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So yeah, I'm pretty upset about the whole delicious thing. I had just started doing a revamp of my bookmarks to add more specific tags for tropes and genres and things like that. And then they... destroyed everything. :( I shelled out the $9 and change for a Pinboard account, where I am innuendosquad (although sadly I lost all the dates for when I uploaded stuff, because delicious is stupid). Let me know if you're on there too. Delicious may be returned to its full capabilities, but I don't like the direction it's heading. Pinboard feels far more secure, and because it's a pay service, I feel better about its chances of not being totally remodeled into a hellish landscape of uselessness.

But on to happier news. The Good Wife was amazing. If you're not watching this show, seriously. I don't even know what to do with you. If you want to be masochistic in that way, I guess I can't stop you from hurting yourself. But can I just say that this show is one of the only shows on television where the sex actually looks enjoyable for the woman? In fact, almost all the sex scenes (if not all) have focused specifically on female pleasure in a way that no other network television show is even getting close to. There's no gentle, breathy ~lovemaking~ while acoustic guitars serenade you and some sort of vague swaying on top of each other occurs. And so much of the softcore porn on HBO and Showtime is always... I imagine the directors being like, "No, grunty-er! Thrust harder! Grimace! Look dazed, female actress!" Like it just doesn't even look comfortable, let alone pleasurable. I find myself wincing and crossing my legs during most of the sex scenes on True Blood. But TGW. Yeah. Just. It was good for me. Even its sex scenes are classy.

P.S. I get to see Jon Stewart this weekend. \o/

P.P.S. Even though Bayern are the Evil Empire, I always like to see German teams do well in the CL (gotta keep that extra qualifying spot from Italy!), so that was happy-making. And holy shit, Carlos Tevez, you is a crazy bitch.
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You know, I dislike Barcelona for many reasons, but you cannot deny they've got style.

I almost wanted to feel bad for Man Utd for suffering such a comprehensively humiliating defeat (although, really, not sure any team could've beaten them how they were playing today). But then I remembered that this is the team whose fans went to Anfield just to humiliate us with a 19 times banner. And then I smile, and enjoy the image of Fergie vigorously chewing his gum in helpless defeat. You haven't quite knocked us entirely off our perch yet. :D

I'm the first person to point out how Barcelona is not, in fact, the second coming of Jesus in the form of a football team. But. Damn. That was pretty. No matter what I think about them personally, that was some damn good football.

ETA: Letting Abidal lift the trophy, I gotta hand it to 'em. That's pretty classy.
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I've been so grumpy lately. I'm two days away from spring break and I need it like Jack Bauer needs a shot of adrenaline to the heart daily. I don't have a car, which sucks and means I can't go home unless someone from my hometown is also going home on a weekend I can too and is leaving at a time when I can. This has yet to happen. Blergh. So yeah, I haven't been the sunniest person lately. I got into an argument with someone in my LotR class about whether Arwen's storyline in the movie was necessary to have "strong female characters". I was like DIE IN A FIRE EOWYN IS TEN TIMES THE WOMAN ARWEN MARY SUE UNDOMIEL IS. UGH. Plus Galadriel is one of the oldest and most powerful beings on Middle Earth so just STFU. I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS and the utter saccharine stupidity of the Arwen/Aragorn storyline is one of the biggest failings of the films. Liv Tyler is a nice lady but she just makes Arwen ten times more unbearable. YOU HAVE A WHOLE CHAPTER OF AMAZING ROMANCE WITH A WOMAN WHO IS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER. ugh. Still the bitterest Eowyn and Faramir fan. NEVER FORGET. Plus it's Tolkien, the fuck are you doing looking for feminism here? I still don't know how Eowyn got in there. I think he was momentarily possessed.

I watched the AS Roma vs. Shakhtar Donetsk game because it was on TV, and it just reminded me how much I genuinely despise Italian football - its dreary, violent, diving style with players to match. And this isn't me being amazingly butthurt from 2006; although I think the Spain NT does a shocking amount of diving and get cut a huge amount of slack from refs because they play up their identity as the Fragile But Beautiful Saviors of Football Whose Delicate Avian Bones Must Be Protected - despite all that, I still respect their style of football, up to a certain extent. But, damn, Italian football is just DEPRESSING and boring, unless your hockey game just ended and you were hoping for another brawl.

Also, on a related note: SO TIRED OF BARCA. They are life ruiners. They are the Sean Parkers of football. (You know what's cooler than a million trophies? A BILLION TROPHIES.) You know how Senor Chang always just looks at Britta and says, "Ugh, you're the worst" (0:39)? That is how I feel about Barcelona.

Okay, actually that's all I have to bitch about right now. COMMUNISM SUCKS. Also it's really interesting reading about the unrest/revolutions behind the Iron Curtain after Stalin's death in light of the unrest/revolutions in the Middle East/North Africa right now, with all these oppressed countries having a domino effect on each other, and in Hungary and Libya that turning into state-sponsored violence against its own people. :/ The more I learn about Eastern Europe, the more cynical I become.

Wow, this post is TRULY BIZARRE.
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"Young boy, inexperience, but they got him sent off. They all rushed towards the referee. Typical Germans. You can't dispute that."

Fuck you very much, Fergie. I mean, it's not surprising or anything. Still.

But seriously, I felt so dirty during this game. It was me and a Nürnberg fan, getting so caught up in the game that we accidentally yelled things unironically in support of Bayern. And then right afterwards we'd look at each other and grimace. But, damn. That was a game. As much as I hate Bayern, as a fan of the Bundesliga this made me really proud. Maybe we'll actually get some respect now! .... I won't hold my breath.

Also, the wording of this statement makes it sound a lot like Rafa doesn't plan on being around much longer.

(P.S. I'm seeing Chris Thile tonight for the fourth time. Cross your fingers that he winks at me again. IT HAPPENED.)
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1. I just accidentally punched myself in the face while I was flailing around because one of the WIPs I'm in love with got updated. Yep. That's my life.

2. Can we just talk about the figure skating OT4 for a second? How did I ever live my life before group hugs and figure skating boy bands and good times on the train and of course JOHNNY AND STEPHANE PAIRS SKATING TOGETHER AGAIN. Also Stephane storming off during practice and screaming for sausages and I am legitimately still unsure as to whether or not that was an April Fool's joke, a bizarre mistranslation, or reality, which tells you a lot about Stephane Lambiel. I would read so much fic about them. Boy band AU! They fight crime! They drink cosmos and sleep around Sex and the City AU! Noir detective agency with Plushy as the hard-boiled detective, Stephane as the ditzy secretary, Johnny as the femme fatale and Joubert as the ~seductive French con artist who reluctantly teams up with them! .... Wut. Clearly I have thought about this too much. I'm going to stop now.

3. Now that it is warm outside, people seem to have remembered that they like to get drunk and run around screaming their glory at having, I dunno, successfully crossed the street. Which, granted, is quite an accomplishment in many cases. I can't decide if I'm looking forward to Little Five this year or not. (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a cycling race that takes place every year at IU that is basically an excuse for a week of literal nonstop parties 24/7 - it's more or less the biggest, longest college party you could imagine and 90% of the campus is shitfaced for days. Little Five = Little 500 AKA a little version of the Indy 500.) Obviously I'm not a big partier myself, and tbh with the ridiculous security and police presence during Little 5 it's not worth getting caught drinking underage. However I enjoy just walking around or sitting outside downtown and taking in the bacchic frenzy. It does get annoying after about the fourth day of never-ending house parties surrounding you on every side, though. Not to mention that I live right by the fire station, off to pick up people who drank themselves nearly to death every five minutes.

4. Also there is a construction crew RIGHT OUTSIDE my window from 7AM to 3PM every single freaking day that makes sounds exactly like the Smoke Monster from Lost and I seriously want to CRY. Why won't they let me sleeeeeeeeeep?

5. Football: Crazy, crazy week. FUN TIMES for a neutral, I have to say. Although I could've done without seeing Cesc's leg, like, bow out backwards as he limped across the field. Just, dude, there are times when your team will understand if you sit it out, mmmkay?

6. I apparently gave myself minor heat stroke today so spent pretty much all of it watching all seven hours of VH1's I Love the New Millennium while lolling on the couch trying not to die. I feel so much stupider than I did going into that. And not because of the heat stroke.
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1. I watched Justified, and can I just say? Timothy Olyphant, you make me feel aroused in new and exciting ways. Can I just... climb on you? For, like, a minute? Please? But seriously, I highly recommend the show. I loved the terse, dry humor and atmosphere. And this character is like a Seth Bullock much more comfortable with his moral ambiguity. Like he would just smile killing you and not have to go through the whole rage blackout, clenched jaw, walking around with a rod shoved up his ass thing first.

2. mild lost spoilers )

3. I like Barcelona and I root for them in La Liga, but I gotta say, when they're playing my team, who also happen to be huge underdogs (as any German team not named Bayern Munich is) - well, I can kinda see why some people hate them, is all. But I'm not actually all that disappointed with the CL results. Chelsea and Real Madrid out this early? Excuse me while I wallow in my schadenfreude. Maybe the Arsenal bbs will actually be able to get their act together. That's probably who I'll be rooting for, mostly because Barca need to share the wealth. But I would be happy if they won it too. Really, the only team I would be pissed about winning it is Man U. I would even be okay if Bayern won because maybe people would take the Bundesliga seriously for two seconds.

4. And continuing the football theme, because I've seen people doing it already, and it's never too early.

world cup bracket )
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Ahahahahahahhaa omg Stuttgart drew fucking Barcelona in the Champions League? Are you kidding me? That's just sick and mean, UEFA. UEFA is made up of some sick fucks. I am going to prepare some cookies right now to make my fail bbs feel better about themselves. Although the fact that they are 15th in their league and somehow managed to make it into the knock-out stage is actually quite impressive. HOW DO YOU DO IT, STUTTGART?!

day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy


And now I am going to go hand in my paper to my professor and be doooooooooooooone with school. GOTT SEI DANK.
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I have such epic comment reply fail. I AM SORRY. Here is a short list of things I love recently:

+ PEGGY MOTHEREFFING OLSON. Askfjsdklgdldfkgfdjgkfdgj. She's pretty much my idol right now. That scene last week affected me physically. But not in a dirty way you perverts. In a OH MY GOD PEGGY OLSON IS REACHING INTO MY VERY SOUL.
+ YOSSI MOTHEREFFING BENAYOUN. Old news but still. I love that he never complains about not getting enough time or being ~disrespected~ or whatever prima donna bullshit footballers come up with. He just goes out there and proves why you should goddamn well start him every game. I'm so sad that Israel probably won't qualify for the WC 'cause I wanted to see Captain Yossi!
+ Wednesdays. I don't work, and my classes don't start until noon. GLORIOUS DAY. I think I will do laundry and watch as much Champions League as humanly possible. All the teams I care about appear to be playing on the same game days. ARGH.
+ Dean/Castiel. My love of the Holy Crap They Came Up with Something Even More Likely to Send You to Hell than Wincest! pairing has returned. Well, it never really went far away. But now it has new canon to feed it.
+ The new version of Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry that's been airing. Love it!
+ Also been watching The United States of Tara. It's... interesting. You know, I think I'd like to know more about the mental illness in reality before I judge the show. Although I love the storyline with the gay son and one of the Lawrence brothers. And Toni Collette is, of course, brilliant. I would watch her mow the lawn.

Things that were lame: the True Blood finale. TWO THUMBS DOWN. It was especially disappointing after I genuinely enjoyed so much of this season, instead of cringing through it like I did with S1. Oh well. Hopefully S3 will bring more Eric, Lafayette, Pam, Sam, Jessica, and Hoyt. And you know what? I think I can say I actually like Jason now. I wish this fandom had more fic. :(

Oh look I did this meme: Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. Mad Men
2. Generation Kill
3. Lost
4. Supernatural
5. Merlin

answers )
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Guys, I am just so happy. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That was like orgasm inducing football. Also, I think we can conclusively answer the question of who's better, Messi or Ronaldo. \o/ Congrats, Barca, it was well deserved.

Also I am on vicodin! And they took my teeth! The pain is not too bad so far but I kinda wish I could fast forward to next week at this time.
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So I told Eliza I was going to come up with some thinly veiled excuse to post this. But I can think of none.

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain of Germany. STAY CLASSY.
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So I told Eliza I was going to come up with some thinly veiled excuse to post this. But I can think of none.

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain of Germany. STAY CLASSY.
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I am home and finished with my freshman year of college! I was trying to figure out why it felt so strange, and I realized it was because summer wasn't some huge relief or release from a horrible place that I hated. I mean, I'm happy to have some time off, but I wouldn't have minded sticking around school at all. =D


1. I've become obsessed with these geography games of the sort you might try to get your small child to play. Except, fuck, Europe is HARD, people. Everything's so tiny there, sometimes you can't even see the country you're guessing the capital of. Especially after just dominating the US Capitals game. I'm like, wtf, is this a continent for ANTS?!?!

Anyway, I am DETERMINED TO LEARN THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD. I have the goals of an eight year old.

2. AGGER SIGNED ON FOR FOUR MORE YEARS! Yeeeeeeeees. But we lost Sami. :(((((((

3. In other football news, I was explaining the remaining Champions League fixtures to my mom, and I was all, "Anyway, you should be cheering for Barca and Arsenal. IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN MY MOTHER." And for some reason she went, "Ew, Barcelona! I don't like them!" And I was like, "Um what? Do you even know what league they play in? How do you dislike them?" It turned out that this was all a thinly veiled attempt to get away with rooting for Chelsea because I made her love Michael Ballack. She's always trying to secretly cheer for Chelsea when she thinks I can't see her. And I was like, "IN THIS HOUSEHOLD WE BLEED LIVERPOOL RED, IS THAT CLEAR?!"

Obviously, this should not be taken in any way as some sort of weird passive-aggressive attack on my non-Liverpool friends. I'd only do that to my mom! =D

4. My parents decided to buy HBO and Showtime for a year. And we got an HDTV, meaning: I CAN PERV ON ERIC NORTHMAN IN HD. But basically this is awesome. I now have a great way to waste the next four months of my life. OnDemand HBO and Showtime, here I come.

However, having watched some random HBO and Showtime just because I can, I can say with complete certainty that The Tudors is still shitty and Jonathan Rhys Meyers still has not managed to rediscover his acting skills.

ETA: This shirt CRACKED MY SHIT UP. B =/= V. That's kind of a real problem.
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Another mostly football only post. :)

I got the key to the screening room that my dorm building has. Giant hi-def screen, surround sound - all awesome things. And immediately after class on Friday I watched my Champions League 2005 DVD. My extreme dorkiness, let me show it to you. *g* (Although I also watched Velvet Goldmine and Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I cannot tell you how much fun it is to watch VG on a huge screen with the sound so loud I'm surprised we didn't get yelled at.) So, here's my most pressing thought: I knew that Xabi scored the equalizing third goal, but no one told me that his goal had the ability to actually induce orgasms. Okay, so that may be a slight exaggeration but seriously omfguh. When I realized that his goal was a PK, I'll admit I was kind of disappointed. And then the goalie saves it but he goes back in and alskjgafkljgsfdkjl;hjghkl;sfhjlsgkjhs. XABI ALONSO SCORED AT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL AND STEVEN GERRARD I JIZZED IN MY PANTS. My friend who was watching with me was like, "OMFG REWIND THAT RIGHT NOW." So clearly it was not just me. And then I went on YouTube and watched this really cheesy compilation of all of Xabi's Liverpool goals set to one of those vaguely Christian sorta-grunge band songs. But they ended it with the CL goal and I was like, "Fuck. Not fair." I refuse to like this inexplicably angsty video of Xabi's glory and ability to score goals from 6000 yards away. (And holy shit, don't even get me started on his goals from his own half. I think at that point I had begun to cry and rend my garments and yell, "I GIVE UP!") Damn that boy can hit a target. I leave it up to you to follow that train of thought wherever it may lead.

Anyway, on to the game, which I had never seen before. cut for liverpool and mannschaft thoughts that I have to write up here because no one else will listen to me about this *g* )

I'm somewhat embarrassingly excited for the Real Madrid match on the 25th but also absolutely terrified. (I will of course be happily skipping class to watch it because apparently the only thing I will skip class for is football matches.) I know RM has been less than stellar this season but that MEANS NOTHING TO ME. When Liverpool underestimates its opponents it always ends in shamed faces and tears. And then we have to play Man U in full on Cybermen-crush-everything-in-our-path-to-victory mode. Crispi will probably wink after diving and I'll go into an apoplectic rage.

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I am home for good now! No school or any speck of responsibility for THREE WEEKS! Plus metric tons of homemade meals, candy, cookies, hot chocolate, and tons of other things to give me a protective blubber defense against the cold. So I figure now is as good a time as any to that happy things are happy yay meme, for which [ profile] morgaine22 tagged me.

The rules are...
- that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.
Tag 8 people to do the same.

Day 1

The Champions League draw for the knock-out rounds - Liverpool vs. Real Madrid! HOLY ORGASMS, BATMAN! I think this might actually be the football match that gives me that heart attack. Sergio and Nando become Romeo and Juliet! Classy Xabi is torn between love of skipper and love of country! Um, but I still want to destroy Real, just putting that out there. Also Inter v. Man U: CRUSH THEM ZLATAN AND JOSE, MAKE CRISPI CRY. And Bayern has a sporting chance. Ahahahaha. I crack myself up. (Except Stuttgart against Zenit is nerve-wracking in regards to UEFA Cup. Meep.)

ETA: Looking at my mood pic, I am also concerned for the safety of Jens Lehmann from Zombie Arshavin.

2. Collision Course by KA Mitchell, from a rec by [ profile] poisontaster. I've read so many terrible gay romance/erotica novels that I was mildly surprised to find myself reading something with such great characters and an interesting, realistic relationship in addition to a lot of really great smut. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes slashy relationships.

3. Did I mention that I am home and completely free? And Yuletide and all the many holiday challenges will be going live soon or already have. Yay fic!


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