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Thanks to everyone who's said really nice stuff to me and checked to make sure I was still alive. I don't really want to talk about it anymore, so I'm not going to reply to the comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for being so nice and no one gloating because I probably would've cried even harder if anyone had done that. my final thoughts on the issue (for now) )

In the meantime, I am going to try to keep reading actual books (as opposed to fic) a lot. Right now I'm reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton on a rec from my sister and I've really been enjoying it so far. I'll hopefully start on some of the stuff you guys recced me soon.

Also, I changed my layout to my girl Arya. Arya staring down Tywin still = the greatest thing to come out of the TV adaptation. Also, did I mention that I totally got ASOIAF house sigil coasters? I am going to not-so-accidentally spill things on the Lannister one. There are only four coasters, but I got magnets too (I CAN'T BE STOPPED) that have all the main houses that have been on the show so far (except Tyrell, which SAD FACE even though their words are super lame). Except that means no Martells yet. I should just make my own. UNBOWED. UNBENT. UNBROKEN. <-- the most badass words after the Starks'.
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As always, Steven Gerrard's judging you face describes my emotions perfectly while watching a game:

I was also pretty close to screaming, "WHY. WON'T. YOU. DIE?!" while hitting an effigy of the Spanish team over the head with a shovel, a la Willow in "Pangs". JAYSUS H CHRIST.

Well, I guess if Germany DO manage to win the Euros, they will do it by getting sweet, sweet vengeance on the two teams who have destroyed all my international football hopes and dreams in the past six years. But if they DON'T win, it's really going to be fucking awful no matter when they go out (no, it would be worse to go out to Spain again in the final, who am I kidding - although it would also be horrible to be robbed of the prospect of a rematch).

Please excuse me while I puke for the next 24 hours.

And, for reals, if you are actively cheering for Spain to win this thing and you only became a Spain fan during 2008 or later, LET'S NEVER TALK ABOUT INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL. Because it will not end well. /end bitter germany fan
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So presh. ♥

Still not really getting my hopes up, to be honest. I've been burned too many times to be that foolish, and I can't lose sight of the fact that Spain is (likely) lying in wait for us, if we even get to the final. But we'll see where we go. (....Damn, I am becoming REALLY German about football, lmfao. Now I get why most Germans I talk to are like this. It's much easier to deal with the German team with this mindset.)
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My mama had knee surgery today, so now she is part bionic woman, and I keep making a lot of kickpuncher jokes. She seems to be doing okay, and is on enough good drugs to fuel a Justified plotline. But this doctor makes people start moving only a few hours after their surgery, so I left her with my dad because I didn't want her to think she had to keep up a strong front when she tried getting up the first time. She was very stoned and asked me to tell her what happened on Teen Wolf last night, lmfao.

So, to amuse myself while I wait for everything to settle down, I decided to make a wishlist of "Things I Want to Happen By the End of A Song of Ice and Fire". (Obviously, this will contain book spoilers.) Then you can all tell me your own and we can commiserate about how probably the exact opposite of what we want will happen, unless your wish list is "everyone I care about dies".

my a song of ice and fire wishlist )

Re: the Euros. I was sad to see Ukraine get knocked out. These quarterfinals could end up being really defensive and boring though. :/ Almost all of these pairings have at least one team that will probably try to park the bus. Hopefully I'm wrong!
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I know many Germany fans are being all BUT WHAT DOES OUR STYLE OF PLAY MEAN, WE ARE NOT PLAYING LIKE WE DID IN 2010 AAAAAAGH!!!! And for a little bit I was also confounded by these worries. And then I was like, if we played like we did in 2010, we would lose. Because we did not actually win the 2010 World Cup, in case you forgot, beautiful play and awesome victories aside. I understand people want the team to be all shiny and beautiful and playing tear-inducing football, but so much of that was built on the element of surprise, as well as playing a lot worse teams who weren't expecting us to be so good. We've changed as a team, and whether you like that or not, we got 9 points in an incredibly difficult group and won games despite prolonged lapses in concentration and quality of play, and definitely had some moments of that '10 brilliance, especially as Mesut seems to have only gotten better. QUARTERFINALS, BITCHES!


Agggggh we have to wait until Friday though! Probably good for my heart, really. I don't want to get overconfident about the game, but if we can't beat Greece, we don't deserve to get to the semis.
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Ugh, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling horribly sick. I was pretty much drenched in sweat. Grossness. Luckily it didn't keep me up too long and I was able to fall asleep again, but ugh. So random. I felt fine all day. WTF, BODY?!

Anyway! Now I am going to judge the various Euro 2012 groups.

euro 2012 judgment )
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It's sad when I'm more excited for a new episode of Teen Wolf than I am for the Euros. But the crappy, halfhearted playing of the Germans has kind of killed my enthusiasm for the moment. I hope they're back to being the team I know and love against the Netherlands. This lack of teamgeist happened last Euros; they only ever really showed up for the semifinal. I can't deal with them being like that again, it was so depressing. :(

However I find it really amusing when ESPN does its ridiculous super slo-mo when players are hugging or looking at each other and it looks like they're trying to make a slash vid. I guess Shevchenko and Zlatan's pre-game handshake was more ~loaded~ than any of us knew. Thanks, ESPN. (Also, Ukraine vs. Sweden is very confusing, colors-wise.)

But seriously, Teen Wolf has been SO GREAT this season. I don't even know what to do with myself. I was not expecting this! This is nothing we were ever trained for! If you need a show to watch this summer, you need to watch this so hard. It's just the greatest. It includes badass lady archers! I demand the AU where Allison is Hawkeye's cousin who he never talks to because the Argents are fucking weird, but then... somehow they meet? And he teaches Allison to jump backwards off of buildings while loosing an arrow and Stiles faints like a Victorian bride again because it's too awesome to handle, and Sheriff Stilinski is just like. SIGH. SERIOUSLY?! GET THE SMELLING SALTS AGAIN, DEPUTY WHOEVERTHEFUCK.

Also lately I've really been craving some Lydia/Allison.

Also, Teen Wolf vid rec, for people who are new to the fandom (because I assume everyone who's been here for awhile has already seen it): Pack by [ profile] wistful_fever. It's Jackson-centric, with Derek/Stiles and a sort-of-AU Jackson/Stiles. IT'S THE GREATEST. So much pretty boy Jackson freaking out while half-dressed and everyone perving on Stiles. Plus: LACROSSE! So basically the show.

True Blood: surprisingly not that bad? I only facepalmed from second-hand embarrassment, like, three times.
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Okay, so, we won. But we played kind of terribly? Scratch that. Our defense was amazing (Hummels! Neuer!), and Mario Gomez turned out okay in the end. But our midfield was TERRIBLE. What the hell even was that? Our midfield used to be the best thing about us! It was our DEFENSE that was supposed to be the thing we worried about! Egads. Of course I'm happy we got the three points, but this performance was really worrying. I don't think Poldi deserves his starting spot anymore, quite honestly. And I don't know, our midfield just was not working well together today.

Here's the good thing though: If there is any team in the world guaranteed to get Germany playing their absolute possible best, it is the Netherlands. If we were gonna play poorly, we did it early on and we still managed to scrape together a win. Let's work on this shit, do some team bonding exercises, trust falls, etc. Many teams have started out their winning campaigns with lackluster performances - losses, even! WE SHALL OVERCOME THIS BARRIER AND JOURNEY FORWARD INTO VICTORY.

Also having Michael Ballack doing the pre/post-game show on ESPN is so wonderful. Not only is he adorable, especially when he misunderstands an English phrase or idiom and comes off sounding really mean or serious, but it's also nice knowing that when Germany plays there will be someone exhibiting most of the same emotions that you are feeling about them at the time, with only a REALLY halfhearted attempt at being neutral. ALSO HE'S SUPER ADORABLE, and I think possibly Alexi Lalas is flirting with him. ESPN YOU PERVS.

Oh and the Netherlands-Denmark: the fuuuuuuck! This group just got crazytown bananapants!
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Gird your loins, flist, or get ready to scroll past me a lot, because the next three weeks will be all Euro 2012 all the time. Unless Germany get knocked out early, and then it will be Euro 2012 all the time until it becomes a series of deeply depressed and bitter posts about how I hate everything. SO LET'S AVOID THAT AND HAVE GERMANY WIN IT ALL FOR FUCKING ONCE DEAR GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON MY BATTERED SOUL.

Ahem. In any case, I am very excited, as there are a lot of interesting/fun matchups on the horizon, and unlike the World Cup you start out with the good shit instead of having to get through the boring riffraff, most of the time (well except for today's Group A, but who knows, it could be great). So of course UEFA is changing that by upping the number of teams included for the next Euros. Grrrr.

I'm trying really hard to not get my hopes up because that way leads to pain most times. Everyone keeps saying Germany are favorites and it just terrifies me. NO EXPECTATIONS PLEASE AND THANK YOU. But.... I can't control my hopes apparently, so COME ON, MY BOYS.


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Oh, England NT, you giant clusterfuck. You know, as much as I mock them, it makes me a little sad to see them spiral like this (although, frankly, Capello leaving seems like it could be good for the team). I still enjoy England losing everything because they're obnoxious and arrogant, but it would be nice to see them lose with a little class sometimes. I am wholeheartedly annoyed by the entitlement that comes from large segments of the England camp re: their right to be the cultural owners of football, but there's no denying that it's a country to whom football is very important and has a lot of meaning. So it makes me sad to see their national team this pathetic and, frankly, lacking in, to German it up a bit, any sense of teamgeist. They're just boring to watch, and I could never imagine feeling inspired by them under Capello. But it'll be interesting to see who they get to replace him.

Related to this, I am starting to have bursts of uncontrollable glee when I remember that, oh yeah, Euros this summer! And then I try not to think about the possibility of Germany winning because I will just get my hopes dashed. But aaaagh. International football comes back soon, and frankly, I'm a lot more excited about that than Liverpool. Look, I love LFC and I always will, and it's really exciting that we're on the path for two trophies this year. But there is no chance of winning the league, and I'm beginning to feel a little fatalistic about our chances of ever winning the league. So I'm excited to watch Germany play, because it's a team that has a real chance of winning the most exciting championships, and that's just kind of nice to have as a realistic option to look forward to. And Germany is just a better team. They play prettier football (yep, Germans play pretty football these days! ... not that your football being prettier than English football is saying a lot) and they're more exciting to watch. Plus I have more fondness for the players themselves right now (look at these adorable dorks getting far too excited about promotional games of Memory). Being a Liverpool fan is tough these days, yo. But we weathered the Schaftgate storm and we came out stronger! It was beautiful and many tears were surreptitiously wiped away. And now I get that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I think about the Germany NT again, so I'm certain that will come back for me for Liverpool someday.

That said, will I be waking up to watch the Man Utd game at 7:30 AM on a Saturday after I'm supposed to go to a concert out of town with my friend on Friday night? You bet your ass.

Now I'm going to watch the end of S5 of Buffy with a friend who is watching the show for the first time and is completely unspoiled. Her reaction to Dawn was priceless. But I made her watch past "The Body" without me because I ugly cry through that entire thing and then have to go call my mom and tell her that I love her, and I feel that people should be allowed to do the same in peace during their first viewing. Also I didn't want to watch it again.
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1. Can I just say that I have a really embarrassing love of Hollyoaks going on right now? Like I obsessively check the always-enabling anthonydlangford's YouTube channel (damn that man! but also bless him!). And it's SO AWFUL you guys. Some of you may be thinking of the ultimately sweet and kind of epic JP/Craig storyline from awhile ago. But NO. This is the abusive psychotic gangster boyfriend storyline of Ste and Brendan. Like canonically physically and emotionally abusive and CRAZY and self-hating gay and WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?! But I can't turn away. Ste is kind of sweet but very dumb and with questionable hair. Brendan is breathtaking levels of crazy eyes with a beyond questionable moustache. He acts like he has a read a book of How to Abuse Someone and Make Them Think It's Their Fault, But Also Sometimes You'll Kill People to Protect Them. It's super horrible, but I am obsessed with it, even as I cringe through most of the scenes. I don't even know what I want from it. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts!

So much shame, guys. So much shame. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SUCCUMBED TO WITH SO FEW CANON GAY RELATIONSHIPS ON TV RIGHT NOW. I am in a desert with no gay for hundreds of miles. Desperate measures.

2. Can I just say that I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that there should be a Steve/Tony vid to "Like a Virgin" after The Avengers comes out? If someone does that, I have no money, but I do have a lot of enthusiasm. Random lion footage optional, but encouraged.

3. I'm starting to get veeeery excited for Euro 2012, but also trying to temper this with some German pessimism because I have had my heart broken too many times. In any case, I briefly considered doing a new Hotties Guide, but decided against it because the teams that were in the World Cup haven't changed enough. For some of them I would choose the exact same players. I will certainly do one for the next World Cup though. Pray that North Korea doesn't qualify!

4. Sherlock Holmes this weekend! And then BBC Sherlock on New Year's Day! I won't lie, I am 100% going to be judging the Downey/Law Moriarty and Mycroft against their BBC counterparts.

ETA: I highly recommend this Rome vid: Virgin by [ profile] obsessive24. To a certain extent about Mark Antony and Vorenus, but also about Antony's spiral into decadence and chaos and even the city itself's similar spiral. I was seal-clapping in glee by the end because it's so brilliant.


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