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First, here is my question: have you read any good long, plotty (or, like, fulfilling-delightful-cliche-y), preferably at some point smut-having (because I like to be honest with myself) fics lately? I'm weirdly jonesing for some Dean/Cas, but I am open to anything. I feel like I've kind of hit a fic wall.

Now, let's talk all about the sometimes awesome, sometimes boring, but not generally terrible television I've been watching this season.

The Good Wife )

Revenge )

Haven )

Homeland )

Once Upon a Time )

The Vampire Diaries )

I also watched the pilots of Arrow, Last Resort, and Elementary and enjoyed them, but I'll have to see if I have time to watch them. None of them were really must watch to me.
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Oh my god, not being in school and yet being stuck in Bloomington where there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO in the summer is awful At least if I was home I would have the big kitchen and I could bake things, or have my full DVD collection, or a library where you can actually get stuff you want within a year (the public library here is awful, the ones at home are some of the best in the nation), or, I don't know, ANY FRIENDS AT ALL (they have all left!). I know, I know, cry more, life is so hard when you have no responsibilities. But I am bored dammit. I am trying to think of a show I want to start watching... and I am coming up with nothing. (I would've gone home this weekend, but my parents are visiting my gimp sister.) It's just been one of those weeks where absolutely nothing can hold my interest. I get bored with everything within 30 minutes. Plus commencement was today so all these families are here and I'm like DDDDDD: I WANNA SEE MY FAMILY. Next weekend!

I just need to find a really awesome plotty fic to read. What was the last great long fic you read in any fandom? PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.
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day 14 → a non-fictional book

This is pure unadulterated CRACK ON A STICK. The hilarious and awesome adventures of Catalina de Erauso, who pretended she was a man so she could, apparently, gamble, get drunk, get in swordfights, and enlist in the army. This whole memoir is her testimonial of her life, trying to explain why the Catholic Church shouldn't throw her in jail. Because, guys, she's a transvestite and she killed like eight million separate guys, but she's a VIRGIN. It's TOTALLY COOL. Although I'm pretty sure she just omitted all the lesbian sex she was having.

I think my favorite part of the book is whenever she gets into an impossible situation, usually after having killed someone after losing to them in a card game and getting arrested, the sheriff or a guard or SOMEONE always turns out to be a Basque and they're like, "Oh my fellow Basquero, I will help you escape!" This is how she gets out of every single impossible situation. Basque ex machina!

day 15 → a fanfic

Well, this is original fic, but it's so awesome that I must rec it:

Captive Prince by [ profile] freece (Original Fiction, R, WIP)
Without a doubt one of the best things I've read all year. Yes, it's slavefic, but trust me, I've read a LOT of shitty original slavefic, and this is not that. This is something that I would gladly pay a lot of money for. It has some fantastic world-building, sexual tension you could cut a knife with, and the most BRILLIANT characters. Laurent is what fanon Draco Malfoy wishes he could be. He is an ice cold bitch with fucking awesome fashion sense and you had best show some goddamn respect. And Damen, the "slave" of this slavefic, is strong-willed and determined and not at all ~secretly submissive~ like you see in a lot of slavefic. I love the ways that [ profile] freece manipulates power relationships in this story. In any given scene, the power could shift between Laurent and Damen countless times and it would have little (or a lot) to do with who owns who. DID I MENTION THE UST?! I may expire from it.

If you're still wary to read it, there is no firsthand non-con experienced by the narrator and it's not fetishized by the author. Also, it's a WIP but it gets updated regularly (usually!) and it's all planned out to the finish and everything so it won't take some weird turn where they all turn into unicorns and colonize Mars or something.
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SNOW DAY! Ahahahahaha! Now I can laugh in the face of all those people who said you don't get those at college. I got out of three classes including a minor presentation. And I only have one class tomorrow to do any studying for. Woo-freaking-hoo.

So how shall I spend the day? Hmmm, reading fic (I can catch up on Porn Battle!) and drinking hot chocolate seems like a very nice plan. Also, I just realized that now I'll be home to watch the Liverpool v. Wigan game. Although this could just end in me being depressed and frustrated for two hours. Whatever, nothing will dampen my happy today! *determination*

In any case, here is a fic rec that is incredibly happy-making: To be honest, I've never really read much J2 fic. Nothing against the pairing, I've just never found it incredibly interesting. But I absolutely could not stop reading [ profile] keepaofthecheez's Who Framed Roger Rabbit AU, Why Don't You Do Right (Like Some Other Guys Do). With Jared as Roger Rabbit and Jensen as Jessica Rabbit and JDM as the PI and seriously? It's just too perfect for words. And I think it converted me to the pairing. Which is awesome because there is quite literally a metric fuckton of J2 fic out there. And now I have the inclination to read it. Thank Christ on a cracker that I finally got over my RPF squick awhile back.

ETA: By which I also mean: All your J2 fic recs, give them to me. =D
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Oh all knowing flist, does anyone have any good novel-length fic recs? Preferably with some semblance of a plot. Any fandom (well, please not bandom) and preferably slash but I will read the het if it's interesting enough. For some reason not one of the six million unread books I have lying around the house are holding my interest. Here, have my novel-length recs in return.

Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*
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Wow. I do not hold my friends like that in pictures! They look like tourist boyfriends. Also, I love that that's how Adrian poses for a cameraphone picture. These two just never stop do they? I guess not, since their relationship is "electric," according to the Pas.

2. I don't really have much to say in regards to Heroes. To be honest, with every episode, regardless of how good it is, I get less and and less interested in the show. These aren't the characters I fell in love with. I want my S1 morally ambiguous Nathan and idealistic floppy-haired Peter and gleefully evil Sylar. Do you guys remember when Mama Petrelli's biggest offense was socks theft? Those were good times. *sigh* I would probably drop this if I didn't have a little group of people who watch it with me each week. Oh well, it is fun to boggle at the insanity of it.

3. What I really wish I could be watching on Mondays at 9 is Prison Break. I just wish I could spend more time playing in the fandom because I'm having so much fun reading everything, but when I go to meta on anything these days, I'm just like "uggggh I used up all my meta in college." [Btw, Classics? YAY. History? BOO. Major change? Signs point to yes!] ANYWAY: last night's prison break episode and michael/mahone ramblings )

4. So I have this really, really sad confession to make: I've spent the majority of my free time in the last week making an epic football powerpoint that explains the basics of the game, league systems, scoring, and important teams and players. I KNOW, OKAY. It's all for [ profile] capesofwrath, because I want to indoctrinate her into the cult. Also it's hilariously Germany/Spain/Liverpool biased. Look, I don't want her becoming a ManU fan or something! Anyway, if anyone in football fandom wants to like, take a look at it? That would be wondeful. For fact-checking and if you think I need to add anything, as I am, like I said, incredibly biased. Like, yes, I do think Thomas Hitzlsperger is someone important enough to include in this thing. I EFFING LOVE THOMAS HITZLSPERGER. He is German Samuel T. Anders!

4a. I am so nervous that Micha and Torsten are going to get themselves injured before this Saturday. ACK. But seeing the boys frolicking together with Mom & Dad at practice literally made my heart grow two sizes too big. LITERALLY. I am now dead.

5. In regards to Supernatural, I don't really have anything to add to what's already been said. Mostly just: A+++++ and keep the Castiel coming. However, I d have one request that maybe the SPN diehards on my flist could help me with. I read pretty much all the SPN fic produced during S1, but when I semi-jumped ship during S2-3, I didn't read anything. And now there's like a million fics and I don't know who the good authors are and, basically, I need a rec list. Could you point me to some of the good SPN fanfic/authors I missed during the last two seasons, preferably Sam/Dean? Also, preferably not those depressing stories where the boys spend the entire time hating themselves and then rocks fall and everybody dies. Oh, and I would be willing to try some J2, which I've never really read any of. So, uh, what's your favorite J2 fic?

This post got long! I apologize to your page down button.
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Here's some late Friday night what-to-do-when-you-have-no-life rambling for you:

1. EW's Landmark moments in Gay Hollywood has gotten me to do the unthinkable: watch Queer as Folk S5 clips. I'm one of those fans who thinks that S5 is basically Satan's pit of despair and really, really bad hair. It makes me cry because it's so wrong. But there were a few good parts. And Deb's "He must've knocked up Sunshine" literally made me laugh for five minutes the first time I saw it. Still does, so that's good. Bri-tin. Haha.

2. Do you ever find yourself reading really, truly awful fic that is so OOC and terribly written, but you just have to know what happens next? And then you feel dirty afterwards and go read something by an author you actually like, but you're still secretly glad you read the bad one?

3. The only reasons I subscribe to Out are the pretty ads and the ridiculous, nonsensical, but kinda hot fashion spreads in each issue. The latest one was "Lost in Italy," which actually turned out to be "Prep School Geeks in Italy." Maybe it's just me, but this picture gives me happy "bad boy deflowers secretly hot geek in closet during fifth period" thoughts. The October issue (with John Barrowman!) had "Vampires in Los Angeles," which I heartily approved of even though it contained no homoerotic-and-fashionable Spike and Angel, despite the title. I mean, seriously people, it has John Barrowman with his sleeves rolled up standing over some dead body in a pool. AWESOME.

4. Oh, blast, I have not at all started a paper that's due Monday and I have to work tomorrow and Sunday. Is okay, though, I got such a good grade on the last paper, I could get a D on this paper and still have a B+ average for the final. So I'm not too worried!

5. Finally, a rec: Make Sure They See My Face by [ profile] hackthis (RPF/RPS/Entourage/CRACK! as the author describes it). I'm not a person who can usually enjoy RPF/RPS, but this is perfect and hilarious and you will love Shia LaBeouf/Milo Ventimiglia SO MUCH. And god do I love random fandom-made pairings. First George Clooney/Anderson Cooper, now this. Maybe it will be like fairies/the Doctor - if we wish it enough, all at the same time, it will magically happen!

6. I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO MAKE THIS POST SO GAY. But I have to say this. This season of SGA is like Atlantis: The Femmeslash Years. I like it!


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