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[ profile] eretria asked me about Sydney and Sark. Fangirl's first OTP! I'm a little behind on these, but I am getting them done!

This was very much the pairing that first got me into fandom. I'm still friends with a lot of people I met through Alias fandom and specifically Sarkney fandom (ah! mushed up names!). I think what I really liked about it was that the idea of Syd being with Sark was tied to an idea of freedom for her. It didn't mean she would suddenly become a bad guy or anything, just that she could be freed from the expectations of life with Vaughn and the CIA. I always thought that Sark saw a part of her that was not quite so perfect and well-behaved and embraced that about her, rather than shying away from it like most of the other men in Syd's life. Also, they were pretty together and had awesome chemistry. I always thought the adventures Sydney could get up to with Sark were so much more interesting than what was going on on the show.

Beyond this, I kind of imprinted on Sark like a baby duck. So that character archetype is like catnip to me: amoral, self-serving, intelligent, sophisticated - a trickster who transgresses boundaries and can't be categorized easily, but one still capable of forming intense bonds to a very limited number of people. (See also: Gaiman/Carey's Lucifer, Alice Morgan, Krycek, Eric Northman, Loki obviously!) The ultimate survivor. Possibly why one of my favorite paintings is this really creepy Magritte, The Survivor.
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1. My inner David Anders fangirl - dormant for so long while he rested himself in preparation for playing another morally ambiguous British guy - has been in a constant state of overwhelming joy for the past few weeks. I'm just so happy that my first real fandom love is finally getting a substantial role again. This interview from the Emmys (sans British accent! always weird!) makes me bounce around like the hyperactive small child I am. Also, I'm breaking out the old Sarkney fanmixes. Garbage's "The World Is Not Enough" could be applied to every spy relationship in existence, but it will always be "Sydney goes rogue with Sark and they take down all the people who've controlled their lives since they were born" to me. What can I say, I've had a lot of time to think about this pairing.

2. I have a favor to ask. As some of you know, I work as a shelver at the library, and even though I work in the children's section, I am still surrounded by books all the time. Except I have no idea what to read. So, could you rec me your favorite books, pretty please? I hate being at the library fifteen hours a week and not getting anything except sore feet.

3. I had no idea Prison Break premiered tonight until I got home from work at 8:20 and my mom was watching it. Meh. This show isn't nearly as good now that I've seen Oz. I'm just sayin': if you're going to do a prison drama with all the violence and drugs and depression, you've got to be willing to go all out. Although Wentworth Miller can still show up in my dreams any time he wants.

4. Forgive how completely boring this is. I've been so busy lately, I don't even know who I am anymore. My trademark slothfulness is but a mere memory. I miss it like I miss Adrian Pasdar In A Box, which I have not been able to watch for days.

5. I feel the urge to do an old-school Alias rewatch coming on. But then I'll just get depressed when S2 ends and I have to either a.) keep Sark in federal prison and Syd experiencing total mindfuck or b.) continue onto the horrors of S3. Oh wait, that's what fic is for. Problem solved!
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As my way of saying goodbye to Alias, I decided to make a pictorial tribute to the greatness that is Sark/Syd. They were the first pairing I ever really cared about, and - though I may have some problems with the show - I will always love these two crazy kids and their crazy spy hijinks.

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Wow. That took...almost five hours. Damn. Now off to watch the finale!
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[ profile] serenitysea requested it, and I finished it in an amazing three days. My head feels funny though. ;) This theme is more Sark-centric than Sydney (and of course there are moods with both of them), in case you like more Syd (Sark is so much prettier! And you can interpret a lot from his expressions). Enjoy!

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If you use this, comment! Also, I'd appreciate a credit somewhere, just because I'm proud of it.


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