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1. I did a rewatch of Teen Wolf. Still surprisingly kind of good in certain aspects. I mean, if you, like I assume most people probably do, believe that Stiles is the main character and not Scott. Scott's a nice guy, but he is very boring, and very dumb. Also, I forgot how much Bad Touch is in that show. Stiles and Jackson get manhandled by an older man like every other minute. And, on a certainly not at all related note, I've been enjoying the recent (and kind of random?) surge of new fic (including some of my favorite wrongdirtybad pairing, Peter/Stiles). I've been checking the Teen Wolf tag at AO3 religiously ever since the show aired, and suddenly there is all this great new stuff all the time. JOY. Also, my mom happened to be in the room while I was watching a lot of this, and became really attached to Stiles. She was very concerned for him and said, and I quote, "He's the only one with a lick of sense!" HE IS CATNIP TO ALL TYPES. And now I'm all excited for season two.

2. Baseball is back! Yay! I don't expect anything from the White Sox this year (hey, they won a World Series just last decade! I don't want them to strain themselves!), but it's just comforting to have it back. And I'm going to the home opener on Friday, which should be all kinds of awesome.

3. Football, on the other hand, I have been studiously ignoring for weeks now. Yikes. But Stuttgart have been having their usual second half surge and will probably play in Europe next year, so that's exciting at least. I've also realized that I am not hugely excited for the Euros right now. I think it's getting too close and the prospect of Germany getting really close and losing again in the semis or final (or god, even earlier) is causing my brain to avoid thinking about it. My poor battered heart cannot take it, especially if those smug Spanish fucks win again. Er. Not that I am bitter or anything.

4. Community was so great this week. I am a big fan of boring Ken Burns documentaries, so I enjoyed the loving spoof.

5. I think I got incepted by the hockey RPS people on my flist. I've started reading fic? I don't even know! I've watched hockey for a few years (I am a Blackhawks fan, obviously), and never been remotely attracted to any of these guys, because frankly I see them too often without their front teeth. But this fandom's got some good crack.

6. In other news: I have four weeks of undergrad left. Excuse me while I go throw up from terror, cry from sadness, and leap with joy at the same time. It's gonna be gross.
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1. Spring break is over. Sigh. I am back at school with everything settled, including my shiny new Sony Vaio (named Ghost, after Jon Snow's direwolf of mute albino badass fame) which is so pretty that I just want to pet it all the time. But I am so not okay with this unseasonably hot weather. It should not be 85 degrees in March in Indiana! WTF?! Walking around campus is miserable when it's this hot, and I usually only have to endure that for a few weeks at most. This shit had better cool down. I want spring! Also it's freaking me out. This is end of days type weather.

2. I finished the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, and very much enjoyed it. I saw that there's a Bartimaeus-centric prequel out now too. Definitely have to read that, as Bartimaeus was by far the best part of that, although I also loved Kitty. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a series to read.

3. I am so very tempted to get tickets to this Marvel Avengers Movies Marathon. I could take a nap through Incredible Hulk. I'm just not sure I want to see Avengers for the first time in 3D, since, unless I'm mistaken, it was not filmed in 3D and so this is just another one of those slapdash jobs that they stick on a perfectly fine 2D movie to get more money. I hate being distracted by shitty, pointless 3D. Decisions, decisions.

4. I continue to be hardcore obsessing over Game of Thrones. I'm so excited to see some of the stuff from the second book. Especially certain Arya-related stuff. \o/ I've also realized something about my shipping tendencies with this series. only midlly spoilery if you don't know that these two people have a storyline together later on )

5. March Madness! It's so strange to actually care instead of just conspiring with my mom to get my dad to finally stop watching basketball after six straight hours. Sweet 16, baby! Exciting times.
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In my efforts to be less obsessive about my grades, I am putting off studying for my Late Roman History midterm until tomorrow morning! Bah, take that, uh, self! (Okay, so I may have already studied for a few hours yesterday, just let me have this, please.)

So instead I am doing that meme where you give me a fandom and/or pairing and/or character and I spew feelings about them. I stole it from that strange wilderness that is tumblr, which still sometimes confuses me a lot because I am old and set in my ways.

Please help me not do schoolwork. It makes my mama proud. Seriously, I call her and say, "I'm not studying, but instead drinking!" and she congratulates me because I study too much.

meme )

Thanks so much to the anon who sent me the shiny dragon! \o/
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1. Thanks so much to everyone for your comments on my last post! *hugs*

2. Last weekend I watched the only FatF movie I'd never seen, Tokyo Drift. And, man, even for a FatF movie, that was pretty terrible. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I really wanted the entire movie to be about Han. And not just because I already knew him from the later FatF movies. Because SUNG KANG IS AWESOME. And seriously fucking hilarious. If you have never seen Car Talk with Sung Kang, rectify that shit immediately. So offensive, so deadpan. Tyrese is also amazing in this. I have an embarrassing amount of love for the FatF family of actors. I mean, the real ones, not these randos that showed up in Tokyo and never again. When Dom showed up at the end I was like, "WHY DO I FEEL LIKE CLUTCHING AT MY CHEST?!" So embarrassed, self. But not really, because I really just want Fast Six or whatever the hell they're calling it to show up. MORE HEISTS PLZ.

3. I was way too excited when I discovered's streaming video of tons of their shows. SO MUCH AMERICAN EXPERIENCE!!!!

4. I have a pretty awesome schedule for next semester. Two film classes: one about archaeology in film and one about classical myth in film. Somehow I see a lot of 80s movies in my future. Plus after the first eight weeks I'll have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. EVERY WEEK. MORE DAYS OF WEEKEND THAN DAYS OF WORK. Ah, college. So beautiful.

5. I hope everyone has a lovely Halloween. My university's cinema is showing a bunch of comic book and Hitchcock movies over the weekend, so I will be hanging out there. And then on Nov. 1st I will get half-priced candy. I wish I could fly to Austria and visit Zentralfriedhof like all self-respecting Viennese people do on All Saints Day. ALAS. I am no longer pseudo-Viennese.


Sep. 4th, 2011 09:37 pm
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I decided to return to the homestead for the weekend, even though it's only been a few weeks since I got back, because it is UNGODLY FUCKING HOT at school and I wouldn't want to do anything but sit in front of my air conditioner all weekend anyway. So I came home and attempted cheesecake and slept in my nice queen-size bed here and just generally relaxed. The oppressive heat at school has really been wearing me down, so I pray that the forecasts claiming things will be cooling down are accurate.

Also: DEUTSCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Yay, first non-host team to qualify for the Euros! I feel like perhaps I should be slightly more concerned about our back line, but also, I cannot stress enough just how very little you can take from Germans playing in a game that is not the finals of a major tournament. It's the ultimate act in futility to even try.

And I have to mention how much I am shaking my head at ALREADY the inevitable appearance of articles from the English press about how, "You know what, I think England have a chance this time!" WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELVES?! It is such a vicious cycle!

In further news I was planning to drive home tonight but then I made the mistake of visiting with some German friends of ours and was plied with wine. Oops. Guess I'll be driving home tomorrow! Man, it is hard to type when you are drunk! Damn Germans!

I feel like this post may be useless and I didn't mean to post it in this form, but, uh, I cannot reason that much right now!
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1. I'm completely in love with this GoT vid: Thistle and Weeds by [ profile] sisabet. It's Daenerys' S1 arc, done absolutely beautifully and wonderfully reminding after I'd lost it a bit after ADWD why I do love Dany so much. Actually, Dany's story in A Game of Thrones is possibly one of my favorite things in the entirety of ASOIAF, and DEFINITELY my favorite thing about the show.

Also, my conflicted feelings about Jaime Lannister continue to conflict me. Needless to say, I am excited to see what the show does with his storyline as ~events progress~, even though I think they watered him (and Cersei) down to make them more likable. Jaime post, er, That Thing That Happens, is a lot more interesting to me.

2. Spanish football, at this point, just kind of horrifies me as a whole. Where is that Tracy Jordan retreating backwards .gif when you need it? That is how I feel about La Liga. And both Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful, ugh! They're like the Ron Swanson and Tammy II of football when they're together. I will stick to the ridiculous and lovable Bundesliga and weary-old-man Premier League from now on. Just stop involving my Germans in your bullshit, La Liga!

...I won't lie to you, part of me is hoping this will fuck up the Spain NT.

3. I'm FINALLY going to a major league baseball tonight. My first (and probably only) one of the summer! I even had a dream about it last night. I am so deprived.

4. I'm going back to school earlier than I intended, because I got a job interview at the rare books library at my school. I waaaaant it. Fingers crossed.
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1. I read The Hunger Games trilogy during LJ: The Russians Attack Part II! Or whatever part we're on now. I really enjoyed them, although I actually wish they'd been a bit longer and more complex. I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about Katniss until pretty much the very end, but in the end I decided I liked her. My favorite interactions in the series were probably between her and Haymitch rather than either of her love triangle boys. Although I did like Peeta as well. These could be really awesome movies, or they could try and water down the dark stuff and make them Twilighty and I will cry a little bit. Despite the suckiness of whitewashing Katniss, I do think Jennifer Lawrence could do a fantastic job with this if given the right material. She already proved to be exceptionally badass in that understated survivor way in Winter's Bone.

Is there any good Hunger Games fanfic out there? I would read pretty much any pairing/character, to be honest.

2. Captain America was enjoyable. I especially enjoyed that there was a main character named Peggy! But of course she was born in the 1920s or thereabouts. Anyway, if I am going to rank the Avengers solo movies, here's where I'm feeling them: Iron Man > Thor > Captain America > Iron Man 2 > The Incredible Hulk. Why can't there be a Loki? Where he just runs around trolling all these guys/the world? Oh, I believe that's going to be called The Avengers.

3. I'm nearing that phase where I'm beginning to have some light to medium mental breakdowns because I have to graduate in a year and I never really ever want to do that can't I please stay in school forever and take weird classes about really obscure subjects? *sigh* I guess I should just enjoy it while it lasts. I want to apply to grad schools as soon as possible in fall so I can get that stuff off my mind and enjoy my last two semesters. And then I will sell my drugs/my body/kittens for vampire poker so I can financially survive grad school!

4. The promo art for The Good Wife S3 is decidedly sexier than it's ever been before. I hope this means there will be more sexy times. Don't tease me like this, show.

5. I am going to make a post about all my crazy ASOIAF theories, but I am going to do it in a separate post because it is getting lengthy.
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Oh my god, not being in school and yet being stuck in Bloomington where there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO in the summer is awful At least if I was home I would have the big kitchen and I could bake things, or have my full DVD collection, or a library where you can actually get stuff you want within a year (the public library here is awful, the ones at home are some of the best in the nation), or, I don't know, ANY FRIENDS AT ALL (they have all left!). I know, I know, cry more, life is so hard when you have no responsibilities. But I am bored dammit. I am trying to think of a show I want to start watching... and I am coming up with nothing. (I would've gone home this weekend, but my parents are visiting my gimp sister.) It's just been one of those weeks where absolutely nothing can hold my interest. I get bored with everything within 30 minutes. Plus commencement was today so all these families are here and I'm like DDDDDD: I WANNA SEE MY FAMILY. Next weekend!

I just need to find a really awesome plotty fic to read. What was the last great long fic you read in any fandom? PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.
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Happy-making things:

1. Liverpool's fate is in their own hands now. They win all three of their last games and maintain a higher goal difference than the Spurs, and they qualify for Europe next season. Simple as that. YOU CAN DO IT BOYS.

2. I've started having dreams about The Good Wife. It is a good thing we FINALLY get a new episode this week because I am about to lose it.

3. Doctor Who! They are setting up such an epic season and it is probably going to break me in some way but I DON'T CARE. Also I just watched the confidentials and it deeply amuses me that a yellow school bus is something that's iconic American to British people. Or at least the British people who make DW. It's so commonplace! It's hard to think of it as novel to other people.

4. I got tickets to see Jon Stewart at my school's auditorium this September! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. So excited I could pee.

Sad-making things:

1. Finals. I still have half a paper on the causes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 to write. Ugh. It's not that I don't find this interesting, it's just that we've been talking about it for weeks now, and, also, it's a paper. Although my final for my LOTR class was basically, not in these words, to write a piece of fanfiction. LMFAO. So great. And of course I chose the most fucking obscure thing I could find. (It takes place in Cardolan aka one of the realms of the northern kingdom of the Numenoreans that was destroyed by Angmar.) I actually really enjoyed it. Maybe I should write ridiculous gen pieces of forgotten Middle Earth history that no one else cares about more often.

But, in any case, once I finish this paper I will be done with all the hard stuff, and then I'm officially done. Well, until the 10th when my summer class starts. *sigh*

Well, better college than real life, am I right?
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1. football - Liverpool, England, Germany )

2. Okay, my Prison Break people, who watched the T-Bag episode of Breakout Kings? spoilers )

3. I've decided I'm not going to continue taking German next semester. It's just so unsatisfying after having taken it in a country where I could actually make practical use of it. And I don't feel like IU's German classes are particularly challenging. Plus I'm just unmotivated, at this stage in my college life, to be doing so much busy work. PLUS they insist on having even sixth semester German be scheduled on Fridays. UGH. Why don't you offer a Tue/Th German section? WTF? I want my three-day weekend semester! Next semester I think I'll be taking (registration time permitting) Roman Lit, my Classics capstone course (topic as yet undecided), Iranian history, Music of the Beatles (!!!), and some other class that I have yet to decide on. I have a lot of options, like Hindu Goddesses, African-influenced Religions in the Americas, North and South Korea, Making of the Modern Middle East, etc. LOTS OF EXCITING OPTIONS. :DDDD I have such odd interests.

4. Thanks so much for all your help on my last post, those who could see it. :D
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school, life, my worldviews, etc. )

Also, I can't remember if I ever mentioned this, but there is a sequel in the works to A Companion to Wolves, AKA published dirty slash fic of Nordic wonders. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. COME TO ME. Other awesome things supposedly occuring in 2011: Fast Five (literally CANNOT WAIT, I am going to expire with anticipation), Justified season 2 (♥_♥), and HP7 Pt. II: Avada Kedavra My Childhood. Oh, also the Women's World Cup.
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1. I just accidentally punched myself in the face while I was flailing around because one of the WIPs I'm in love with got updated. Yep. That's my life.

2. Can we just talk about the figure skating OT4 for a second? How did I ever live my life before group hugs and figure skating boy bands and good times on the train and of course JOHNNY AND STEPHANE PAIRS SKATING TOGETHER AGAIN. Also Stephane storming off during practice and screaming for sausages and I am legitimately still unsure as to whether or not that was an April Fool's joke, a bizarre mistranslation, or reality, which tells you a lot about Stephane Lambiel. I would read so much fic about them. Boy band AU! They fight crime! They drink cosmos and sleep around Sex and the City AU! Noir detective agency with Plushy as the hard-boiled detective, Stephane as the ditzy secretary, Johnny as the femme fatale and Joubert as the ~seductive French con artist who reluctantly teams up with them! .... Wut. Clearly I have thought about this too much. I'm going to stop now.

3. Now that it is warm outside, people seem to have remembered that they like to get drunk and run around screaming their glory at having, I dunno, successfully crossed the street. Which, granted, is quite an accomplishment in many cases. I can't decide if I'm looking forward to Little Five this year or not. (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a cycling race that takes place every year at IU that is basically an excuse for a week of literal nonstop parties 24/7 - it's more or less the biggest, longest college party you could imagine and 90% of the campus is shitfaced for days. Little Five = Little 500 AKA a little version of the Indy 500.) Obviously I'm not a big partier myself, and tbh with the ridiculous security and police presence during Little 5 it's not worth getting caught drinking underage. However I enjoy just walking around or sitting outside downtown and taking in the bacchic frenzy. It does get annoying after about the fourth day of never-ending house parties surrounding you on every side, though. Not to mention that I live right by the fire station, off to pick up people who drank themselves nearly to death every five minutes.

4. Also there is a construction crew RIGHT OUTSIDE my window from 7AM to 3PM every single freaking day that makes sounds exactly like the Smoke Monster from Lost and I seriously want to CRY. Why won't they let me sleeeeeeeeeep?

5. Football: Crazy, crazy week. FUN TIMES for a neutral, I have to say. Although I could've done without seeing Cesc's leg, like, bow out backwards as he limped across the field. Just, dude, there are times when your team will understand if you sit it out, mmmkay?

6. I apparently gave myself minor heat stroke today so spent pretty much all of it watching all seven hours of VH1's I Love the New Millennium while lolling on the couch trying not to die. I feel so much stupider than I did going into that. And not because of the heat stroke.
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There's a meme going around where you list ten things that make you happy. Uh, this is that meme!

1. Deadwood rewatch:

Shaunessey: No rooms to let.
Jack: Only taking the air.
Shaunessey: Well, go away. I’m at prayer.
Jack: If that’s not a lie as I situate on the common, what claim has your piety on my deference?
Shaunessey: ...Fuck yourself!
Jack: Fuck you, Sir!

2. This icon. The Bundesadler is the Bundesadler is the Bundesadler. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

3. Sam Cooke. He's got that voice that can reach through decades without him and make you feel like he never left because he's singing right to you.

4. Mad Men season three premieres next week (same day as the Premier League returns). Peggy Olson, it has been far too long. And Pete's crazy and Don Draper staring intensely at walls with drink and cigarette in hand and Joan being Joan.

5. I go back to school in two weeks to a new apartment and classes and I guess friends and stuff if they'll still have me. Three classics courses including one about ANCIENT GAY LOVE with my favorite fabulously gay professor plus more German to prepare me for a possible semester in Austria next year. And another one that looks kind of boring but that does not matter.

6. I made a new header for my lj since I had one with Stevie/Xabi/Nando love on it and it made me go DDDD: every time I saw it. Now it's just Stevie G. Not sure I love it completely but I do enjoy the sentiment at least. IT'S LIKE A LIGHT FROM HEAVEN SHINING DOWN UPON HIM LIKE HE IS SIMBA/JESUS.

7. This is old news but Alexander Skarsgård met Zlatan Ibrahimović and it pretty much made my life. DID THEY CONVERSE IN THIRD PERSON IN SWEDISH?! I will believe so unless someone proves that they did not.

.... I will never get over my fandoms colliding in this way.

8. Chocolate milk.

9. My parents got a new computer so I can finally play Sims 2 without having to wait for hours for everything to load all the time. \o/ And of course I promptly created Futbol Land and made the executive decision that Fernando Torres be a girlsim, mostly because I wanted to try out some of the girls clothes I had downloaded. Fingers crossed that Stevie G doesn't knock him up!

10. tonight's true blood )
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I am home and finished with my freshman year of college! I was trying to figure out why it felt so strange, and I realized it was because summer wasn't some huge relief or release from a horrible place that I hated. I mean, I'm happy to have some time off, but I wouldn't have minded sticking around school at all. =D


1. I've become obsessed with these geography games of the sort you might try to get your small child to play. Except, fuck, Europe is HARD, people. Everything's so tiny there, sometimes you can't even see the country you're guessing the capital of. Especially after just dominating the US Capitals game. I'm like, wtf, is this a continent for ANTS?!?!

Anyway, I am DETERMINED TO LEARN THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD. I have the goals of an eight year old.

2. AGGER SIGNED ON FOR FOUR MORE YEARS! Yeeeeeeeees. But we lost Sami. :(((((((

3. In other football news, I was explaining the remaining Champions League fixtures to my mom, and I was all, "Anyway, you should be cheering for Barca and Arsenal. IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN MY MOTHER." And for some reason she went, "Ew, Barcelona! I don't like them!" And I was like, "Um what? Do you even know what league they play in? How do you dislike them?" It turned out that this was all a thinly veiled attempt to get away with rooting for Chelsea because I made her love Michael Ballack. She's always trying to secretly cheer for Chelsea when she thinks I can't see her. And I was like, "IN THIS HOUSEHOLD WE BLEED LIVERPOOL RED, IS THAT CLEAR?!"

Obviously, this should not be taken in any way as some sort of weird passive-aggressive attack on my non-Liverpool friends. I'd only do that to my mom! =D

4. My parents decided to buy HBO and Showtime for a year. And we got an HDTV, meaning: I CAN PERV ON ERIC NORTHMAN IN HD. But basically this is awesome. I now have a great way to waste the next four months of my life. OnDemand HBO and Showtime, here I come.

However, having watched some random HBO and Showtime just because I can, I can say with complete certainty that The Tudors is still shitty and Jonathan Rhys Meyers still has not managed to rediscover his acting skills.

ETA: This shirt CRACKED MY SHIT UP. B =/= V. That's kind of a real problem.
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Despite thirteen years of Catholic school, I've never actually read much of the Old Testament. All we ever got was that hippie, commie-loving, peacefreak Jesus. *g* None of the DEATH AND SMITING AND GENOCIDE YAY stuff. Anyway, I'm reading the Books of Samuel for my honors class, and I just got to the part where David and Jonathan meet. I think my face was a lot like this: =O

WHO KNEW THE BIBLE WAS SO GAY?!?! How did those bastards at Catholic school keep this from me all these years? I AM FILLED WITH RAGE. I feel like they won! I might have to go find slash now just to stick it to them!

Anyway, I need to find a novel to read that's based off of one of the works we've read in this course, but I don't know much about the options I've come up with. So if you could let me know which of these are worth reading (and, if you want, if any of them are horrible), I would appreciate it greatly. Or if you have any alternate suggestions, I'd love to hear them. For the record, the other works we read which aren't listed in the poll are Gilgamesh, the Chuang-Tzu, Oedipus Rex, the lives of Antony, Hilarion, and Malchus, the Letters of Abelard and Heloise, and the Inferno.

[Poll #1361591]

Oh god, I saw Mamma Mia! last night and now I'm stuck in a permanent state of overenthusiastic jazz hands. YOU CAN DAAAAAAAAAANCE! YOU CAN JIIIIIIVE! HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIIIIIIIIIIIFE! I think we should send Liverpool FC to see it before games. Giving them candy just isn't cutting it anymore.
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1. You should all go participate in [ profile] winter_baby's 2009 FANDOM STEEL CAGE MATCH MARCH MADNESS! Resistance is futile, etc. AND VOTE FOR PEGGY OLSON FOR GOD'S SAKE. How can Peggy be losing to Betty? I can fully understand losing to Joan, but Betty? And, wow, I am incredibly surprised by the popularity of Lafayette for True Blood. TBH, I found his character pretty offensively stereotypical. Stop interesting me, random polling statistics!

ETA: Since I have posted this, Peggy is back in the running. Phew. Crisis averted.

2. I've been catching up on my soaps! It's what I do when I'm procrastinating writing papers. The last time I watched them was, I think, around September. And, wow, on Verbotene Liebe a whole steaming pile of NUTHIN' happened. Except Olli had like three separate irrational midlife crises (seriously, you're mad at Christian because he won't randomly go to Ibiza with you and miss a huge test?! wtf?!) and Christian was, oddly, the rational one. And also, really really hot, I might say. As is Gregor, lately.

I'm stuck in this stupid election storyline on As the World Turns. Who even cares about student body elections at a community college? Blah. It's a nice sentiment, but ~valiant gay warriors against evil homophobes~ was boring when they did it on Queer as Folk and Brian and Justin were having sex the entire time. It is certainly not going to get anymore interesting when you take away the softcore porn. Oh well, Luke and Noah are cute and they actually let them kiss onscreen now. Baby steps.

3. I've been quite depressed with Liverpool lately. I think I almost actually cried when I read that Xabi had had an own goal in the Middlesbrough game. There's a slight possibly that I fell to my knees and screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the sky in rage and defeat. Maybe. It's just so WRONG for that to happen and I'm sure Xabi feels like shit about it and I just want to sex him give him hugs. Anyway, I've mostly accepted the fact that Manchester United has almost certainly won the Premiership for this year, so I will cling to the Champions League. However, the game today was greatly happy-making. I ♥ Yossi. And I really, really want the Israeli NT to beat the Greek NT in their qualifying group. Because that group makes me go, "Really, UEFA? REALLY?"

4. Ach. After having a laughably easy last few weeks, the next two weeks will be made of epic fail, school-wise. Which could mean that I might not be around that much but more accurately means that I will just spam more to avoid work.
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Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick, I just cannot get myself to start writing this essay comparing and contrasting Gilgamesh and Odysseus. Not that difficult, right? Kind of boring, and I prefer my writing to be more research-based than opinionated like this sort of is, but I should be able to get this thing done. I even have a very rudimentary outline for what each paragraph should be about. And I know (and enjoy) the Odyssey pretty well, considering how many classes in which I've studied it. And yet! I cannot get the words to come. It's not due until Friday at 5PM, but I prefer to get papers done on weekends whenever possible. *tears hair out* I am trying to get myself to write, like, a single freaking page at least. That way I can write a page a day all next week and be done with it.


- Michael Phelps caught smoking pot (in a picture, no arrest)! All I could think of was, um, have you seen his BFF/boyfriend Ryan? I don't think this should come as a surprise to anyone.
- I heard about this awhile ago, but the news that Iceland is leaving its rebuilding to the first openly gay head of state makes me go \o/
- Awwww, they took the shoe sculpture down. :(
- Naked Germans invade Switzerland. Action must be taken.

AND THAT IS LITERALLY ALL I COULD FIND. At least by way of not depressing/even a tiny bit interesting news. TRAGIC. I guess I actually have to write that one page now. Why is this so difficult?! Someone take my internet away!
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I have finished and turned in that last paper and now I am officially done with that horrid history class.

[thanks to the königin of German .gifs, [ profile] bunnysayboo]

VICTORY IS MINE! I TACKLED THAT PAPER AND MADE IT MY BITCH. Except it's a good thing I had my mom read over it because there were a lot of sentences with important words missing. MY BRAIN FEELS WEIRD NOW WOOOOOO.


Wow, that .gif is ~mesmerizing~. I love a good tackle. *needs sleep and/or chocolate*
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I just received a copy of The Princess Bride (book) from my soon-to-be dorm at IU, telling me that this will be the theme for Welcome Week. *flappy hands* To be honest, this has helped to relieve my insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt somewhat, insomuch as I no longer end up sobbing in the shower into a bar of soap with my cutoffs on like Tobias Fünke.

The rest of this post is ZOMG IT'S OLYMPICS TIME! I'm trying to look past all the shady dealings and problems in China and fifty bazillion athletes getting booted for doping and just enjoy the ~*drama and beauty*~ of the whole thing. Swimming and gymnastics and women's football agh! And then all the weird little sports like trampoline and handball and table tennis which, yes, I will so be watching. This is going to be even worse than Euro because there's so much more.

I have one question for anyone who knows: why does everyone but UEFA send their actual national teams for men's football, but the UEFA countries send their U-21? Is it because all their best players have already played the Euro in the same summer as the Olympics and they want them back and not completely exhausted for club football when the season starts in mid-August? Apparently they've been throwing hissy fits about Messi and Diego and Rafinha going. I find it so bizarre that, like, Brazil is sending their A-team to battle teams like Belgium U-21. It's just weird. MEH. No Balle or Fringser or Nando or San Iker or Dahveeds, so I'm bored already. [I may or may not be wearing my Frings jersey as I type this.] Although I'll be rooting for Team USA, of course. They need all the love and cookies they can get. (The men's team anyway, the women are BAMF.)

And apparently the Germany women's NT are pretty badass, so I will cheer for them a little, though my football-lovin' heart will always be with the American women's team. They were my first "soccer" love, back when they won the World Cup in 1999 and Chastain ripped her shirt off. I ACTUALLY GET MISTY EYED WHEN I WATCH THAT. STILL. Oh god, those ladies. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AWESOME, BBS.

And of course good ole Phelps is back (OMG WHY THORPE WHY?). So what are you most excited about and who will you be rooting for? TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS.


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