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Oh my god, I'm not home and the White Sox pitch a perfect game without me even realizing it! Ahhhhh! What even! (Here's video of the end of the game.) This team. I do not understand how the White Sox of all teams have 3 of the 21 perfect games in all of MLB history. Matching the godforsaken Yankees for most ever, unless I am mistaken. BUT I FREAKING LOVE IT. \o/ Not quite as epic as Buehrle's perfect game, but it still had some ~last minute drama~. I wonder if Humber will get called by Obama too. :D Damn, I wish I was home so I could celebrate this with the fam.

(Come on Blackhawks, win today and don't kill Chicago's buzz. Or you know, help Wrigleyville feel better about how the White Sox now have three times as many perfect games as they do. Oh wait, zero times three is zero. The Cubs are so awful they ruin my math abilities. Sorry, I have to prepare for ruthlessly mocking my cousin about this the next time I see him.)

Now I'm going to continue my Marvel movie!verse marathon until the Blackhawks game. Oh sports. I forget that you're not ALWAYS horrible agony and sadness. Although the universe will probably take it upon itself to remind me of that tonight. Just to make sure I don't get too comfortable.
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1. I did a rewatch of Teen Wolf. Still surprisingly kind of good in certain aspects. I mean, if you, like I assume most people probably do, believe that Stiles is the main character and not Scott. Scott's a nice guy, but he is very boring, and very dumb. Also, I forgot how much Bad Touch is in that show. Stiles and Jackson get manhandled by an older man like every other minute. And, on a certainly not at all related note, I've been enjoying the recent (and kind of random?) surge of new fic (including some of my favorite wrongdirtybad pairing, Peter/Stiles). I've been checking the Teen Wolf tag at AO3 religiously ever since the show aired, and suddenly there is all this great new stuff all the time. JOY. Also, my mom happened to be in the room while I was watching a lot of this, and became really attached to Stiles. She was very concerned for him and said, and I quote, "He's the only one with a lick of sense!" HE IS CATNIP TO ALL TYPES. And now I'm all excited for season two.

2. Baseball is back! Yay! I don't expect anything from the White Sox this year (hey, they won a World Series just last decade! I don't want them to strain themselves!), but it's just comforting to have it back. And I'm going to the home opener on Friday, which should be all kinds of awesome.

3. Football, on the other hand, I have been studiously ignoring for weeks now. Yikes. But Stuttgart have been having their usual second half surge and will probably play in Europe next year, so that's exciting at least. I've also realized that I am not hugely excited for the Euros right now. I think it's getting too close and the prospect of Germany getting really close and losing again in the semis or final (or god, even earlier) is causing my brain to avoid thinking about it. My poor battered heart cannot take it, especially if those smug Spanish fucks win again. Er. Not that I am bitter or anything.

4. Community was so great this week. I am a big fan of boring Ken Burns documentaries, so I enjoyed the loving spoof.

5. I think I got incepted by the hockey RPS people on my flist. I've started reading fic? I don't even know! I've watched hockey for a few years (I am a Blackhawks fan, obviously), and never been remotely attracted to any of these guys, because frankly I see them too often without their front teeth. But this fandom's got some good crack.

6. In other news: I have four weeks of undergrad left. Excuse me while I go throw up from terror, cry from sadness, and leap with joy at the same time. It's gonna be gross.
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1. I'm completely in love with this GoT vid: Thistle and Weeds by [ profile] sisabet. It's Daenerys' S1 arc, done absolutely beautifully and wonderfully reminding after I'd lost it a bit after ADWD why I do love Dany so much. Actually, Dany's story in A Game of Thrones is possibly one of my favorite things in the entirety of ASOIAF, and DEFINITELY my favorite thing about the show.

Also, my conflicted feelings about Jaime Lannister continue to conflict me. Needless to say, I am excited to see what the show does with his storyline as ~events progress~, even though I think they watered him (and Cersei) down to make them more likable. Jaime post, er, That Thing That Happens, is a lot more interesting to me.

2. Spanish football, at this point, just kind of horrifies me as a whole. Where is that Tracy Jordan retreating backwards .gif when you need it? That is how I feel about La Liga. And both Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful, ugh! They're like the Ron Swanson and Tammy II of football when they're together. I will stick to the ridiculous and lovable Bundesliga and weary-old-man Premier League from now on. Just stop involving my Germans in your bullshit, La Liga!

...I won't lie to you, part of me is hoping this will fuck up the Spain NT.

3. I'm FINALLY going to a major league baseball tonight. My first (and probably only) one of the summer! I even had a dream about it last night. I am so deprived.

4. I'm going back to school earlier than I intended, because I got a job interview at the rare books library at my school. I waaaaant it. Fingers crossed.
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Ahahahaha. Oh my god you guys. My life is now complete. Danny Pudi threw the first pitch at a White Sox game. True story: White Sox fans are just better than your fans. *nods*

Too bad we can't say the same for the actual team!
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1. I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL LOVED MY SHIRTLESS FOOTBALLERS POST. I should've known the way to get you all to care about something football related was to involve nudity. I really should've known. I am still replying to comments, but I just wanted to say thaaank you for loving it. I mean, how anyone cannot love Yoann Gourcuff's dreamy eyes is beyond me, but still good to know I'm not a crazy person. In certain areas of life. Although I'm sad I didn't get to include my favorite footballer of ever and all time, Mr. Pepe Reina. Because *I* find him hot, but I don't know if other people do. And I think a lot of what is hot about him is his personality and how hilarious and kind and loyal and hardworking he is. And also how he tosses his baby daughters in the air. I LOVE YOU PEPE. YOU'RE ALWAYS #1 IN MY HEART. LOL EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT ACTUALLY, ON ANY TEAM, #1. If he was the starting goalkeeper for Spain, they probably wouldn't annoy me as much. ALSO how did I not know Pepe and Nando are next door neighbors in Liverpool? Hey, Nando, you better stay in Liverpool so you don't have to leave your BFF. It would be sad for everyone.

2. I went to a White Sox game and got sunburnt to hell. Also it went from sweltering hot without a cloud in the sky to freezing and pouring rain and back again. Freaking Chicago. Every damn time I go to a game! But hey, they won and the Cubs lost, that's all that matters. Also: BLACKHAWKS. HELL YES. Anyway, they had to win. They couldn't bring shame upon Michael Jordan, Lord of Chicago, in his own arena.

3. Have I talked about how fantastic the new Doctor Who is? Because I eventually got over my bitterness from Ten and gave Eleven a shot and I am SO GLAD. I love Eleven, Amy, Rory, and although it's had some problems, nothing near the fail that RTD's episodes were usually full of. And for the most part the stories are interesting and make a semblance of sense! I'm very much looking forward to the finale. And I hope that Amy Pond will be around as companion for another season, but I have no idea, so if anyone knows, DON'T tell me.

4. I don't particularly like Rio Ferdinand, but I know how much it must hugely suck to get knocked out of the World Cup this late in the game. Still I am very excited that Stevie gets to be captain, something that I've always thought he was very, very worthy of, especially considering how up until the most current season he could single-handedly push Liverpool to a win through sheer force of will. I still hate the English NT, but I will of course be hoping that Stevie, Carra, and Glen do well for themselves. (I'm an American of German and Scottish descent. It would be WRONG of me to do anything but hate the English NT.)



Jul. 23rd, 2009 04:21 pm
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Oh my god you guys. OH MY GOD.

Mark Buerhle just pitched a PERFECT FUCKING GAME for the Chicago White Sox. Only the 18th (!!!) in the history of the MLB and the first time since 1922 that a White Sox player has done it.


brb crying

And and and the first out of the ninth inning was the most insane catch that I have ever seen in my life. EVER FUCKING SEEN. It was crazy and it was Shady Dewayne who I love for all of his shadiness. Buerhle was amazing but the whole team was working together to help him get this thing and omg I AM SO OVERCOME WITH EMOTION IDEK WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

I need a moment.

My dad made me hold the phone up to the TV for the entire ninth inning and it was our second string catcher and first baseman and our adorable little rookie third baseman and omfg. Dewayne on his catch: "I told myself I was going to run through the wall to catch that ball if I had to." <333


Seriously they just pulled Buerhle out of a press conference so he could talk to Obama. <333
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1. You guys were totally right and I was very wrong about True Blood and Eric. Thanks for talking sense to me. *g* I've actually been genuinely enjoying about 80% of the episodes now. When Jason or Sookie are onscreen, I just think about other, more interesting things going on with other, more interesting people. Sometimes Sookie is even with these interesting people!

some random spoilery thoughts )

2. Did anyone else watch the pilot of Hung? I was amused. I'll stick around to see where it goes. Thomas Jane looks eerily like James Purefoy.

3. I've had so much free time this summer that I've been able to watch pretty much the entire White Sox season since I got home in May. I don't think I've ever watched a season of baseball this closely before. It's fun (and frustrating) to watch my team and see what's winning and losing them a chance at playoffs. Which is mostly idiotic infield errors in the case of the White Sox. The losing part.

I've also developed a major crush on our left-fielder (soon to be center-fielder) Scott Podsednik. He was with the team that won the World Series in 2005 and I had a major crush on him then. But we let him go a few years later and long story short he ended up with us on a minor-league deal. We called him up and he's been more or less amazing for the team this year. ALSO HE IS ADORABLE.

4. Did I ever mention that I finally watched Dead Like Me: Life After Death and thought it was a terrible waste of getting all those actors back together? What was even the point of that? Nothing happened that hadn't happened already on the show. Sigh.
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Here's a collection of completely random thoughts.

1. This totally non-spoilery Torchwood: Children of Earth promo shot. akjfjdkjghdfgjfdhljkfhlfdjldf are they actively trying to kill me at this point? It's like someone took all my kinks and made them into one picture. 0_0 Well not all of them, that would be quite obscene.

2. I am desperately, desperately in need of new Mad Men. I just wanted to throw that out there. And yet I must wait two months. The thing I've realized about Mad Men is that it's one of the few shows where I genuinely enjoy every single minute. I mean, sure, I sometimes wish the entire thing could be about Peggy (and NOT just cause we have the same name *g*), but even when there's an entire scene of Don Draper literally just sitting in a chair drinking for two minutes and it ends in nothing and you never have any idea what the point of it was, I still love it. It's one of the few shows on television that I think is genuinely and consistently good and original and thought-provoking. It's so good that I don't feel in any way fandomy about it.

Also, god DAMN that show is pretty.

3. One day I want to write a tl;dr meta on how the ancient Greek perception of the soldiers of the Persian War and the soldiers of the Peloponnesian War is a direct mirror of the modern American perception of the soldiers of World War II and the soldiers of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. specifically as presented in Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. anyone who didn't back away slowly, read on! )

Well THAT certainly took a different direction than I intended. Huh.

4. For my final thought I leave you with the sad, sad knowledge that the first game of the Crosstown Classic, aka the White Sox v. the Cubs, (think of it as the Chicago baseball derby) was postponed due to rain. So our ass-kicking of the Cubs was also postponed. Le sigh. I wonder if the Cubs catcher will punch Pierzynski again this year.
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I went to a White Sox game today with my dad (it was Father Daughter Day! we treasure these Speshul Bonding Moments) and, just as I had predicted, they actually stopped sucking and won. AND there was a home run so I got to see EXPLODEY THINGS. I have magical skills and they should just give me season tickets and hire me as a good luck charm. It was also FREEZING. What the fresh hell, Chicago? Did no one notify you that it's June? Buuuut, it was okay, because they won and I had a good time with my pops.

The White Sox are one of those teams that, no matter what they do, no one else will ever love them or take them seriously except White Sox fans. I mean, when you say "the Sox" unless you're talking to someone from Chicago, they're going to assume you mean Boston. When people DO think of the White Sox, they mostly think of either Losing A Lot or the Black Sox. The Cubs are just as shitty as us if not worse - hell, they haven't won a trophy in over a century - and yet they're the more popular and well-known Chicago team. Even when we won the freaking World Series in 2005, the general opinion seemed to be that the other teams had just gotten worse, not that we'd gotten better. Nobody gives a shit about the Chicago White Sox except its fans, and you know what? I kind of don't mind. I love my underdogs, ultimate fuck-ups in a way that Chicago sports teams truly excel at. It wouldn't be Chicago if we didn't completely, epically suck most of the time, but have those moments of brilliance that make all the long, disappointing years worth it.

Also, this little commercial cracks me up. AJ Pierzynski is one of the most hated players in baseball because, well, let's just say he takes advantage of situations which present themselves to him. Hey, the dropped third strike is a rule for a reason, people. *g* And he's a cocky asshole. But he's OUR cocky asshole, and I love him and his bleached blond peroxide hair. Plus, he's a catcher. Catchers are hot no matter what they actually look like. Proven fact. ... Or maybe that's just in my family. Hmm. Must research this.

Also, our wonderful president is a White Sox fan. I AM JUST SAYIN'. Not gonna lie, this was one of the reasons I eventually grew to like him after Clinton lost the primary. Being a Sox fan just says something about a person. Er, no offense to Cubs fans. *shifty look*

Anyway, I promise not to talk about baseball too much because I know the few of you who even watch it are all Yankees and Cubs fans. But I felt ~ponderous~ on the way home.
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Hey [ profile] gloryliberty: I'm watching the Bayern Munich v. Hamburger game from today, and guess who showed up in the stands to support Jurgen in his Bundesliga coaching debut? Why Jogi and Olli, of course. Just sitting there, being older-man-hot. \o/

I know most people in football fandom don't care about the Bundesliga but ZOMG yay! I am so gleeful watching it again. And then Premier League and Liverpool tomorrow! AND SWIMMING TONIGHT OH MY GOD! I haven't mentioned it much here but I am loving every minute and as much as people are complaining about Phelps getting all the attention - which I agree is shitty but certainly not his fault - I would love to see him win those eight golds.

Also: CHECK THIS THE HELL OUT PEOPLE. The White Sox hit four consecutive home runs in one inning last night, tying an MLB record. I am trying SO HARD not to do a Numfar Dance of Joy right now.

SPORTS ARE LIKE A FANDOM THAT NEVER ENDS AND 98% OF MY FLIST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT. Also I had a dream about Frings and all he did was look at me like this the entire time. HE EVEN HAD THE HAT ON.
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1. I'm still pretty bummed about my boys losing, but if they had to lose to someone, I'd want it to be Spain, and especially Fernando. I really just want to give them all hugs and possibly lollipops and stickers and tell them all how awesome they still are. I'll just spend the next two years wishing and hoping and praying that they don't kick Micha and Torsten to the curb for reaching the ripe old age of thirty-three. My god, how truly ancient! Oh sports. Blast. But two adorable-yet-tragic pictures from the Post Match Watch the Other Team Celebrate Time make me smile.

cut for once )

2. I saw Wanted to take my mind off the game. And it did, mostly because it SUCKED ASS. God, James McAvoy, what were you thinking? I felt like I'd spent two hours in the mind of a particularly pathetic and dirty fanboy, acting out all of his wish fulfillment fantasies. I was actually surprised Frank Miller didn't have his misogynistic claws in it. He could've added some hookers with hearts of gold in S&M gear! It would've been so empowering to women! Hey, little girls, you too can grow up to be sexualized objects whose sole purpose is to react to the male heroes! /end sarcasm ETA: Marc Warren was cool though. Through a slow process of him being in every freaking thing I watch, I'm coming to be rather fond of the man.

3. On a completely non-bitchy note, I'm finally getting around to watching Burn Notice and I ADORE it. I love Michael, of course, because there is no way Jeffrey Donovan can play a character I don't like. (This is where I take a moment to weep over US Touching Evil.) Dear jeezy chreezy, that man looks good in a suit. And SPIES! This is the kind of feeling that I wish Alias had evoked more often, not taking itself too seriously but still with a very real sense of danger and violence. Plus I thought Fi would annoy me, but her remorseless insanity wins you over. And Bruce Campell, as always, brings the awesome. Sharon Gless having another son named Michael threw me for a little bit. I kept expecting Justin to bound down the stairs and throw himself at Brian Kinney. *g*

4. To [ profile] sparky77: SWEEEEEEEEEEP! Now we are even. =D


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