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In my efforts to cheer myself up after about sixty really depressing/draining season/series finales and the mothertrucking Mancs winning another goddamn title, have some random things that make me happy!

1. I think all the Lost characters who were left on the island most likely formed an ABBA cover band at the Dharma Farma - before ABBA had even really reached the height of their popularity. This is like Bret and Jemaine going back in time and giving David Bowie his own songbook before he even wrote the songs. And also Hurley rewriting Empire Strikes Back, obviously. Anyway, this is clearly the best idea I have ever had and I will let the Lost writers know about it tout de suite. I told [ profile] thehangedwoman all of this but she wasn't listening. :/

"Lay All Your Love On Me" = the anthem of Sawyer and Juliet's love
"Does Your Mother Know?" = Richard Alpert's serenade to young!Ben when he ~took his innocence~
"Dancing Queen" = a scene where Miles is reluctantly forced to play the tambourine and Juliet plays the Casio Electric keyboard For Love but she grimaces through the whole thing
"Mamma Mia!" = clearly Sawyer's conflicted reaction to the Oceanic 6 - Jack or Kate, take your slash/het pick

Clearly this is a brilliant plan concocted by LAFLEUR to get them to blend in better. Just imagine trying to convince Miles to get into one of those suits. Jin on guitar! Confession: this all stems from my desire to see a Lost musical. I feel like it would work out a lot of people's issues. I only wish that Hurley and Sayid had been there to be conscripted into the singing ranks.

2. You know the Crossroads Demon on Supernatural? How long do those contracts last until the hell hounds come calling to collect their end of the deal? 'Cause I feel like Fergie's time has GOT to be up soon. Isn't it twenty years? Hmmm, it'll be close to twenty years soon since Fergie started really winning things with the Mancs.

Look, I'm just throwing thoughts out there okay?

3. Band of Brothers is pretty enjoyable, even though I'm not a big fan of dramatized war-related media - I prefer it in Ken Burns documentary form. I do find World War II more interesting to study than most wars (probably because it's so recent and, like most people who live in the "world" of WWII, I had a lot of relatives involved in it; to be honest, I think my father's side of the family may have barely escaped fighting for the Germans instead of against them if we'd emigrated a bit later), and BoB is a fantastic work in its own right. I mean, the coloring alone stuns me so much sometimes that I forget I'm watching a violent battle. I have trouble following the plot sometimes because I really don't know shit about the military or warfare. I tend to zone out during those parts of basically anything and just show up when people start talking again. But I figure if I could understand enough of Generation Kill to get the general plot, I can definitely get through this. Also, Damien Lewis is breathtakingly beautiful. There is just no other word to describe that man, and I don't know how I didn't see it before.

4. Eric Northman. Let's have a lot of sex.

5. This picture.

6. Star Trek and Fast & Furious, both of which I saw this week and both of which brought the Awesome and the Gay in spades.
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I'm finally all caught up with the Suckie Stackhouse books. This is the extent of my recent fannish activity. In fact, this is the extent of my recent activity, full stop.

spoilery thoughts through 'dead and gone' )

I seriously need to take a break from football. So, uh, good thing there is a break coming! *g* So much ~dramz~ lately. And I realized that I've barely even thought about Liverpool in the past few weeks let alone got to watch them play much. It's been all the Chelsea drama and Intense Bundesliga Crazysauce (although that is quite fun!). I miss my real bbs. I think I just need to get back to loving my own team because, you know, it was funny. I turned on the Arsenal/Chelsea game because I thought it would be interesting and about two minutes in I realized that I didn't give a flying fuck about what happened to either of those teams, so why was I watching it? Getting all up in these other team's business... that's not me. I am going to attempt to institute a strict Liverpool Only policy next season. Well, and Stuttgart of course! They are my second place bbs. And possibly Barcelona. But you get my drift. Hopefully we won't put ourselves in a position next year where I have to count on other teams to see what's going to happen to my team. I have faith! Hey, my dad waited something like 45 years for the White Sox to win anything (and that's only because he wasn't alive for the other 40 years of waiting between their titles). I have patience in my blood. =D

Omgggggg I need to buy one of the new black jerseys. I NEED IT. Help me make this deeply important decision. I already have home Liverpool (Alonso) and Germany (Frings) jerseys, so I'd prefer something different. Although I do feel like I need a Gerrard home jersey at some point. 'Cause, really.

[Poll #1398994]
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Oh, I'm skipping class, how utterly scandalous. I just couldn't stand another day talking about gender in Aristophanes' plays! I couldn't do it! Anyway, here is a way too long post on the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

As I think I've mentioned before, I've been slooooowly rereading the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, mostly to wash the skanky taste of True Blood out of my brain. (Even though I'll totally be watching the second season this summer. Damn you SkarsgÄrd/Eric!) Except now I've discovered that I have issues with the books as well, especially as the series progresses and Sookie collects male suitors like she's worried they're going to run out at the local Wal-Mart. Will I ever be able to read a trashy vampire romance/"mystery" series again without spending half the time being grossed out/annoyed by: a) the violent, controlling vampires b) the boring, brutish, inevitably self-loathing and/or insecure werewolves and c) the random were-other-animal guys who you know don't stand a chance and are just there to fill out a couple books.

There are parts I like though, obviously. I like Sookie a large percent of the time, especially when she snaps at one of her many men for trying to order her around for the fiftieth time. As much as I dislike Bill, I miss the days when it was just him and declarations of SUCKIE IS MAHN. Sorry, Bill, Suckie just isn't yours anymore. I mean, at least it hasn't reached Laurell K. Hamilton levels of orgies and quasi bestiality and multiple triumvirates. Hey, guys, remember when Anita Blake was going to save herself for marriage because she'd had such a bad time with sex in the past? LOLOLOLOLOL. But this post is not about that travesty of the written word.

rambly thoughts on the series through 'all together dead' )
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some thoughts on consent in the sookie stackhouse novels )

Day 3
I got A+'s in all of my classes this semester. I guess that's about as good a start as I could hope for. But I pretty much feel like Dahveed in my mood icon, so ... *shrug*
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Well, after the Arsenal v. Liverpool game I was kind of depressed, but I am cheering. Slightly. God Fernando Torres please return to us.

Day 2
1. This happened a few weeks ago, but it still makes me happy. IU made a deal with Adobe, and now all IU students and faculty can download pretty much every Adobe product free and legally. Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, all that crazy shit that I've heard of but been too scared to even attempt to find. All of it is mine and all of it is free.

2. Eric & Sookie continue to delight me in my re-read of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Even with the appearance of Quinn looming around the corner, my glee cannot be dampened.

3. I am not outside right now.
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"Hey, our hair's the same color," I [Sookie] said, eyeing us side by side in the mirror.

"Sure is, girlfriend." Eric grinned at me.

-- from Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

If you need me, I'll be over here dying of laughter. OH ERIC. (I think I thought that exact same thing about sixty separate times while rereading this book.) I forgot how much fluffy fun these books are, and how much more fun and intelligent Sookie is when you can actually see in her head and you don't just get the Strained Smile/Dumb Blonde Persona she puts on for outsiders. You know, that may be my biggest problem with True Blood - Sookie's really boring when you don't get her narration.

one more slightly spoilery eric/sookie quote )
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First of all: [ profile] morgaine22, I got your package and OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! You not only made me smile, you made me make flappy hands of joy and perhaps do a little dance. YOU ARE AWESOME AND ILU! Your food blog has finally been transported to me in an edible format. \0/\0/\0/ Also, I've been going around saying, "I'VE GOT NEW SOCKS ON AND THEY'RE GAY!"

I do not want to be writing this history essay, so instead I will spam you with my random thoughts:

1. I got a speeding ticket for going 84 in a 60. :/ Damn my freaking lead foot. It's $136, but my parents are paying for half of it because I am a spoiled brat. I have to wait a week or something before I can call the County Clerk's office and figure out how to pay by credit card. UGH. I don't know if I can justify buying myself a Xabi Alonso jersey after this, especially after the soul-crushing process of buying all my books for next semester (during which I accidentally bought two copies of The Tale of Genji oh god why?).

2. In football news, I am just incredibly glad that every time Liverpool plays tepidly, the rest of the big four seem to follow suit. I am incredibly nervous about next week's game against Arsenal. I was happy back when they were beating Chelsea, but now it makes me nervous for us. Meep. At least the Bayern v. Stuttgart game was much more exciting. I swear, every Bundesliga game I've watched recently has devolved into a knock down drag out fight. Like that Schalke v. Hoffenheim game? Damn, guys. Maybe this is why the Bundesliga gets a winter break. To limit the number of death.

Also, just throwing this out there, but sometimes I listen to the Spice Girls and think of Fernando Torres. Like "Too Much" is what he listens to when he's angsting about Sergio horsecock*. Although Miley Cyrus's "See You Again" is all Nando/Stevie G. Nando, bb, what do you do to my brain? Put away the bedazzler. (you ask what's wrong with me, my best friend xabi says he just bein' nando)

*Omg, upon further listen this is probably the best thought I have had all week. ~he's a lover, I need a frieeeeend~ Oh god, I'm going to have to make a Spice Girls manip.

3. Watching Heroes makes me want to cry. Nathan is so far from the character that I fell in love with, and with absolutely no believable arc to have taken him to this point. It kind of sucks to see a character I was so obsessed with become so repugnant. When I think Peter needs to dump his brother and find a new boyfriend, you know things have gotten bad. Peter & Nathan's relationship was always such an important part of the show, that no matter what either of them did they'd eventually come back to each other. Nathan's actions this season make absolutely no sense. It's like they're trying to Lex Luthor him, but without the five seasons that Smallville took to make Lex into LEX, to get him from loving Clark to willing to kill him. Wow, when Smallville is the example to look up to, you are one terrible show. I just... someone cannot go from being willing to explode in the sky for someone to caring absolutely nothing for them in the space of six months. It hurts me deep down inside when OTPs crash and burn like this, especially since it's the kind of sense that's non. It's not like Clark and Lex where you were warned beforehand.

I REALLY JUST WANT TO WATCH PRISON BREAK ON MONDAY NIGHTS. I think next semester I am going to just tell my dad that if he wants to suffer through Heroes, he's on his own. I can't watch them make Nathan into Iron Man in Civil War.

4. At least Eric/Sookie does not disappoint (well, at least in the books). I'm rereading the whole series and I'm halfway through Living Dead in Dallas right now. Man, I really wish True Blood would just do a direct book-to-TV translation rather than adding in the tediously boring (and offensive) Jason and Tara storylines. Or at least make them interesting. But I guess you can't make 12 episodes out of that. *sigh*
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I just finished re-reading Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, and I have some thoughts.

spoilers for entire first season of true blood and most of the sookie stackhouse novels - but mostly just about eric/sookie )

Also, I have been watching and loving both Mad Men and Merlin. And wow, only I would choose two shows that are pretty much complete opposites of each other to marathon at the same time.

Mad Men )

Merlin )

ETA: I decided there should be a Generation Kill Christmas Pageant AU, with Brad and Nate as Joseph and Mary and Ray as the Baby Jesus. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, OKAY?


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