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1. Watching the ABC Family marathon of the Harry Potter films, and can I just say again for the record how much I love how much the movies hardcore ship Harry/Hermione? Like, they wanted that shit to happen and only really gave up in the very last film. Probably because they desperately wanted Harry to be romantically involved with a girl who actually has any signficant role in the films that isn't just when she's 11. And also because Harry and Hermione are bros 4 lyfe, as my tumblr tag says. And I still wish mainstream media would stop being so squeamish about the idea that threesomes would solve everything. Like, I'm sorry, but it makes so much more sense to me for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to have a polyamorous relationship than it does for Harry to be inexplicably in love with Ginny just because looking at her gives him erections when he's 15. Even though I am H/D TIL I DIEEEEE, it makes me sad that Harry gets excluded from the trio when Ron and Hermione go off and get married. LAME.

... OH MY GOD. I just realized that Cedric Diggory's dad is Silas, the serial killer from Hollyoaks. LMFAO. I was like, why, when I see that guy, does my brain scream SERIAL KILLER? That is why.

2. I got all caught up on Lost Girl, and mostly it is still an enjoyable fluffy distraction, but one thing is bothering me. spoilers for last few eps )

3. How does the weekend still go by so fast even when I have Friday off? And how did I still get so little done? I did sign a lease on an apartment for next year, at least. No more roommates, woohoo! This 1BR actually has more square footage than my current 2BR. And a nice little balcony! I hope it works out. And I'm on the top floor so no more hearing other people walking around at all hours. Joooooooooooooy! Plus it's close to my favorite pizza place. Priorities!
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1. I am back from Maine! Saw HP, and was surprisingly unaffected. I think I got my closure when I reread the books this summer. We also went to a queer-friendly burlesque show, which I walked out of thinking I had just seen a kink meme brought to life. And I watched the World Cup final. :(((( Love those women with all my heart though. Still, my question to myself afterwards was, "What the fuck? Are we England now?" I'm so used to supporting Germany and having 99% confidence about PK shootouts. It was weird. Oh well. Olympics, here we come! I also got to see my dear sister and we talked about ASOIAF most of the time. It was awesome! :D

2. Speaking of ASOIAF, I started A Dance with Dragons but so far haven't made tons of progress. GRRM books always take me awhile to get into because of how slow the pace always seems to be at the beginning. Plus I haven't been waiting like six years for this so my need is not so urgent. But I'm sure once it gets going I will devour it.

3. I've also been watching Sirens and loving it, not SOLELY because it involves Robb Stark having a lot of gay sex. But that is a perk. I just watched the last two eps of GoT today and got a bit of whiplash when Robb showed up looking all ferocious serious warrior, heh. But anyway, you should watch it! The last episode had a bunch of stuff about sexual power dynamics and explicit ordering of the main characters into a pack, with an alpha, beta, etc. And it has gay Robb Stark.

Also, I really want to make a GoT vid to Arcade Fire's "In the Backseat" all about, as I like to call it, the Stark diaspora, and the kids being ripped from childhood and forced to grow up fast. It would probably make me cry every 15 seconds though. Also I don't know how to vid. And would have to wait until, like, season four of the show for all the appropriate materials.

4. Also loving Suits so much! I tend to get annoyed by those cutesy, everything-is-sunny-and-pretty USA shows after a few episodes, but I really like this one. Also, so gay! And, like, how are there not a million d/s fics yet, is my question. This show is somehow really kinky without ever being explicitly sexual. Or possibly I am a pervert?

5. The last issue of Entertainment Weekly has reminded me how awesome 2012 is going to be movie-wise. We get The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises with half the cast of Inception, FINALLY some new Daniel Craig James Bond, The Avengers, and reboots of Spider-Man and Superman which will probably suck but could be enjoyable. Excuse me while I geek to death. (You know, I've come to the conclusion that I will never enjoy a retelling of Superman that makes Lex Luthor into a joke or cardboard cutout evil. I like my Lex sympathetic, even if he is crazy. He has legit reasons for not wanting to sign the world over to the control of an all-powerful alien who could kill them all without breaking a sweat, okay?)

6. Still showing TVD to a friend, and can I just say how much evil glee I had leading up to the final moments of the S1 finale? That twist is still fucking brilliant and I love seeing people's unspoiled reactions to it. Lots of HOLY SHIT and WHAT THE FUCK and BUT HOW?! Heehee. A CW show is smarter than you. Just accept that and move on. I'm also getting excited for the new regular TV season, even though it means an end to my ~life of summer leisure~.
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harry potter 7 part 1 SPOILERS + spoilers for the rest of the book )

Rest of the world: go see this goddamn movie and come back and talk to me!
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Weirdly, the last episode of SPN made me want to read Sam/Dean for the first time in like three years. Unfortunately, all I ever read now is Dean/Cas, so I have no idea where to find Wincest anymore. My self from four years ago would be horrified. (And my self from eight years ago would probably be equally horrified that I was searching the internets for gay brother porn.) Anyone know any good recent Sam/Dean that deals with the events of this season? Possibly? :)

Also I am pretty sure that the new Harry Potter gets released in Austria before it does in America/UK. SUCK IT.

And... that's really all I have. Where is the good Sam/Dean fic hiding these days?
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1. I've been rewatching parts of HP and the Half-Blood Prince, since HBO is showing it a lot. I've been reminded of many things, such as the hilarity of stoned!Harry, that guy who tries to ~seduce Hermione, how awesome Luna is, how perfect Alan Rickman is as Snape, how much Harry/Ginny totally failed to be interesting, how fantastic the Harry & Hermione friendship was in this one, how much of a heartbreaking emo woobie Draco was, and how much this movie must have made almost no sense and explained nothing if you didn't read the books (but if you haven't read the books by now and actually care, I don't feel very sorry for you). And of course how much Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are totally in love. Rewatching HBP gives me the urge for epic, novel-length H/D fic. But so much of it is TERRIBLE. What are your favorite H/D longfics? Preferably without horribly tragic endings. And feel free to rec something that might seem really obvious; I've missed a lot of the classics. I will give you cookies, or... something.

2. This thing is pure football porn (not ACTUAL porn, don't get your hopes up). I waaaaaant it. But I can't really justify it right now. Boo.

3. The Porn Battle starts this Sunday (sadly, prompts are already closed). Just your friendly fandom PSA.

4. I'm visting my sister in Chicago this weekend. She just moved there last week and I plan to take full advantage of having someone who lives in Chicago near the South Shore. I'll just be popping up on her doorstep all the damn time.

5. I am seriously considering going to Euro 2012. I'm going to be graduating that May anyway (hopefully!), and I feel that, if you're able, a big post-graduation foray into the world is necessary. Plus Germany have such a great chance of doing well... WHO IS WITH ME?! Party times in Poland and Ukraine!
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so I saw half-blood prince )

Sooooo, could anyone point me in the direction of some good post-HBP Harry/Draco fic? I would make you virtual cupcakes.
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1. true blood episode four )

2. Guys, Southland is really really fantastic. It's like... The Wire's younger cousin from across the country. I approve. And, yay, I have more than two things to watch next season!

3. I'm about thisclose from breaking up with Xabi Alonso. Sigh. If he does leave at this point, I'll hate him (or at least, really really dislike him) for leaving us up shit creek without a midfield maestro, for dragging it out for so long that we'll have even more of a difficult time getting a replacement. I really don't understand what makes Real Madrid such a preferable club to Liverpool, it's not like he'll get Ronaldo or Kaka levels of money. It's not like he's guaranteed a starting position like he tacitly is at Liverpool. But if you really hate us that much, bb, then you should leave, and, frankly, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Sigh. Clearly I'm not bitter at all. But, man, how can I love somebody who's got so much hate on for the 'Pool? For a club that got him a Champions League trophy? I'm trying to convince myself that none of the rumors are true. Damn that Spanish press.

And maybe he will stay, maybe all this shit is made up (at least 80% of it is), but I think I'll always think less of him for this. Like, sorry, we were such a shitty second choice that you settled for when you couldn't go join the glorified ATM in Madrid.

I HAVE A LOT OF ABANDONMENT FEELINGS I NEED TO WORK THROUGH RE: FOOTBALLERS I ONCE LOVED. Xabi, I used to love you so much. :/ But, bb, I just love Liverpool about a hundred times more. Actually I feel like this song expresses my feelings more clearly. Just fucking say something one way or the other. If you're gonna say goodbye, don't take all damn night summer.

In other news:

4. Harry Potter tonight better have the appropriate levels of Harry/Draco gay or I will be sorely disappointed. I may write a strongly worded letter.


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