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A while ago I made a Women I Love picspam* because I was annoyed with the misogyny that is so pervasive in some parts of fandom, where male characters will be adored and worshiped regardless of if they're actually interesting in any way, but women get called slutty, prudish, bitchy, fake, fat, anorexic, ugly, too pretty, stupid, know-it-alls, etc. for, like, asking about the weather tomorrow. HOW DARE THEY SPEAK WHEN [INSERT BLAND WHITE GUY CHARACTER] WAS IN THE ROOM?!?! And so my first picspam was awesome and made me very happy. So I decided to do part two, because I forgot some people or left them out and I've gotten into new fandoms, and sadly misogyny did not magically disappear. And I think it's important to take that moment to celebrate some of my favorite women again. So this is Part II: The Reckoning.

*Which I totally failed at responding to comments on. So, uh, a year-and-a-half late THANK YOU for all the lovely things you all said. :D I will totally do better this time.

Women I Love

part II )
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I've decided to rewatch the first series of Game of Thrones in preparation for the new season. I watched the series originally in between reading the later parts of AGOT and ACOK, so I'm interested to go back and see it from the perspective of knowing what's going to happen five books from now. So review! With screencaps of pretty people! These reviews will contain spoilers for all the books, as I am too lazy to attempt to sort out what happened when.

Oh and partial nudity and violence so NSFW.

a game of thrones episodes 1 + entire book series spoilers )

Holy crap that took forever. Maybe I will just have to do written recaps for the rest of the episodes. We shall see how devoted I feel to this.
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Time for my contribution to the obnoxious end of the year picspams! 2010 was, actually, pretty awesome for me, possibly one of my best years ever. So here's hoping 2011 will continue in this vein. Also, the following is mildly spoilery for stuff that aired during this year, but nothing big unless you have yet to see the Lost series finale and care. Oh, and I want to say upfront that I still love Liverpool, but in the way that you still love your troubled relative as you bail them out of jail for the third time that year. Not really something for the fond retrospective, you know?

things I loved in 2010 )
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I was sitting around one day, minding my own business, when BAM. I was hit by how fucking annoying I find the atmosphere of misogyny that permeates fandom all over. Nothing in particular triggered it, I was just really cheesed off. Women are fantastic. They are smart, beautiful, kickass, funny, independent, flawed, and a million other things that men get to be all the time in television and film and books that women are so rarely allowed to even approach. When I find a female character who is allowed to be a CHARACTER with her own story and her own life, I don't know what to do with myself besides love her wholeheartedly. So this atmosphere of hating women, of being scared of strong women? Fuck it. Just fucking fuck it. I want to celebrate these women for helping to create a world where I can actually see - and celebrate - parts of myself.

.... Long story short: that's what I did. But I couldn't really think of a good title.

Women I Love

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AH OMG STILL SHAKING AND CRYING RIGHT NOW I DON'T EVEN KNOW. This team just loves to make it as heart attack-inducing as humanly possible, but I am so proud of them. That was amazing and inspirational and they overcame TWO disallowed goals that would've had them topping their group easily and STILL managed to do it. A lot of teams would just whine and cry and blame bad luck for their loss, but they just kept on fighting. LANDON DONOVAN. Finally all the haters can shut the fuck up about him. I'm so happy for all of them. After the England game, they've all played with so much spirit and been so horrifically unlucky, that for them to reach this place is just... perfect. CONGRATS, BOYS. ♥

totally unorganized and unprettified picspam of amazing adorable bros being amazing and adorable together )
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Want to watch the World Cup but know absolutely nothing about it? Enjoy ogling good-looking men whose jobs give them perfect bodies? Wonder if I really hate myself enough to decide to find at least one attractive player from every single one of the 32 partcipating nations? Well then, this picspam is for you! It won't really teach you much about football or any of the teams involved, but it will let you know who you should hope will take off their shirt.

The Non-Football Fan's Guide to the World Cup
or What to do When You're Just Here for the Hot Men

hotasses of the world cup: probably NSFW and not dial-up friendly )

The 2010 World Cup kicks off on Friday, June 11th at 10AM EST/4PM UTC+02!
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Happy 2010! *g* Here's a little picspam of shit wot I loved in 2009 to commemorate the passing of my teenage years and the entry into A WORLD CUP YEAR! \o/ does not even begin to describe it. This contains spoilers for a lot of stuff, but probably the only blatant ones are Dexter, Lost, and House. Anything else, just don't read the text if you don't want to be spoiled.

things that I loved in 2009 )
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Stolen from [ profile] whisperwords and this one has some INTENSE RULES so listen up:

- Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.
- NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.
- They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.
- You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

interpret my visual language )
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Here's my list of twenty people I'd have a lot of raucous sex with if the occasion ever presented itself. Well, maybe not Keller. I'd have to have a gun on me or something.

top 20 ~list of lust~ )

Was that twenty? I failed to number it. :/
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I love what the boys did this season. They made some stupid errors and played shitty sometimes, but for the most part they played some really beautiful football and kicked some serious ass (4-1 is officially my favorite scoreline). Unbeaten at home in the Premier League, doubles on the Mancs, Chelsea in the PL, and Real Madrid, 86 points, +50 GD, not a single direct red (the only Premier League team to do so this year), 23 total clean sheets for Pepe - we scored the most goals while playing the cleanest of any team in top-flight England. And not a single trophy to show for it except for some very deserved accolades for Stevie G and, mostly, how much their fans adore them. *g* So this is my epic picspam of the 117th season of Liverpool FC, with commentary from [ profile] randomeliza. To quote Bring It On: Second place? HELL YEAH. It may not be everything we dreamed of ever, but it's nothing to scoff at. 19 and 6 next year. \o/

And, seriously, this thing is disturbingly long and not dial-up friendly. This is every game I could find pictures for, and then some. This is what happens when you have nothing to do when you get your wisdom teeth taken out.

presented by [ profile] sarkastic, with comments in italics by [ profile] randomeliza

liverpool fc: 2008-2009 season - august to december )
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"I think you'd better pop another pill, 'cause that's crazy." WHAT. WHAT. MICHAEL SCOFIELD I LOVE YOU. That has to be the sassiest, most spectacular zinger to ever come from that boy's mouth. I am going to say that in every situation where it even remotely fits now. Also: okay, I've seen the Wallporn scene, and I vaguely remembered the premiere, but holy gay fairies of Oz this season brings the prison slash. Kind of makes me wish this show had been on cable so Michael and Alex could act on all that sexual tension. Except then there'd probably be a lot of life-scarring rape scenes like in Oz and never the sex you want between Beecher and Keller. Yeah, I'm still pissed about that cockblock.

So to make a long story short I decided to do a capspam of all the Michael/Mahone moments in S3. And there are a damn lot of them. If my S2 DVDs arrive before I leave for school, I will picspam those too. All this sizzling sexual tension, I don't know if my computer can handle it. But I will persevere. Do you know how hard it is not to include every single cap of Wentworth Miller because the man is so inhumanly beautiful? And then I want to include every cap of Alex because he's my favoritest. Also, I put the wall scene on slow speed and just hit that cap button like I was being paid for it. In other words, not dial-up friendly!

This includes spoilers for season four! But only in text, so looking at the pictures is safe. I feel that I should also warn for utterly ridiculous amounts of sweat and the jaundice-coloring of everything that apparently happens when you're in Panama.

prison break season three episodes 1-4: michael/alex )

Oh, and happy new year, I guess. :)
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Awhile ago I ran across a meme where you listed who you would sleep with from each MLB team. Clearly, this needed to be modified for football, the sport that makes perfect bodies. And I went with Premier League, just because I know the most players. Basically, this is a picspam of hot footballers that I give thanks for! (see what I did there?)

Semi-NSFW because Roque Santa Cruz wants to take his pants off.

who I would sleep with in the premier league if I was guaranteed to not get nereida's STDs )
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I've been showing [ profile] thehangedwoman Deadwood, and I understand so much more of what's going on this time around. Like most complex non-US-network shows, it's the kind of thing that benefits from a rewatch. However, thinky thoughts will have to wait because Mr. Seth Bullock blindsided me in "Here Was a Man."

click here for my evidence )

Also: CARLTON LASSITER = ALMA'S UNFORTUNATE HUSBAND. I laughed so hard and then went about imagining a Psych Western AU.

P.S. I am stupidly excited for the new season of Heroes, even though it'll probably let me down terribly. I haven't read any spoilers, but I just have this feeling that they're going to de-Petrelli Claire so that she and Peter can get together. Which just squicks me on so many levels because Milo/Hayden already makes me want to hurl, and you know they'll break up but the show will want to keep the characters together. And poor Grunny (and David!) will have PTSD flashbacks.

P.P.S. Depressed beyond words that both Ballack and Frings are injured and can't play in the friendly today. MY HEART. I've been looking forward to this game since the beginning of July! Plus the team's going to fall apart without Mom and Dad. I have no idea who'll be captain. OH WELL. I still have Poldi and Schweini and Philipp and Miro and Arne and...

ETA: Watching Spain v. Denmark right now, and HOLY SHIT NANDO, you get more ungodly hot every single damn time I look at you.
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I've been meaning to do an OTP picspam for awhile, so when [ profile] winter_baby did one (like, um, in January), of course I had to follow suit (and shamelessly steal her format, btw). Because I like picspamming and excuses to ramble about people I love! And this has random fic and song recs, favorite scenes YouTubed, and things like that. Because I am just that obsessive.

Watch as I try to convert flailing into intelligent thoughts and just end up sounding pretentious! P.S. It is surprisingly hard to be eloquent about why you love 37 (!!!!!) different pairings! OH MY GOD SELF WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS.

OTP times 37 )
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Awwwww, you guys! Micha got married a few days ago! No, sadly not to Torsten Frings. What, um, a nice dress and tux, yes, very... shiny. Now his three sons are no longer bastards! Be warned: that post contains a terrifying picture of Nando and hilarious pictures of Schweini. But really, are there any other kind of pictures of Schweini? And, look, Micha and Klinsmann! Micha is still sporting a bruise from his injury at the Euros. Aw, poor boy.

But, anyway! The point of this post is that Eliza claims that if I make some sort of Ballack/Frings-ish picspam extravaganza, that would maybe possibly lead to her writing fic. And, you know, I would probably give up my firstborn for some good football RPS at this point. So here is - not the Fanmeile picspam, which will come later - but my Ballack/Frings Picspam of Epic Proportions, including an explanation of their freaking life stories for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking and, y'know, care. And also some videos of them being cute together.

mom & dad: a fringser & balle primer and picspam )
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1. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night yesterday talking BSG OT3 with [ profile] transtempts. I'm still surprised at how much the idea of Kara/Sam/Leoben just makes me GRIN like a dork. Maybe it's just in our twisted minds, but they work. Being domestic and putting up cabinets and getting into barfights because Leoben never loses at cards and all. My favorite cap in the world, let me show it to you. Have I mentioned how "Faith" is probably my favorite episode of S4 of BSG? Just throw some cylons and some humans together into closed quarters and watch what happens. Guaranteed good times.

2. I'm so glad you all enjoyed my cracktastic guide to gay soaps! Warms the cockles of my heart. But I feel I owe at least a small addendum to some couples I overlooked. The first one being John Paul/Kieron, who I finally got around to watching and who are painfully adorable (though not as much as Christian and Olli). You can find their story (including some Craig angst) starting here. I mean, just watch this scene starting at 3:00 and tell me if that's not one of the sweetest things you've ever seen, meant as a blatant counterpoint to the nasty voice-over. Nuzzling!

The other couple is Max/Iago from El Cor de la Ciutat, a Catalan soap, pointed out to me by [ profile] verasophia. I haven't watched too much of them yet, but their first kiss has me hooked. LOL *WINK*!

3. I'm still working on my Nationalmannschaft picspam, but I have to picspam my other Germans. Did you see the latest episode of Verbotene Liebe? I mean they had a swimsuit photoshoot complete with Zoolander Blue Steel faces and, inexplicably, cowboy hats. I am for any excuse to get Christian, Olli, and Gregor shirtless, even ones as tenuous as this.

verbotene liebe 7/11/08 picspam )

4. I rewatched Batman Begins to prepare for the new movie, and all I could think of during the training montages where Liam Neeson was saying some cryptic shit about fear opium, was "But can you do it..... WITH WATERMELONS ON YOUR FEET?!" from Mystery Men. Which kind of ruined the ~*atmosphere*~. Whatever, Tony Stark needs to take Bruce Wayne out for drinks, sleep with him, and make him less broody all the time.
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I watch football for the football. I love the game, even though I probably don't understand it as well as people who've been raised watching the sport (ask me about baseball instead!). HOWEVER, let's be honest with ourselves: those footballers are HOT. ASS. This is post is shameless, shallow beefcake. And trust me, there's no need to even like football, as these are mostly from photoshoots or other off the pitch stuff. Just appreciate the hot men.

This includes El NiƱo (AKA Fernando Torres) with his legs that go on for miles, Michael Ballack, and a whole slew of other guys who bring the pretty. Absolutely NSFW.

a bunch of hot footballers and NSFW because of the italians' tendency to be naked and sweaty and homoerotic )

Please feel free to add your own in the comments if you feel I have neglected someone. This does not apply to Cristiano Ronaldo.
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Oh, boys. YOU CAUSE ME ACTUAL PHYSICAL PAIN YOU ARE SO AWESOME. HIS FLUFFY HAIR BLOWING IN THE WIND! Even when Torsten isn't playing they bring the OTP. By the way, just how long does it take a rib to heal?! Eek.

germany v. portugal + spain and the amazing freckles of fernando torres )

turkey v. croatia )


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