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1. Well Germany has certainly been playing appallingly lately. However, my (relatively brief, I suppose) time being a fan of this NT has taught me that it is foolish to take anything from friendlies or even qualifiers when nothing is on the line (which, considering their lead in the group, nothing but pride was here) - if they play amazingly or terribly, it's generally not that great of a reflection of how they'll play when they actually get to an important international tournament. And, of course, our team is not at full strength, and I also think the guys who play in major European leagues tend to be pretty exhausted and ready to sleep on a beach for awhile when the post-season period of internationals rolls around. But, yeah, the third goal they scored with total ease immediately after falling asleep in front of goal shows that, when they actually dredge up enough effort to give a shit, the team is still full of the potential we saw at South Africa. And now I believe the only team left with a mathematical chance of catching them at the top of the group is Turkey - and to avoid that fate all we have to do is draw one game of our last three and maintain our huge GD - or, alternately, y'know, just keep on winning for one more game. Not that I ever doubted we would qualify - mostly I just like to obsess about football stats and possible qualifier outcomes. :)

2. brief deathly hallows thoughts, maybe ~deeper~ thoughts later )

Aaaaand now to reread Stealing Harry so I don't feel so depressed about the fate of the Marauders and the character assassination of Remus Lupin. And even though I hate the epilogue, I am kind of tempted to read Scorpius/one of Harry's sons just for the pleasure of being like, "No matter what you do, JKR, we will slash your Slytherins and your Gryffindors."

3. DEAR FUCKING CHRIST IT IS HOT HERE. Feels like 100 degrees is never something you want to feel.

4. Doctor Who finale: loved it, haters gonna hate. X-Men: First Class: slashy as hell, but I surprisingly didn't really love it.
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1. I saw Thor this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I kind of thought that making a movie about Thor the superhero would inevitably end in atrocities, but it was actually a lot better/more entertaining than most of the Marvel movies that have come out since, like, 2004 barring Iron Man. Also, wow, there is an insane amount of comic book movies coming out this summer. I'm so bored this summer that I will probably end up seeing most of them.

2. Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode gave me an urge to reread Sandman. And I'm wondering, why is there no Inception/Sandman crossover? Is there one? Also I'd forgotten somewhat how great the supporting characters in the series are. I mean, obviously they're great since Lucifer got a run just as long as Morpheus did. But I especially love all the odd characters of the Dreaming, like Cain & Abel, Lucien, Matthew, Mervyn! And of course the other Endless and Lucifer and Mazikeen. Dream himself is kind of a dick a lot of the time, isn't he? But I still love him anyway.

Also since rereading Sandman my dreams have been getting noticeably weirder and/or seem to linger with me throughout the day more strongly. I had a dream that I had to go back to high school, which isn't necessarily weird, but I remember it in ridiculous detail and length, and I was depressed the entire morning because of it even though I knew it wasn't true. This happened after Inception too. Maybe I was just paying closer attention?

3. EW's been posting promos/upfront presentations/clips for all the new network shows as the networks have been releasing their fall schedules. Here they all are for those who haven't seen them and care: ABC [schedule, promos], FOX [schedule, promos], NBC [schedule, promos], CBS [schedule, promos - watch out, they're all on autoplay], CW [schedule].

the few things that appear to be worth watching )
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Happy-making things:

1. Liverpool's fate is in their own hands now. They win all three of their last games and maintain a higher goal difference than the Spurs, and they qualify for Europe next season. Simple as that. YOU CAN DO IT BOYS.

2. I've started having dreams about The Good Wife. It is a good thing we FINALLY get a new episode this week because I am about to lose it.

3. Doctor Who! They are setting up such an epic season and it is probably going to break me in some way but I DON'T CARE. Also I just watched the confidentials and it deeply amuses me that a yellow school bus is something that's iconic American to British people. Or at least the British people who make DW. It's so commonplace! It's hard to think of it as novel to other people.

4. I got tickets to see Jon Stewart at my school's auditorium this September! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. So excited I could pee.

Sad-making things:

1. Finals. I still have half a paper on the causes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 to write. Ugh. It's not that I don't find this interesting, it's just that we've been talking about it for weeks now, and, also, it's a paper. Although my final for my LOTR class was basically, not in these words, to write a piece of fanfiction. LMFAO. So great. And of course I chose the most fucking obscure thing I could find. (It takes place in Cardolan aka one of the realms of the northern kingdom of the Numenoreans that was destroyed by Angmar.) I actually really enjoyed it. Maybe I should write ridiculous gen pieces of forgotten Middle Earth history that no one else cares about more often.

But, in any case, once I finish this paper I will be done with all the hard stuff, and then I'm officially done. Well, until the 10th when my summer class starts. *sigh*

Well, better college than real life, am I right?
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1. I think I realized my biggest problem with SPN this year, amidst the many, many problems. spoilery, although I would be surprised if anyone cares )

2. There is so much good television to look forward to soon! Doctor Who, which I know is going to kill me by making me wait until autumn for the second half of the season. The Borgias, which just afajljkgdgkdjgkfg YES. True Blood, which, while not "good" in the strictest sense of the word, will at least be enjoyable and trashy. And of course Justified just got going, and is as wonderfully delightful forever.

3. Liiiiiiiiiiiverpool. Ich liebe dich. Arsenal, we will be accepting gift baskets at any time this week. I am saddened by Pepe Reina's flip-floppy interview, but... le sigh. Good times are coming for this club, with or without Pepe, although GKs of his quality are hard to come by. Whatever, Spaniards.

4. I am starting to use tumblr more often, so here's mine: whatithacasmean. I'm sure I've posted it before, but I actually use it now, so let me know what yours is! I always forget because no one's is the same as their lj handle.
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1. I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL LOVED MY SHIRTLESS FOOTBALLERS POST. I should've known the way to get you all to care about something football related was to involve nudity. I really should've known. I am still replying to comments, but I just wanted to say thaaank you for loving it. I mean, how anyone cannot love Yoann Gourcuff's dreamy eyes is beyond me, but still good to know I'm not a crazy person. In certain areas of life. Although I'm sad I didn't get to include my favorite footballer of ever and all time, Mr. Pepe Reina. Because *I* find him hot, but I don't know if other people do. And I think a lot of what is hot about him is his personality and how hilarious and kind and loyal and hardworking he is. And also how he tosses his baby daughters in the air. I LOVE YOU PEPE. YOU'RE ALWAYS #1 IN MY HEART. LOL EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT ACTUALLY, ON ANY TEAM, #1. If he was the starting goalkeeper for Spain, they probably wouldn't annoy me as much. ALSO how did I not know Pepe and Nando are next door neighbors in Liverpool? Hey, Nando, you better stay in Liverpool so you don't have to leave your BFF. It would be sad for everyone.

2. I went to a White Sox game and got sunburnt to hell. Also it went from sweltering hot without a cloud in the sky to freezing and pouring rain and back again. Freaking Chicago. Every damn time I go to a game! But hey, they won and the Cubs lost, that's all that matters. Also: BLACKHAWKS. HELL YES. Anyway, they had to win. They couldn't bring shame upon Michael Jordan, Lord of Chicago, in his own arena.

3. Have I talked about how fantastic the new Doctor Who is? Because I eventually got over my bitterness from Ten and gave Eleven a shot and I am SO GLAD. I love Eleven, Amy, Rory, and although it's had some problems, nothing near the fail that RTD's episodes were usually full of. And for the most part the stories are interesting and make a semblance of sense! I'm very much looking forward to the finale. And I hope that Amy Pond will be around as companion for another season, but I have no idea, so if anyone knows, DON'T tell me.

4. I don't particularly like Rio Ferdinand, but I know how much it must hugely suck to get knocked out of the World Cup this late in the game. Still I am very excited that Stevie gets to be captain, something that I've always thought he was very, very worthy of, especially considering how up until the most current season he could single-handedly push Liverpool to a win through sheer force of will. I still hate the English NT, but I will of course be hoping that Stevie, Carra, and Glen do well for themselves. (I'm an American of German and Scottish descent. It would be WRONG of me to do anything but hate the English NT.)

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1. I am so excited about the World Cup I'm about ready to run around in circles until I throw up. THE WORLD CUP IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN THIS FUCKING WORLD. I don't even care (much) that Germany don't have much of a chance. I just can't wait to watch all of this amazing shit. I wish Ray Hudson would commentate so he could dissolve into the overwhelmed emotional tears and amazing puns and poetic exclamations that all of us feel as we watch but cannot articulate. Frankly, it's nice to have this to look forward to after such a hugely disappointing season for almost all of the teams I support. If I had to go through a summer of no football again after a season like that, I might've gone crazypants.

Also I would really enjoy beating England in PKs but I will take whatever I can get.

2. Adam Lambert is coming to some shady casino in northern Indiana! \o/ If that show turns out to be 21+ I WILL CUT A FUCKING BITCH. Six months people! Less than that really because it will be meaningless once I get to Austria.

3. Do you know why football is the greatest sport on this earth? Because at the end of the season, the players bring out their adorable babies and walk around the field being adorable with them. This year at Liverpool was kind of disappointing, because no Gerrard babies, Torres baby, or Agger baby - I want to see Daniel Agger holding a tiny baby, okay? And of course, the loss of Jon Alonso hurts almost as much as the loss of his father. But as long as Pepe is there tossing his daughters around like sacks of potatoes, it's all good. (Also, holy shit, Skrtel is alive!)

4. I successfully made cupcakes from scratch! And they were tasty! This is a big accomplishment for me because I SUCK at all things that happen in kitchens that do not involve frozen foods being microwaved. This was the recipe in case you're interested. Now I just have to learn how to make real food so I don't have to live off of street vendor Brezeln when I get to Austria.

5. I've started watching Hipster Doctor Who, and I like it. I don't love it, but I like it. The problem for me is that I'm a New Who fan who always loved the companions way more than the Doctor. So I'm sad that Moffat will probably never touch any of RTD's creations with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. Look, Martha Jones always got screwed over by the fact that RTD was a terrible writer and I am still bitter! NEVER FORGET. But the lack of angst and doomed love is INCREDIBLY REFRESHING. I would also enjoy Eleven meeting Donna. He's a lot bitchier than Ten so it would be an actual fair fight.
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1. I finally found the time to sit down and watch a bunch of the Worlds routines I'd had open in tabs all week. And omg JEWBEAR. I am so happy for you. TEARS ON MY FACE. And Daisuke was stunning. Absolutely deserving of the gold, IMHO, although I wanted Jewbear to get silver. But then I have an irrational hatred of PChan, so what can I say. It was a little bit disappointing without Johnny, Plushy, St├ęphane, and even Orange Bro, but I still enjoyed it (and we got Johnny's commentary, so that kind of makes up for it). And Adam Rippon wtf how are you so pretty and angelic? So happy for Mirai, but damn, Yu-Na, get it together!

2. In connection to #1: Johnny Weir rode a yak. Your argument is invalid. I love how Johnny is making all these kind of stupid, uber-hetero talk show hosts fall in love with him and present him with gifts. His power is irresistible.

3. I find myself, as always and against my better judgment, actually looking forward to the new season of True Blood. Possibly because that poster is pretty fucking brilliant. Maybe this season will even be a bit textually gay outside of the whole ~metaphor of vampirism~ thing and Lafayette acting sassy but rarely doing anything actually gay and Eric/Godric subtext? I feel like Alan Ball is falling down on the gay agenda almost as much as RTD in never having Barrowman and Tennant kiss. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT PARTICULAR FAILURE, RTD. Among your many, many, MANY failures, it ranks high.

4. I'm getting judged so hardcore by my RL friends for my JoBros love. SHUT UP NICK JONAS IS ALMOST LEGAL YOU WHOOOOORES. They're just jealous. Haters. Also I love how (in my minimal reading) Nick almost always gets paired either with Joe or much older men. Does that say something about Nick, fandom, or both?

Except now I watched all the episodes of JONAS. What am I going to do with my free time now? :/

5. The amount of downtime LJ has been having recently is getting ridiculous. Get your shit together, LJ!

6. Baseball season starts next week! Actually: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is more appropriate. And then the WPS season starts the week after. Warm weather, I can almost feel you. Except even when I go to baseball games in June, it's always freezing. Fucking Chicago. I swear.
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Can I just say how much I love Stevie G for that truly awesome, classy as hell handoff to Nando at the end of the Preston game? Completely unnecessary, Stevie could've made that goal with his eyes closed. But he gave it to Nando anyway because he hasn't played in seven weeks and cause Stevie looooves him. Even with all the shit going down off the pitch, and the fact that he was booed by the Preston fans every time he touched the ball. I've been really uncomfortably ambivalent about Stevie ever since his arrest, but this brought my love back full force. That's the Stevie I love and adore.

When Classy's injured, you just have to do it yourself.

Also I practicallly cried when Nando came on.

Also Dagger is really hot when he's pissed off.

Also Xabi owned that game until he got injured (TRADE HIM AND DIE RAFA) and I am praying to San Iker that this is not going to be karma for Cesc. It was an accident and he calls him every day! Please let this just be a small thing.

/end football

Re: the 11th Doctor: a huge steaming pile of MEH. I think I might drop the show after 10 and just stick with Torchwood. I'll always have Ianto, I guess.
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Doctor Who 4x12 - The Stolen Earth )
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So - like pretty much every Doctor Who fan on my flist - I am posting about the casting spoilery promo picture that was just released. And I also made a wallpaper and a poll, because I'm like that.

casting spoilers for s4 finale, including a rumor that isn't in the picture )

This Ballack video does THINGS to me. Bad, bad things. *fans self*
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1. This post was going to be all about Doctor Who, but I got distracted by the fact that the Austrians BROKE FRINGS' FREAKING RIB. And he is so badass that he PLAYED THE ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME. WITH A BROKEN RIB. Which on second thought may have been very stupid, but I will consider it noble instead. I'm praying in an agnostic way that they'll be able to play him because the boys really do not need something like this. They're already playing like a freshman who accidentally signed up for a class with the big bad seniors. STEP IT UP, NATIONALMANNSCHAFT! If we lose to that h0r Ronaldo I will choke something.

2. ANYWAY. Now I want to talk about Doctor Who. Specifically, I've got some questions for all of you Classic Who fans, or at least people who know the storylines. questions about classic who, plz help me )

Also, I've been rewatching S1, and I've gotta come out and say it: I LOVE YOU, RICKY SMITH THE IDIOT. Even when Mickey's being oblivious and constantly perplexed, I cannot stop thinking how awesome he is. (I totally ship Mickey/Jake. It is canon in my mind!) And Jackie! She slapped Nine! And coming up next I have happy, carefree Jack Harkness and the OT3 to end all other OT3's. Two seasons apart and I forgot how brilliant everything that came with Rose was. Shame! I am also going to rewatch "Utopia" from S3 so I can die of happiness again.

3. I realized something in regards to the casting spoilers for the end of DW S4. It's in white behind the cut so you won't see it unless you highlight it. something about those casting spoilers )

4. I've started reading Freak Show by James St. James which has the strange effect of taking these horrible things and somehow making you laugh at them, but you still feel horrible about them. I can't really describe it. The narrator still manages to joke as slight spoiler. ) For some reason, I find myself constantly wondering if - of all people! - this is what Noel Fielding was like as a 17-year-old. For his sake I hope it was a lot happier and significantly less violent, but the bizarre surrealistic quasi-stream-of-consciousness narrative and random non sequiturs and dressing in ridiculous - yet brilliant - outfits make me think of him. But I'll be honest, the thing that first made the connection in my brain was the narrator talking about the capes he had in his closet. (This whole thing is made even stranger by the fact that the only things I know about Noel Fielding are from his stint on Buzzcocks, one episode of The Mighty Boosh, and [ profile] evemac's livejournal.)
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Time for a random Sunday afternoon poll! These are questions that have been stewing in my mind for awhile now. Please, discuss them with me because they are of UTMOST IMPORT. They involve Meg White, Iron Man, Battlestar Galactica, and other - as I said - extremely important things.

[Poll #1197675]

I have now watched Silence in the Library and I have a poll with spoilers ONLY for that episode. Seriously, if you know what's going to happen, keep it to yourself.

spoilery poll )
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I finally bought a new iPod and I'm now gleefully awaiting OCD organization and pretty pictures and the fulfillment of my years-old desire to have dirty Brian/Justin scenes with me wherever I go.

Torchwood 2x13 - Exit Wounds )

I watched the new BSG. I loved the new BSG. But I rarely have anything of much interest to say except, "Kara/Anders/Leoben/Six/Lee was really hot!"

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeew Whoooooooooooooooo! *bounces*
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After waffling back and forth a million times, I finally decided to get rid of my website and just transfer all my files to a premium account on Photobucket (which I managed to get for free! woo!). Would anyone be able to host one tiny little CSS style sheet for my layout for me on their webspace? It's the only thing that I can't find a place to upload, and the code doesn't work if I C&P the style sheet straight into the box on the customizations page. I'd be very grateful!

And because I like to gaze upon this every day, and I just transferred it all to Photobucket: my Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who S1 picspam. I need to do one of these for S3 too, even though it's already been done a million times. It's basically an excuse to stare at caps of Jack for hours on end, I'll be honest.

P.S. I got the Heroes 2008 calendar for my (early) birthday! PURE JOY AND YAYNESS! There is an entire month dedicated to Nathan (naturally) that includes inappropriate brother-touching (even more naturally)! I have a feeling it's going to be February of 2008 for a long time in my room.
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Somewhat long absence, at least by my standards, as I've been going through some really awful stuff lately, as some of you know. But I'm doing better, and in any case, fandom (usually) cheers me up pretty well. Plus, the following two things happened in the past week: I got a laptop and I got a job at the library. Both of these are very, very good things. *g* I've been trying to get a job at the library for years now - I guess being obnoxiously persistent finally paid off. As long as I can pass this drug test (which, uh, yeah, shouldn't be a problem unless someone's been slipping something into my drinks), I will finally be gainfully employed!

The laptop is named Helena, after the Nickel Creek song. My computer is the other woman who ruins relationships! I feel like this was perhaps asking for something to go wrong. It's also Vista, which I'm not sure how I feel about. I feel like I'm stuck in that Mac & PC commercial with the Vista Guardian, except without the hot porn. I am constantly coming to sad realizations with all this goddamn "cancel or allow" stuff.

The [ profile] masterficathon stories were posted today. All Master-centric obviously, with a lot of Master/Doctor as well as some Master/Lucy, Master/Martha, Master/Donna, and even Master/Rose. Read them and support the hotassery of John Simm!

I watched the pilot episode of Profit. WOW IS THAT CRAZY. But I think it just made me love Adrian Pasdar even more, because he really is beyond brilliant in this. Profit is an overwhelmingly complex character and not many actors could've played him so perfectly. Also, I think I got whiplash from how different he is from my beloved Petrelli. Say what you want about Nathan, he's no sociopath. Actually, don't say what you want (to me, at least) because Nathan hate makes me sad inside. ETA: I almost forgot to mention the most important character of all: Adrian's hair! Seriously, WTF? That is some serious drama going on there.

I enjoy how this post contains absolutely no segues!
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1. I'm actually starting to get excited for Deathly Hollows, which is strange, because I'd gotten to the point with HP where I've chosen a stopping point in canon and refuse to believe anything else happened (like I refuse to believe Smallville had more than three seasons, or Alias had more than two). That point being, despite my love of a certain character, post-OotP. I really have no memory of what happened in HBP, except that it seemed like a rather long Harry/Draco fic. And that was before I even had my H/D-slash goggles on! I can't imagine what that book must've been like for those fangirls.

2. thoughts on doctor who christmas special and season four casting spoilers - text whited out for spoilerphobes )

Here's my absolute, number one, please-oh-please-let-it-happen wish for the fourth season: LEAVE FUCKING EARTH! Just one little episode on a different planet with a weird alien species that is not somehow descended or related to humans in any way. Please?

3. also: some thoughts on RPF that I've been.... thinking for awhile )

4. I found a primer for John Paul/Craig, AKA the gay boys on that terrible British soap opera Hollyoaks. And while the show is cringe-worthy, the relationship is surprisingly.... really great and angsty and fucked up and the one guy is at times just a tad crazy. So, basically, everything I love in a pairing! Plus the boys are pretty, for the shallow factor. *g* So, if you're looking for an amusing way to pass the time, I highly recommend watching the clips in that post.

5. Er, happy Fourth of July a day late. I guess we can celebrate it by our leaders blatantly ignoring the Constitution? But, gee, it doesn't even feel special and new anymore. And that's all I have to say on that, or I will probably start screaming. But, hey, the fireworks were pretty!

6. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day John-Barrowman-on-YouTube-surfing and reading fic. If I procrastinate the important things like picking a college to go to and getting a job, maybe they'll just go away.


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