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[ profile] _jems_ asked me about Farscape. Feel free to give me some more suggestions for topics here!

I remember first getting into Farscape via the Farscape Proselytizing Brigade of Livejournal around, oh I don't know when that would've been? I was still in high school, I'm sure. Maybe 2005 or 2006 - although possibly earlier because I thought I watched The Peacekeeper Wars live. [ profile] saava REALLY NICELY sent me the entire freaking show on burnt CDs. It was a huge package and must've taken forever. I mean, damn, online friends are the best, amirite?

Anyway, my favorite thing about this show is my favorite thing about a lot of late-90s, early-2000s shows: the wonderful cast of characters that you genuinely care about. In comparison to shows on today, there aren't really any dramas I can think of with a relatively good-sized cast where I get warm and fuzzies just from seeing their faces - all of them, pretty much - and I am really, deeply emotionally affected by what their characters are going through. Beyond that, though, all of the characters can hold their own in an episode, no matter who they're paired off with. They all have fantastic chemistry with each other, and those relationships, whether romantic or platonic or hateful or a mix of those, are all interesting in their own right. The characters just feel real, because their characterizations aren't sacrificed for the plot.

But, of course, the crowning jewel of that show is John and Aeryn's relationship, possibly the best canon relationship on any TV show ever, and the golden standard for how to get an UST-y couple together without losing an ounce of drama or tension - in fact, they kicked it into high gear. And I mean, the chemistry my god. (The only couple that really compares is Beecher and Keller on Oz, and I'm fairly certain that's because Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen were in love with each other.) How did they do it? I'm only a few episodes into S1 in my rewatch, and already these two are so great together.

Also, the line "But then you'll never know, the wonders I've seen" is one of my favorite quotes. I love that sense of beauty and wonder at the universe that the show has, even when there is tons of awful shit going on. I feel like that's missing in a lot of sci-fi these days, especially the rebooted Star Trek movies. I love how not cynical Farscape is, while still being able to be hilarious or heartbreaking at times. And, yes, it can be very silly and cheesy, but honestly, who cares? That was part of its charm.
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I hate that I go so long without updating. I've been really busy but not a ton of it has been particularly interesting. It is my birthday tomorrow so that's fun! I'm going out to dinner at the expensive, delicious place by my apartment and just bought myself a bottle of wine, so it promises to be a good night. I also went to the Christmas market in Chicago over Thanksgiving break and picked up some Choco Leibniz at their German goods store, which are so effing good but which I can never find, even at the global foods supermarket. Happy happy joy joy. The only thing missing from my life is Schoko & Keks Milka, which I literally have RECURRING dreams about.

I've been rewatching Farscape for the first time in years, and I'm kind of amazed how quickly I've fallen back in love with these characters. I remember being pretty bored by a lot of S1 when I first watched it, but watching it with all the knowledge of what's to come, it's almost kind of comforting in its simplicity. And the cast all have such great chemistry together and such interesting relationships. Not just John and Aeryn, but everyone on Moya. Everyone WITH Moya. The first time she showed up onscreen I yelled her name and kind of got a little pang in my heart. I hadn't realized how much I missed her and constantly hearing "Prepare for immediate starburst!" I am totally ready for Chiana and Scorpius to show up though.

I am embarrassingly excited for an Indexing course for next semester where you get to create a controlled vocabulary, but I'm super worried it's going to get canceled. I keep trying to get people to sign up for it, but all my friends are lame rare books people. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO CREATE YOUR OWN CONTROLLED VOCABULARY?! I already created my own metadata schema for national flags and it is BEAUTIFUL. (It was for a class! Don't look at me like that!)

Basically, that's my life right now. Food, Farscape, and library science concepts that I have trouble explaining to pretty much anyone, because even my LIS friends are not into sweet, sweet metadata the way I am.


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