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1. I'm still pretty bummed about my boys losing, but if they had to lose to someone, I'd want it to be Spain, and especially Fernando. I really just want to give them all hugs and possibly lollipops and stickers and tell them all how awesome they still are. I'll just spend the next two years wishing and hoping and praying that they don't kick Micha and Torsten to the curb for reaching the ripe old age of thirty-three. My god, how truly ancient! Oh sports. Blast. But two adorable-yet-tragic pictures from the Post Match Watch the Other Team Celebrate Time make me smile.

cut for once )

2. I saw Wanted to take my mind off the game. And it did, mostly because it SUCKED ASS. God, James McAvoy, what were you thinking? I felt like I'd spent two hours in the mind of a particularly pathetic and dirty fanboy, acting out all of his wish fulfillment fantasies. I was actually surprised Frank Miller didn't have his misogynistic claws in it. He could've added some hookers with hearts of gold in S&M gear! It would've been so empowering to women! Hey, little girls, you too can grow up to be sexualized objects whose sole purpose is to react to the male heroes! /end sarcasm ETA: Marc Warren was cool though. Through a slow process of him being in every freaking thing I watch, I'm coming to be rather fond of the man.

3. On a completely non-bitchy note, I'm finally getting around to watching Burn Notice and I ADORE it. I love Michael, of course, because there is no way Jeffrey Donovan can play a character I don't like. (This is where I take a moment to weep over US Touching Evil.) Dear jeezy chreezy, that man looks good in a suit. And SPIES! This is the kind of feeling that I wish Alias had evoked more often, not taking itself too seriously but still with a very real sense of danger and violence. Plus I thought Fi would annoy me, but her remorseless insanity wins you over. And Bruce Campell, as always, brings the awesome. Sharon Gless having another son named Michael threw me for a little bit. I kept expecting Justin to bound down the stairs and throw himself at Brian Kinney. *g*

4. To [ profile] sparky77: SWEEEEEEEEEEP! Now we are even. =D
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Well, okay then.
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So I may have bought a German flag from, like, the International Flag Emporium, and am at this very moment flying it outside my house. MAYBE. Just before Independence Day! Sorry, I did not plan the Euros, okay? However, I'll definitely have to take it down for the 4th lest my WWII veteran grandfather shoot me on spot.


Just hold on a little longer, 95% of my flist! I will shut up about football in just a couple of days.

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I want to share with you my secret shame:

I hate Cristiano Ronaldo but in this commercial I am HELPLESS AGAINST HIS EVIL, EVIL CHARMS! I am reduced to a sad, shamed person in this moment. I want him to air-kiss me when I just got knocked on my ass by his goal. OH DAMMIT.

That whole commerical is way too much fun wish fulfillment and I have rewatched it way too many times. If you want to see the dorkier side of football, check out the Adidas campaign, which [ profile] gloryliberty so kindly pointed my way. It has Ballack, Poldi, Lahm, David Villa, Kaka, and I guess some English people if you're into that kind of thing.

This teaches us that Nike = NAIL THEM BITCHES AND SCORE THEM GOALS! And Adidas = let's help these young children from small countries become great! Oh my, is that Michael Ballack jumping out of a bush?
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Oh, boys. YOU CAUSE ME ACTUAL PHYSICAL PAIN YOU ARE SO AWESOME. HIS FLUFFY HAIR BLOWING IN THE WIND! Even when Torsten isn't playing they bring the OTP. By the way, just how long does it take a rib to heal?! Eek.

germany v. portugal + spain and the amazing freckles of fernando torres )

turkey v. croatia )
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So - like pretty much every Doctor Who fan on my flist - I am posting about the casting spoilery promo picture that was just released. And I also made a wallpaper and a poll, because I'm like that.

casting spoilers for s4 finale, including a rumor that isn't in the picture )

This Ballack video does THINGS to me. Bad, bad things. *fans self*
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1. This post was going to be all about Doctor Who, but I got distracted by the fact that the Austrians BROKE FRINGS' FREAKING RIB. And he is so badass that he PLAYED THE ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME. WITH A BROKEN RIB. Which on second thought may have been very stupid, but I will consider it noble instead. I'm praying in an agnostic way that they'll be able to play him because the boys really do not need something like this. They're already playing like a freshman who accidentally signed up for a class with the big bad seniors. STEP IT UP, NATIONALMANNSCHAFT! If we lose to that h0r Ronaldo I will choke something.

2. ANYWAY. Now I want to talk about Doctor Who. Specifically, I've got some questions for all of you Classic Who fans, or at least people who know the storylines. questions about classic who, plz help me )

Also, I've been rewatching S1, and I've gotta come out and say it: I LOVE YOU, RICKY SMITH THE IDIOT. Even when Mickey's being oblivious and constantly perplexed, I cannot stop thinking how awesome he is. (I totally ship Mickey/Jake. It is canon in my mind!) And Jackie! She slapped Nine! And coming up next I have happy, carefree Jack Harkness and the OT3 to end all other OT3's. Two seasons apart and I forgot how brilliant everything that came with Rose was. Shame! I am also going to rewatch "Utopia" from S3 so I can die of happiness again.

3. I realized something in regards to the casting spoilers for the end of DW S4. It's in white behind the cut so you won't see it unless you highlight it. something about those casting spoilers )

4. I've started reading Freak Show by James St. James which has the strange effect of taking these horrible things and somehow making you laugh at them, but you still feel horrible about them. I can't really describe it. The narrator still manages to joke as slight spoiler. ) For some reason, I find myself constantly wondering if - of all people! - this is what Noel Fielding was like as a 17-year-old. For his sake I hope it was a lot happier and significantly less violent, but the bizarre surrealistic quasi-stream-of-consciousness narrative and random non sequiturs and dressing in ridiculous - yet brilliant - outfits make me think of him. But I'll be honest, the thing that first made the connection in my brain was the narrator talking about the capes he had in his closet. (This whole thing is made even stranger by the fact that the only things I know about Noel Fielding are from his stint on Buzzcocks, one episode of The Mighty Boosh, and [ profile] evemac's livejournal.)
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I am so damn spammy lately! I just need to shut up. But I'm too bored to. =D

1. I'm surprisingly not hating the ESPN coverage of Euro 2008. EXCEPT for the fact that every frakking commentator spends at least ten minutes of any given game verbally sucking Cristiano Ronaldo's cock. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to put it. Yes, he is a very good player. No, he is not the Jesus of football. STFU about Ronaldo's glorious manhood and footwork, plz.

2. Verbotene Liebe people! Have you've seen this picture? It's probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life, if for nothing but Christian's face: "Yeah, I'm hittin' that." Oh, Christian. And how great were they this week? Gregor FTW!

3. I'm having a Brian/Justin fanfic reading revival. Except most of it kind of sucks. Like, I really don't think Brian would be struck by the deep beauty of Justin's cerulean orbs ever, let alone in S1. Yet I still read it. What does that say about me?

4. I'm considering doing a Kara/Leoben ficathon, or possibly Kara/Leoben/Sam (you could pick any of those pairings or the OT3). Would anyone be interested? I might do a more informal one than I usually do, without assignments. But you tend to get very little actual fanfic when you do it that way. Hrm.

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1. Okay, I know Coldplay are all ~*lame*~ now and stuff, but "Viva la Vida" is one seriously addictive song. I think a lot of it has to do with [ profile] gloryliberty connecting it to the Doctor in one of her posts, and it is so perfect. I see Ten's vengeful god face the whole time.

2. Did anyone else notice that Michael K. Williams (aka Omar on The Wire) is a random extra in The Incredible Hulk? After my first moments of WTFOMAR?!, I ended up pretty depressed that an actor as amazing as MKW ends up as an extra in a mediocre superhero movie when he doesn't have The Wire anymore.

3. Nightrunner fans, I need your help! What celebrities do you think are good representations of Alec and Seregil? I'm going to attempt some fanart. I was kind of thinking QaF-era Charlie Hunnam for Alec, but he might be a bit, uh... debauched, I guess. That's what you get for popping your cherry with Aidan Gillen! And I have NO IDEA for Seregil. I've heard Jonathan Rhys-Meyes bandied about (yes, BANDIED), but I have some seriously deep, inexplicable (I don't really actively hate people I've never met) hate for JRM, so that's a no. Unless I'm desperate. But... his nose is too big. IT IS NOT ELFISH. Maybe Charlie Cox, AKA guy from Stardust. Seregil is supposed to look like he's in his mid-twenties, right?

4. ESPANA! Villa/Torres! They're slowly becoming my second football OTP. God, that whole team is ridiculous. Their "puppy piles" (as my mom calls the celebratory piles of manlove in sporting events) are terrifying and wonderful. One after another, twenty of them jump on whoever scored in a frenzy of triumph. I do not think crushing David Villa is a good plan at this point, guys. Deutschland on Montag! They had better fucking step it up or I will be forced to choke somebody.
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I hate when I'm watching ESPN2 for Euro 2008, and they keep throwing in all this stuff about the American team. First of all, NO ONE CARES. At least not about the men's team. Strange that, for once, a women's team is more newsworthy than a men's. Secondly, this is the European championship. America is not in Europe.

Spain! Where have you been all my life? Villa/Torres, baby! They give Ballack/Frings a run for their money. (Though that's not them in the first picture, btw.) And Fàbregas looks like Zach Quinto!

spain v. russia and some german miscellaneous ballack/frings stuff )

I am watching Sweden v. Greece and I find myself wondering about an eternal question. Who is the bigger tool, Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimović? Discuss amongst yourselves.
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Why hello there, boys. =D If nothing else, this game has convinced me that Miro and Podolski are having a lot of sex. I mean, wow, that was some intense prolonged forehead touching at the ten minute mark, even for footballers. And, awww, Gómez. Stuttgart, represent! That's where my family immigrated from, oh.... three generations back, I think. And Jens is going to be playing for them next season. *flappy hands*

Newsflash: Philipp Lahm's eyebrows are my favorite player on the German team.

a picspam of the germany v. poland game plus some pre-game stuff, warning for me being shamelessly slashy even for me )

How sad is it that it's, like, my ONE DREAM in life to see the Nationalmannschaft play in Germany before Micha and Torsten and Jens and everyone get too old and retire? MY ONE DREAM, YOU GUYS. Like, some people want to cure diseases or become millionaires, I just want to see my football team play. *huge dork*
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OMG EURO 2008! Watching Bundesliga is just not the same.

*clutches the German national team and refuses to let go*

Yeah, that's right. It's time for the return of Incoherent Football Posts about the German Team that Only Three People Care About. Don't worry, I'll go away for two years again soon. *g*

So, who are you supporting? I'm rooting for Turkey in the upcoming game, if only because Ronaldo's an asshole.


ETA2: There was just an Adidas commerical with Micha saying, "Hello, I am Michael from Germany!" to some small children! *weeps*
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The Euro Cup finals groups are out! Germany doesn't seem to have it too difficult, but they'd better not screw it up - I need to see a lot of them to hold me over until South Africa in 2010. I can't wait to see Italy vs. France again. That should be fun. *g*

And... this meme I stole from [ profile] whisperwords. Since I never actually finished the "personal canon" one back when I posted it, now I can redeem myself or something.

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon,
(b) a reason he/she sucks,
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes,
(d) five things that never happened to that character, or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.

You pick the character. I pick the letter.


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