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There's a Band of Brothers marathon on Spike all day, for those of you who get it. Winters! Nix! Doc Roe! SPEEEEEEEEEIRS! Luz and Guarnere and Malarkey and Liebgott! Lip! Harry! Bull! And they only just got out of Carentan, so there's plenty of horrible sadness - AND PRETTINESS - to come! Personally, I can't think of a better way to commemorate Memorial Day. :)


May. 6th, 2010 04:59 pm
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I am officially finished with my second year of college. I'm happy that I'm done and can now commence the Summer of Laziness, but at the same time I'm halfway done with college. Noooooo. DNW the real world.

And now that meme where you answer questions people give you. If you want some questions, I would be happy to serve you in this fashion. My questions were from [ profile] typicrobots, so you know they're happenin'.

questions )

Also: the cast of Oz is awesome, bros around. Beecher, Keller, O'Reilly, and Said beautifully reunited. Also McManus but let's be honest with what we care about, people.
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I am home for spring break. Good times. I've just been sitting around, eating and being generally useless. I've mostly had my brain completely absorbed by [ profile] easy_academy, which is - of all things for me to have my brain taken over by - a Band of Brothers/Jonas Brothers high school AU. Which is hilarious because I don't even know anything about the Jonas Brothers. All I know is what I learned from shelving children's books at the library. But that is ~the power of fandom~, isn't it? Someone can take a fandom you know nothing about or even hate and write such a brilliant story that you can't stop reading it in spite of yourself. And yeah, this thing is like 400,000+ words, and when I had to take a break and read a normal fic for a second, I was so confused as to where all the self-loathing and self-destructive spirals and underage sex was. Although, ACTUALLY, I was reading a younger!JR/Apolo fic, so the underage sex was still there, now that I think about it. Man, what a perv I've become. I don't even notice when I'm reading underage sex.

I might use the break to start catching up on Skins too. It seems like something crazy happened that made everyone pissed off and/or sad in the last episode, so I should probably catch up before I get spoiled. Even though that show still really annoys me about 70% of the time.

For some reason my dad decided he wanted to watch the "Telephone" video, and the one thing he says after watching it? "What was with that ein, zwei, drei stuff? That was weird." I was like... THAT? THAT IS WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS WEIRD? Lady Gaga cannot shock my father.

And now I'm just going to continue my perpetual state of shaking and crying while waiting for The Pacific tonight.

dlkfgjlkfjalkjflhk I forgot how pretty football is in HD.
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1. So apparently the Dixie Chicks are semi-breaking up? Or at least going their separate ways for awhile. Martie and Emily are going to release their own album without Natalie in May. D: This makes me so sad, but I'm not very surprised. We haven't heard anything from them for years, and you can tell in Shut Up & Sing that Martie and Emily felt like they didn't have much artistic input on Taking the Long Way. I assume their new group (Court Yard Hounds) will probably be a lot more country than TtLW was. I just hope Natalie doesn't hide away from us forever, since she is my idol.

And I realize this is really old news. Forgive my slowness.

2. I'm so pleased that Kathryn Bigelow won best director. And that Avatar didn't win much of anything. My schadenfreude, let me show it to you. Otherwise the Oscars were just fucking weird, tbqh. And all I could think of was the fact that somewhere in that crowd Vera Wang was chillin' with Orange Bro.

3. Did I ever mention the fact that Martin Sheen is coming to my school to speak in April? AMAZING. I'm going with my adorable ~gay intellectual horticulturist~ friend who also loves TWW. IT WILL BE AMAZING. I want him to curse at God in Latin PLZ. (And I'm also seeing the Punch Brothers in April! Amazing month!)

4. I finished rewatching Band of Brothers. Let me ask you this: is it strange that I ship Liebgott/Webster? Because I was definitely feeling it this time around. Liebgott with Webster shifts back and forth so quickly from acerbic animosity to overly interested curiosity that I get whiplash. Also I think Speirs might have become my favorite character? When did that happen? If I was fighting a war (or, like, putting together a capture the flag team) he would definitely be the first person I picked. Most intense game of capture the flag you'll ever play.



... this post started out so promising, but it all seems to devolve to the same place these days.
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It would not be entirely inaccurate to sum up my life these past few weeks with the following points:

+ Watch a shitton of Olympics. Obsess about Olympics online. Read fic, cackle hysterically at gifs and Evan Lysacek's general existence (WHICH I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS), curse NBC's stupid video player thing that always breaks Firefox, and idolize Johnny Weir in all things. (Totally neglect football on the way. I missed so much drama this weekend!)

+ Obsessively watch Band of Brothers and Ken Burns' The War. Wish Ken Burns would sometimes get on with the war and stop doing so much social commentary on what life was like in America during WWII. If you're going to talk about daily life during WWII, America is really not the most interesting place you could choose of the options presented to you.

+ Attempt to actually use my tumblr, and realize that it is a place for me to post all the stupid random thoughts I have and not feel bad about it, because it is somewhat classier than twitter. Add me if you want. We can have pointless thoughts together.

+ .... eat cookies?

Yep, that about sums it up. Although I am sad to see the Olympics go, my grades are thankful for it. I have so much shit to do this week and my procrastination has gotten TERRIBLE this semester. Probably because all my classes bore me and I have no motivation to write my papers for them. Boo, this semester. End. I can't wait for spring break. And warmth. But I shouldn't get my hopes for that very soon.

In conclusion: BRING ON THE WORLD CUP BITCHES. Maybe Canada will win it too... if only it were played on ice. ICE SOCCER. INTENSE. CHILLING. REFRESHING.
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I am still smiling with blissful joy from Lost because I just really enjoy being mindfucked by it. I think I need a cigarette now. some spoilery thoughts )

I've also been rewatching Band of Brothers as HBO reairs it ahead of The Pacific, and this time I think I'm really, really falling in love. The first time it's just a struggle to take everything in and figure out who everyone is and what the fuck is going on (at least for me, maybe I am dumb). But this time I was smart and found a guide with all the characters identified by picture. \o/ Although I still get really confused about rank and what people's actual jobs are. To be honest I think the military will always be a mystery to me. I've watched Generation Kill how many times now and I still don't really know what everyone's position is. SAD REALLY.

But anyway. THE LOVE. Too much of it to tell. (Also slashing Winters/Nixon like woah, which I don't think I got around to doing the first time.)

Also, I'm not gonna lie, this John Terry shit is cracking me the fuck up. When I try to explain it to people I just realize how it is the most ridiculous and trashy soap opera crap to ever come true in real life. If you don't know what I'm talking about, there is a handy graphic here to explain things. If they give the captaincy to Stevie G for this I will laugh for daaaaaaaaaaaays. Cheating on your wife with your best friend's girlfriend > punching people in night clubs because they won't play Phil Collins. Oh, England NT. STAY CLASSY, GUYS.
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In my efforts to cheer myself up after about sixty really depressing/draining season/series finales and the mothertrucking Mancs winning another goddamn title, have some random things that make me happy!

1. I think all the Lost characters who were left on the island most likely formed an ABBA cover band at the Dharma Farma - before ABBA had even really reached the height of their popularity. This is like Bret and Jemaine going back in time and giving David Bowie his own songbook before he even wrote the songs. And also Hurley rewriting Empire Strikes Back, obviously. Anyway, this is clearly the best idea I have ever had and I will let the Lost writers know about it tout de suite. I told [ profile] thehangedwoman all of this but she wasn't listening. :/

"Lay All Your Love On Me" = the anthem of Sawyer and Juliet's love
"Does Your Mother Know?" = Richard Alpert's serenade to young!Ben when he ~took his innocence~
"Dancing Queen" = a scene where Miles is reluctantly forced to play the tambourine and Juliet plays the Casio Electric keyboard For Love but she grimaces through the whole thing
"Mamma Mia!" = clearly Sawyer's conflicted reaction to the Oceanic 6 - Jack or Kate, take your slash/het pick

Clearly this is a brilliant plan concocted by LAFLEUR to get them to blend in better. Just imagine trying to convince Miles to get into one of those suits. Jin on guitar! Confession: this all stems from my desire to see a Lost musical. I feel like it would work out a lot of people's issues. I only wish that Hurley and Sayid had been there to be conscripted into the singing ranks.

2. You know the Crossroads Demon on Supernatural? How long do those contracts last until the hell hounds come calling to collect their end of the deal? 'Cause I feel like Fergie's time has GOT to be up soon. Isn't it twenty years? Hmmm, it'll be close to twenty years soon since Fergie started really winning things with the Mancs.

Look, I'm just throwing thoughts out there okay?

3. Band of Brothers is pretty enjoyable, even though I'm not a big fan of dramatized war-related media - I prefer it in Ken Burns documentary form. I do find World War II more interesting to study than most wars (probably because it's so recent and, like most people who live in the "world" of WWII, I had a lot of relatives involved in it; to be honest, I think my father's side of the family may have barely escaped fighting for the Germans instead of against them if we'd emigrated a bit later), and BoB is a fantastic work in its own right. I mean, the coloring alone stuns me so much sometimes that I forget I'm watching a violent battle. I have trouble following the plot sometimes because I really don't know shit about the military or warfare. I tend to zone out during those parts of basically anything and just show up when people start talking again. But I figure if I could understand enough of Generation Kill to get the general plot, I can definitely get through this. Also, Damien Lewis is breathtakingly beautiful. There is just no other word to describe that man, and I don't know how I didn't see it before.

4. Eric Northman. Let's have a lot of sex.

5. This picture.

6. Star Trek and Fast & Furious, both of which I saw this week and both of which brought the Awesome and the Gay in spades.


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