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[ profile] rubber_glue won me in my [ profile] help_japan mood theme auction and requested an Arsenal mood theme. So I set aside my scouse for a few hours a night and delved into a foreign land... and found it quite attractive?! Of course I want Aaron Ramsey to heal up and get back in the Premier League for his career and him as a person and stuff but also: HOT DAMN SON. And Jack Wilshire. He's like a sexy hobbit: you feel kind of weird about it, but you can't deny it. Or maybe I've just been staring at google images too long. ANYWAY. The mood theme!

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Now realizing I have no idea where to post this! I am so sheltered in my football ways these days.
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1. Okay, so there's this whole thing with Ashley Cole, oh, SHOOTING A PERSON on the Chelsea grounds, and yeah it was accidental and the guy is fine, but my question is: why the hell did Ashley Cole have a gun while training for football, and why was he shooting it? And then Ancelotti goes and makes these comments about how things aren't "out of control" and all I can imagine now is the paintball war episode of Community as a football training exercise, and the Chelsea players and staff all running around in an anarchic battle with each other all over the training grounds to get THE PRIZE*, only no one told Cashley that it was a fake battle so he's like LET ME JUST PULL OUT THIS RIFLE! And then he's like ....I've made a huge mistake.



2. You guys! I had completely forgotten how Sam and Frodo are somehow even more adorable in the books than they are in the movies. Sam goes down and lays in front of Frodo's feet like a little puppy when they're hanging out with the elves in the Shire. And pretty much the first thing Frodo asks after he wakes up in Rivendell is where Sam is, and then... oh and everyone else is alive and stuff too right? And then that hilariously awkward scene of Sam stroking Frodo's hand and then blushing and looking away.... WHAT? WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD, TOLKIEN?! And they know each other so well! They can predict what the other is thinking and feeling, and I had forgotten how delightfully insightful and genuinely smart Samwise Gamgee is. LOVE YOU SAM. I just find this hilarious that Tolkien's version of Sam and Frodo is actually gayer than the movie version. Not surprising, because he was all about how male-male relationships are the most fulfilling thing a man can have, they give you things ~your wife just can't~. No joke. And then the biographer is all BUT C'MON IT'S RIDICULOUS TO READ ANYTHING GAY INTO THAT. JEEZ, GUYS. SO RIDICULOUS.

3. Also, I am watching Skins gen 3! Such an enormous improvement on gen 2, I can't even tell you. I will probably make a big post about it at some point, but here's what I got so far. LOVE BEYOND ALL OTHERS: Franky! Very fond of: Alo, Rich, Grace. Growing on me: Matty and Nick. Don't care about: Liv. Hate with the flaming passion of a thousand burning suns: Mini. But Franky! Probably the best character to come out of Skins since Chris.

4. I had absolutely zero desire to see Thor, but since I learned that white supremacists groups are boycotting it because Idris Elba is playing a Norse god, I kind of just want to see it on principle, even though it will probably be excruciatingly bad. Yeah, I'm buying all the hot dogs, and I'm giving them to the good people!

5. My biggest beef with the Oscars? Why the hell was Jónsi's amazing "Sticks and Stones" from HTTYD not nominated for Best Song? WTF? There were only four nominations!
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day 19 → a talent of yours

Bullshitting. It's a gift.

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Guys, I woke up today, toddled over to BBC Sports like I always do and promptly went HOLY FACKING SHIT. My jaw, quite literally, dropped. I knew this would probably happen cause no way were Madrid paying 30 million just to NOT get Ronaldo. But still. Wtf.

EIGHTY MILLION FUCKING POUNDS ARE YOU KIDDING ME REAL MADRID. I am pretty sure no single human being is worth that much money. Did these people even watch the Champions League final?!

Also, can I just say? I DON'T EVER HAVE TO SEE CRISTIANO RONALDO'S FACE AGAIN PLAYING MY SCOUSER BBS! Well, CL draws barring, of course.


Sorry, I missed the implosion on ONTDFB and had to do this somewhere.
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In my efforts to cheer myself up after about sixty really depressing/draining season/series finales and the mothertrucking Mancs winning another goddamn title, have some random things that make me happy!

1. I think all the Lost characters who were left on the island most likely formed an ABBA cover band at the Dharma Farma - before ABBA had even really reached the height of their popularity. This is like Bret and Jemaine going back in time and giving David Bowie his own songbook before he even wrote the songs. And also Hurley rewriting Empire Strikes Back, obviously. Anyway, this is clearly the best idea I have ever had and I will let the Lost writers know about it tout de suite. I told [ profile] thehangedwoman all of this but she wasn't listening. :/

"Lay All Your Love On Me" = the anthem of Sawyer and Juliet's love
"Does Your Mother Know?" = Richard Alpert's serenade to young!Ben when he ~took his innocence~
"Dancing Queen" = a scene where Miles is reluctantly forced to play the tambourine and Juliet plays the Casio Electric keyboard For Love but she grimaces through the whole thing
"Mamma Mia!" = clearly Sawyer's conflicted reaction to the Oceanic 6 - Jack or Kate, take your slash/het pick

Clearly this is a brilliant plan concocted by LAFLEUR to get them to blend in better. Just imagine trying to convince Miles to get into one of those suits. Jin on guitar! Confession: this all stems from my desire to see a Lost musical. I feel like it would work out a lot of people's issues. I only wish that Hurley and Sayid had been there to be conscripted into the singing ranks.

2. You know the Crossroads Demon on Supernatural? How long do those contracts last until the hell hounds come calling to collect their end of the deal? 'Cause I feel like Fergie's time has GOT to be up soon. Isn't it twenty years? Hmmm, it'll be close to twenty years soon since Fergie started really winning things with the Mancs.

Look, I'm just throwing thoughts out there okay?

3. Band of Brothers is pretty enjoyable, even though I'm not a big fan of dramatized war-related media - I prefer it in Ken Burns documentary form. I do find World War II more interesting to study than most wars (probably because it's so recent and, like most people who live in the "world" of WWII, I had a lot of relatives involved in it; to be honest, I think my father's side of the family may have barely escaped fighting for the Germans instead of against them if we'd emigrated a bit later), and BoB is a fantastic work in its own right. I mean, the coloring alone stuns me so much sometimes that I forget I'm watching a violent battle. I have trouble following the plot sometimes because I really don't know shit about the military or warfare. I tend to zone out during those parts of basically anything and just show up when people start talking again. But I figure if I could understand enough of Generation Kill to get the general plot, I can definitely get through this. Also, Damien Lewis is breathtakingly beautiful. There is just no other word to describe that man, and I don't know how I didn't see it before.

4. Eric Northman. Let's have a lot of sex.

5. This picture.

6. Star Trek and Fast & Furious, both of which I saw this week and both of which brought the Awesome and the Gay in spades.
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Hey [ profile] gloryliberty: I'm watching the Bayern Munich v. Hamburger game from today, and guess who showed up in the stands to support Jurgen in his Bundesliga coaching debut? Why Jogi and Olli, of course. Just sitting there, being older-man-hot. \o/

I know most people in football fandom don't care about the Bundesliga but ZOMG yay! I am so gleeful watching it again. And then Premier League and Liverpool tomorrow! AND SWIMMING TONIGHT OH MY GOD! I haven't mentioned it much here but I am loving every minute and as much as people are complaining about Phelps getting all the attention - which I agree is shitty but certainly not his fault - I would love to see him win those eight golds.

Also: CHECK THIS THE HELL OUT PEOPLE. The White Sox hit four consecutive home runs in one inning last night, tying an MLB record. I am trying SO HARD not to do a Numfar Dance of Joy right now.

SPORTS ARE LIKE A FANDOM THAT NEVER ENDS AND 98% OF MY FLIST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT. Also I had a dream about Frings and all he did was look at me like this the entire time. HE EVEN HAD THE HAT ON.
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First of all, Porn Battle VI (The Undiscovered Country) is accepting prompts. I always use it as an excuse to write prompts for the rarest pairings that I've always wanted fic for, in the hope that someone else has always wanted to write it. *g* Sometimes, it actually works!

The rest of this post is mostly for my reference, a collection of the schedules for the 08-09 season for the football teams I'm following. If you're curious why, I explain myself under the cut. All 98% of the rest of you, carry on. *g*

Germany Nationalmannschaft )

Scotland National Team )

Wales National Team )

VfB Stuttgart )

Liverpool FC )

Chelsea FC )

Werder Bremen )

Bayern Munich )

WOW THAT SURE IS A LOT OF TEAMS. But I will rely on my dad for updates on the Bundesliga and Faith for updates on Chelsea. So really not that much.

Teams I Officially Hate Forever and Ever:
+ Portugal. Maybe if HILARIOUSLY UNATTRACTIVE OOMPA LOOMPA C-Ron ever leaves, I could support them.
+ Greece. They don't even play football. And they got the easiest qualification group in the WC. Come on, Latvia, you can beat 'em!
+ Manchester United. Ugh. UUUUUUGH. Shoot me.
+ Italy. I will be holding this grudge on my friggin' DEATHBED, people. I don't care what sad puppy dog faces Luca Toni makes at me or how often Fabio Cannavaro strips off his clothes for the cameras.
+ Real Madrid. Once you go there you lose your soul. Sorry, Iker. ETA: And Metze, too?! WHY, BABE, WHY?



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