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Ugh, I'm sick! Of course! We couldn't have me going into a spring semester not sick, that would just shatter long-held tradition! Freshman year: horrific stomach bug/possible food poisoning that made me miss the first two days of class (in retrospect: least problematic days of class to miss! but terrifying to my freshman self). Sophomore year: I woke up with my eye all fucked up and a giant sty in it. WTF! Junior year: in the midst of a cold that would last two months, picked up on my hellacious plane ride from Vienna. And now another cold! Grrrrr. I've certainly had worse, but this is frankly egregious, universe! I've never been a fan of January. It's the Monday of months. (Although February is the Tuesday of months, and that's quite a bit worse.)

Anyway, I've been pretty out of it and bleh. But I did rewatch Sherlock and found it slightly more enjoyable this time - most of the problems I had with it became that much stronger upon a rewatch, but the good stuff also stuck out more. There was one little thing that I missed the first time that made me laugh way more than was called for. mildly spoilery )

Also, my somewhat embarrassing love of Hollyoaks continues, but with significantly less shame because the last few episodes have been kind of awesome. I fully expect them to fuck it up anytime now, but I have to say that I am enjoying it. Give me all the bizarre black and white flashbacks to gay hookups. And Ste appears to have rummaged around in his closet and found his long-missing backbone, so that's an exciting development.

Oh, and one little thing about last night's TVD. spoilers )

UGH. How can break be over already? And, yes, I realize most normal not-college-students have been at work all week. But... I still wish to voice my complaints.
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1. Can I just say that I have a really embarrassing love of Hollyoaks going on right now? Like I obsessively check the always-enabling anthonydlangford's YouTube channel (damn that man! but also bless him!). And it's SO AWFUL you guys. Some of you may be thinking of the ultimately sweet and kind of epic JP/Craig storyline from awhile ago. But NO. This is the abusive psychotic gangster boyfriend storyline of Ste and Brendan. Like canonically physically and emotionally abusive and CRAZY and self-hating gay and WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?! But I can't turn away. Ste is kind of sweet but very dumb and with questionable hair. Brendan is breathtaking levels of crazy eyes with a beyond questionable moustache. He acts like he has a read a book of How to Abuse Someone and Make Them Think It's Their Fault, But Also Sometimes You'll Kill People to Protect Them. It's super horrible, but I am obsessed with it, even as I cringe through most of the scenes. I don't even know what I want from it. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts!

So much shame, guys. So much shame. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SUCCUMBED TO WITH SO FEW CANON GAY RELATIONSHIPS ON TV RIGHT NOW. I am in a desert with no gay for hundreds of miles. Desperate measures.

2. Can I just say that I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that there should be a Steve/Tony vid to "Like a Virgin" after The Avengers comes out? If someone does that, I have no money, but I do have a lot of enthusiasm. Random lion footage optional, but encouraged.

3. I'm starting to get veeeery excited for Euro 2012, but also trying to temper this with some German pessimism because I have had my heart broken too many times. In any case, I briefly considered doing a new Hotties Guide, but decided against it because the teams that were in the World Cup haven't changed enough. For some of them I would choose the exact same players. I will certainly do one for the next World Cup though. Pray that North Korea doesn't qualify!

4. Sherlock Holmes this weekend! And then BBC Sherlock on New Year's Day! I won't lie, I am 100% going to be judging the Downey/Law Moriarty and Mycroft against their BBC counterparts.

ETA: I highly recommend this Rome vid: Virgin by [ profile] obsessive24. To a certain extent about Mark Antony and Vorenus, but also about Antony's spiral into decadence and chaos and even the city itself's similar spiral. I was seal-clapping in glee by the end because it's so brilliant.
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I just watched the Sunset Ending, because I wanted to pretend they weren't leaving me forever for as long as I could stand it, and HOLY CRAP. I just cannot stop grinning. This is embarrassing. It. Was. Perfect. There was a painting of a sunset behind them. I just want to wrap myself up in those last four minutes and never leave. If only every OTP I ever had could go out this way. And now James and Guy can go out and be awesome and conquer the world.


Unfortunately this means I have one less soap to YouTube-obsess over, unless the Oaks decides to add another sensitive, earnest gay boy who's in love with his psychotic, closeted best friend.

So.... where is the fic, tiny Hollyoaks fandom?
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I looked back and determined: goddamn does this journal need more fandom!

1. Hollyoaks this week has literally been giving me heart palpitations of PURE JOY. Well, the last episode made me ecstatic and crushed at the same time. OH 'OAKS. Thank god I'll be kicking this habit soon. I didn't realize how much I'd missed You Know Who's prune face until he showed up again and got all grabby. And the ego is just as big as ever klsajfsklfjdkl! On the other hand, Verbotene Liebe has been pretty yawn-worthy lately. :(

2. Can I just express my PURE RAGE over the fact that Italy is now ranked higher than my beloved Nationalmannschaft? I don't know if you watched the Euros, but Italy? THEY KIND OF SUCKED IT UP. And Germany hasn't lost any games since the final against Spain. ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM, I WILL ALWAYS DESPISE YOU. Even though I don't actually dislike any of the footballers. COLLECTIVELY I HATE THEM.

3. Prison Break brings the hilarity, as always. What makes it especially enjoyable is that I equally ship both Michael/Sara and Michael/Mahone. And who does Michael spend 90% of his time with? Well, either of those two, of course. Also, my mom's not buying Wentworth Miller's heterosexuality! I was talking to her and out of the blue she says his straight lovin' is not very convincing. I'm like, he was "seen around town" with Luke Macfarlane. That's tabloid code for gay.

4. I have... nothing else fandomy to say. This whole first week of college thing is a little time-consuming, and they haven't even had the club fair yet. Although if [ profile] thehangedwoman can find time to read assloads of Snape/Hermione fic (WHICH SHE THEN LEAVES OPEN TO THE BAD SMUT ON MY COMPUTER) and take fifty million science classes, then I will manage. Although she is a hermit.

ETA: OH NOW I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! I keep seeing people in football jerseys all over campus, and of course I always check to see the name. And I swear I've seen about a million Crispianos, which just makes a part of me die when I see it. And I saw a few Rooneys and Beckhams, which was just as soul-crushing. AND THEN I SAW A TORRES LIVERPOOL JERSEY. NANDO YOU SCOUSAH! And then, after all that awesome, I SAW AN EFFING SCHWEINI JERSEY. I think I cried, to see the Nationalmannschaft and Liverpool in the midst of all that ManU.

Also I saw a Cesc Fabregas lookalike but he gave me a funny look. Probably because I was gaping at him. At least I didn't get the stink eye like Laurie gets all the time for no reason.
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Okay, I am seriously years behind on comments, but I just have to say this: Verbotene Liebe, you win. Alright, I give up. You have just WON The Prize. I don't know what The Prize is yet, but you win it. CHRISTIAN AND OLLI. OLLI AND CHRISTIAN. Reminds me of the end of this scene in Queer as Folk 1x18. And, people, that is an HONOR that I do not give out lightly, let me tell you. That's actually my FAVORITE SCENE EVER OF ANYTHING.

In TRAGIC FOOTBALL NEWS, I went to a poster store today and the only football posters they had were of CRISPIANO RONALDO AND BECKS. I was so offended, I can't even tell you. I was like, "Not even some Spain? Did you not notice Euro 2008?!" In the words of Tim Gunn, "WHY DON'T I JUST SLIT MY WRISTS BEFORE I THROW MYSELF IN FRONT OF A TAXI?"

I like all the RANDOM CAPSLOCK in this post. It's probably because I had TWO COOKIES while at the mall tonight (why, yes, I am a preteen just out of the eighth grade, thanks for asking) and because VL JUST KILLED ME. And because I needed this after being forced to shelve for what have to be the sweatiest, most hectic, most fly-dive-bombed hours I've ever worked. DEATH TO THE LIBRARY. Not really.

ETA: Fine, Guy Burnet, YOU WIN TOO. I take back the mean things I said about you before. "If I was uncomfortable with kissing James Sutton, would I be doing THIS?" Oops, now there are tongue marks all over JP's face.
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1. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night yesterday talking BSG OT3 with [ profile] transtempts. I'm still surprised at how much the idea of Kara/Sam/Leoben just makes me GRIN like a dork. Maybe it's just in our twisted minds, but they work. Being domestic and putting up cabinets and getting into barfights because Leoben never loses at cards and all. My favorite cap in the world, let me show it to you. Have I mentioned how "Faith" is probably my favorite episode of S4 of BSG? Just throw some cylons and some humans together into closed quarters and watch what happens. Guaranteed good times.

2. I'm so glad you all enjoyed my cracktastic guide to gay soaps! Warms the cockles of my heart. But I feel I owe at least a small addendum to some couples I overlooked. The first one being John Paul/Kieron, who I finally got around to watching and who are painfully adorable (though not as much as Christian and Olli). You can find their story (including some Craig angst) starting here. I mean, just watch this scene starting at 3:00 and tell me if that's not one of the sweetest things you've ever seen, meant as a blatant counterpoint to the nasty voice-over. Nuzzling!

The other couple is Max/Iago from El Cor de la Ciutat, a Catalan soap, pointed out to me by [ profile] verasophia. I haven't watched too much of them yet, but their first kiss has me hooked. LOL *WINK*!

3. I'm still working on my Nationalmannschaft picspam, but I have to picspam my other Germans. Did you see the latest episode of Verbotene Liebe? I mean they had a swimsuit photoshoot complete with Zoolander Blue Steel faces and, inexplicably, cowboy hats. I am for any excuse to get Christian, Olli, and Gregor shirtless, even ones as tenuous as this.

verbotene liebe 7/11/08 picspam )

4. I rewatched Batman Begins to prepare for the new movie, and all I could think of during the training montages where Liam Neeson was saying some cryptic shit about fear opium, was "But can you do it..... WITH WATERMELONS ON YOUR FEET?!" from Mystery Men. Which kind of ruined the ~*atmosphere*~. Whatever, Tony Stark needs to take Bruce Wayne out for drinks, sleep with him, and make him less broody all the time.
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So, I have this guilty pleasure. I like to call it: Watching Gay Soap Opera Storylines on YouTube. In particular the "Gay Power Couples": Christian/Olli on Verbotene Liebe, JP/Craig on Hollyoaks, and Luke/Noah on As the World Turns.

This post is for anyone who has ever thought to themself, "Self, I would like to watch a gay soap opera storyline on YouTube. But there are so many options! How can a person pick?" WELL HAVE I GOT A POST FOR YOU. (/end t-rex) I think I'm going to call it GRAB SOME GAY. This is your definitive guide to the best of gay daytime television, including the good and the bad about each couple, pretty pictures, the certifiably scientific Brian Kinney sex-ometer, links to YouTube playlists, and a greatest hits (so to speak, harhar) of each storyline.

In short, this post is a terrifying testament to not only my extreme levels of geek and love of semi-bad television, but mostly how much free time I have during the summer.

choose your own gay soap opera storyline! )

I want you guys to cherish my Brian Kinney sex-ometer. CHERISH THAT SUCKER.
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1. I'm actually starting to get excited for Deathly Hollows, which is strange, because I'd gotten to the point with HP where I've chosen a stopping point in canon and refuse to believe anything else happened (like I refuse to believe Smallville had more than three seasons, or Alias had more than two). That point being, despite my love of a certain character, post-OotP. I really have no memory of what happened in HBP, except that it seemed like a rather long Harry/Draco fic. And that was before I even had my H/D-slash goggles on! I can't imagine what that book must've been like for those fangirls.

2. thoughts on doctor who christmas special and season four casting spoilers - text whited out for spoilerphobes )

Here's my absolute, number one, please-oh-please-let-it-happen wish for the fourth season: LEAVE FUCKING EARTH! Just one little episode on a different planet with a weird alien species that is not somehow descended or related to humans in any way. Please?

3. also: some thoughts on RPF that I've been.... thinking for awhile )

4. I found a primer for John Paul/Craig, AKA the gay boys on that terrible British soap opera Hollyoaks. And while the show is cringe-worthy, the relationship is surprisingly.... really great and angsty and fucked up and the one guy is at times just a tad crazy. So, basically, everything I love in a pairing! Plus the boys are pretty, for the shallow factor. *g* So, if you're looking for an amusing way to pass the time, I highly recommend watching the clips in that post.

5. Er, happy Fourth of July a day late. I guess we can celebrate it by our leaders blatantly ignoring the Constitution? But, gee, it doesn't even feel special and new anymore. And that's all I have to say on that, or I will probably start screaming. But, hey, the fireworks were pretty!

6. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day John-Barrowman-on-YouTube-surfing and reading fic. If I procrastinate the important things like picking a college to go to and getting a job, maybe they'll just go away.


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