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1. Oh my god, Teen Wolf is so good to us. I was worried the show would lose some of its ridiculousness in regards to older men who want to Bad Touch Stiles, or it would make Derek into an asshole since he became alpha or something, but my fears were unfounded! Derek just wants to save people from their abusive fathers and bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles so they could all eat it and be happy. And of course older men continue to perv on Stiles in a manner that is frankly shocking! Seriously, where is the Veela!Stiles fic that explains why all these older men are constantly hardcore perving on this kid? Also the Stiles and Derek scenes in last night's episode were so good for me. Scott continues to be one of the stupider people alive.

2. I'm at the beginning of season 2 in my Lost rewatch. "Henry Gale" just showed up. Ben pretending to be scared of the Losties is such comedy gold in retrospect. And then he's like CREEPY EVIL STARE at Sayid when no one else is looking because he knows Sayid ain't buying it. Also, I forgot how great Eko was. Why did they kill him off so early? Le sigh.

Also also, everything romantic with Sawyer before Juliet I'm just like FAST FORWARD. I don't even care. PERFECT COUPLE.

3. Let's talk Game of Thrones finale. As always, it will probably have book spoilers. game of thrones finale )

4. Also, I got the new Nightrunner book, but I haven't had any time to read much of it yet. Gay fairy thieves! How I missed you. :D
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Holy gay faeries, Batman! According to Lynn Flewelling, the first three Nightrunner books have been optioned for movies. I don't know whether to be excited about this or terrified. Can anything really do justice to the Epic Gay Talí Love? Plus it was bought by what looks to be a tiny indie film company (although I could be wrong about that) which will make the whole epic fantasy battle scenes and Seregil turning into an otter and frolicking a little difficult. I am terrified that it will have the production quality of a SciFi (SORRY SYFY) Original Movie Starring Kevin Sorbo and Judd Nelson.


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1. I'm involved in a production of Euripides' Cyclops this year through my Classical Drama course. For those who don't know, Cyclops is the only extant example of the Greek satyr play, which was performed after a trilogy of tragedies at the City Dionysia and was distinct from Greek comedies. Also, as you can guess from the name, the chorus is always made up of satyrs. And basically? They're dirty as fuck and proud of it. The chorus is supposed to go around with fake erect penises, but our professor decided to opt out of that. Can't imagine why. Cyclops contains one little argument about the nature of the gods and the other 99% of it is sex and drinking jokes and I think a healthy dose of Euripides poking fun at Odysseus' douchiness. I PRETTY MUCH LOVE IT, OKAY? I might blush when saying my lines but I'll still say 'em. This whole performance thing is a lot more fun than it looked in high school. Yay Classics! \o/ (I say that to myself almost every day. *g*)

2. I convinced my dad to go see a Women's Pro Soccer match with me this summer. \o/ Chicago Red Stars obviously - I am from northern Indiana. Hopefully we will get to see them when Los Angeles is visiting and I can see Marta play. I'm such a glory hound. But seriously? I am so excited that there's a women's league again. SISTAHS NEED A PLACE TO PLAY. I'd become obsessed with the US women's national team right around the time the first league folded in 2003. So that was kind of a bummer. And whenever I'd watch Bend it Like Beckham and it ended with Jules and Jess going off to America to play there... DOWNER. So yeah. I hope this one doesn't fold too. C'mon, Marta, you are ten times the man David Beckham is! Inspire Americans to like a sport they never collectively will!

3. We (being various assorted persons) started watching Flight of the Conchords since we hadn't actually seen any full episodes, only clips on YouTube, and we're going to see them live next month. And omfg people. You weren't lying this time. It's not like the sixty million other comedies that my flist loves that I just do not get. I was practically crying I was laughing so hard. And Jemaine and Bret are DISTURBINGLY SIMILAR to my sister and I, respectively. Like, I would totally run away and leave her on a fence to be mugged because I got scared. We have a beautiful relationship.

4. Writing the Victorian Football AU is too much fun to be healthy, I think. God, such drams, people. And I haven't even gotten to the part where Count Torres has to be revived with smelling salts. I honestly think I wouldn't care if no one else even ever read it. I would just sit there and pat its head proudly and perhaps whip up a fake trashy romance novel cover. I've realized that this is completely for myself and I'm totally okay with it. Result: I AM A FIC CAT LADY.

However, certain football comms make me sad a lot of the time. I think I may have to take a break from them for awhile and hang around some other fandoms. Too bad Merlin is in hibernation right now. Generation Kill is wonderful and amazing and full of fandom's best and brightest, but also kind of tiny and only sporadically active. Ah, such conundrums in my life.

5. Three people on my flist who care about Nightrunner: in case you didn't see it on her blog, Lynn Flewelling basically said that there will be at least two more novels after the one that comes out in September. I am.... happy about this? I think. I mean, you could tell Alec & Seregil stories for centuries, but in some ways I'm kind of ready for them to get to ride off into the sunset, thieving and deceiving as they go.

Long post is long. I just paged down myself.
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UM. WOW. Is there possibly someone else who has finished Shadows Return out there who could, like, talk me down from HYPERVENTILATING AND DYING?!

omg talíííííííííííííííííííííííííí? how do you do this to meeeeeeeee? )

Summer of 2009 needs to be here right now, delivering The White Road to my doorstep.
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With the new Nightrunner book coming out in a little over a week, I decided to finally get around to posting the Seregil/Alec EP that's been languishing in my iTunes for months. Forgive the ghetto art and schmoopy music. It's the boys' fault. They bring out my inner schmoopiness.

I used Mitch Hewer for Alec and Charlie Cox for Seregil. I mean, this is practically the cover of Shadows Return. He is slightly younger than my mental vision of Seregil, but he'll have to do! And Mitch Hewer is just so perfect I can't believe I didn't think of it until [ profile] makesomelove suggested him.

seregil/alec nightrunner mix + wallpaper and icon )
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1. Okay, I know Coldplay are all ~*lame*~ now and stuff, but "Viva la Vida" is one seriously addictive song. I think a lot of it has to do with [ profile] gloryliberty connecting it to the Doctor in one of her posts, and it is so perfect. I see Ten's vengeful god face the whole time.

2. Did anyone else notice that Michael K. Williams (aka Omar on The Wire) is a random extra in The Incredible Hulk? After my first moments of WTFOMAR?!, I ended up pretty depressed that an actor as amazing as MKW ends up as an extra in a mediocre superhero movie when he doesn't have The Wire anymore.

3. Nightrunner fans, I need your help! What celebrities do you think are good representations of Alec and Seregil? I'm going to attempt some fanart. I was kind of thinking QaF-era Charlie Hunnam for Alec, but he might be a bit, uh... debauched, I guess. That's what you get for popping your cherry with Aidan Gillen! And I have NO IDEA for Seregil. I've heard Jonathan Rhys-Meyes bandied about (yes, BANDIED), but I have some seriously deep, inexplicable (I don't really actively hate people I've never met) hate for JRM, so that's a no. Unless I'm desperate. But... his nose is too big. IT IS NOT ELFISH. Maybe Charlie Cox, AKA guy from Stardust. Seregil is supposed to look like he's in his mid-twenties, right?

4. ESPANA! Villa/Torres! They're slowly becoming my second football OTP. God, that whole team is ridiculous. Their "puppy piles" (as my mom calls the celebratory piles of manlove in sporting events) are terrifying and wonderful. One after another, twenty of them jump on whoever scored in a frenzy of triumph. I do not think crushing David Villa is a good plan at this point, guys. Deutschland on Montag! They had better fucking step it up or I will be forced to choke somebody.
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This has been the worst year of my life in many ways, but it certainly had its bright spots and there seems to be a general upward trend. So, here's to being a legal adult and not letting the past hold us back.

And since it's officially December 4th now: happy birthday to meeee! *g*

Now - because I really need it now! - a few things that made me happy today:
- This interview with Van Hansis. [A few spoilers for ATWT, but c'mon, do you really care if you get spoiled for it?] This man may just be my new fannish love of the year.
- The cover for the new Nightrunner book by Lynn Flewelling is out: Shadows Return. And, I have to ask, could anything possibly make Seregil look gayer? He's all, "Check out my flowy cuffs and shiny jewels whilst I settle myself more comfortably across this book." Also, the back cover. This is going to be another angst fest isn't it? NO NOT THE SLAVERY.
- That my sister ([ profile] thehangedwoman) used to be a diligent student but was ruined by too much Harry/Draco fic. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON FANDOM, KIDS.
- Registering to vote.
- The brilliant, insane, wonderful fangirls/enablers on my flist. I love you! =D
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I've been an awful lj-er lately. I think my flist is just too huge to deal with in the time I have. So I skim everything and never comment or reply to comments and I SUCK. But, school, y'know. Once I get through this semester, it will be Slacker City, but until then, I really don't know if I'll be around much. School and my first job plus actually, for some reason, gaining a kind of social life. It's weird. Actually, a lot of this no time thing may be because we have to read around 50 pages of Uncle Tom's Cabin a night. And, normally, 50 pages wouldn't be bad at all. BUT HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK? It is so painfully, tear-inducingly boring, I cannot put it into words. Not to mention being, in my humble opinion, very condescendingly racist.

So! A quick list of things that make me happy and/or have been on my mind lately:
- The first book in The Administration Series by Manna Francis is being published this fall! I can hold it in my hands and it has a pretty cover and yay Warrick and Toreth and Sara! The only problem is the title: Mind Fuck. Nothing sexual, actually, but, uh, I can't exactly walk around my school reading something with the word "fuck" on the cover. Maybe I could use one of those fake HP covers?

- They changed the Friday Night Lights S1 DVD box art when fans complained there wasn't a picture of Landry on the cover. Awwwww, Landry!

- Lynn Flewelling's title for the fourth Nightrunner book (after a bunch had been thrown out): Here's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into, Asshole! Somehow, it just fits much better than the actual title (whatever that turns out to be), I'm sure. It basically describes every single adventure Alec and Seregil have taken part in together.

- Shameless and Skins! Same creators, right? Two shows that should either be really hilarious or really depressing, and somehow manage to be both those things by simply making the characters real. I never feel like I'm being patronized or told what's right or wrong, and that is very refreshing in television. I've only seen up to "Jal," and so far I love her and Cassie, and I'm growing fond of Sid too. Wow, has That Kid From About A Boy grown up. Weird. ETA: Okay, Maxxie: a little boring but still nice and ridiculously good-looking Y/N?

Now I really should do my homework instead of watching the next two episodes of Skins. Hmm.
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one more tiny thing about deathly hallows, not too spoilery considering it's something everyone knows is going to happen and it doesn't tell you the outcome or anything - wow, quite a cut tag )

It's probably a sign that I'm a crappy Potter fan when the latest tiny snippet from Lynn Flewelling's new Nightrunner book makes me way more excited than HP7. *g* thoughts on the new book, even though I think there's only one person who will actually care )

I really need to make a post on my deep-seated love of Alec and his wonderful character development throughout the series. Sorry, I just saw the "Don't worry. I'll hit the bitch." line and I was like FLAIL WITH LOVE OMG.
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1. answers to the movie meme )

2. I saw Chris Thile in a wonderful outdoor bluegrass festival last Saturday. AND HE SO WINKED AT ME I SWEAR TO GOD. Okay, so I may be clinging to this a little pathetically, but, in all seriousness, he's an amazing performer and I think I might be a little bit in love with him. I'd heard him play live before, but never got to hear him sing. AMAZING. No words! Also, there was some hilarious drama with a guy getting arrested for accidentally hitting a kid with a soccer ball that unfolded right in front of the stage during the entire fifteen-minute version of "The Blind Leading the Blind." Chris was a very good sport about it though, saying that the only thing we'd remember about that song was that "the law was involved."

3. I'm rewatching the fourth season of Oz (and taking notes, of course), and, holy crap, the beginning of that season is so hard to watch. It hurts like hell. I don't know if I'll be able to get through it again. But then there was this scene and this one, and it was worth it.

4. This will only matter to two or three people, but Lynn Flewelling posted at her Yahoo! Group that she's actually writing two more Nightrunner books which will be connected like Luck in the Shadows and Stalking Darkness were. I hope this means the second book will be extremely angsty and drama-filled and people will get kidnapped and tortured and things. I LOVE THAT!

5. Look, some actual content: I'm going to be visiting Dublin and London from June 21-27. Anyone have any suggestions for places I should visit, keeping in mind the fact that this is a school trip and I'm only seventeen?

6. This is me killing time until Saturday night. OMGYAYUTOPIA! *bounces*
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1. So I've been sort of missing for a week and a half, mostly because I've been spending any and all free time reading Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series per Brix's rec (Luck in the Shadows is the first book). Which, holy crap, I haven't been enjoying reading in far too long and this series made me completely fall in love again. I have a long, rambly post to make once I finish the last book, but I'll just say here: if you like well-written fantasy books with a great plot and a well-developed, imaginative world, not to mention the slow build and oh-so-satisfying climax (not like that, sadly) of the two wonderful main characters' relationship over almost a thousand pages - you will enjoy this series. Read it! (Did I mention that the relationship is slash, and the two guys are brilliant spies and thieves? Because, yes.)

2. I visited [ profile] thehangedwoman in Bloomington this weekend, which was fun times. It was Little Five weekend (which is IU's cycling version of the Indy 500 but actually just an excuse for people to get really, really drunk), but since we're us, Laurie got drunk off of, um, two shots of tequila while I fell asleep watching Freaks and Geeks. What can I say? We're party animals.


4. Just watching the new OotP trailer has made me break down in tears. I'm really concerned that I will not survive the viewing of this movie. *hides*

5. I still haven't watched the Life on Mars finale. I fear the whole dying of sadness stage that follows the end of a beloved series. But everyone seems to be pleased with it, so at least I don't need to worry about being disappointed.

6. LOVE Rufus's new album, especially "Tulsa", the most wondrous and gayest of all things.

7. Happy birthday, [ profile] morgaine22! I wish you many scantily clad Jared Padalecki's.

8. Someone make me not have to go to school tomorrow. I just want to sit around reading. :/


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