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If you are a Sam/Dean or Nathan/Peter fan, I highly recommend checking out this trailer. However, if your incest squick is still functioning, you may want to continue scrolling. *g* [ profile] randomeliza first shared this with me in the guise of a teaser for a movie in which, apparently, two hot Brazilian guys make out with each other (NSFW). As it turns out, they're brothers, and the Brazilian film Do Começo ao Fim tells the story of their extreme codependency, unquestioning devotion, fierce protectiveness of each other, and lifelong love. Sound familiar? Also, they're hot.

To be honest, I'm extremely shocked that something like this is being produced in even this very slightly mainstream way. The trailer definitely portrays this as a love story and not something disgusting and wrong, at least not in the eyes of the brothers. Who knows how it'll end (probably tragically) but the main message I got from this was that their love is just so deeply embedded into their self-identities that it would be impossible for an outsider to even begin to comprehend. Again, reminds me of the popular 'cest pairings in fandom - even the canon portrays them that way, just minus the sex. Also: HOOOOOOOOOT. =D

Check out [ profile] pra_sempre for more stuff and some gorgeous stills.

Damn, this makes me wanna do a rewatch of S1 of Heroes and all the intense eyefucking and inappropriate brother touching and Peter demanding some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Nathan being properly morally ambiguous but still tortured by his Italian love for his brother. *sigh*
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First of all: [ profile] morgaine22, I got your package and OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! You not only made me smile, you made me make flappy hands of joy and perhaps do a little dance. YOU ARE AWESOME AND ILU! Your food blog has finally been transported to me in an edible format. \0/\0/\0/ Also, I've been going around saying, "I'VE GOT NEW SOCKS ON AND THEY'RE GAY!"

I do not want to be writing this history essay, so instead I will spam you with my random thoughts:

1. I got a speeding ticket for going 84 in a 60. :/ Damn my freaking lead foot. It's $136, but my parents are paying for half of it because I am a spoiled brat. I have to wait a week or something before I can call the County Clerk's office and figure out how to pay by credit card. UGH. I don't know if I can justify buying myself a Xabi Alonso jersey after this, especially after the soul-crushing process of buying all my books for next semester (during which I accidentally bought two copies of The Tale of Genji oh god why?).

2. In football news, I am just incredibly glad that every time Liverpool plays tepidly, the rest of the big four seem to follow suit. I am incredibly nervous about next week's game against Arsenal. I was happy back when they were beating Chelsea, but now it makes me nervous for us. Meep. At least the Bayern v. Stuttgart game was much more exciting. I swear, every Bundesliga game I've watched recently has devolved into a knock down drag out fight. Like that Schalke v. Hoffenheim game? Damn, guys. Maybe this is why the Bundesliga gets a winter break. To limit the number of death.

Also, just throwing this out there, but sometimes I listen to the Spice Girls and think of Fernando Torres. Like "Too Much" is what he listens to when he's angsting about Sergio horsecock*. Although Miley Cyrus's "See You Again" is all Nando/Stevie G. Nando, bb, what do you do to my brain? Put away the bedazzler. (you ask what's wrong with me, my best friend xabi says he just bein' nando)

*Omg, upon further listen this is probably the best thought I have had all week. ~he's a lover, I need a frieeeeend~ Oh god, I'm going to have to make a Spice Girls manip.

3. Watching Heroes makes me want to cry. Nathan is so far from the character that I fell in love with, and with absolutely no believable arc to have taken him to this point. It kind of sucks to see a character I was so obsessed with become so repugnant. When I think Peter needs to dump his brother and find a new boyfriend, you know things have gotten bad. Peter & Nathan's relationship was always such an important part of the show, that no matter what either of them did they'd eventually come back to each other. Nathan's actions this season make absolutely no sense. It's like they're trying to Lex Luthor him, but without the five seasons that Smallville took to make Lex into LEX, to get him from loving Clark to willing to kill him. Wow, when Smallville is the example to look up to, you are one terrible show. I just... someone cannot go from being willing to explode in the sky for someone to caring absolutely nothing for them in the space of six months. It hurts me deep down inside when OTPs crash and burn like this, especially since it's the kind of sense that's non. It's not like Clark and Lex where you were warned beforehand.

I REALLY JUST WANT TO WATCH PRISON BREAK ON MONDAY NIGHTS. I think next semester I am going to just tell my dad that if he wants to suffer through Heroes, he's on his own. I can't watch them make Nathan into Iron Man in Civil War.

4. At least Eric/Sookie does not disappoint (well, at least in the books). I'm rereading the whole series and I'm halfway through Living Dead in Dallas right now. Man, I really wish True Blood would just do a direct book-to-TV translation rather than adding in the tediously boring (and offensive) Jason and Tara storylines. Or at least make them interesting. But I guess you can't make 12 episodes out of that. *sigh*
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Wow. I do not hold my friends like that in pictures! They look like tourist boyfriends. Also, I love that that's how Adrian poses for a cameraphone picture. These two just never stop do they? I guess not, since their relationship is "electric," according to the Pas.

2. I don't really have much to say in regards to Heroes. To be honest, with every episode, regardless of how good it is, I get less and and less interested in the show. These aren't the characters I fell in love with. I want my S1 morally ambiguous Nathan and idealistic floppy-haired Peter and gleefully evil Sylar. Do you guys remember when Mama Petrelli's biggest offense was socks theft? Those were good times. *sigh* I would probably drop this if I didn't have a little group of people who watch it with me each week. Oh well, it is fun to boggle at the insanity of it.

3. What I really wish I could be watching on Mondays at 9 is Prison Break. I just wish I could spend more time playing in the fandom because I'm having so much fun reading everything, but when I go to meta on anything these days, I'm just like "uggggh I used up all my meta in college." [Btw, Classics? YAY. History? BOO. Major change? Signs point to yes!] ANYWAY: last night's prison break episode and michael/mahone ramblings )

4. So I have this really, really sad confession to make: I've spent the majority of my free time in the last week making an epic football powerpoint that explains the basics of the game, league systems, scoring, and important teams and players. I KNOW, OKAY. It's all for [ profile] capesofwrath, because I want to indoctrinate her into the cult. Also it's hilariously Germany/Spain/Liverpool biased. Look, I don't want her becoming a ManU fan or something! Anyway, if anyone in football fandom wants to like, take a look at it? That would be wondeful. For fact-checking and if you think I need to add anything, as I am, like I said, incredibly biased. Like, yes, I do think Thomas Hitzlsperger is someone important enough to include in this thing. I EFFING LOVE THOMAS HITZLSPERGER. He is German Samuel T. Anders!

4a. I am so nervous that Micha and Torsten are going to get themselves injured before this Saturday. ACK. But seeing the boys frolicking together with Mom & Dad at practice literally made my heart grow two sizes too big. LITERALLY. I am now dead.

5. In regards to Supernatural, I don't really have anything to add to what's already been said. Mostly just: A+++++ and keep the Castiel coming. However, I d have one request that maybe the SPN diehards on my flist could help me with. I read pretty much all the SPN fic produced during S1, but when I semi-jumped ship during S2-3, I didn't read anything. And now there's like a million fics and I don't know who the good authors are and, basically, I need a rec list. Could you point me to some of the good SPN fanfic/authors I missed during the last two seasons, preferably Sam/Dean? Also, preferably not those depressing stories where the boys spend the entire time hating themselves and then rocks fall and everybody dies. Oh, and I would be willing to try some J2, which I've never really read any of. So, uh, what's your favorite J2 fic?

This post got long! I apologize to your page down button.
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about tonight's heroes )
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Heroes 3x01 - The Second Coming and 3x02 - The Butterfly Effect + vague spoilers for SPN 4x01 )

I was going to write a treatise on the parallels between the incestuous sibling relationships that dominate the highest ranks of Greek mythology and Peter and Nathan's relationship in light of their status as New York royalty and "special people". But now I have to go to sleep.
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So I realize everyone else is talking about those other gay brothers tonight, but I must post this before Monday.

I know that many Heroes fans, myself included, lost their love for the show during S2. This wouldn't be so tragic if we hadn't lost our devotion to the inappropriate love of the brothers Petrelli as well. I know, I know - Heroes (and Peter Petrelli in particular) is like an abusive boyfriend and you want to kick that habit. WELL TOO BAD. You might as well give in and watch it on Monday, because you know you will not be able to resist Pasdar's siren call for long. In any case, I have compiled the following list for you to ease the transition back into this unhealthy, probably-fated-to-crash-and-burn relationship, and perhaps so you will remember why you fell for these "Italians" in the first place. And then fandom can write fic again and Heroes will be good and kittens with wings will watch over all of us!

How To Get Your Petrellicest Groove Back

1. Start with the basics. Go back to season one and watch the Petrelli Show version of episodes (AKA fast forward through all the other stuff). I recommend the following to hit the most important/homosensual Petrelli moments: "In His Own Image", "One Giant Leap", "Nothing to Hide", "Six Months Ago" (I sometimes fear that this level of brother touching will never be reached again), "Fallout", "Godsend" (they thought it was brave of Milo to play gay in a coma!), "Parasite", ".07%", "How To Stop An Exploding Man" (!!!!!!!!!!!).

Above all, STAY AWAY FROM SEASON TWO. Watching S2 will basically completely negate the effects of watching S1. If you absolutely must delve into that dark place, only do it for "Four Months Ago."

2. Read some of the brilliant fanfic that's out there. I highly, highly recommend Lethe's Shore by [ profile] linaerys. If you're even mildly interested in Nathan/Peter and haven't read this, drop everything and go read it now. In this fandom, I have yet to find its equal in writing, characterization, and scope (it covers decades of their relationship), and it's a great story beside all that. The Peter voice in this can also help you get your Peter love back (since my Nathan love has never flagged in the slightest).

I also recommend [ profile] sparky77's evil!Petrelli 6Everse, Portent by [ profile] mandysbitch, and def•i•ni•tion [ dèffə nísh'n ] by [ profile] hackthis.

3. Listen to [ profile] hackthis and [ profile] slodwick's three Nathan/Peter mixes: Under the Influence of You, I've Got Another Confession to Make, and How To Be Dead. Somewhat surprisingly to me, these mixes have turned The Roots' "You Got Me" into my preferred S1!Nathan/Peter anthem.

4. Devotion by [ profile] lcsbanana. Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick, I cannot tell you how much you have to see this vid. It is Nathan and Peter Petrelli in three minutes.

5. This may not actually be Nathan/Peter, but watching buckshotwon's YouTube videos will make you happy in a vaguely Petrelli related way.

This post approved by the Pas.
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I've been showing [ profile] thehangedwoman Deadwood, and I understand so much more of what's going on this time around. Like most complex non-US-network shows, it's the kind of thing that benefits from a rewatch. However, thinky thoughts will have to wait because Mr. Seth Bullock blindsided me in "Here Was a Man."

click here for my evidence )

Also: CARLTON LASSITER = ALMA'S UNFORTUNATE HUSBAND. I laughed so hard and then went about imagining a Psych Western AU.

P.S. I am stupidly excited for the new season of Heroes, even though it'll probably let me down terribly. I haven't read any spoilers, but I just have this feeling that they're going to de-Petrelli Claire so that she and Peter can get together. Which just squicks me on so many levels because Milo/Hayden already makes me want to hurl, and you know they'll break up but the show will want to keep the characters together. And poor Grunny (and David!) will have PTSD flashbacks.

P.P.S. Depressed beyond words that both Ballack and Frings are injured and can't play in the friendly today. MY HEART. I've been looking forward to this game since the beginning of July! Plus the team's going to fall apart without Mom and Dad. I have no idea who'll be captain. OH WELL. I still have Poldi and Schweini and Philipp and Miro and Arne and...

ETA: Watching Spain v. Denmark right now, and HOLY SHIT NANDO, you get more ungodly hot every single damn time I look at you.
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1. I've been trying to read Heroes fic again, but my immense dislike of Milo Ventimiglia seems to unfortunately be bleeding over onto Peter. Now I can't separate the skeezy, jailbait-dating idiot from the earnest, inappropriate-brother-touching idiot. *sigh* I need to detox with some Heroes S1.

2. This is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. The stars of Bayern Munich go to Oktoberfest clad in traditional German garb. I mean, I know Miro Klose doesn't smile too often, but I am hard-pressed to think of a moment where he looked grumpier. *g* Frank Ribery is as terrifying looking as always with added lederhosen, and Luca Toni just looks, as per usual, enormous and confused.

3. And now, because I'm bored and I waaaaaaant Doctor Who so I need ways to kill time so I don't go crazy, a shipper meme. )

ETA 4. [ profile] gloryliberty made an amazing Nationalmannschaft mix that makes me weep with joy, I swear. DFB, I loooooooove you!
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[Via [ profile] canadian_turtle.]

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Heroes 2x11 - Powerless )
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After waffling back and forth a million times, I finally decided to get rid of my website and just transfer all my files to a premium account on Photobucket (which I managed to get for free! woo!). Would anyone be able to host one tiny little CSS style sheet for my layout for me on their webspace? It's the only thing that I can't find a place to upload, and the code doesn't work if I C&P the style sheet straight into the box on the customizations page. I'd be very grateful!

And because I like to gaze upon this every day, and I just transferred it all to Photobucket: my Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who S1 picspam. I need to do one of these for S3 too, even though it's already been done a million times. It's basically an excuse to stare at caps of Jack for hours on end, I'll be honest.

P.S. I got the Heroes 2008 calendar for my (early) birthday! PURE JOY AND YAYNESS! There is an entire month dedicated to Nathan (naturally) that includes inappropriate brother-touching (even more naturally)! I have a feeling it's going to be February of 2008 for a long time in my room.
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Everyone is flailing over the SPN stuff from the con (which I probably could've gone to, since Chicago is a train ride away for me, but, uh, I'm kind of scared of cons? A TOPIC FOR ANOTHER TIME!), which, y'know, rightfully so, Jensen and Jared are very adorable. However, I am stuck as always in Petrelli Land and I just had to post this GIP. Look, I think GIPs are pretty pointless, but THIS PICTURE. [ profile] morgaine22 first exposed me to it (like so many other things, that perv) and now I've found the original in this amazing wonderful glorious Adrian and Milo picspam.

And, seriously, I think I am going to live my life by this picture from now on. When I'm feeling down, I will gaze upon Adrian's inspiring patriotic visage and fight evil throughout the world. WRAPPED IN AN AMERICAN FLAG.... I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I am crying real tears here, people. I am going to be such a mess tomorrow night omg. HOW DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, ADRIAN?

P.S. Why was I so productive today? I OBJECT.
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Someone posted a clip from Heroes Evolutions (which...I actually have no idea what that is, I pay more attention to the pretty actors) over at [ profile] flyingpetrellis.

slight spoilers for 2x08 but nothing we didn't really know already )
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Heroes 2x06 - The Line )

ETA: More new Adrian YouTube vids! Sleepy Milo! HIS LITTLE WAVE AT THE END. IT KILLS ME. And dorky singing Anders and Grunny.
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Heroes 2x05 - Fight or Flight )

P.S. What is the lesbian equivalent of "cockblocking"? Just curious.

P.S.S. Check out my! OH BEAR.
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I am staying from school and work (agh! four hours of pay lost!) today because I can't stand up without feeling dizzy and argh colds suck. But that's hardly the point of this post. I decided to make it Adrian Pasdar Day, because if anything could make me feel better, it's him.

First, I finished Profit. And, seriously, Heroes writers: LEARN FROM THIS. The Profit people utilized Adrian's ability to throw people up against walls and have hot dirty sex with them at least once an episode. And, yes, occasionally that person was his step-mom which is majorly skeevy (I just say NO to parent/child incest - see, I have standards!) but it was still Adrian Pasdar having wallsex, you know what I mean?

And now I'm watching early S1 Heroes. OH NATHAN PETRELLI. I love how he and Peter spend 90% of episodes gazing into each other's eyes longingly. a few notes as I watch )

Aaaaaand, now I'm too tired to keep typing. I shall watch lethargically and eat chocolate!


Also: American TV, stop remaking British shows. It rarely ends well.


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