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1. I’ve been really frustrated with Game of Thrones lately. I fully understand that they have to make changes from the books, and that’s fine. It’s when they make changes that, to me, completely alter the characterization of a particular person, done for no reason that I can see, that I get frustrated. But I got the season 2 soundtrack, and a few of the song titles gave me hope that some things will be included that I thought they’d cut. There are some things that HAVE to happen with certain characters like Arya, that they’ve skipped. Unless they plan on completely altering her story in the last two books, there’s a rather important scene missing. But I guess they have two episodes left. Also the last song on the soundtrack has me very excited (potentially spoilery song title). PUKING FROM EXCITEMENT.

2. I’m doing a rewatch of Lost. Just, god. I love these people so much. It’s almost embarrassing, because I never expected in a million years for this show to have such a strong emotional hold on me. It just kind of crept up on me, and then I was sobbing for two and a half hours straight during the finale and it was incredibly undignified, but also super cathartic. It was a good cryfest. I never expected to be totally in love with a character like Sawyer, who was such a cliche for awhile but grew up into a Big Damn Hero and became a genuinely good, loving guy who sacrificed himself for his friends, and fell in love with the most fantastic woman on this entire show, who suffered so much but endured it with grace and badassery and snark. And Sayid and Locke and Jin & Sun and DESMOND and Hurley and Ben Linus and RICHARD ALPERT and Charlie and Claire and the Freighties and even boring old Jack and Kate, I even grew to like them too. OH SHOW.

But it’s really funny to watch them all at the beginning, when really important characters have to introduce themselves. Like, “Hi! I’m John Locke!” “Oh hey John, I’m Jack! I’m certain we won’t be locked into a battle of dueling ideologies in a few months!” “Seems legit!”

3. I’m really sad about Community and how the show as we know it is over. :((( This is really the worst of all possible outcomes, because they gave us that hope, then they took it away and replaced it with some ersatz crap that they thought would fool us. At least the end of season 3 made a good series finale. I will watch season 4, but I think, like [ profile] sparky77, I am going to be viewing it as just live action fanfic. I have been a fan of shows that get rid of the creative heart of the show - like West Wing - and it’s just depressing to watch. I don’t even remember what happened in the last three seasons of TWW because I’ve never had any desire to rewatch it.
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1. I did a rewatch of Teen Wolf. Still surprisingly kind of good in certain aspects. I mean, if you, like I assume most people probably do, believe that Stiles is the main character and not Scott. Scott's a nice guy, but he is very boring, and very dumb. Also, I forgot how much Bad Touch is in that show. Stiles and Jackson get manhandled by an older man like every other minute. And, on a certainly not at all related note, I've been enjoying the recent (and kind of random?) surge of new fic (including some of my favorite wrongdirtybad pairing, Peter/Stiles). I've been checking the Teen Wolf tag at AO3 religiously ever since the show aired, and suddenly there is all this great new stuff all the time. JOY. Also, my mom happened to be in the room while I was watching a lot of this, and became really attached to Stiles. She was very concerned for him and said, and I quote, "He's the only one with a lick of sense!" HE IS CATNIP TO ALL TYPES. And now I'm all excited for season two.

2. Baseball is back! Yay! I don't expect anything from the White Sox this year (hey, they won a World Series just last decade! I don't want them to strain themselves!), but it's just comforting to have it back. And I'm going to the home opener on Friday, which should be all kinds of awesome.

3. Football, on the other hand, I have been studiously ignoring for weeks now. Yikes. But Stuttgart have been having their usual second half surge and will probably play in Europe next year, so that's exciting at least. I've also realized that I am not hugely excited for the Euros right now. I think it's getting too close and the prospect of Germany getting really close and losing again in the semis or final (or god, even earlier) is causing my brain to avoid thinking about it. My poor battered heart cannot take it, especially if those smug Spanish fucks win again. Er. Not that I am bitter or anything.

4. Community was so great this week. I am a big fan of boring Ken Burns documentaries, so I enjoyed the loving spoof.

5. I think I got incepted by the hockey RPS people on my flist. I've started reading fic? I don't even know! I've watched hockey for a few years (I am a Blackhawks fan, obviously), and never been remotely attracted to any of these guys, because frankly I see them too often without their front teeth. But this fandom's got some good crack.

6. In other news: I have four weeks of undergrad left. Excuse me while I go throw up from terror, cry from sadness, and leap with joy at the same time. It's gonna be gross.
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I decided it was time to do a State of the TV-I-am-watching address. These all contain spoilers up to the latest episode unless I say otherwise. I gave up on Glee and Ringer a few episodes into the season, and I have not watched any of Supernatural. Is SPN worth watching these days? I mostly just watched it for Castiel the last three seasons, and I gather things are not great in that quarter, so I'm not sure it's worth it for me. I don't think I can take another season of Sam and Dean crying in front of picturesque mountains and not talking about the same issues they've not talked about for seven years.

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What the actual fuck, self. I watch way too much television. I am also watching Up All Night and Grimm, but I don't have much to say about them other than they are enjoyable. And I'm also watching Misfits, but I'm behind on it so I will talk about that at some later point.
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Ahahahaha. Oh my god you guys. My life is now complete. Danny Pudi threw the first pitch at a White Sox game. True story: White Sox fans are just better than your fans. *nods*

Too bad we can't say the same for the actual team!
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1. I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a Katherine from TVD vid set to the Nicki Minaj verse of "Monster" by Kanye West. Really all of it would make a good TVD-in-general vid but lately I keep going back and listening to Nicki over and over. I kind of wish that song was entirely Nicki Minaj, ngl.

2. Rewatching this season of Community, I realized that I have literally the exact same birthday as Troy: December 4th, 1989. I don't know why I find this so amusing. What are the odds, heh? CLEARLY A SIGN OF MY AWESOMENESS.

3. I have no idea if these attacks on lj mean anything serious, but I'm the same handle over at dreamwidth, although I haven't crossposted there since mid-2009. Just in case we all get taken out by Russian cyber terrorists.

4. Every time I think I can't love Stephen Colbert anymore, he goes and does something like give an overly complex explanation of an obscure bit of history from The Silmarillion, just off the top of his head. ILU STEPHEN. That was quite possibly the dorkiest thing I've seen you do. I actually did something similar to my own Tolkien professor when I gave an unnecessarily detailed quiz answer explaining the origin of the palantíri that he then had to go look up to verify. Fëanor's making us all look good! I have to admit, I was just a tiny bit disappointed in James Franco for thinking Galadriel and Elrond were wizards. Laaaaaaaame.

5. brief Good Wife spoilers )
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Guys, I kind of love this thing a lot. It makes me happy in my soul. :D I tried to cover all the main characters equally, and I think I succeeded (even Pierce got a pretty good share). It even includes Starburns and Leonard! I had a ridiculous amount of fun making this. I hope it can bring someone else as much joy as special drink brings Abed.

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Preach, Danny boy, preach. I'm glad that Danny has no control on his temper and that allows us to get a glimpse that shows - although the players are professionals and I'm sure don't hate Ladyshoulders (although in Agger's case, perhaps not) - they do care about the club in the same protective and proud and irrationally emotional way the fans do. I love getting a glimpse behind the PR veneer that shows that.
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Wow, I haven't posted in forever. Getting over jetlag + being sick + the holidays = Peggy just sits on the couch and eats. You'd think this would also be conducive to posting on livejournal, but, no, that would involve too much work. In any case, I appear to be 98% over my jetlag and mostly over the "make you into a baby kitten" portion of the cold, so I have been, of course, running rampant through the Yuletide collection and still barely even made a dent. \o/

I also watched all the aired episodes of Misfits. Let's talk about that! )

Christmas was nice. I got a lot of Liverpool stuff and, among other things, season one of Community. :D for daaaays. Hee, I really have nothing interesting to talk about. Now I see why I didn't post since last week. Well, back to The Mummy Returns, cinematic masterpiece.
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I don't think there's ever been a period of my now SEVEN YEAR LONG WTF livejournal existence where I've been this inactive before. Obvs there's the part where I'm living in Vienna, but I still read my flist regularly and try and keep up with fic. I think it has more to do with the fact that I feel kind of fandomless right now. My love affair with football is steadily waning. At least club football; I've barely watched any Liverpool or Stuttgart since I've been here, though I have watched all the Germany games. Clearly this may have something to do with both teams' abysmal performances this season and Liverpool's extremely close call with administration and possible relegation. IDK. Plus football fandom is kind of awful right now. And I'm still in that post-WC phase where just looking at Spain players who aren't Nando and Pepe makes me want to scream and throw things and have it be four years from now when I can have my sweet, sweet, sweet revenge. Er. Sometimes I have emotions? Thomas Müller is going to kick all those sad bitches' asses in four years? And two, for that matter.

ANYWHO. My activity in fandom these days is mostly reading copious amounts of Inception and Sherlock fic. Although I find there is a sadly small amount of Sherlock fic that actually fits with my preferred characterization of Sherlock, which is leaning a bit more toward the sociopath side of things and less woobie who just needs love. But, alas, such are the burdens I must bear.

The last episode of Community is literally one of my favorite things that has ever happened. I don't tend to rewatch stuff a lot, but I have probably watched that at least daily since it aired. Also The Good Wife is amazing and so sneaky feminist that Sexist Old Grandpa CBS doesn't even realize it's airing the most feminist and female-oriented show on television. One of the reasons - beyond the brilliance of the writing and the prominence of women on the show - that I feel like it is such a female-driven show is something in the way Will is written. Those fleeting glances and unconscious touches and the way he talks to her - IDK. My words fail me. Not that it makes it an unrealistic portrayal of a man, just that it's not necessarily the side that men would chose to focus on in themselves if this were a male-driven drama. ... If that makes any kind of sense.

And with that I say Tschüss because it is ridiculous and my favorite thing to say in German apart from Grüß Gott in a super Austrian accent to everyone I ever meet in Austria. My dad is visiting me and it will be awesome.
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While I'm in Austria I'm trying to somewhat ween myself off fandom (just while I'm here, of course, I am an addict after all) and I have been somewhat successful, although I would be a lot more successful if Inception fandom stopped producing like eight masterpieces every day. In any case, TV has gotten progressively shittier these past few years, so I don't watch much of it anyway. I'm not even going to give Glee and Brothers & Sisters a chance. Those are just really not "watch these while I could be having gelato and hot chocolate for lunch (JUST DID IT)" kind of shows.

So, except for The Good Wife, which I hope will be smarter than me or else I will be sad, I've watched all the premieres.

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So that's like, what, four hours of TV a week once MM is over? Totally manageable.

Blergh, why is it so cooooold in Austria? Eternal question. Good thing I brought a lot of sweaters. Also I find it hilarious and sad that I got a lot of "Oh, that'll be warm this time of year!" comments when I told people where I was going. False. Austria is not a continent in the southern hemisphere, and it is decidedly not summer here right now. Also they do not speak Italian here, because Vienna is not Venice. Sometimes Americans make me sad.
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Hey, guys, want to ask me random questions to combat my boredom*? And if you have one of these lovely Montenegrin accounts, let me know and I will interrogate you with some hard-hitting stuff.

You could ask me things like: Peggy, how did you live so long without having Community in your life? Because I have just discovered it recently and omfg can I have the next episode please I love every second and every character and I cry laughing ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Pretty much.

*Since it has suddenly decided to snow LIKE CRAZY in southern Indiana in February. This is some northern Indiana shit. I am not supposed to need the giant chimney sweep broom that I had to use to clean my car off five times in one week at home.


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