuff if they'll still have me. Three classics courses including one about ANCIENT GAY LOVE with my favorite fabulously gay professor plus more German to prepare me for a possible semester in Austria next year. And another one that looks kind of boring but that does not matter.

6. I made a new header for my lj since I had one with Stevie/Xabi/Nando love on it and it made me go DDDD: every time I saw it. Now it's just Stevie G. Not sure I love it completely but I do enjoy the sentiment at least. IT'S LIKE A LIGHT FROM HEAVEN SHINING DOWN UPON HIM LIKE HE IS SIMBA/JESUS.

7. This is old news but Alexander Skarsgård met Zlatan Ibrahimović and it pretty much made my life. DID THEY CONVERSE IN THIRD PERSON IN SWEDISH?! I will believe so unless someone proves that they did not.

.... I will never get over my fandoms colliding in this way.

8. Chocolate milk.

9. My parents got a new computer so I can finally play Sims 2 without having to wait for hours for everything to load all the time. \o/ And of course I promptly created Futbol Land and made the executive decision that Fernando Torres be a girlsim, mostly because I wanted to try out some of the girls clothes I had downloaded. Fingers crossed that Stevie G doesn't knock him up!

10. tonight's true blood )
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Here's a collection of completely random thoughts.

1. This totally non-spoilery Torchwood: Children of Earth promo shot. akjfjdkjghdfgjfdhljkfhlfdjldf are they actively trying to kill me at this point? It's like someone took all my kinks and made them into one picture. 0_0 Well not all of them, that would be quite obscene.

2. I am desperately, desperately in need of new Mad Men. I just wanted to throw that out there. And yet I must wait two months. The thing I've realized about Mad Men is that it's one of the few shows where I genuinely enjoy every single minute. I mean, sure, I sometimes wish the entire thing could be about Peggy (and NOT just cause we have the same name *g*), but even when there's an entire scene of Don Draper literally just sitting in a chair drinking for two minutes and it ends in nothing and you never have any idea what the point of it was, I still love it. It's one of the few shows on television that I think is genuinely and consistently good and original and thought-provoking. It's so good that I don't feel in any way fandomy about it.

Also, god DAMN that show is pretty.

3. One day I want to write a tl;dr meta on how the ancient Greek perception of the soldiers of the Persian War and the soldiers of the Peloponnesian War is a direct mirror of the modern American perception of the soldiers of World War II and the soldiers of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. specifically as presented in Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. anyone who didn't back away slowly, read on! )

Well THAT certainly took a different direction than I intended. Huh.

4. For my final thought I leave you with the sad, sad knowledge that the first game of the Crosstown Classic, aka the White Sox v. the Cubs, (think of it as the Chicago baseball derby) was postponed due to rain. So our ass-kicking of the Cubs was also postponed. Le sigh. I wonder if the Cubs catcher will punch Pierzynski again this year.
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Is season five of Entourage worth watching? It got blasted pretty badly by critics, but critics don't know shit 90% of the time. Is there a lot of Lloyd? I just want there to be a lot of Lloyd if I'm going to devote time to obtaining this. For that matter, is Ugly Betty any good this season? Betty was starting to get on my nerves and that is never a good thing.

Also, and [ profile] randomeliza will probably kill me for this because I started watching it when she visited me months ago, but I still have not actually finished viewing Generation Kill. I have no idea why! I am madly in love with it, but I guess I don't want it to end. In any case, I just bought myself the book and DVDs. I am a strange person.

Also also, I finished Mad Men season two. Can I just say, everything else that I want to say about that show aside, that Peggy Olsen is probably one of my favorite television characters ever? I would love to go back in (...fictional) time to be her henchwoman and assist her in world domination. It's so rare - to the point that I can't even think of an example - that a female television character is compelling enough for her to be the one that I hope shows up in every scene. I get bored in episodes that are Peggy-lite. I want Peggy to pop out of doors and be awesome at people. And the best thing? Joan and Betty are just as interesting, I just don't like them as much as I worship the ground Peggy walks on. It's telling that shows like Deadwood and Mad Men, which place women in much more openly misogynistic and sexist environments than most television, have the most interesting, realistic, well-written female characters on television.

Aaaaaaaaand we have the same name. Only me and women born in the 1950s have this name, and that is why I like it. Consider that my happy Day 8.
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I just finished re-reading Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, and I have some thoughts.

spoilers for entire first season of true blood and most of the sookie stackhouse novels - but mostly just about eric/sookie )

Also, I have been watching and loving both Mad Men and Merlin. And wow, only I would choose two shows that are pretty much complete opposites of each other to marathon at the same time.

Mad Men )

Merlin )

ETA: I decided there should be a Generation Kill Christmas Pageant AU, with Brad and Nate as Joseph and Mary and Ray as the Baby Jesus. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, OKAY?


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