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Also, I can't remember if I ever mentioned this, but there is a sequel in the works to A Companion to Wolves, AKA published dirty slash fic of Nordic wonders. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. COME TO ME. Other awesome things supposedly occuring in 2011: Fast Five (literally CANNOT WAIT, I am going to expire with anticipation), Justified season 2 (♥_♥), and HP7 Pt. II: Avada Kedavra My Childhood. Oh, also the Women's World Cup.
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I made it home to America! However, you may have noticed that Europe is having a snowpocalypse right now, and I caught the very beginning of that in Zurich, which resulted in a 9 hour layover in Zurich, 8 hours of which was ON A PLANE. They actually cancelled the flight at a certain point but kept us all on the plane (with the option to leave if we wanted to) because the airport was chaotic with people from cancelled flights. About an hour after I had a minor breakdown because we got cancelled and I JUST WANTED MY MAMA, they were like, Surprise! We're leaving at 9! Which actually turned into 10, so we got to Chicago at 1AM, and we didn't actually get home until 4:30. AYE. What an awful, awful trip, but I am so lucky to have actually gotten home because tons of my fellow Vienna students are stranded across Europe. My body feels like I was recently hit by a semi, but it's nothing I won't recover from after a few days of sleep in my nice big bed. 18 hours on that plane. My god. At least the person sitting next to me was nice and spoke English. It was like one of those high pressure disaster situations where you quickly build unnaturally strong friendships based on nothing but your shared trauma.

So, so exhausted. I've just got to stay awake for an hour or so more and then I should be able to knock my sleep schedule back into synch. Hopefully. AMERIKA WTF. I haven't actually left the house yet, and although this is weird enough, I'm sure actually going out into the world is going to be even weirder. Oy. This is so surreal, I don't even know. AGH.

ETA: DADT got repealed pending signature by Obama while I was away? IS THIS REAL LIFE alejfhkjsdhgkdsjgahgkjf. MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA!
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1. I keep getting defriended by people. I guess I have become more boring and/or offensive since I have been in Vienna. Whoops. That's what living in a city of perpetually grumpy old Austrians with poorly dyed hair will do to you. If I had studied abroad in Salzburg I would be fucking singing all the time and shit. Mistakes! Mistakes?

2. I caved and started watching the Hawaii Five-0 reboot. GODDAMIT FANDOM HIVE MIND. I always go where the slash writers go. I'm so easy. Also I will watch anything that gives Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim a reason to be on my TV again. I also kind of want to actually watch Merlin season 3 because this Gwaine thing intrigues me. GODDAMIT FANDOM STOP MAKING ME WATCH BAD TELEVISION.

3. How awesome was the Kurt scene in yesterday's Glee? SO AWESOME. ♥_♥ spoilers )

4. SO EXCITED FOR THE BORGIAS. Watch the trailer! Some of my favorite things in fiction are trashy historical dramas, vaguely incestuous sibling relationships, and Jeremy Irons, so it all works out.

5. I only have 8 more days in Vienna. 0_o
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Thanks so much to everyone for the birthday wishes, on here ([ profile] randomeliza and [ profile] ainsley ♥) and on facebook! I had a really nice one here in Wien, although turning 21 in Europe is kind of anticlimatic because I've been able to legally drink since August. Actually, that was kind of nice for me because it gave me an excuse to not have to do the go out and drink until you black out and throw up thing, which I was very happy to avoid. Instead I had a CHRISTMAS COOKIE PARTY! How utterly delightful. Although I did drink a good part of a bottle of wine, so there's that for my drunk 21st birthday. And thank you to [ profile] aurora_84 and [ profile] sparky77 for the virtual gifts. *squishes*

Being surrounded by good friends made the level to which I miss my family a little better, but, damn, I just want to be home at this point. By the time I get home, it will be more than four months since I've seen my mom and sisters. For someone like me, whose family members are my best friends and the people I'd pretty much always prefer to spend time with, being deprived of their physical presence for so long has been a killer. I have a big group of amazing friends here and I love this ridiculous city, but nothing quite comes close to being with the people who know exactly who you are. 12 days. I can totally do that. But I also have a shitton of work to get done in the next week. Ahhhh, so much stress. I just want to spend my last days in Vienna drinking Punsch and eating Kartoffelpuffer.

I can't believe I am going to be in America in 12 days. Fuck. I feel like there is going to be a lot of reverse culture shock going on. I am going to be shocked by my own culture! BRING ME ALL THE CHEESEBURGERS IN THE LAND.
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And in other football news the US women are going to the World Cup! \o/ And, Liverpool, oh you scousers. *group hug for general morale purposes*

I am SO READY for this semester to be over. And really pretty ready to return to America to the bosom of my family to eat TEN THOUSAND CHEESEBURGERS. Om nom nom greasy delicious American cheeseburgers. There is honestly a good chance that I will cry. And then realize that I really miss Punsch and people who understand me when I say random German phrases.

Also, how did I forget how HILARIOUS Buffy is? I've been downloading random episodes as incentive to finish portions of papers. I just rewatched "Something Blue" and lsdjglfkjalfgj. So hilarious. I think my favorite Spike ever is chipped!Spike who is a kind of prisoner but mostly just provides hilarious color commentary. Before they got all fucked up and intense, Buffy and Spike were kind of vaguely sibling-like for awhile there.
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How did The Good Wife become the one show I watch where I still yell things at the TV and get really anxious and gleeful while watching? It's kind of funny that a show that is so reserved and subtle would make me yell obscenities at my TV. Also I realized that my enjoyment of an episode is pretty much directly proportional to how much Alicia is present in it. Not that I don't love the supporting cast (Kalinda! ♥), but... it's Alicia. She's the best. I'm so glad TGW continues to be awesome. How abysmal would TV be if SPN Attack of the Pod People 2010 was all I had to look forward to?

Also did you know that entering the State Hall of the Austrian National Library is pretty much like walking into the library in Beauty & the Beast? Yeah, there's one childhood dream fulfilled. THANKS, HABSBURGS! *wipes away single tear* Although the weather has been absolutely fucking abysmal here lately. Apparently scientists predict this will be the coldest winter in Europe in 1000 freaking years. REALLY, EUROPE. REALLY. Also our crazy brooch-wearing Austrian landlady ignores all calls for the lightbulbs in our chandelier (don't get excited, it's pretty jank) in the dining room/kitchen to be changed and now NINE OF THEM have gone out and we have one single bulb left working. It's a little dark in there, not gonna lie.

My parents sent me a care package full of candy and some stuff I needed, and my dad made me a little mixtape (on a flashdrive) of weird German versions of songs, songs that are inside jokes between me and him, and songs of ~fatherly guidance~. Like Frank Zappa songs telling me to eat my vegetables and songs telling me to drink and smoke. LMFAO. Only my dad. It makes me so happy to listen to it, like a little piece of home I can take with me anywhere. :)

I've been a terrible Liverpool fan this season, watching the whole thing unfold with a kind of detached horror. Hopefully it's coming to some kind of solution soon, but IDK. I always thought those people who said we'd become the next Leeds were way overreacting, but the possibility is sickeningly possible, isn't it? Everything is teetering so dangerously, I kind of have to look away. ... At least Germany are doing well? Turkey game this weekend though, minus Schweini. Man up, Deutschland!


Sep. 1st, 2010 10:29 pm
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Holy shitballs, do not crosspost anything I write here to Facebook, Twitter, or any "normal people" social networking website. Look, I already get some weird looks (...emoticons?) for some of the stuff I like from FANDOM people, imagine what RL people would think. Damn, lj, you're lucky I'm too lazy to go to Dreamwidth.

Also, Archie Panjabi won an Emmy? My gleeful whaaaaaaaaaat could be heard from space.

Also also I am watching Before Sunrise and I recognize so much of it already. I can tell this will be a movie I rewatch a lot after I get back, just to take in the scenery. :)
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I'm leaving for Vienna in a few hours! Is there an emoticon that expresses terror and excitement at the same time? Hmmm, must investigate. In any case, I'm not sure how much I'll be around here for the next four months. You might not see me at all, but more likely I'll still be around a bit. I can't give up my internets. Let me know if anything exciting happens. :)
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1. I continue to prepare for my semester in Austria. Egad. I've gotten most of the stuff taken care of, I just need to buy a few things and get my birth control sorted out. And hope the Euro stops rising. If anyone has any recommendations of good (relatively cheap) restaurants, cafes, etc. in Vienna, I would love to hear them. Or expensive places too. I could go there once a month...

2. I'm having a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon party... FOR TWO. I'm trying to think of LotR themed food. Anyone? I am going to make Kool-Aid and put it in a cool pitcher and pour it ~dramatically like Galadriel and nearly go crazy with power maybe. And Ring and Eye of Sauron cookies. And I feel like PO-TAY-TOES should be involved somehow. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

3. The US remake of Skins always seemed like such a terrible and unnecessary idea, and now they've gone and gotten rid of the Maxxie character. NOT COOL. They did replace him with a lesbian so it's not a case of degaying a show, but Skins already has two great lesbian/bisexual characters in Emily and Naomi. BOOOOOO. Maxxie is my favorite. Well, I probably would not have watched this show anyway. Stupid American remakes.

And I still have not watched the rest of season four of Skins. For someone who hated season three and most of the second gen characters as they acted in season three (except Emily and... really, that's it. Thomas sometimes), is it worth watching?

4. I think this transfer season has made me realize that, unless you really love one of them, to an outsider Real Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful. And I don't say that to be a bitch to the Barca and RM fans on my flist, only to point out that I've realized that Barca embody just as many of the things that I hate about football that Real Madrid also embody, only Barca act like they are the Noble Saviours of Football while doing those shitty things. At least Madrid are upfront with their douchebaggery. The Barca players have acted like a bunch of spoiled little brats who can't get the toy they want this transfer season. It's embarrassing to watch. I think any interest I had in La Liga is kaput, becaise the two teams that anyone else seems incapable of beating are two teams that I can't stand right now. Maybe if another team breaks through as a contender it would be interesting again, but for now I'm going to stick to Premier League and Bundesliga. And yeah, butthurt little Germany fan, cry moar, right? Well, there's probably some truth to that, to be honest. I don't have any desire to watch Spanish teams win more shit.

Also, Khedira. Sigh. Whatever. I am too angry right now to wish him well, but for the sake of the Germany NT I do hope he is played. Man, my grudge against Real Madrid gets new things added to it every day! It's like a charm bracelet of anger.
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1. I'm thinking for my semester in Vienna, I'm going to leave a week or so before I need to be in Vienna and meet up with a few friends of mine who will be in Germany... somewhere. Possibly N├╝rnberg or Berlin. Wherever they are then. I figure this will give me time to a) get over my jetlag before I have to deal with school and moving into a new place and meeting tons of new people b) give me time to get used to being in a German-speaking country and c) give me time to hang out in Germany with my friends, obvs. The only problem is I would have to carry around all my luggage wherever we went unless I can find somewhere to store it. But I'm sure I could figure something out.

Also, I signed up for a nine day trip to Prague, Budapest, and Krakow, so hopefully I signed up early enough to get a spot! Eeeeeeee! \o/

2. I think my problem with Supernatural this season is that it's taking the apocalypse - and itself- way, way too seriously. I was raised on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, okay? I need people to crack a joke once every two episodes instead of constant jaw-clenching and single tears and self-loathing and total despair and hopelessness. I feel like I'm in an episode of Oz up in here! Dean deals with his pain by being a drunk manwhore and Castiel is his religious friend who .... well, disapproved at some point. Lucifer is O'Reily, obvs, and the angels are the corrupt guards. Not sure that Sam could really pull off Keller though. Needs more crazy. And at the end of the episode you're like, who the fuck is still letting these people run this place? How have the guards/angels not been fired yet with all these dead people? I really wondered how it was possible that Glynn and McManus kept their jobs for as long as they did. There were like three deaths every episode, on a good day. And usually ALL in the small population of Em City.

.... Because Oz is obviously a show where everything makes logical sense.

3. I saw Invictus, which is yet another movie in the strong tradition of ~Sports Bring People Together Across Racial Barriers~ but without the fun singing and dancing in Remember the Titans. And, wow, are South African accents really that weird or did Matt Damon just have a really bad one? In any case, it made me really excited for the World Cup. Uh, of football. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT PEOPLE. I'm going to have to get some kind of night job because I can't miss the matches. From June 11 to July 11, FOOTBALL TAKES OVER MY LIFE. My family should consider themselves lucky that there aren't any games on July 4th this year so they won't have to deal with me sobbing at the family cookout.

4. a meme stolen from aurora_84 )
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I officially got accepted into the Vienna study abroad program for fall semester of 2010! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Flaily hands of jooooooooooy! Repetition of letters in woooooooooords!

And that is all. :D


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