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Dec. 16th, 2013 07:30 pm
sarkastic: (spar - there is a hurricane in me)
I know I'm behind on the December meme, but I just devoured Arrow and I have to ask, where is the fic, people?! Please, tell me there is at least some good stuff and you can rec it to me. I am all about the OT3 on this show, the OT3 obviously being Oliver/Felicity/Diggle. I am up for any combo of those pairings, gen or het or slash or threesome plz can I have it? Or is this another one of those CW shows that only has terrible fanfic?

Also, I'm so happy for John Barrowman that he's found a job where he can chew the scenery and use dramatic evil jazzhands all the time. GOOD FOR YOU BARROWMAN.

Also also, I cry a little bit every time a Spartacus actor shows up. I heard Katrina Law was cast in some upcoming role too? UGLY CRYING. CRIXUS. NAEVIA. MIRA. SO MUCH CRYING. At this point I have just accepted that I will never get over Spartacus and will forever get genuinely pissed at people who've never seen it who make fun of it. IT WAS THE MOST FEMINIST DIVERSE QUEER-FRIENDLY SHOW EVER AND IT BROUGHT MY BELIEFS ABOUT LIFE TO... LIFE. AND FREEDOM AND CHOICES AND IF NOTHING WE DO MATTERS THAN ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT WE DO.

... Okay. Wow. This post got derailed.

Also, Sons of Anarchy is the most fucking depressing show on the planet. I get that it's Hamlet but Jesus H. Christ on a cracker. Hamlet didn't last almost 100 hours!


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