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[ profile] cetacea asked me: How do you feel about the potential for non-consent with Bo's powers? (Warning: Obviously this post will discuss non-con.)

I've definitely had some issues with this over the run of the show. There's the issue of, if Bo is touching someone, how can she ever know that the sex is consensual? I feel like she needs to be getting very firm, verbal consent before ever touching a person skin-to-skin if she's going to have any sort of physical intimacy with them. Obviously there are the people she's in long-term romantic/sexual relationships with, like Lauren and Dyson, where that's sort of a given (although it would probably be best if they had had that conversation at some point). I think dealing with this issue could potentially be really interesting for the show, but as much as I enjoy it, I don't think Lost Girl is that ... introspective. As far as I can remember, no one Bo's ever slept with has gotten out of their succubus-induced sex pollen state and been like, "Hey, I didn't actually want to have sex with you." Which is sad because I think it could do Bo a lot of good to realize that there are negatives to her power besides physically harming people by sucking out too much lifeforce.

Although in the Lost Girl world, everyone is extremely sex positive. I mean, not Bo's human family that she ran from, but the fae world and most of the denizens of whatever Canadian city they're in are pretty sex positive, so issues of someone not wanting to have sex with super hot Bo never seem to come up.

Also, I think this is an issue with all the fae that can control or alter other fae's or human's minds and bodies. They all use their power with little regard for the consent of the people (especially humans) they're using them on. It's just that Bo's power is explicitly sexual, so it has that extra problematic layer. Although most of the fae end up using their powers for some sexual means anyway, so.
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1. Watching the ABC Family marathon of the Harry Potter films, and can I just say again for the record how much I love how much the movies hardcore ship Harry/Hermione? Like, they wanted that shit to happen and only really gave up in the very last film. Probably because they desperately wanted Harry to be romantically involved with a girl who actually has any signficant role in the films that isn't just when she's 11. And also because Harry and Hermione are bros 4 lyfe, as my tumblr tag says. And I still wish mainstream media would stop being so squeamish about the idea that threesomes would solve everything. Like, I'm sorry, but it makes so much more sense to me for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to have a polyamorous relationship than it does for Harry to be inexplicably in love with Ginny just because looking at her gives him erections when he's 15. Even though I am H/D TIL I DIEEEEE, it makes me sad that Harry gets excluded from the trio when Ron and Hermione go off and get married. LAME.

... OH MY GOD. I just realized that Cedric Diggory's dad is Silas, the serial killer from Hollyoaks. LMFAO. I was like, why, when I see that guy, does my brain scream SERIAL KILLER? That is why.

2. I got all caught up on Lost Girl, and mostly it is still an enjoyable fluffy distraction, but one thing is bothering me. spoilers for last few eps )

3. How does the weekend still go by so fast even when I have Friday off? And how did I still get so little done? I did sign a lease on an apartment for next year, at least. No more roommates, woohoo! This 1BR actually has more square footage than my current 2BR. And a nice little balcony! I hope it works out. And I'm on the top floor so no more hearing other people walking around at all hours. Joooooooooooooy! Plus it's close to my favorite pizza place. Priorities!
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1. I started watching Lost Girl when I needed a break from the unrelenting realism of The Wire. And oh my god LOVE. So great. Bo/Kenzi OTP FOR LIFE. And I love Kenzi and Dyson's friendship! It's all just puppies and love and lots of sex! Until the Music of People Plotting Things starts up and someone says something vague and mysterious. But somehow it always comes back to adorable puppy-ness. Which is surprising for a show ostensibly concerned quite a bit with random, meaningless sex with strangers - it's actually really sweet. [I'm only six episodes in, so please don't spoil me!]

2. I realized I never posted my reaction to last week's TVD. spoilers )

3. Via a rec from [ profile] gabby_silang, I've started reading the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud and am very much enjoying it. Bartimaeus may have the best use of fictional footnotes since Good Omens, and that is saying quite a bit from me.

4. JUSTIFIED. Cannot express in words how glad I am to have it back in my life. Also, I am always amused when reminded that I at some point chose the keywords "I'll be the fucking sheriff" for my Raylan icon.

5. I've started watching COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Who am I? But Indiana is doing pretty well this year, much better than in a LONG time, and I can't help but get swept up in the fervor. Plus it's nice to watch a sport where the games are always on American TV. So strange!


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