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1. Well Germany has certainly been playing appallingly lately. However, my (relatively brief, I suppose) time being a fan of this NT has taught me that it is foolish to take anything from friendlies or even qualifiers when nothing is on the line (which, considering their lead in the group, nothing but pride was here) - if they play amazingly or terribly, it's generally not that great of a reflection of how they'll play when they actually get to an important international tournament. And, of course, our team is not at full strength, and I also think the guys who play in major European leagues tend to be pretty exhausted and ready to sleep on a beach for awhile when the post-season period of internationals rolls around. But, yeah, the third goal they scored with total ease immediately after falling asleep in front of goal shows that, when they actually dredge up enough effort to give a shit, the team is still full of the potential we saw at South Africa. And now I believe the only team left with a mathematical chance of catching them at the top of the group is Turkey - and to avoid that fate all we have to do is draw one game of our last three and maintain our huge GD - or, alternately, y'know, just keep on winning for one more game. Not that I ever doubted we would qualify - mostly I just like to obsess about football stats and possible qualifier outcomes. :)

2. brief deathly hallows thoughts, maybe ~deeper~ thoughts later )

Aaaaand now to reread Stealing Harry so I don't feel so depressed about the fate of the Marauders and the character assassination of Remus Lupin. And even though I hate the epilogue, I am kind of tempted to read Scorpius/one of Harry's sons just for the pleasure of being like, "No matter what you do, JKR, we will slash your Slytherins and your Gryffindors."

3. DEAR FUCKING CHRIST IT IS HOT HERE. Feels like 100 degrees is never something you want to feel.

4. Doctor Who finale: loved it, haters gonna hate. X-Men: First Class: slashy as hell, but I surprisingly didn't really love it.
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Have more extensive thoughts about Harry Potter! I feel more feelings! This time about HBP, Draco, Ginny, and Ron. Among other things. Also Blaise Zabini.

more hp thoughts )
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So it turns out I have a lot of feelings about Harry Potter. Also this song is 100% my Remus/Sirius anthem. UUUUUUUGH. Why did I have to pick the soul-crushingly sad pairing?

thooooughts mostly concerning stuff up to ootp because that is as far as I've gotten right now )

In real life news, a tornado touched down near campus yesterday, after seven warnings and five sirens throughout the evening. It was just an F1 and no one was killed, though there were injuries and property damage and uprooted trees EVERYWHERE. Walking around campus feels very much like a disaster area. Considering what other people have been dealing with in the Midwest, we got lucky - but, still, terrifying. Glad I'm going home this weekend, where I at least have an actual basement.
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I watched Dare to Dream, which is about the rise of US women's soccer and how a handful of awesome ladies made soccer and women's team sports relevant in America (even if that shine has certainly faded in the decade since their World Cup win against China). Not gonna lie - I was openly crying at certain parts. The team's first international championship, Mia Hamm finding solace after her brother's death from her teammates and the sport, and of course their amazing World Cup win in 1999. I actually started getting weepy when they drove up to Giants Stadium and realized that 90,000 people had shown up to watch a women's soccer match. People actually gave a shit. TEARS. In any case, I think I'm going to make a certainly less popular companion piece to last summer's attempt to drum up WC interest with a primer on why you should care about the 2011 Women's World Cup.

I can't wait to enjoy the sure to be HIGHlarious comments from family, friends, and random passersby who see me watching women's soccer through a window about the pointlessness of soccer in general and, in particular, those uppity ladies who waste their time playing a sport that people in football-mad countries don't even care about. Although countries like England really might want to get behind their women's NT, as they have a much better chance than the men's team of ever winning a WC. I for one love the different landscape of the teams that are considered the top contenders in women's football as compared to men's. I mean, you've still got teams like Brazil and Germany up there, but you've also got the USA, Japan, even North Korea of all women's teams. The European and South American teams don't have quite the strangehold on the sport as they do in men's competitions.

Anyway, we've had some terrible weather here and are expecting more tonight. No tornados so far, just 80mph winds and trees in houses and power outages. It's very anxiety-inducing, especially because my apartment building doesn't have a basement. :/

Also anxiety-inducing is the fact that I am approaching the Point of No Return in Order of the Phoenix. I am literally going to have to physically force myself to finish this book. I just need to rip the bandaid off quickly rather than prolonging it, right? Then I get to the awesomeness of Neville and Luna and Tom Riddle's memories and epic battles and the Harry/Draco fanfic that is HBP. And Draco's epic woobieness. Ohhh, and the awesome bits of DH where it's just the Harry & Hermione Show of Greatness. Sorry, still not a Ron fan after more than a decade. And since [ profile] cetacea and I ripped out the epilogue and physically burned it (in a fireplace!) in a fit of fangirl rage that will perhaps never be matched our entire lives, I can pretend it ends where it should have ended! Yay.
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Have a Collection of Random Thoughts With Peggy:

1. Here's my problem with the idea of Messi, or for that matter Ronaldo, being the best player in the world. Yes, Messi is truly amazing most of the time for Barcelona. It would be hard to argue that he ISN'T the best club player in the world. However, he really doesn't do shit for Argentina. How can someone be the best player in the world if they contribute so little to their country? I realize that with the amount of money involved in clubs they've started to take on a greater importance than country, but, quite frankly, fuck that. If a player never finds success in international football, no matter how amazing they are in club football, and, perhaps most importantly, if they're from a country that actually stands a chance in international football (which Argentina very much does), I don't know, to me that success is incomplete. I know that attitude is a result of my own personal belief that country is just as important, if not more, than club, and a lot of people don't share that attitude.

2. Angry Man Utd fans scare me. I'm like, okay, you beat our record, why are you still so angry? Mein Gott. Also, I surprisingly don't care that much. It's annoying, but. Eh. I'm just so happy to be in love with my team again. Anyway, it's way more exciting to win when you don't do it every other season. And I know about these things, I'm a White Sox fan. :)

3. I always forget how awful the ferret scene is in Goblet of Fire. Malfoy is not a nice kid, I get it, but he is also fourteen years old and being tortured and humiliated and JKR treats it as something comical. SO MUCH SIGHING. Hogwarts makes itself into a breeding ground for future Death Eaters by supporting such an atmosphere of hostility and distrust in these kids from the age of 10. Everyone from Dumbledore on down barring Snape treats any person sorted into Slytherin like the Enemy-in-Making, a second class student. Of course it's going to build up resentment and rage. Does that make it okay to turn into a murdering racist asshole? Nope. But, damn, it's frustrating how very far a little human kindness might've gotten "the good guys". Why does no one ever listen to the Sorting Hat! If it's our choices that define us, stop assuming Slytherins have already made it when they're barely preteens!

Also I find myself having a hankering for Draco & Narcissa fics. NOT incest, but I would love to know more about their relationship, develop it from the huge part it played in the final battle. I think, despite JKR's obvious hatred for Slytherins and Draco in particular, it makes them both about ten times more sympathetic (if you weren't already in love with them like I am).

4. I finally got around to watching the Skins series 5 finale. It was disappointing, and I am starting to slide back into disliking most of these characters. Oh well.

5. I forgot how truly awful the pilot of The Vampire Diaries is. The diary voiceovers! The terrible dialogue! Bonnie is kind of mean and has awful hair! Caroline is a total ditz! Stefan is creepy! Jeremy is a little bitch! So much terrible CW emo music moments! Tyler is a semi-abusive jerk! Vicki takes up screentime! Alaric does not exist! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I just had to skip to the episode where Elena finds out and it starts to become bearable.

I think those are all my thoughts. It's been a gripping day.
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I think I just realized why I always fail at Harry Potter rereads, because ultimately I am one of those sad people who loves the Marauder generation more than the Harry generation and aaaaaaaaaaagh the first time they mention Sirius in PoA I'm just like UGH SO MANY EMOTIONS SO MUCH JOY YET SO MUCH PAIN and then Remus shows up all shabby and poor and alone and Harry has no idea who he even is and how much Remus must care about him but looking at him must be like a constant gut punch and IT'S LIKE MY HEART IS BREAKING INTO A MILLION LITTLE PIECES OF PAIN. Uuuuuuugh. HOLD ME WORLD. And so anyway the reason I fail at rereads is because my self-defense mechanisms kick in around halfway through OotP and only clinging very tightly to my love of Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom can get me through the last two and a half books.

WHY WERE THEIR LIVES SO AWFUL JKR YOU MONSTER OF A WOMAN?! Also, advice: it is not, I repeat, NOT a good idea to reread any and all parts of Shoebox whilst in the midst of an HP reread. SOUL. CRUSHING. At least they abandoned it before any really bad stuff happened. LALALA THAT IS HOW IT ENDED HAPPILY EVER AFTER BYE BYE.

Ugh, Moody, Padfoot, and Prongs. Crying forever.
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1. I have to admit that I'm kind of embarassingly excited about the latest Fast and the Furious sequel, hilariously titled Fast Five (trailer here). But, as I found myself watching 2 Fast 2 Furious on New Year's Day, I think I came to somewhat accept the fact that these terrible, terrible movies are my guilty pleasure of choice. Few things have tried so hard to be heterosexual and failed so spectacularly. Also, I really enjoyed the implication in 2F2F that Dom had been "tapping" Brian and Brian had fallen in love with him. This by the agents comparing Eva Mendes' situation to Brian's in the first movie and everyone just being like, "Yep, Eva Mendes sleeping with the bad guy to get in his good graces is basically the same as what Brian did." Oh. Okay.

Also sometimes I think that I think about these movies more than anyone really should. 0_o

2. I'm kind of super geeky excited about the new IU Cinema that's opening this semester. So much stuff I want to see! And it's only a baby now, so it will only get better with time. Yaaay! I'm so excited to return to IU and take advantage of all the free/ridiculously cheap stuff there again. I missed it while in an insanely expensive city like Vienna.

3. I decided to start rereading the HP books in preparation for the death of my childhood in the form of HP7 Pt. 2. The first two books are a bit difficult to get through, even though I enjoy all the backstory we get in CoS. I really enjoyed the first instance of VOLDEMORT KILLED MY PARENTS!!!!! as an excuse for any and all behavior from Harry. And, god, the mistreatment of Slytherins is really getting to me this reread. What do you expect to happen to a bunch of kids who you treat as if they're already criminals? Truly SHOCKING that they wouldn't idolize Dumbledore when he takes away their House Cup in the cruelest way possible. DUDE. Not cool. But don't take all this bitching to mean I don't still love them.

4. And now I think I'm going to have to do that end of the year meme, for therapeutic purposes. 2010 meme )
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one more tiny thing about deathly hallows, not too spoilery considering it's something everyone knows is going to happen and it doesn't tell you the outcome or anything - wow, quite a cut tag )

It's probably a sign that I'm a crappy Potter fan when the latest tiny snippet from Lynn Flewelling's new Nightrunner book makes me way more excited than HP7. *g* thoughts on the new book, even though I think there's only one person who will actually care )

I really need to make a post on my deep-seated love of Alec and his wonderful character development throughout the series. Sorry, I just saw the "Don't worry. I'll hit the bitch." line and I was like FLAIL WITH LOVE OMG.
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Time for another Deathly Hallows reaction post!

spoilers, duh )

I'm going to stop now. I need to go find out if the internets have exploded yet.
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1. I'm actually starting to get excited for Deathly Hollows, which is strange, because I'd gotten to the point with HP where I've chosen a stopping point in canon and refuse to believe anything else happened (like I refuse to believe Smallville had more than three seasons, or Alias had more than two). That point being, despite my love of a certain character, post-OotP. I really have no memory of what happened in HBP, except that it seemed like a rather long Harry/Draco fic. And that was before I even had my H/D-slash goggles on! I can't imagine what that book must've been like for those fangirls.

2. thoughts on doctor who christmas special and season four casting spoilers - text whited out for spoilerphobes )

Here's my absolute, number one, please-oh-please-let-it-happen wish for the fourth season: LEAVE FUCKING EARTH! Just one little episode on a different planet with a weird alien species that is not somehow descended or related to humans in any way. Please?

3. also: some thoughts on RPF that I've been.... thinking for awhile )

4. I found a primer for John Paul/Craig, AKA the gay boys on that terrible British soap opera Hollyoaks. And while the show is cringe-worthy, the relationship is surprisingly.... really great and angsty and fucked up and the one guy is at times just a tad crazy. So, basically, everything I love in a pairing! Plus the boys are pretty, for the shallow factor. *g* So, if you're looking for an amusing way to pass the time, I highly recommend watching the clips in that post.

5. Er, happy Fourth of July a day late. I guess we can celebrate it by our leaders blatantly ignoring the Constitution? But, gee, it doesn't even feel special and new anymore. And that's all I have to say on that, or I will probably start screaming. But, hey, the fireworks were pretty!

6. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day John-Barrowman-on-YouTube-surfing and reading fic. If I procrastinate the important things like picking a college to go to and getting a job, maybe they'll just go away.
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1. So I've been sort of missing for a week and a half, mostly because I've been spending any and all free time reading Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series per Brix's rec (Luck in the Shadows is the first book). Which, holy crap, I haven't been enjoying reading in far too long and this series made me completely fall in love again. I have a long, rambly post to make once I finish the last book, but I'll just say here: if you like well-written fantasy books with a great plot and a well-developed, imaginative world, not to mention the slow build and oh-so-satisfying climax (not like that, sadly) of the two wonderful main characters' relationship over almost a thousand pages - you will enjoy this series. Read it! (Did I mention that the relationship is slash, and the two guys are brilliant spies and thieves? Because, yes.)

2. I visited [ profile] thehangedwoman in Bloomington this weekend, which was fun times. It was Little Five weekend (which is IU's cycling version of the Indy 500 but actually just an excuse for people to get really, really drunk), but since we're us, Laurie got drunk off of, um, two shots of tequila while I fell asleep watching Freaks and Geeks. What can I say? We're party animals.


4. Just watching the new OotP trailer has made me break down in tears. I'm really concerned that I will not survive the viewing of this movie. *hides*

5. I still haven't watched the Life on Mars finale. I fear the whole dying of sadness stage that follows the end of a beloved series. But everyone seems to be pleased with it, so at least I don't need to worry about being disappointed.

6. LOVE Rufus's new album, especially "Tulsa", the most wondrous and gayest of all things.

7. Happy birthday, [ profile] morgaine22! I wish you many scantily clad Jared Padalecki's.

8. Someone make me not have to go to school tomorrow. I just want to sit around reading. :/


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