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1. First of all: OH MY GOD LIVEJOURNAL, WHAT NEW DEVILRY IS THIS?! FOR REAL. Do they just sit around and have a monkey pick random words out of a hat and then let a drug-addled Pythia decipher them and make their decisions based of off that? Ack. I changed back to my style-specific comments page and it seems to have taken care of the problem, but I would very much like the old comment page back.

2. Don't know how I feel about the Misfits finale. spoilery talk )

3. Other things that cause me to have unpleasant feelings: the Suarez racism thing. under the cut for too many ramblings )

4. Well, that was a depressing post! Here, have The Hobbit trailer to make yourselves feel better.

5. Also our oven is broken. AGAIN. Four days before Christmas! My mom is at the breaking point. If we can't get it fixed it's going to make things ten times more stressful than they already are! Joy!
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1. I'm going home next weekend for my my and her twin sister's birthday AND my lovely sister [ profile] cetacea and my parents visiting me at school on Wednesday so I am very antsy to get through to then because I am sure next weekend is going to be an awesome time. And I am going to bake a ton, which I have severely missed in my inadequate kitchen in my apartment. Going from being able to use my mom's KitchenAid to handheld mixers is a bit of a shock to the system. I'm so lazy.

2. So I've kind of become a Tony/Steve (Avengers) shipper, even though I have never actually consumed source material where they interacted at all. .... But the fic really works for me! Anyway, what should I find in my Entertainment Weekly this week, but a giant picture of them together. I need this movie to come out yesterday. Even if it disappoints, it will still be awesome because it has Tony Stark, Loki, Thor, Steve Rogers, and Nick Fury in it. I will just focus on that.

3. Can we talk about The Vampire Diaries, two other people who watch TVD on my flist? Pleaaaaase. I need someone to talk with. spoilers up to latest episode )

4. Also Liverpool beat Everton. I would've preferred a victory against 11 men, but I am not complaining. And seeing Stevie G on the pitch made me all ♥_♥. Also the whole thing with de Gea and the donut? I laugh for days. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaays.
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Fall TV returned! Oh happy day. No more subsisting on nothing but True Blood. I also watched the pilots of a few of the new shows. Oh, CW. I think I'll also give Grimm and Once Upon a Time a try. So predictable, self.

The Secret Circle )

Ringer )

The Vampire Diaries )

Oh my god, Liverpool. Eek. I contemplated waking up for that game, and I actually got up at 8 or whatever and saw they were a goal and a man down, and I was like, well. Back to bed it is. I swear, every weekend Stuttgart win, Liverpool lose and vice versa. *sigh* These are the times when I just try really hard to think about the Nationalmannschaft.

Also, the Emmys tonight! Yaaaaay! My one wish is that Margo Martindale wins for Best Supporting Actress, but I realize that is probably a pipe dream. *sigh* I would love to see some of The Good Wife people win as well.
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Yaaay, Liverpool beat Arsenal away for the first time in SIX BILLION YEARS!!!!! let's talk about footy related things )

Um, that's actually all I had to talk about. Oh! I also watched the BBC North & South. Take me now, Richard Armitage! Things are going to get awkward when I feel sexually attracted to Middle-Earth dwarves though.

ETA: Finally watched footage of the El Clasico brawl, and ugh. Fuck you David Villa. Hugs for Mesut - can't believe HE got carded for that as well. Barca is going out of their way to make me actually like Madrid more than them. You hurt my bb Germans, you become the greater of two evils.
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I finally got around to watching Luther and enjoyed it immensely. Although a tiny part of me kind of wanted it to be Alice. It is an intense show though, so I was a somewhat relieved when I finished. But yeah, Idris Elba is amazing. I'm so glad I've seen him in more than just The Wire, because - although he is amazing as Stringer - it would be a shame to be unaware of his talent at playing a nice guy with, um, issues - he's very charming! And hot. I think I'm going to be on board with 95% of other viewers when I say that the Luther & Alice relationship is by far far the best part of this show, and I easily could've watched an entire series of them just talking to each other. (Although I am also fond of Ripley.)

Now I have to decide what shows I want to watch next. Help me decide? I mean, I still have a good two weeks of summer left. I can watch a lot in that time!

[Poll #1769437]

I know there's other stuff I probably ~should~ watch, like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, but I don't like depressing drug shows (especially about meth - of all the drugs, probably THE MOST DEPRESSING) and I don't like zombies (much). Oops.

Now I am going to watch The Eagle. Although, with the amount of fic I've read in that fandom, I kind of feel like I already have.

Aaaaaand, the less said about Liverpool the better. But I will repeat what I said on FB: so many fauxhawks!
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Have a Collection of Random Thoughts With Peggy:

1. Here's my problem with the idea of Messi, or for that matter Ronaldo, being the best player in the world. Yes, Messi is truly amazing most of the time for Barcelona. It would be hard to argue that he ISN'T the best club player in the world. However, he really doesn't do shit for Argentina. How can someone be the best player in the world if they contribute so little to their country? I realize that with the amount of money involved in clubs they've started to take on a greater importance than country, but, quite frankly, fuck that. If a player never finds success in international football, no matter how amazing they are in club football, and, perhaps most importantly, if they're from a country that actually stands a chance in international football (which Argentina very much does), I don't know, to me that success is incomplete. I know that attitude is a result of my own personal belief that country is just as important, if not more, than club, and a lot of people don't share that attitude.

2. Angry Man Utd fans scare me. I'm like, okay, you beat our record, why are you still so angry? Mein Gott. Also, I surprisingly don't care that much. It's annoying, but. Eh. I'm just so happy to be in love with my team again. Anyway, it's way more exciting to win when you don't do it every other season. And I know about these things, I'm a White Sox fan. :)

3. I always forget how awful the ferret scene is in Goblet of Fire. Malfoy is not a nice kid, I get it, but he is also fourteen years old and being tortured and humiliated and JKR treats it as something comical. SO MUCH SIGHING. Hogwarts makes itself into a breeding ground for future Death Eaters by supporting such an atmosphere of hostility and distrust in these kids from the age of 10. Everyone from Dumbledore on down barring Snape treats any person sorted into Slytherin like the Enemy-in-Making, a second class student. Of course it's going to build up resentment and rage. Does that make it okay to turn into a murdering racist asshole? Nope. But, damn, it's frustrating how very far a little human kindness might've gotten "the good guys". Why does no one ever listen to the Sorting Hat! If it's our choices that define us, stop assuming Slytherins have already made it when they're barely preteens!

Also I find myself having a hankering for Draco & Narcissa fics. NOT incest, but I would love to know more about their relationship, develop it from the huge part it played in the final battle. I think, despite JKR's obvious hatred for Slytherins and Draco in particular, it makes them both about ten times more sympathetic (if you weren't already in love with them like I am).

4. I finally got around to watching the Skins series 5 finale. It was disappointing, and I am starting to slide back into disliking most of these characters. Oh well.

5. I forgot how truly awful the pilot of The Vampire Diaries is. The diary voiceovers! The terrible dialogue! Bonnie is kind of mean and has awful hair! Caroline is a total ditz! Stefan is creepy! Jeremy is a little bitch! So much terrible CW emo music moments! Tyler is a semi-abusive jerk! Vicki takes up screentime! Alaric does not exist! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I just had to skip to the episode where Elena finds out and it starts to become bearable.

I think those are all my thoughts. It's been a gripping day.
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Happy-making things:

1. Liverpool's fate is in their own hands now. They win all three of their last games and maintain a higher goal difference than the Spurs, and they qualify for Europe next season. Simple as that. YOU CAN DO IT BOYS.

2. I've started having dreams about The Good Wife. It is a good thing we FINALLY get a new episode this week because I am about to lose it.

3. Doctor Who! They are setting up such an epic season and it is probably going to break me in some way but I DON'T CARE. Also I just watched the confidentials and it deeply amuses me that a yellow school bus is something that's iconic American to British people. Or at least the British people who make DW. It's so commonplace! It's hard to think of it as novel to other people.

4. I got tickets to see Jon Stewart at my school's auditorium this September! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. So excited I could pee.

Sad-making things:

1. Finals. I still have half a paper on the causes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 to write. Ugh. It's not that I don't find this interesting, it's just that we've been talking about it for weeks now, and, also, it's a paper. Although my final for my LOTR class was basically, not in these words, to write a piece of fanfiction. LMFAO. So great. And of course I chose the most fucking obscure thing I could find. (It takes place in Cardolan aka one of the realms of the northern kingdom of the Numenoreans that was destroyed by Angmar.) I actually really enjoyed it. Maybe I should write ridiculous gen pieces of forgotten Middle Earth history that no one else cares about more often.

But, in any case, once I finish this paper I will be done with all the hard stuff, and then I'm officially done. Well, until the 10th when my summer class starts. *sigh*

Well, better college than real life, am I right?


Apr. 17th, 2011 02:24 pm
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Okay, I'll just be over here SCARRED FOR LIFE by the sight of Carra falling lifeless to the ground and Pepe CHECKING HIS FREAKING PULSE and the entire team crowding around him and oxygen masks alkdjgfkldjglkdfjg. Holy shit. Never ever want to see that ever again. It sounds like he's doing pretty well now. Man, thank god this is the end of the season and we don't really have much to play for but our dignity because we'll barely be able to field a team at this rate. And our teenagers did quite well on that count! I mean, wow, Arsenal, you seriously couldn't beat us with half our starters injured and a bunch of green kids on the pitch? I'm starting to think, as much as I will hate the Mancs surpassing 18, Arsenal simply just don't deserve it. I mean COME ON. Also the fact that all these Academy bbs were able to help to hold on and earn a draw against a title-seeking team is very comforting, I think.

(And, ugh, so much bitching! Of course Liverpool isn't just going to hand over a win to Arsenal because it would hurt Man U! I think people forget that Arsenal did this exact same thing to us only two seasons ago.)

Ah, such craziness! *flappy hands*
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Sam: You know nothing about football! I used to go to football with my dad. United and City fans used to walk to the match together. Our next door neighbour, he had a City flag up in his window. Kids used to play together in the street - red and blue. But then people like you came along and you took it away from us.
Peter Bond: A good punch up's all part of the game! It's about pride. Pride in your team. Being the best!
Sam: No it isn't! This is how it starts and then it escalates. It gets on the telly and in the press, and then other fans from other clubs start trying to out do each other. And then it becomes about hate! And then it's nothing to do with football any more! It's about gangs and scumbags like you roaming the country seeing who can cause the most trouble. And then we overreact, and we have to put up perimeter fences and we treat the fans like animals! Forty, fifty thousand people herded into pens! And then how long before something happens, eh? How long before something terrible happens and we are dragging bodies out?

April 15, 1989
Justice for the 96
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1. football - Liverpool, England, Germany )

2. Okay, my Prison Break people, who watched the T-Bag episode of Breakout Kings? spoilers )

3. I've decided I'm not going to continue taking German next semester. It's just so unsatisfying after having taken it in a country where I could actually make practical use of it. And I don't feel like IU's German classes are particularly challenging. Plus I'm just unmotivated, at this stage in my college life, to be doing so much busy work. PLUS they insist on having even sixth semester German be scheduled on Fridays. UGH. Why don't you offer a Tue/Th German section? WTF? I want my three-day weekend semester! Next semester I think I'll be taking (registration time permitting) Roman Lit, my Classics capstone course (topic as yet undecided), Iranian history, Music of the Beatles (!!!), and some other class that I have yet to decide on. I have a lot of options, like Hindu Goddesses, African-influenced Religions in the Americas, North and South Korea, Making of the Modern Middle East, etc. LOTS OF EXCITING OPTIONS. :DDDD I have such odd interests.

4. Thanks so much for all your help on my last post, those who could see it. :D
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1. I think I realized my biggest problem with SPN this year, amidst the many, many problems. spoilery, although I would be surprised if anyone cares )

2. There is so much good television to look forward to soon! Doctor Who, which I know is going to kill me by making me wait until autumn for the second half of the season. The Borgias, which just afajljkgdgkdjgkfg YES. True Blood, which, while not "good" in the strictest sense of the word, will at least be enjoyable and trashy. And of course Justified just got going, and is as wonderfully delightful forever.

3. Liiiiiiiiiiiverpool. Ich liebe dich. Arsenal, we will be accepting gift baskets at any time this week. I am saddened by Pepe Reina's flip-floppy interview, but... le sigh. Good times are coming for this club, with or without Pepe, although GKs of his quality are hard to come by. Whatever, Spaniards.

4. I am starting to use tumblr more often, so here's mine: whatithacasmean. I'm sure I've posted it before, but I actually use it now, so let me know what yours is! I always forget because no one's is the same as their lj handle.
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Justified )

Community )

The Vampire Diaries )

Parks & Rec )

Preach, Danny boy, preach. I'm glad that Danny has no control on his temper and that allows us to get a glimpse that shows - although the players are professionals and I'm sure don't hate Ladyshoulders (although in Agger's case, perhaps not) - they do care about the club in the same protective and proud and irrationally emotional way the fans do. I love getting a glimpse behind the PR veneer that shows that.
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But seriously? I am so fucking proud right now I cannot even put it into words. The boys stepped up to this challenge and met it without question and Ladyshoulders didn't even make an impression. THAT is what you left behind, when Liverpool is FINALLY clawing its way out of the hole we dug ourselves into. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. Jamie Carragher was fucking brilliant today. Like a.... pissed off but very clean mama bear protecting her family. YES. THAT IS THE METAPHOR THAT I CHOOSE. And whatever, maybe I'm supposed to be the bigger person, but I cheered so hard when Danny hit Ladyshoulders in the throat. It was fucking CATHARTIC.

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1. You know what is amazing and splendid and wonderful? PARKS AND RECREATION, THAT IS WHAT. Oh my god, I am 100% in love with Leslie Knope and everything that she does. Just. THIS SHOW. So amazing. I love all of them. I really enjoy when they throw in a good Indiana joke, like Jerry's timeshare in Muncie. Laughed for daaaaaays. Also, shipping Ben/Leslie kind of embarrassingly hard. \o/ And they obviously need to film an episode in Bloomington. Leslie is a Hoosier! DO IT PTB. If anything were ever going to inspire me to write fic, it would be the fact that Leslie Knope went to IU. Maybe someday.

2. I'm reading about a million different Inception WIPs right now. Dammit. I hate WIPs! But that's where all the good Inception fic is right now. And they're so addicting.

3. Can I just say to this? YES. I hope you know that I will be camped out in front of PBS with a bowl of popcorn and a lot of alcohol. My Jonas brothers love has no shame. Also I really love PBS. Almost as much as I love that HD channel that shows sunrises from various parts of the world every morning. Also really enjoy that picture of Nick.

4. torres, or as he will from now on be known WITHOUT ANY AFFECTION: Lady Shoulders )

I'm so very happy that I get my Deutschland boys back soon. ♥

5. I finished The Silmarillion, and now I want to go read all the obscure fanfiction that I used to think was really incredibly geeky. It still is, I just want to read it now. I would totally read wrongdirtybad Maeglin/Idril. And I want to know more about Aredhel. And and and. Yes. I would so read an epic Galadriel fic.

6. Oh no, where did [ profile] sparky77 go? :(
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So Nando turned in a transfer request. My only question at this point is, what new and exciting methods will Spaniards fashion to suck all the enjoyment out of football for me? CAN I HAVE NOTHING?! Although, really, do I care that much? It's hard to say. My love for Liverpool, though always present, has been waning with the team. Which is not to say that I don't love them anymore, or that I only like them when they're winning games, just that I think the last couple seasons have made me incredibly cynical about club football, and that actually, yes, you can buy trophies and money trumps your give 'em hell spirit 99% of the time. It sucks, and it's part of what's made me really lose my love of club football in general in recent years. Which is not to say that international football is some pure uncorrupted thing or something - I DID watch the last World Cup. IDK.

Whatever, mostly I'm just ... not that surprised. To be honest, I don't think this transfer (whenever it eventually happens, probably this summer) will be nearly as bad of a loss as Xabi was for the team. Nando has his moments, but he's so goddamn unreliable. I mean, not to say that this loss won't hurt, but, honestly? How much worse can it get? ...Okay, obviously tempting fate there. But I guess you really can't count on the loyalty of someone who leaves his childhood club for what was at the time a big club, but somehow I thought Nando really had become a scouser. Damn. They get me every time. At least I still have Stevie and King Kenny and Pepe, who does not abide bullshit and is the only Spaniard I can now look at.

And here ends my Friday night football pontificating.

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How did The Good Wife become the one show I watch where I still yell things at the TV and get really anxious and gleeful while watching? It's kind of funny that a show that is so reserved and subtle would make me yell obscenities at my TV. Also I realized that my enjoyment of an episode is pretty much directly proportional to how much Alicia is present in it. Not that I don't love the supporting cast (Kalinda! ♥), but... it's Alicia. She's the best. I'm so glad TGW continues to be awesome. How abysmal would TV be if SPN Attack of the Pod People 2010 was all I had to look forward to?

Also did you know that entering the State Hall of the Austrian National Library is pretty much like walking into the library in Beauty & the Beast? Yeah, there's one childhood dream fulfilled. THANKS, HABSBURGS! *wipes away single tear* Although the weather has been absolutely fucking abysmal here lately. Apparently scientists predict this will be the coldest winter in Europe in 1000 freaking years. REALLY, EUROPE. REALLY. Also our crazy brooch-wearing Austrian landlady ignores all calls for the lightbulbs in our chandelier (don't get excited, it's pretty jank) in the dining room/kitchen to be changed and now NINE OF THEM have gone out and we have one single bulb left working. It's a little dark in there, not gonna lie.

My parents sent me a care package full of candy and some stuff I needed, and my dad made me a little mixtape (on a flashdrive) of weird German versions of songs, songs that are inside jokes between me and him, and songs of ~fatherly guidance~. Like Frank Zappa songs telling me to eat my vegetables and songs telling me to drink and smoke. LMFAO. Only my dad. It makes me so happy to listen to it, like a little piece of home I can take with me anywhere. :)

I've been a terrible Liverpool fan this season, watching the whole thing unfold with a kind of detached horror. Hopefully it's coming to some kind of solution soon, but IDK. I always thought those people who said we'd become the next Leeds were way overreacting, but the possibility is sickeningly possible, isn't it? Everything is teetering so dangerously, I kind of have to look away. ... At least Germany are doing well? Turkey game this weekend though, minus Schweini. Man up, Deutschland!
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I woke up at 7:30 AM totally 100% awake. Ugh. I am going to be exhausted later. And this just leaves me time to stew. I shouldn't stew.

in any case, some final random thoughts on this world cup )

Also I disallowed anonymous comments in my journal because I was getting trolled by random Spain fans. Which is kind of sad really. Your team just won the World Cup and you're trolling my lj? Priorities, people. Priorities.

In any case, the White Sox are winning their division. WHAT NOW?!
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Want some really hot pictures of the US men's NT half-naked, sweaty, and dirty? Hmmm, that's what I thought. They are here. I suddenly feel very patriotic... IN MY PANTS.

I woke up early to watch Denmark play... and then went back to sleep when it became clear that they weren't going to do much. Although I think de Jong should've AT LEAST gotten a yellow for that challenge on Bendtner. He could've broken his freaking ankle! The way these refs have been calling games, he should've been on a plane home. I couldn't watch the Italy game because you know how I feel about Italy? It's pretty much this.

Day 04 — Your favorite club team

Sigh. You know, after Euro 2008 when I first got into club football, there was nothing that made me choose Liverpool. The choice that makes the most sense for a diehard Germany fan and (then) big Michael Ballack fan was Chelsea, right? And it's true that most German NT fans I know (though not all, obviously) follow Chelsea if they follow any English team (although now there are NO international Germans in England, so IDK). So I don't know what it was about Liverpool that made me fall for them. That 08-09 season was glorious, though, wasn't it? They were all so happy and full of spirit and determination - they embodied the spirit of Liverpool FC. It was difficult not to be drawn in by that team. And then it all went to shit and continues this summer to flow in that general direction. But it's gone to shit before, and it's come back to be amazing again. I've been through much worse with other teams I love. The Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 1906, 1917, ....and then never again until 2005. I have no doubt that Liverpool FC, no matter how long it takes, will always shine on.

SHIT GUYS I'M GETTING MAUDLIN. But, seriously, I think I've come to some kind of peace about transfers. We know half the team is going to jump ship this summer. And it's going to suck. But.... Liverpool FC is so much bigger than any one player, than any eleven players. It's gonna be okay. GROUP HUGS AND POPSICLES ALL AROUND. You know when I think you know you're a real Liverpool fan? When you sing YNWA and you feel that physical ache in your chest of sheer pride and love and joy. Nothing can hurt us when we're singing that.

the rest of the days )
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1. I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL LOVED MY SHIRTLESS FOOTBALLERS POST. I should've known the way to get you all to care about something football related was to involve nudity. I really should've known. I am still replying to comments, but I just wanted to say thaaank you for loving it. I mean, how anyone cannot love Yoann Gourcuff's dreamy eyes is beyond me, but still good to know I'm not a crazy person. In certain areas of life. Although I'm sad I didn't get to include my favorite footballer of ever and all time, Mr. Pepe Reina. Because *I* find him hot, but I don't know if other people do. And I think a lot of what is hot about him is his personality and how hilarious and kind and loyal and hardworking he is. And also how he tosses his baby daughters in the air. I LOVE YOU PEPE. YOU'RE ALWAYS #1 IN MY HEART. LOL EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT ACTUALLY, ON ANY TEAM, #1. If he was the starting goalkeeper for Spain, they probably wouldn't annoy me as much. ALSO how did I not know Pepe and Nando are next door neighbors in Liverpool? Hey, Nando, you better stay in Liverpool so you don't have to leave your BFF. It would be sad for everyone.

2. I went to a White Sox game and got sunburnt to hell. Also it went from sweltering hot without a cloud in the sky to freezing and pouring rain and back again. Freaking Chicago. Every damn time I go to a game! But hey, they won and the Cubs lost, that's all that matters. Also: BLACKHAWKS. HELL YES. Anyway, they had to win. They couldn't bring shame upon Michael Jordan, Lord of Chicago, in his own arena.

3. Have I talked about how fantastic the new Doctor Who is? Because I eventually got over my bitterness from Ten and gave Eleven a shot and I am SO GLAD. I love Eleven, Amy, Rory, and although it's had some problems, nothing near the fail that RTD's episodes were usually full of. And for the most part the stories are interesting and make a semblance of sense! I'm very much looking forward to the finale. And I hope that Amy Pond will be around as companion for another season, but I have no idea, so if anyone knows, DON'T tell me.

4. I don't particularly like Rio Ferdinand, but I know how much it must hugely suck to get knocked out of the World Cup this late in the game. Still I am very excited that Stevie gets to be captain, something that I've always thought he was very, very worthy of, especially considering how up until the most current season he could single-handedly push Liverpool to a win through sheer force of will. I still hate the English NT, but I will of course be hoping that Stevie, Carra, and Glen do well for themselves. (I'm an American of German and Scottish descent. It would be WRONG of me to do anything but hate the English NT.)

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1. I am so excited about the World Cup I'm about ready to run around in circles until I throw up. THE WORLD CUP IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN THIS FUCKING WORLD. I don't even care (much) that Germany don't have much of a chance. I just can't wait to watch all of this amazing shit. I wish Ray Hudson would commentate so he could dissolve into the overwhelmed emotional tears and amazing puns and poetic exclamations that all of us feel as we watch but cannot articulate. Frankly, it's nice to have this to look forward to after such a hugely disappointing season for almost all of the teams I support. If I had to go through a summer of no football again after a season like that, I might've gone crazypants.

Also I would really enjoy beating England in PKs but I will take whatever I can get.

2. Adam Lambert is coming to some shady casino in northern Indiana! \o/ If that show turns out to be 21+ I WILL CUT A FUCKING BITCH. Six months people! Less than that really because it will be meaningless once I get to Austria.

3. Do you know why football is the greatest sport on this earth? Because at the end of the season, the players bring out their adorable babies and walk around the field being adorable with them. This year at Liverpool was kind of disappointing, because no Gerrard babies, Torres baby, or Agger baby - I want to see Daniel Agger holding a tiny baby, okay? And of course, the loss of Jon Alonso hurts almost as much as the loss of his father. But as long as Pepe is there tossing his daughters around like sacks of potatoes, it's all good. (Also, holy shit, Skrtel is alive!)

4. I successfully made cupcakes from scratch! And they were tasty! This is a big accomplishment for me because I SUCK at all things that happen in kitchens that do not involve frozen foods being microwaved. This was the recipe in case you're interested. Now I just have to learn how to make real food so I don't have to live off of street vendor Brezeln when I get to Austria.

5. I've started watching Hipster Doctor Who, and I like it. I don't love it, but I like it. The problem for me is that I'm a New Who fan who always loved the companions way more than the Doctor. So I'm sad that Moffat will probably never touch any of RTD's creations with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. Look, Martha Jones always got screwed over by the fact that RTD was a terrible writer and I am still bitter! NEVER FORGET. But the lack of angst and doomed love is INCREDIBLY REFRESHING. I would also enjoy Eleven meeting Donna. He's a lot bitchier than Ten so it would be an actual fair fight.


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