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[ profile] katrinaswift asked me about femslash in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Which I was super excited about because I have this crackpot Sansa/Dany theory that I want to share with the world. So, if ASOIAF is loosely based on the Wars of the Roses, then it's fun to think about which characters could correspond to which historical figures. So, with my not super in-depth knowledge of this history, I was reminded very strongly of Sansa when reading about Elizabeth of York. Consummate survivor, connections to all these kings or powerful men. Used as a pawn so much but (hopefully for Sansa) eventually able to kind of gain her own foothold and become secure and ensure her remaining family's survival. [Sidenote: I'm about 98% convinced that Sansa will survive the series. She is the only character that I am pretty sure will outlive 'em all.]

So, if Sansa is Elizabeth, then who is Henry Tudor, her future husband? UM OBVIOUSLY DANY. Exiled heir (although one whose claim is not exactly seen as ironclad) who goes off to a foreign land and builds up an army to ~reclaim his throne~. SO OBVIOUSLY SANSA AND DANY MARRY TO UNIFY THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH. But seriously how awesome would that be? I realize it has no chance of happening, but, damn, I would read that fic so hard.

Femslash in general in ASOIAF, I don't tend to have a lot of feelings on because there is a kind of a lack of non-familial f/f relationships. Which normally I wouldn't be squicked by incest (obviously of the children's adult selves, not at their current ages), but with Starks I actually generally am. Beyond that, most of the main female characters sadly don't interact with each other very much. I'm hoping we'll learn more about the Sand Snakes in TWOW (if it ever comes out), because with Dorne's open-mindedness about, well, everything, that's a good opportunity for some femslash.

Oh, I should say that on the show I've enjoyed Margaery/Sansa, even though I don't trust that Margaery is really as much of a savior to Sansa as she makes out. TRUST NO ONE. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.
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So, I watched the last Game of Thrones episode, even though I really didn't want to. And can I just say it's a goddamn relief to be able to talk about this openly now? Although I will still spoiler cut because it is only Tuesday. And also because this will contain spoilers for the entire book series.

thoughts on the red wedding - includes spoilers for entire book series )
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I just have too many feelings about Game of Thrones/ASOIAF to be contained by tumblr. I MUST BE ALLOWED TO RAMBLE.

As always, there will almost certainly be spoilers through A Dance with Dragons behind the cut. And I tried to control the amount of complaining about how they're Doing It Wrong, but... I kind of failed. Although mostly it's me wondering, now that they've changed it in this way, how will this amazing thing that HAS to happen still happen?!

Also I have two huge projects due next week you can't make me work on theeeeeeem!

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Apr. 15th, 2013 11:49 pm
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So the Spartacus finale was simultaneously the most amazing and heartbreaking thing I have ever witnessed and I am constantly caught between loving this show SO MUCH and everything it did and the beautiful, tragic story it told so wonderfully, and just wanting to bawl my eyes out. There is simply nothing even close to it on television right now. It's left a little hole in my heart, something that legitimately physically pains me at times. I'm going to miss having these characters and stories in my life so much.

If you haven't watched this show for whatever reason, I cannot recommend it enough. Few shows have touched on issues of love and freedom and equality and loyalty and endurance and survival (or not) so amazingly, and been so diverse and feminist and queer-friendly while doing it. FEMINIST CRIXUS HIGHLY SUGGESTS YOU WATCH THIS SHOW, BUT HE RESPECTS WHATEVER DECISION YOU MAKE.

I watched Da Vinci's Demons to see if it could fill the void left in my heart by Spartacus. Um, that'd be a no. Maybe if the actor playing Leonardo was more charismatic and less... cookie cutter tv leading man-looking? If that makes sense. He just seems incredibly ordinary. They should've gone fey. I would've eaten that shit up. But this Leonardo is a MAN'S MAN. SEE HIS HEAVING MUSCLES. Sigh. Major downgrade from Spartacus. And that show was FULL of heaving muscles. They just did it so much better.

Also last night's Game of Thrones was surprisingly hilarious? A light hearted romp! (Except for the horrifying parts.) There is actually only one scene in the entirety of ASOIAF that has made me laugh out loud and it occurs in ASOS, but waaaay later in the book and with a character they haven't even cast yet. CAN YOU GUESS IT?! It's really random actually, I have no idea if anyone would even think of it.
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First of all, I saw Skyfall and loved it! Such a pretty movie and NON STOP INTENSITY and I am not at all ashamed to admit that I got home and looked up all the Bond/Q fic I could find, which was actually a good amount for a movie that's been out for a week. That pairing is total fandom catnip, so I am not that surprised.

So, I decided to commit to a full reread of A Song of Ice and Fire to try and get through A Storm of Swords before the third season starts. This is my first reread and it's been veeery interesting reading this story when I'm not trying to figure out who the hell everyone is all the time. And of course it's me so I have a million ~feelings~ and thoughts.

Like always with me, assume the possibility of spoilers through A Dance with Dragons.

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You know what's horrifying? Knowing you were on lj in GRADE SCHOOL and having to go back and look through some of those entries to find something. I'M SO SORRY GUYS. Also, I sometimes forget how long I've been friends with many of you. Even people who I didn't meet through Alias have been around a long time. NEVER LEAVE ME.

Here, have some long-winded thoughts about Cat Stark and Jon Snow's relationship inspired by debates I've been seeing on tumblr.

as always, assume spoilers through ADWD )

I was going to post this on tumblr but I don't understand how to have a discussion there and people seem a lot meaner and willing to just call you a stupid fucking idiot via a gif from the get-go instead of attempting a civil conversation. So basically tumblr is an ONTD comm. And it scares me.

Dear Vice President Biden: PLEASE DON'T SCREW IT UP TONIGHT. Can't decide if I should watch or if it will be too agonizing.
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Thanks to everyone who's said really nice stuff to me and checked to make sure I was still alive. I don't really want to talk about it anymore, so I'm not going to reply to the comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for being so nice and no one gloating because I probably would've cried even harder if anyone had done that. my final thoughts on the issue (for now) )

In the meantime, I am going to try to keep reading actual books (as opposed to fic) a lot. Right now I'm reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton on a rec from my sister and I've really been enjoying it so far. I'll hopefully start on some of the stuff you guys recced me soon.

Also, I changed my layout to my girl Arya. Arya staring down Tywin still = the greatest thing to come out of the TV adaptation. Also, did I mention that I totally got ASOIAF house sigil coasters? I am going to not-so-accidentally spill things on the Lannister one. There are only four coasters, but I got magnets too (I CAN'T BE STOPPED) that have all the main houses that have been on the show so far (except Tyrell, which SAD FACE even though their words are super lame). Except that means no Martells yet. I should just make my own. UNBOWED. UNBENT. UNBROKEN. <-- the most badass words after the Starks'.
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My mama had knee surgery today, so now she is part bionic woman, and I keep making a lot of kickpuncher jokes. She seems to be doing okay, and is on enough good drugs to fuel a Justified plotline. But this doctor makes people start moving only a few hours after their surgery, so I left her with my dad because I didn't want her to think she had to keep up a strong front when she tried getting up the first time. She was very stoned and asked me to tell her what happened on Teen Wolf last night, lmfao.

So, to amuse myself while I wait for everything to settle down, I decided to make a wishlist of "Things I Want to Happen By the End of A Song of Ice and Fire". (Obviously, this will contain book spoilers.) Then you can all tell me your own and we can commiserate about how probably the exact opposite of what we want will happen, unless your wish list is "everyone I care about dies".

my a song of ice and fire wishlist )

Re: the Euros. I was sad to see Ukraine get knocked out. These quarterfinals could end up being really defensive and boring though. :/ Almost all of these pairings have at least one team that will probably try to park the bus. Hopefully I'm wrong!
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A Song of Ice and Fire people! I just thought of something and it is bothering me. I need your braaains! As always, assume book spoilers through ADWD.

asoiaf thing that is bothering me )

P.S. I'm super in love with [ profile] obsessive24's House Stark vid, Iron, and it's been giving me lots of thinky thoughts about R+L=J lately (even though that's only one tiny bit of it).
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Here is my long rambly post with all my thoughts about A Dance with Dragons, as well as all the crazy theories I've been pondering lately.

spoilers, and, um, insanely long )
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So, yeah, livejournal is making me want to hit things. I get that it is not their fault for once, but I kind of wish I had not just renewed my paid time. May NOT be doing that in the future, especially as "poor grad student" looms ever nearer. However, this is weird, because I haven't crossposted for at least a year. If this is a permanent thing I might have to start a new DW journal, because I don't want to lose anything. But I also have no idea how to crosspost like a year of missing stuff. Not to mention how much that would spam people who read my journal.

Oh well. I read The Hunger Games. Just the first book so far. Very, very cool idea and I really enjoyed it. Especially the section with them actually being in the Hunger Games. Is it bad I could've read like three more books of just crazy survival in the woods?

As for the movie, it really sucks that they whitewashed Katniss, and I fully understand anyone who doesn't want to see or support the movie because of that. However, for me at least, while that totally sucks and I understand people's anger, I'm still kind of excited to see what Jennifer Lawrence does with the role. She plays understated desperation and strength so well, as Winter's Bone showed. Actually, the lead-up plot to this is incredibly similar to WB. Young girl from extremely impoverished area with dead/missing father and useless mother must take care of her younger sibling(s) and put herself at the risk of violence and possible death to do so. And they all eat squirrels! And she gets help from a surly drunk/drug addict along the way! Clearly I am a genius.

Also, I am going to do an epic post about A Dance with Dragons at some point. I'd also like to do a post on why I ultimately like Tolkien (and his books) a lot more than I like Martin, but that will have to wait until I have my thoughts in order. Let's just say for now, no matter how long it takes Martin to finish these books, he's really never going to come anywhere close to the amount of time Tolkien spent creating his world. And it SHOWS.
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I just finished A Dance with Dragons! Someone please come talk to me about it, I am dying over here. Or link me to ALL THE REVIEWS and CRAZY THEORIES and everything. Pleaaaaaase.

I will have more coherent thoughts later, but now I just need to flail.
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1. I am back from Maine! Saw HP, and was surprisingly unaffected. I think I got my closure when I reread the books this summer. We also went to a queer-friendly burlesque show, which I walked out of thinking I had just seen a kink meme brought to life. And I watched the World Cup final. :(((( Love those women with all my heart though. Still, my question to myself afterwards was, "What the fuck? Are we England now?" I'm so used to supporting Germany and having 99% confidence about PK shootouts. It was weird. Oh well. Olympics, here we come! I also got to see my dear sister and we talked about ASOIAF most of the time. It was awesome! :D

2. Speaking of ASOIAF, I started A Dance with Dragons but so far haven't made tons of progress. GRRM books always take me awhile to get into because of how slow the pace always seems to be at the beginning. Plus I haven't been waiting like six years for this so my need is not so urgent. But I'm sure once it gets going I will devour it.

3. I've also been watching Sirens and loving it, not SOLELY because it involves Robb Stark having a lot of gay sex. But that is a perk. I just watched the last two eps of GoT today and got a bit of whiplash when Robb showed up looking all ferocious serious warrior, heh. But anyway, you should watch it! The last episode had a bunch of stuff about sexual power dynamics and explicit ordering of the main characters into a pack, with an alpha, beta, etc. And it has gay Robb Stark.

Also, I really want to make a GoT vid to Arcade Fire's "In the Backseat" all about, as I like to call it, the Stark diaspora, and the kids being ripped from childhood and forced to grow up fast. It would probably make me cry every 15 seconds though. Also I don't know how to vid. And would have to wait until, like, season four of the show for all the appropriate materials.

4. Also loving Suits so much! I tend to get annoyed by those cutesy, everything-is-sunny-and-pretty USA shows after a few episodes, but I really like this one. Also, so gay! And, like, how are there not a million d/s fics yet, is my question. This show is somehow really kinky without ever being explicitly sexual. Or possibly I am a pervert?

5. The last issue of Entertainment Weekly has reminded me how awesome 2012 is going to be movie-wise. We get The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises with half the cast of Inception, FINALLY some new Daniel Craig James Bond, The Avengers, and reboots of Spider-Man and Superman which will probably suck but could be enjoyable. Excuse me while I geek to death. (You know, I've come to the conclusion that I will never enjoy a retelling of Superman that makes Lex Luthor into a joke or cardboard cutout evil. I like my Lex sympathetic, even if he is crazy. He has legit reasons for not wanting to sign the world over to the control of an all-powerful alien who could kill them all without breaking a sweat, okay?)

6. Still showing TVD to a friend, and can I just say how much evil glee I had leading up to the final moments of the S1 finale? That twist is still fucking brilliant and I love seeing people's unspoiled reactions to it. Lots of HOLY SHIT and WHAT THE FUCK and BUT HOW?! Heehee. A CW show is smarter than you. Just accept that and move on. I'm also getting excited for the new regular TV season, even though it means an end to my ~life of summer leisure~.
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I'm off to Maine tomorrow to visit my lovely sister [ profile] cetacea and cry about Harry Potter then eat some lobster! I'm making an executive decision to not take my computer, so let me know if anything exciting happens.

I finished A Feast for Crows, and liked it about as much as everyone else seemed to, which is to say: not a whole lot. But it had some good parts. I felt like a review was kind of pointless because I didn't think anyone would awaken from their Dance with Dragons stupor to notice it, and I honestly didn't have a whole lot to say. I mostly feel the need to bleach my brain after being forced into a certain character's mind for an entire book. Also I am terrified of looking at anything ASOIAF related out of fear of spoilers. I am waiting until after my little vacation to start it, although I might punch [ profile] cetacea and steal her copy. I'm undecided.

Also: USA! USA! USA! So excited! And I love all these women so much sljgldfkgjfdlkjgdflgljgf. Never leave me, Hope Solo! I love the way she looks at interviewers like she wants to kill them with lasers she shoots from her eyes. And Abby Wambach is like some fevered missionary who lives on a different spiritual plane from us mere mortals. And Rapinoe is just trolling the world. LOVE IT.
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I finished A Storm of Swords! spoilers )
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One quick very spoilery and gif heavy reaction to being 700 pages through A Storm of Swords. behind the cut )
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1. I've been taking it slow with A Storm of Swords. I think I got a little fatigued by reading the first two so fast AND watching the show. So I am taking it slow. Also I think at some point I realized that I was going to have to wait possibly more than ten years to get any real resolution to this story and I was like WELL FUCK. Plus everything was real depressing for awhile but it's picked back up again, so I'm not like NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING HURTS every time I turn a page. I think I will save my specific thoughts until I finish the whole book, though.

2. I introduced a friend to The Vampire Diaries so we've been slowly making our way through S1 (she's completely addicted of course - resistance is futile!). I miss the slow burn of building friendship and trust between Elena and Damon, before Damon went all Damon-y on that. Stupid Damon. So many times I just want to shake him. WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

3. I've been loving the Women's World Cup. Germany in particular play some beautiful football. And the games, in general, have been so much fun to watch. Almost no diving! Near total unpredictability as to who will win and how! And I just love watching so many talented women so very obviously delighted beyond words at representing their country and playing with their friends and living their dreams. There's something so genuine about women's football that died long, long ago in the men's sport. You can look at these women's faces and it's like looking back however many years and seeing a little girl achieving everything she ever dreamed of. I love it.

4. I probably won't post again before the 4th of July, as we're going to be having no less than six house guests (although two of those are my sister and her boyfriend - and all of them are people I like!) and we're hosting the increasingly gigantic family party for the 4th. But it should be great! I anticipate being slightly buzzed and really full for the next four or so days. Since my dad has given up on me ever liking beer, he just buys me wine instead. Fine with me! Especially when he goes to the big liquor store and gets Austrian wine. Mmmmm Grüner Veltliner.

5. I would kill for an Alicia from The Good Wife vid to this song (Irreplaceable by Beyonce). Also I love Beyonce's vaguely gay all woman band. And Beyonce in general.
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Oh my god you guys, SO EXCITED about Cumberbatch being in The Hobbit too. And as Smaug nonetheless! ldgjadk;flgjlkfgjsdflgh which means our dear Sherlock and John will have pivotal movie scenes together, hee. Benedict is perfect for Smaug. Yaaaaaaay.

Anyway, I finished A Clash of Kings. Many thoughts! PLEASE PLEASE NO SPOILERS FOR THE REST OF THE BOOKS. spoilers )
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I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire series! Just finished A Game of Thrones and I have many thoughts. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME. Not even little hints. I don't want to know!

game of thrones (the book) )

You see what I did here, though? Wait until a month before the new book is coming out after like a six year hiatus, and THEN start reading. It was all planned this way!


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