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You know, I dislike Barcelona for many reasons, but you cannot deny they've got style.

I almost wanted to feel bad for Man Utd for suffering such a comprehensively humiliating defeat (although, really, not sure any team could've beaten them how they were playing today). But then I remembered that this is the team whose fans went to Anfield just to humiliate us with a 19 times banner. And then I smile, and enjoy the image of Fergie vigorously chewing his gum in helpless defeat. You haven't quite knocked us entirely off our perch yet. :D

I'm the first person to point out how Barcelona is not, in fact, the second coming of Jesus in the form of a football team. But. Damn. That was pretty. No matter what I think about them personally, that was some damn good football.

ETA: Letting Abidal lift the trophy, I gotta hand it to 'em. That's pretty classy.
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merciless mocking of real madrid )

And in other football news the US women are going to the World Cup! \o/ And, Liverpool, oh you scousers. *group hug for general morale purposes*

I am SO READY for this semester to be over. And really pretty ready to return to America to the bosom of my family to eat TEN THOUSAND CHEESEBURGERS. Om nom nom greasy delicious American cheeseburgers. There is honestly a good chance that I will cry. And then realize that I really miss Punsch and people who understand me when I say random German phrases.

Also, how did I forget how HILARIOUS Buffy is? I've been downloading random episodes as incentive to finish portions of papers. I just rewatched "Something Blue" and lsdjglfkjalfgj. So hilarious. I think my favorite Spike ever is chipped!Spike who is a kind of prisoner but mostly just provides hilarious color commentary. Before they got all fucked up and intense, Buffy and Spike were kind of vaguely sibling-like for awhile there.
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1. I continue to prepare for my semester in Austria. Egad. I've gotten most of the stuff taken care of, I just need to buy a few things and get my birth control sorted out. And hope the Euro stops rising. If anyone has any recommendations of good (relatively cheap) restaurants, cafes, etc. in Vienna, I would love to hear them. Or expensive places too. I could go there once a month...

2. I'm having a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon party... FOR TWO. I'm trying to think of LotR themed food. Anyone? I am going to make Kool-Aid and put it in a cool pitcher and pour it ~dramatically like Galadriel and nearly go crazy with power maybe. And Ring and Eye of Sauron cookies. And I feel like PO-TAY-TOES should be involved somehow. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

3. The US remake of Skins always seemed like such a terrible and unnecessary idea, and now they've gone and gotten rid of the Maxxie character. NOT COOL. They did replace him with a lesbian so it's not a case of degaying a show, but Skins already has two great lesbian/bisexual characters in Emily and Naomi. BOOOOOO. Maxxie is my favorite. Well, I probably would not have watched this show anyway. Stupid American remakes.

And I still have not watched the rest of season four of Skins. For someone who hated season three and most of the second gen characters as they acted in season three (except Emily and... really, that's it. Thomas sometimes), is it worth watching?

4. I think this transfer season has made me realize that, unless you really love one of them, to an outsider Real Madrid and Barcelona are equally awful. And I don't say that to be a bitch to the Barca and RM fans on my flist, only to point out that I've realized that Barca embody just as many of the things that I hate about football that Real Madrid also embody, only Barca act like they are the Noble Saviours of Football while doing those shitty things. At least Madrid are upfront with their douchebaggery. The Barca players have acted like a bunch of spoiled little brats who can't get the toy they want this transfer season. It's embarrassing to watch. I think any interest I had in La Liga is kaput, becaise the two teams that anyone else seems incapable of beating are two teams that I can't stand right now. Maybe if another team breaks through as a contender it would be interesting again, but for now I'm going to stick to Premier League and Bundesliga. And yeah, butthurt little Germany fan, cry moar, right? Well, there's probably some truth to that, to be honest. I don't have any desire to watch Spanish teams win more shit.

Also, Khedira. Sigh. Whatever. I am too angry right now to wish him well, but for the sake of the Germany NT I do hope he is played. Man, my grudge against Real Madrid gets new things added to it every day! It's like a charm bracelet of anger.
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football ramblings )

day 19 → a talent of yours

Bullshitting. It's a gift.

and now an icon meme from godofwine! )
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I finally got a new Liverpool jersey so I no longer have to wear my Alonso one and be depressed. It's a Benayoun black away jersey. Finally I get to show my love for my favorite Israeli! I am only worried that I am cursed, jersey-wise, and that I am thus cursing Yossi. The only other jerseys I own are a Frings NT one and the aforementioned Alonso Liverpool one. Have you seen either of those guys playing for those teams lately?! Worrisome.

El Clásico and Merseyside derby this Sunday! Too much to handle. All I want for Christmas is for Liverpool to at least be able to beat the joke that is Everton this season. PLEASE GOD LET US HAVE THAT DIGNITY. I can deal with finishing mid-table and dragging the tattered shreds of our dignity to the Europa League, though it will be difficult, but I can't deal with that AND losing to an even shittier than usual Everton side. Stevie may cliff himself and Carra will spontaneously combust. And obviously I want Barca to kick Real's ass, but I'd also like to see a really good game of football. All those millions of euros better give me a damn good show, Perez!

I decided to do that meme where you post five billion things. But I will probably forget and then post fifteen of them all at once.

day 01 → your favourite song

Perhaps a... I dunno, cheesy or obvious choice? But this song has on occasion been the one thing that could comfort me in some of my shittiest times. "Take a sad song and make it better" is an idea that I try to live by. Very, very close runner up is A Change is Gonna Come. It's something that's become so iconic and emblematic of an entire movement, but still feels so intensely personal. And, y'know, for me, I think Sam Cooke Is It, voice wise. I admire the things that people can do with instruments and technology and experimentation, but there is nothing in this world that can beat the simple power of Sam Cooke's voice.

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For those of you who haven't already seen this on ONTDFB, I must share this practically pornographic vid of Zlatan Ibrahimovic AKA Swedish God No. 2 Only After ASkars. If you like you're men tall, lean, Swedish, and pretty much naked, this vid may be to your liking. When people ask me why I love football, I should just show them this vid. (WELL OK THE HOT DUDES AND MAN ON MAN ACTION ARE ONLY LIKE... 35% OF THE REASON I LOVE FOOTBALL BUT STILL.) Also Barca are so much fun to watch why can't they own my soul like Liverpool do? WHY DO I ALWAYS CHOOSE THE FUCKUPS WHO HAVEN'T WON IN TWENTY YEARS?!

Reading fragmentary Greek lyric poetry makes me feel like, as my friend would say, I'm trippin' my balls off. A bunch of random shit about wars and people's brothers-in-law dying and then BAM IT'S AN ORGY WTF LET'S DESCRIBE EVERYONE'S SEXUAL POSITIONS IN DETAIL. Oh okay. I'm so glad that section got preserved so well. Also I'm sorry but the Romans >>>>>> the Greeks. And so much more interesting I could CRY that we have about two Roman-centric courses in our classics department.

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(Thanks for the nice comments on my last locked post. I AM RECOVERED EMOTIONALLY. School will not defeat me!)
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Merlin 2x01 )

That fifth Barca goal was quite possibly one of the best fuck you's that I have ever seen. Just throwing that out there. That's what you get when you mess with their little lamb Leo. I seriously respect Barcelona for their ability to go through with humiliating an opponent when they try a dirty tackle on Barca's golden boy, with, like, twenty seconds left in the game. That's just embarrassing Atleti, and I even like you guys.

It's so frustrating to watch Liverpool be really pretty great in the front and midfield and just APALLING in defense. I mean, we won, but we really should've shut them out. That performance was absolutely atrocious by Carra. (Although that penalty was SO ILLEGAL ARGH.) Our defense is just LAZY and I would absolutely include Pepe in that because he has not been impressive this season. I hope that Agger and Fabio returning will make a good difference and hopefully Aquilani will help to smooth out the remaining problems in our midfield and let Stevie G get back behind Torres where he likes it (harharhar). Sigh. But that first Torres goal was GORGEOUS and Yossi's run in the second half was so perfect they should've just let him score on principle.

Also I got a text from my mom in the middle of the game that said "babel tried to nuzzle nando!" I was like. I know Mom. Stevie will be talking to him after the game.
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Guys, I am just so happy. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That was like orgasm inducing football. Also, I think we can conclusively answer the question of who's better, Messi or Ronaldo. \o/ Congrats, Barca, it was well deserved.

Also I am on vicodin! And they took my teeth! The pain is not too bad so far but I kinda wish I could fast forward to next week at this time.


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