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So, I watched the last Game of Thrones episode, even though I really didn't want to. And can I just say it's a goddamn relief to be able to talk about this openly now? Although I will still spoiler cut because it is only Tuesday. And also because this will contain spoilers for the entire book series.

thoughts on the red wedding - includes spoilers for entire book series )
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I just have too many feelings about Game of Thrones/ASOIAF to be contained by tumblr. I MUST BE ALLOWED TO RAMBLE.

As always, there will almost certainly be spoilers through A Dance with Dragons behind the cut. And I tried to control the amount of complaining about how they're Doing It Wrong, but... I kind of failed. Although mostly it's me wondering, now that they've changed it in this way, how will this amazing thing that HAS to happen still happen?!

Also I have two huge projects due next week you can't make me work on theeeeeeem!

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Apr. 15th, 2013 11:49 pm
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So the Spartacus finale was simultaneously the most amazing and heartbreaking thing I have ever witnessed and I am constantly caught between loving this show SO MUCH and everything it did and the beautiful, tragic story it told so wonderfully, and just wanting to bawl my eyes out. There is simply nothing even close to it on television right now. It's left a little hole in my heart, something that legitimately physically pains me at times. I'm going to miss having these characters and stories in my life so much.

If you haven't watched this show for whatever reason, I cannot recommend it enough. Few shows have touched on issues of love and freedom and equality and loyalty and endurance and survival (or not) so amazingly, and been so diverse and feminist and queer-friendly while doing it. FEMINIST CRIXUS HIGHLY SUGGESTS YOU WATCH THIS SHOW, BUT HE RESPECTS WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE.

I watched Da Vinci's Demons to see if it could fill the void left in my heart by Spartacus. Um, that'd be a no. Maybe if the actor playing Leonardo was more charismatic and less... cookie cutter tv leading man-looking? If that makes sense. He just seems incredibly ordinary. They should've gone fey. I would've eaten that shit up. But this Leonardo is a MAN'S MAN. SEE HIS HEAVING MUSCLES. Sigh. Major downgrade from Spartacus. And that show was FULL of heaving muscles. They just did it so much better.

Also last night's Game of Thrones was surprisingly hilarious? A light hearted romp! (Except for the horrifying parts.) There is actually only one scene in the entirety of ASOIAF that has made me laugh out loud and it occurs in ASOS, but waaaay later in the book and with a character they haven't even cast yet. CAN YOU GUESS IT?! It's really random actually, I have no idea if anyone would even think of it.
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1. Oh my god, Teen Wolf is so good to us. I was worried the show would lose some of its ridiculousness in regards to older men who want to Bad Touch Stiles, or it would make Derek into an asshole since he became alpha or something, but my fears were unfounded! Derek just wants to save people from their abusive fathers and bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles so they could all eat it and be happy. And of course older men continue to perv on Stiles in a manner that is frankly shocking! Seriously, where is the Veela!Stiles fic that explains why all these older men are constantly hardcore perving on this kid? Also the Stiles and Derek scenes in last night's episode were so good for me. Scott continues to be one of the stupider people alive.

2. I'm at the beginning of season 2 in my Lost rewatch. "Henry Gale" just showed up. Ben pretending to be scared of the Losties is such comedy gold in retrospect. And then he's like CREEPY EVIL STARE at Sayid when no one else is looking because he knows Sayid ain't buying it. Also, I forgot how great Eko was. Why did they kill him off so early? Le sigh.

Also also, everything romantic with Sawyer before Juliet I'm just like FAST FORWARD. I don't even care. PERFECT COUPLE.

3. Let's talk Game of Thrones finale. As always, it will probably have book spoilers. game of thrones finale )

4. Also, I got the new Nightrunner book, but I haven't had any time to read much of it yet. Gay fairy thieves! How I missed you. :D
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1. I’ve been really frustrated with Game of Thrones lately. I fully understand that they have to make changes from the books, and that’s fine. It’s when they make changes that, to me, completely alter the characterization of a particular person, done for no reason that I can see, that I get frustrated. But I got the season 2 soundtrack, and a few of the song titles gave me hope that some things will be included that I thought they’d cut. There are some things that HAVE to happen with certain characters like Arya, that they’ve skipped. Unless they plan on completely altering her story in the last two books, there’s a rather important scene missing. But I guess they have two episodes left. Also the last song on the soundtrack has me very excited (potentially spoilery song title). PUKING FROM EXCITEMENT.

2. I’m doing a rewatch of Lost. Just, god. I love these people so much. It’s almost embarrassing, because I never expected in a million years for this show to have such a strong emotional hold on me. It just kind of crept up on me, and then I was sobbing for two and a half hours straight during the finale and it was incredibly undignified, but also super cathartic. It was a good cryfest. I never expected to be totally in love with a character like Sawyer, who was such a cliche for awhile but grew up into a Big Damn Hero and became a genuinely good, loving guy who sacrificed himself for his friends, and fell in love with the most fantastic woman on this entire show, who suffered so much but endured it with grace and badassery and snark. And Sayid and Locke and Jin & Sun and DESMOND and Hurley and Ben Linus and RICHARD ALPERT and Charlie and Claire and the Freighties and even boring old Jack and Kate, I even grew to like them too. OH SHOW.

But it’s really funny to watch them all at the beginning, when really important characters have to introduce themselves. Like, “Hi! I’m John Locke!” “Oh hey John, I’m Jack! I’m certain we won’t be locked into a battle of dueling ideologies in a few months!” “Seems legit!”

3. I’m really sad about Community and how the show as we know it is over. :((( This is really the worst of all possible outcomes, because they gave us that hope, then they took it away and replaced it with some ersatz crap that they thought would fool us. At least the end of season 3 made a good series finale. I will watch season 4, but I think, like [ profile] sparky77, I am going to be viewing it as just live action fanfic. I have been a fan of shows that get rid of the creative heart of the show - like West Wing - and it’s just depressing to watch. I don’t even remember what happened in the last three seasons of TWW because I’ve never had any desire to rewatch it.
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Guys, can we talk about this one scene from last night's Game of Thrones and how it basically made my life?

game of thrones 2.05 - includes BOOK SPOILERS through a storm of swords )

end times

Apr. 26th, 2012 07:22 pm
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I had my last undergraduate class today. Bizarre. I'm relieved to be done, honestly, but I will miss all the fun and ridiculous classes I got to take. Like the Beatles class, and the Lord of the Rings class. Those were good times. I just need to write a short paper tonight and then I have a final on Tuesday, and I'm done. This whole week has been very weird.

Also, discovering hockey RPF came at a terrible time for me, as I've been procrastinating soooo very badly right around finals time. I just sit there and ask myself, "Do I want to write this paper, or do I want to read this 100K Kane/Toews fic?" The paper never stood a chance. And I think I've come to the (deeply embarrassing) conclusion that Kane/Toews is totally my OTP in this fandom, and while I enjoy reading other stuff, nothing quite does it for me like those losers being constipated about their feelings. Ugh. So awful. Why.

Now I have a few thoughts about some television.

Game of Thrones )

The Good Wife )
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Let's talk about Game of Thrones while I attempt to dredge up the motivation to write a short little response paper about depressing retellings of the Oedipus myth. Although upon second thought it would probably be worse to watch a happy retelling of the Oedipus myth.

Speaking of incest....

game of thrones 2x02 - as always beware of possible BOOK SPOILERS INCLUDING ADWD )
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I try not to talk about future book stuff much, but if you're super spoiler-phobic you may want to avoid this.

game of thrones 2.01 - the north remembers )
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1. Spring break is over. Sigh. I am back at school with everything settled, including my shiny new Sony Vaio (named Ghost, after Jon Snow's direwolf of mute albino badass fame) which is so pretty that I just want to pet it all the time. But I am so not okay with this unseasonably hot weather. It should not be 85 degrees in March in Indiana! WTF?! Walking around campus is miserable when it's this hot, and I usually only have to endure that for a few weeks at most. This shit had better cool down. I want spring! Also it's freaking me out. This is end of days type weather.

2. I finished the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, and very much enjoyed it. I saw that there's a Bartimaeus-centric prequel out now too. Definitely have to read that, as Bartimaeus was by far the best part of that, although I also loved Kitty. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a series to read.

3. I am so very tempted to get tickets to this Marvel Avengers Movies Marathon. I could take a nap through Incredible Hulk. I'm just not sure I want to see Avengers for the first time in 3D, since, unless I'm mistaken, it was not filmed in 3D and so this is just another one of those slapdash jobs that they stick on a perfectly fine 2D movie to get more money. I hate being distracted by shitty, pointless 3D. Decisions, decisions.

4. I continue to be hardcore obsessing over Game of Thrones. I'm so excited to see some of the stuff from the second book. Especially certain Arya-related stuff. \o/ I've also realized something about my shipping tendencies with this series. only midlly spoilery if you don't know that these two people have a storyline together later on )

5. March Madness! It's so strange to actually care instead of just conspiring with my mom to get my dad to finally stop watching basketball after six straight hours. Sweet 16, baby! Exciting times.
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I've decided to rewatch the first series of Game of Thrones in preparation for the new season. I watched the series originally in between reading the later parts of AGOT and ACOK, so I'm interested to go back and see it from the perspective of knowing what's going to happen five books from now. So review! With screencaps of pretty people! These reviews will contain spoilers for all the books, as I am too lazy to attempt to sort out what happened when.

Oh and partial nudity and violence so NSFW.

a game of thrones episodes 1 + entire book series spoilers )

Holy crap that took forever. Maybe I will just have to do written recaps for the rest of the episodes. We shall see how devoted I feel to this.
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In which I get annoyed with people who, in an understandable defense of Sansa Stark, hate on the other Starks to make their argument. Let's tag this under "ill-advised slightly drunken Saturday night posts."

Game of Thrones-related ranting (with spoilers for all the books) )

Why can't we all just hate the Freys and get along? Also, if anyone out there genuinely likes the Freys (post-book 3), let's just never talk.
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1. I'm completely in love with this GoT vid: Thistle and Weeds by [ profile] sisabet. It's Daenerys' S1 arc, done absolutely beautifully and wonderfully reminding after I'd lost it a bit after ADWD why I do love Dany so much. Actually, Dany's story in A Game of Thrones is possibly one of my favorite things in the entirety of ASOIAF, and DEFINITELY my favorite thing about the show.

Also, my conflicted feelings about Jaime Lannister continue to conflict me. Needless to say, I am excited to see what the show does with his storyline as ~events progress~, even though I think they watered him (and Cersei) down to make them more likable. Jaime post, er, That Thing That Happens, is a lot more interesting to me.

2. Spanish football, at this point, just kind of horrifies me as a whole. Where is that Tracy Jordan retreating backwards .gif when you need it? That is how I feel about La Liga. And both Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful, ugh! They're like the Ron Swanson and Tammy II of football when they're together. I will stick to the ridiculous and lovable Bundesliga and weary-old-man Premier League from now on. Just stop involving my Germans in your bullshit, La Liga!

...I won't lie to you, part of me is hoping this will fuck up the Spain NT.

3. I'm FINALLY going to a major league baseball tonight. My first (and probably only) one of the summer! I even had a dream about it last night. I am so deprived.

4. I'm going back to school earlier than I intended, because I got a job interview at the rare books library at my school. I waaaaant it. Fingers crossed.


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