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Yeah, so I'ma gonna need some time to process this. I cannot actually believe this is real life. All those times we got so close, I kind of believed it would never happen. To see little Lahm lifting that trophy. And as much as I would want to win however we could, I'm so glad we won playing good football and with an absolutely gorgeous goal (Goetze!!!!).

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So presh. ♥

Still not really getting my hopes up, to be honest. I've been burned too many times to be that foolish, and I can't lose sight of the fact that Spain is (likely) lying in wait for us, if we even get to the final. But we'll see where we go. (....Damn, I am becoming REALLY German about football, lmfao. Now I get why most Germans I talk to are like this. It's much easier to deal with the German team with this mindset.)
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I know many Germany fans are being all BUT WHAT DOES OUR STYLE OF PLAY MEAN, WE ARE NOT PLAYING LIKE WE DID IN 2010 AAAAAAGH!!!! And for a little bit I was also confounded by these worries. And then I was like, if we played like we did in 2010, we would lose. Because we did not actually win the 2010 World Cup, in case you forgot, beautiful play and awesome victories aside. I understand people want the team to be all shiny and beautiful and playing tear-inducing football, but so much of that was built on the element of surprise, as well as playing a lot worse teams who weren't expecting us to be so good. We've changed as a team, and whether you like that or not, we got 9 points in an incredibly difficult group and won games despite prolonged lapses in concentration and quality of play, and definitely had some moments of that '10 brilliance, especially as Mesut seems to have only gotten better. QUARTERFINALS, BITCHES!


Agggggh we have to wait until Friday though! Probably good for my heart, really. I don't want to get overconfident about the game, but if we can't beat Greece, we don't deserve to get to the semis.
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Okay, so, we won. But we played kind of terribly? Scratch that. Our defense was amazing (Hummels! Neuer!), and Mario Gomez turned out okay in the end. But our midfield was TERRIBLE. What the hell even was that? Our midfield used to be the best thing about us! It was our DEFENSE that was supposed to be the thing we worried about! Egads. Of course I'm happy we got the three points, but this performance was really worrying. I don't think Poldi deserves his starting spot anymore, quite honestly. And I don't know, our midfield just was not working well together today.

Here's the good thing though: If there is any team in the world guaranteed to get Germany playing their absolute possible best, it is the Netherlands. If we were gonna play poorly, we did it early on and we still managed to scrape together a win. Let's work on this shit, do some team bonding exercises, trust falls, etc. Many teams have started out their winning campaigns with lackluster performances - losses, even! WE SHALL OVERCOME THIS BARRIER AND JOURNEY FORWARD INTO VICTORY.

Also having Michael Ballack doing the pre/post-game show on ESPN is so wonderful. Not only is he adorable, especially when he misunderstands an English phrase or idiom and comes off sounding really mean or serious, but it's also nice knowing that when Germany plays there will be someone exhibiting most of the same emotions that you are feeling about them at the time, with only a REALLY halfhearted attempt at being neutral. ALSO HE'S SUPER ADORABLE, and I think possibly Alexi Lalas is flirting with him. ESPN YOU PERVS.

Oh and the Netherlands-Denmark: the fuuuuuuck! This group just got crazytown bananapants!
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Gird your loins, flist, or get ready to scroll past me a lot, because the next three weeks will be all Euro 2012 all the time. Unless Germany get knocked out early, and then it will be Euro 2012 all the time until it becomes a series of deeply depressed and bitter posts about how I hate everything. SO LET'S AVOID THAT AND HAVE GERMANY WIN IT ALL FOR FUCKING ONCE DEAR GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON MY BATTERED SOUL.

Ahem. In any case, I am very excited, as there are a lot of interesting/fun matchups on the horizon, and unlike the World Cup you start out with the good shit instead of having to get through the boring riffraff, most of the time (well except for today's Group A, but who knows, it could be great). So of course UEFA is changing that by upping the number of teams included for the next Euros. Grrrr.

I'm trying really hard to not get my hopes up because that way leads to pain most times. Everyone keeps saying Germany are favorites and it just terrifies me. NO EXPECTATIONS PLEASE AND THANK YOU. But.... I can't control my hopes apparently, so COME ON, MY BOYS.


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Have you ever thought to yourself, I have a great deal of/a moderate amount of/almost no interest in football/soccer? THEN HAVE I GOT A POST FOR LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! You may have noticed that over the past six years I have had a bit of a love affair with a certain German national team. They are amazing and delightful and I love them. And you should too. It's a really good time to be a Germany fan, as most people agree they’ve got a damn good shot of winning Euro 2012 - and even if they choke like I half fully expect them to do at some point, they're still talented, adorable, incredibly dorky, sometimes very good-looking guys who just like to hug their friends a lot and partake in ridiculous photoshoots with them. Euro 2012 starts June 8, so this is a perfect time to dive headfirst into loving Germany. International football tournaments are terrifying/fun/exciting like no other sporting event in the world, and cheering for Germany during them multiplies all that by 1000. TRUST ME. Would I lie to you?

This post is in two parts. The first one is a general "why Germany is awesome" post, and the second one is a primer that introduces you to some of the basic info about the team and gives you guide to all of the main players and coaches. Enjoy! And if this post converts even one person, I will be happy (so please tell me if I manage to convert you!). :D

gif/picture-heavy germany love )

Part II: Primer
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1. I watched Common Law and I was actually kind of insulted by how blatantly it was pandering to slash fans and the nudgenudge winkwink "bromance" trend but still, of course, had to go out of its way to make sure everyone knew it was no homo. I mean, "no homo" should legitimately be put on the USA logo because they've built their network on these shows full of bickering same sex couples who act like they're married but, of course, THEY'RE SO NOT GAY BECAUSE OH MY GOD AHAHAHA EW LOOK WE WROTE THEM A SEX SCENE WITH A LADY. (It doesn't really bother me with Psych though, because on Psych everything is adorable kittens and Gus and nothing hurts.)

Like, that show just makes so much more sense and is so much more interesting if you pretend they are canonically ex-boyfriends/lovers. It wasn't even that good of a show anyway, though it would've been a lot better if they'd been willing to go there. If one of those two was a woman, you KNOW they'd have gone there in the first ten minutes and this show's endgame would have them getting together romantically. Le sigh.

2. Thanks to everyone for your advice on the ereader post! I ended up going with a Nook and I adore it so far. It will be especially great next semester when I am going to be taking the bus a lot. \o/

3. Euros are so close, guys. I can almost smell them. I enjoy other sports, like baseball and hockey, and, er, I am a bit on and off again with club football these days. But international football is kind of what I live and breathe for, no joke. Which I know is ~old-fashioned~ in this age of most people caring a lot more about club football, but WHATEVER. BRING IT TO ME. LAHMINATION.

4. I really have nothing else to say. My life is super boring right now, but not in a bad way. Plus I was sick for like a week and am only starting to get better. I had the type of cough that people usually get in movies to signal they are going to die from some tragic disease in the last act, but I was assured by multiple doctors that my death is not near, at least not because of my cough.
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Oh, England NT, you giant clusterfuck. You know, as much as I mock them, it makes me a little sad to see them spiral like this (although, frankly, Capello leaving seems like it could be good for the team). I still enjoy England losing everything because they're obnoxious and arrogant, but it would be nice to see them lose with a little class sometimes. I am wholeheartedly annoyed by the entitlement that comes from large segments of the England camp re: their right to be the cultural owners of football, but there's no denying that it's a country to whom football is very important and has a lot of meaning. So it makes me sad to see their national team this pathetic and, frankly, lacking in, to German it up a bit, any sense of teamgeist. They're just boring to watch, and I could never imagine feeling inspired by them under Capello. But it'll be interesting to see who they get to replace him.

Related to this, I am starting to have bursts of uncontrollable glee when I remember that, oh yeah, Euros this summer! And then I try not to think about the possibility of Germany winning because I will just get my hopes dashed. But aaaagh. International football comes back soon, and frankly, I'm a lot more excited about that than Liverpool. Look, I love LFC and I always will, and it's really exciting that we're on the path for two trophies this year. But there is no chance of winning the league, and I'm beginning to feel a little fatalistic about our chances of ever winning the league. So I'm excited to watch Germany play, because it's a team that has a real chance of winning the most exciting championships, and that's just kind of nice to have as a realistic option to look forward to. And Germany is just a better team. They play prettier football (yep, Germans play pretty football these days! ... not that your football being prettier than English football is saying a lot) and they're more exciting to watch. Plus I have more fondness for the players themselves right now (look at these adorable dorks getting far too excited about promotional games of Memory). Being a Liverpool fan is tough these days, yo. But we weathered the Schaftgate storm and we came out stronger! It was beautiful and many tears were surreptitiously wiped away. And now I get that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I think about the Germany NT again, so I'm certain that will come back for me for Liverpool someday.

That said, will I be waking up to watch the Man Utd game at 7:30 AM on a Saturday after I'm supposed to go to a concert out of town with my friend on Friday night? You bet your ass.

Now I'm going to watch the end of S5 of Buffy with a friend who is watching the show for the first time and is completely unspoiled. Her reaction to Dawn was priceless. But I made her watch past "The Body" without me because I ugly cry through that entire thing and then have to go call my mom and tell her that I love her, and I feel that people should be allowed to do the same in peace during their first viewing. Also I didn't want to watch it again.
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Yeah, that was good for me.

PREPARE YOURSELF, WORLD. We just made the second-placed team in the world look like a bunch of amateurs. This shit is ON.

I'll just be over here, rolling around in this moment like I am in a pile of hundred dollar bills.


Sep. 4th, 2011 09:37 pm
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I decided to return to the homestead for the weekend, even though it's only been a few weeks since I got back, because it is UNGODLY FUCKING HOT at school and I wouldn't want to do anything but sit in front of my air conditioner all weekend anyway. So I came home and attempted cheesecake and slept in my nice queen-size bed here and just generally relaxed. The oppressive heat at school has really been wearing me down, so I pray that the forecasts claiming things will be cooling down are accurate.

Also: DEUTSCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Yay, first non-host team to qualify for the Euros! I feel like perhaps I should be slightly more concerned about our back line, but also, I cannot stress enough just how very little you can take from Germans playing in a game that is not the finals of a major tournament. It's the ultimate act in futility to even try.

And I have to mention how much I am shaking my head at ALREADY the inevitable appearance of articles from the English press about how, "You know what, I think England have a chance this time!" WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELVES?! It is such a vicious cycle!

In further news I was planning to drive home tonight but then I made the mistake of visiting with some German friends of ours and was plied with wine. Oops. Guess I'll be driving home tomorrow! Man, it is hard to type when you are drunk! Damn Germans!

I feel like this post may be useless and I didn't mean to post it in this form, but, uh, I cannot reason that much right now!
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So rather than watching any of the lovely shows I had on my to watch list, I instead mainlined the MTV reboot of Teen Wolf of all godforsaken things. I was like: maybe it's like The Vampire Diaries and it will secretly be an amazing show. Guess what guys? IT'S NOT. Shocking, I know. But it's incredibly gay, really. To a preeeeetty ridic level. Any combination of Derek/Stiles/Jackson I am pretty much 100% all over. Scott who? But seriously, this show is addictive in the worst way. And I don't even LIKE werewolves all that much. Werewolves in mainstream fiction usually bore me because they're, well, not vampires, to be honest. And shows never take advantage of the buckets full of pack dynamics and potential d/s at their disposal. But this show is working for me, despite the high levels of cheese which are, quite frankly, impossible to avoid if you are married to the idea of having your human actors play their characters in wolf form. I am a big fan of using actual wolves. Look, when True Blood outclasses you, you've got to reexamine some life choices.

Also, bakers on my flist, I have a question! My mom got me a springform pan with which to attempt cheesecakes, although sadly our oven broke down and I wasn't able to try it out before I went back to school. HOWEVER. I am definitely going to return to the homestead and attempt one in the near future. And I was wondering about the preferred baking method that I see on most of the blogs I frequent, this whole water bath thing. Outside of the fact that it sounds like a torture method, is it really worth going to all the trouble of the water bath? Does it make that big of a difference? I'm just somewhat wary because springform pans kind of have a built in crack, and if you have so much as one tiny little tear in the foil wrapping the pan, your crust is fucked. And that's a lot of work to get ruined like that. I've also seen people who just put a pan of water on the lowest rack of the oven below the cheesecake, rather than immersing the springform pan in water. Please share your thoughts, more gifted baker people.

A recipe for your time: this Pear Crisp is amaaaaaazing. Seriously. You may weep. Pioneer Woman is great. Plus she lives my dream life. She's married to a rugged stoic rancher and gets to bake/eat all day. Dude. Why not me.

In other news, I've found myself reading a quite frankly disturbing amount of srs bsns mpreg lately.

And in conclusion: YOU'LL NEEEEEEEEVER WALK ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. Also, I'm one of those people who absolutely adores international football so I'm probably one of the few people right now NOT having conniptions about players getting injured next week - not to say I won't be pissed if someone gets injured, but Euro qualifiers are just plain worth it for me, friendlies not so much. Anyway, Deutschland can ~officially~ qualify for Euro 2012 on Friday! *seal claps of delight*
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1. Well Germany has certainly been playing appallingly lately. However, my (relatively brief, I suppose) time being a fan of this NT has taught me that it is foolish to take anything from friendlies or even qualifiers when nothing is on the line (which, considering their lead in the group, nothing but pride was here) - if they play amazingly or terribly, it's generally not that great of a reflection of how they'll play when they actually get to an important international tournament. And, of course, our team is not at full strength, and I also think the guys who play in major European leagues tend to be pretty exhausted and ready to sleep on a beach for awhile when the post-season period of internationals rolls around. But, yeah, the third goal they scored with total ease immediately after falling asleep in front of goal shows that, when they actually dredge up enough effort to give a shit, the team is still full of the potential we saw at South Africa. And now I believe the only team left with a mathematical chance of catching them at the top of the group is Turkey - and to avoid that fate all we have to do is draw one game of our last three and maintain our huge GD - or, alternately, y'know, just keep on winning for one more game. Not that I ever doubted we would qualify - mostly I just like to obsess about football stats and possible qualifier outcomes. :)

2. brief deathly hallows thoughts, maybe ~deeper~ thoughts later )

Aaaaand now to reread Stealing Harry so I don't feel so depressed about the fate of the Marauders and the character assassination of Remus Lupin. And even though I hate the epilogue, I am kind of tempted to read Scorpius/one of Harry's sons just for the pleasure of being like, "No matter what you do, JKR, we will slash your Slytherins and your Gryffindors."

3. DEAR FUCKING CHRIST IT IS HOT HERE. Feels like 100 degrees is never something you want to feel.

4. Doctor Who finale: loved it, haters gonna hate. X-Men: First Class: slashy as hell, but I surprisingly didn't really love it.
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1. football - Liverpool, England, Germany )

2. Okay, my Prison Break people, who watched the T-Bag episode of Breakout Kings? spoilers )

3. I've decided I'm not going to continue taking German next semester. It's just so unsatisfying after having taken it in a country where I could actually make practical use of it. And I don't feel like IU's German classes are particularly challenging. Plus I'm just unmotivated, at this stage in my college life, to be doing so much busy work. PLUS they insist on having even sixth semester German be scheduled on Fridays. UGH. Why don't you offer a Tue/Th German section? WTF? I want my three-day weekend semester! Next semester I think I'll be taking (registration time permitting) Roman Lit, my Classics capstone course (topic as yet undecided), Iranian history, Music of the Beatles (!!!), and some other class that I have yet to decide on. I have a lot of options, like Hindu Goddesses, African-influenced Religions in the Americas, North and South Korea, Making of the Modern Middle East, etc. LOTS OF EXCITING OPTIONS. :DDDD I have such odd interests.

4. Thanks so much for all your help on my last post, those who could see it. :D
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I don't think there's ever been a period of my now SEVEN YEAR LONG WTF livejournal existence where I've been this inactive before. Obvs there's the part where I'm living in Vienna, but I still read my flist regularly and try and keep up with fic. I think it has more to do with the fact that I feel kind of fandomless right now. My love affair with football is steadily waning. At least club football; I've barely watched any Liverpool or Stuttgart since I've been here, though I have watched all the Germany games. Clearly this may have something to do with both teams' abysmal performances this season and Liverpool's extremely close call with administration and possible relegation. IDK. Plus football fandom is kind of awful right now. And I'm still in that post-WC phase where just looking at Spain players who aren't Nando and Pepe makes me want to scream and throw things and have it be four years from now when I can have my sweet, sweet, sweet revenge. Er. Sometimes I have emotions? Thomas Müller is going to kick all those sad bitches' asses in four years? And two, for that matter.

ANYWHO. My activity in fandom these days is mostly reading copious amounts of Inception and Sherlock fic. Although I find there is a sadly small amount of Sherlock fic that actually fits with my preferred characterization of Sherlock, which is leaning a bit more toward the sociopath side of things and less woobie who just needs love. But, alas, such are the burdens I must bear.

The last episode of Community is literally one of my favorite things that has ever happened. I don't tend to rewatch stuff a lot, but I have probably watched that at least daily since it aired. Also The Good Wife is amazing and so sneaky feminist that Sexist Old Grandpa CBS doesn't even realize it's airing the most feminist and female-oriented show on television. One of the reasons - beyond the brilliance of the writing and the prominence of women on the show - that I feel like it is such a female-driven show is something in the way Will is written. Those fleeting glances and unconscious touches and the way he talks to her - IDK. My words fail me. Not that it makes it an unrealistic portrayal of a man, just that it's not necessarily the side that men would chose to focus on in themselves if this were a male-driven drama. ... If that makes any kind of sense.

And with that I say Tschüss because it is ridiculous and my favorite thing to say in German apart from Grüß Gott in a super Austrian accent to everyone I ever meet in Austria. My dad is visiting me and it will be awesome.
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How did The Good Wife become the one show I watch where I still yell things at the TV and get really anxious and gleeful while watching? It's kind of funny that a show that is so reserved and subtle would make me yell obscenities at my TV. Also I realized that my enjoyment of an episode is pretty much directly proportional to how much Alicia is present in it. Not that I don't love the supporting cast (Kalinda! ♥), but... it's Alicia. She's the best. I'm so glad TGW continues to be awesome. How abysmal would TV be if SPN Attack of the Pod People 2010 was all I had to look forward to?

Also did you know that entering the State Hall of the Austrian National Library is pretty much like walking into the library in Beauty & the Beast? Yeah, there's one childhood dream fulfilled. THANKS, HABSBURGS! *wipes away single tear* Although the weather has been absolutely fucking abysmal here lately. Apparently scientists predict this will be the coldest winter in Europe in 1000 freaking years. REALLY, EUROPE. REALLY. Also our crazy brooch-wearing Austrian landlady ignores all calls for the lightbulbs in our chandelier (don't get excited, it's pretty jank) in the dining room/kitchen to be changed and now NINE OF THEM have gone out and we have one single bulb left working. It's a little dark in there, not gonna lie.

My parents sent me a care package full of candy and some stuff I needed, and my dad made me a little mixtape (on a flashdrive) of weird German versions of songs, songs that are inside jokes between me and him, and songs of ~fatherly guidance~. Like Frank Zappa songs telling me to eat my vegetables and songs telling me to drink and smoke. LMFAO. Only my dad. It makes me so happy to listen to it, like a little piece of home I can take with me anywhere. :)

I've been a terrible Liverpool fan this season, watching the whole thing unfold with a kind of detached horror. Hopefully it's coming to some kind of solution soon, but IDK. I always thought those people who said we'd become the next Leeds were way overreacting, but the possibility is sickeningly possible, isn't it? Everything is teetering so dangerously, I kind of have to look away. ... At least Germany are doing well? Turkey game this weekend though, minus Schweini. Man up, Deutschland!
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1. I've been rewatching parts of HP and the Half-Blood Prince, since HBO is showing it a lot. I've been reminded of many things, such as the hilarity of stoned!Harry, that guy who tries to ~seduce Hermione, how awesome Luna is, how perfect Alan Rickman is as Snape, how much Harry/Ginny totally failed to be interesting, how fantastic the Harry & Hermione friendship was in this one, how much of a heartbreaking emo woobie Draco was, and how much this movie must have made almost no sense and explained nothing if you didn't read the books (but if you haven't read the books by now and actually care, I don't feel very sorry for you). And of course how much Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are totally in love. Rewatching HBP gives me the urge for epic, novel-length H/D fic. But so much of it is TERRIBLE. What are your favorite H/D longfics? Preferably without horribly tragic endings. And feel free to rec something that might seem really obvious; I've missed a lot of the classics. I will give you cookies, or... something.

2. This thing is pure football porn (not ACTUAL porn, don't get your hopes up). I waaaaaant it. But I can't really justify it right now. Boo.

3. The Porn Battle starts this Sunday (sadly, prompts are already closed). Just your friendly fandom PSA.

4. I'm visting my sister in Chicago this weekend. She just moved there last week and I plan to take full advantage of having someone who lives in Chicago near the South Shore. I'll just be popping up on her doorstep all the damn time.

5. I am seriously considering going to Euro 2012. I'm going to be graduating that May anyway (hopefully!), and I feel that, if you're able, a big post-graduation foray into the world is necessary. Plus Germany have such a great chance of doing well... WHO IS WITH ME?! Party times in Poland and Ukraine!
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Well, I'm happy that we managed third place, because it really was well deserved based off of our entire World Cup performance. I can't tell you how good it is to see the boys smiling again. I didn't realize how much of my depression about this loss was tied to the total demoralization of what had been such a happy, dorky squad. But they seem to be gettin' their groove back. I hope they do a celebration when they get back to Germany, because they deserve it and so do the fans, tbh.

I will be cheering very hard for the Netherlands tomorrow, even though that makes me a bad Germany fan. But, god, I think I will have to become a hermit to be able to deal with all the Spain dicksucking that will go on in the media if they win. Everyone in the world already cries themselves to sleep at night because of their ~*beautiful*~ football. And the thing is? THEIR. FOOTBALL. WAS. NOT. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. Lol RAGE OUT but seriously. Their football has been boring and selfish. I mean, they could've won against Germany 3-0 but they all wanted a goal for themselves and refused to pass to each other. Poor, Spain, poor. Also I have to say that when Spain kept being picked as the underdog for the Germany game, I was like.... REALLY? REALLY? THE TEAM OF ROOKIE 20-YEAR-OLD BOYS IS NOT THE UNDERDOG AGAINST THE EURO 2008 CHAMPIONS?! KILL YOURSELF! (NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR BUTTHURT OR ANYTHING WHERE WOULD YOU GET THAT IDEA?!) Germany far, far exceeded any expectations and they showed just how ~fabulous German football can be. 2012, bitches! Best watch out. (Also I didn't realize we're also defending champs of the Euro u-17 and won the u-19 in 2008 in addition to being defending u-21 champs. The future is really, really fucking bright, people.)

Also I hope Sneijder and Villa don't score in the final so Mueller can win the Golden Boot, but somehow I don't see BOTH of those guys failing to score. Although with the way both those teams play these days, it could easily end up 0-0 and go to penalties. For once I am thankful that Bayern are the Evil German Syndicate because they'll actually be able to hold onto bb Mueller and develop him properly (well, hopefully, this is Bayern...) and not have to sell him to some big Spanish or English club. Look, I do not trust English and Spanish clubs to develop my German bbs. The Bundesliga is a fantastic league and clearly it isn't the ugly stepbrother league of Europe as we placed third with a team made up entirely of Bundesliga players. Stay in the Bundesliga, bbs! You'll always end up coming back anyway - sorry, Michael Ballack.

In any case: I'm as happy as a third place game can make a person. And I'll probably shut up about the World Cup soon.... and then start talking about my clubs.

this hurts

Jul. 7th, 2010 04:27 pm
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The worst thing is that they didn't even play well. God, this happens to me every damn time. Why do I ever even get my hopes up? Germany, always in the top four, just never in first. I feel like somebody stomped on my heart.

P.S. Please no pity, Spain fans. I can't deal with it.
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Ah, I'm terrified/excited/nervous for the semi-final. It's all I've been able to think about since Saturday. And while I have so much hope, it's like I have this built in defense mechanism from my teams justmissing it for as long as I've been watching football (which is, granted, relatively not that long - although I feel my fervor makes up for it ;) ). I mean, I don't know how many more times I can watch my boys get that trophy so close they can taste it, only to have it ripped away. *sigh* So while I have hope, some part of me doesn't believe it will actually happen, just because that's the story of my football-watching existence. But.... these boys are so good. They're better than any German team has been in a long time. FAR better than the German team at Euro 2008, and that team still only conceded one goal to a Spanish team that was stronger than the one they have now. That Spanish team rolled through Euro 2008 with total inevitability. Like Barca in the 08-09 season, some part of you knew that they were going to win everything. I can only hope that when I look back on this tournament, I can feel the same way about Germany as I did about Spain in Euro 2008.

If Germany score first, I think it will be nearly impossible for Spain to come back from that, since Germany can just rip open a team who has to take risks and attack, although Spain's defense is much stronger than Argentina's or England's. If Spain score first, we haven't been able to come back from behind yet, but the Serbia game had extenuating circumstances - in any case it will be very difficult. If it goes to penalties.... IDEK. I don't think Iker is as godly and untouchable as people think he is, but he is very good. And I... I have faith in Neuer. Should it come to penalties though, it'll be one of those times where I would kill for one of our older, vastly experienced typical German GKs. Jens should parachute in from his helicopter. But, hey, young and relatively inexperienced has gotten us this far, so we should stick to our guns. (But, um, in all seriousness? Wiese, for everything else he sucks at, is INSANELY good at penalties. CRAZY GOOD. It's actually sickening. Seriously, watch the first two minutes of that video. It will make you sick. This is the guy who saved three consecutive penalties from Hamburg (by which I mean not some shitty backwater team or anything). UGH. [Poor Hamburg that season. Ultimate FML.])

So, yeah, one way or another, this will all be over in less than a week. D: And no matter what happens, anybody who has a team left in the tournament gets to see their team two more times. But, goddammit, my boys are better than third place this year.


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