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I was thinking about how I wanted to write longform thoughts about television, and then I remembered I had a livejournal. Nooot that I think anyone reading this has the poor sense of self-worth to still be exposing themselves to Julie Plec-run television, but still.

I continue to trudge through the Originals, hoping that at some point it will stop its endless cycle of 1) Klaus does something stupid and harmful 2) People that Klaus wants to like him don't like him anymore 3) He throws a tantrum and blames them for the shitty thing he did 4) A Big Bad forces his people to forgive him because they must Work Together.

So, the obvious inherent problem with this show is that its protagonists consist of people who were designed to be the Most Ultimate Big Bad of TVD - and, frankly, none of the Big Bads since have been as good or interesting as Klaus and Elijah were in S2. TVD shot its Big Bad wad too soon, and it was all downhill from there.

But anyway, I think there were potential ways to overcome this problem, but those are ways the Julie Plec would never go, because she's a one-trick pony who will go for a boring romance as the primary driver of her shows ten times out of ten. My dream version of the Originals would be to erase all the stuff that happened in TVD S3 and on to soften and "humanize" the Mikaelsons. These are ONE THOUSAND YEAR OLD, TOTALLY UNKILLABLE, MIND-CONTROLLING beings. They can compel literally anyone on earth but their siblings and father (and maybe not witches? I forget that bit of mythology). Why the fuck is Klaus still crying about people not respecting his horse drawings enough? How do you even still care about that shit when you've lived through ten centuries as an all-powerful being? I get that they were being hunted by Mikael for most of that, but I still don't think that diminishes the fact that they should be much more inhuman than they are. The only one who really radiates that kind of Otherness is Elijah.

I mean, basically I want more moral ambiguity, less crying about humans not liking you, DEFINITELY less art shows, less reliance on romantic relationships as the main driver of emotional beats in the series. I know Plec is peddling this idea that the Mikaelsons have lived their long sad lives without ever truly being (romantically) loved in a fulfilling way or whatever, but I just can't wrap my head around the idea of THREE PEOPLE being so obsessed with finding romantic love for such an insanely long time, especially when they've had an, admittedly turbulent, but very long and powerful bond with each other.

Which brings me to: OMG WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THE OTHER MIKAELSONS?! Okay, I know with Claire Holt there was weird behind the scenes stuff going on that we don't really know the full extent of - at least she's willing to do guest spots. Losing Rebekah was huge though. I loved her relationship with Elijah. I hated the development of her into a woman who cares solely about becoming human, finding a man, and having kids - and with so little discussion of what it would be like to go from being an immortal demigod to a totally fragile breakable human.

And then killing off Kol. In a sense, I get why they did it - they wanted to introduce the "killing an original kills his sire line" plot to keep them from killing Klaus so he could have a spinoff. [Which, thanks for that whole storyline since it makes any of the stakes related to Klaus maybe dying even more laughably implausible than they would've been before.] But Kol was great! He's a little shit, but he really fucks with the Always and Forever Trio's dynamic in fun and interesting ways. His open disdain for Klaus is also hilarious. And, despite the fact that I loved Isaac from Teen Wolf, that actor was terrible on the Originals. I know he's British, so the fuck was up with that accent? Dear god. The whole bringing back of their dead family members in different bodies thing just didn't work for me. The actors they brought in didn't have any of the chemistry with the rest of the family that the original actors did.

With the enormously noticeable exception of the guy who played Finn, who was fantastic. I don't really care about Finn, although being played by this actor made him ten thousand times more interesting to me. So at least they're keeping him around as Vincent!

And Freya... meh. I just don't care about her. And the actress is not great either. The show has become so frustrating with only Klaus and Elijah to play off each other, because those two are stuck in the eternally repeating loop I mentioned at the beginning of this post. You need Rebekah or Kol to come shake things up between them. When humans or Hayley come between them, it's just hard to buy that someone who's basically a blip in Klaus and Elijah's lives could make them turn against each other. Then again, I suppose there is something to the idea that everyone fights with their siblings - I can only imagine being stuck with them for a millennium would exacerbate those tendencies.

Okay, this post is going nowhere. I just can almost see what the Originals could be if it wasn't the brainchild of Julie Plec. [I was going to say "and not on the CW," but then look at the 100.] The idea of a series that deals with people who developed their personalities and ideas of morality and ethics in the 11th century, then watched as the world changed and grew around them - that has the potential to be really fucking cool. They were spectators of humanity, they've been through hundreds of wars, likely killed hundreds of thousands of people. What does that do to a person? How could you even really be a person still? How could you possibly give a shit what some random human thinks of you? Wouldn't you have stopped caring about the human cost of your actions centuries ago as a self-preservation mechanism? HOW COULD YOU STILL CARE ABOUT THE REACTION TO YOUR FUCKING HORSE DRAWINGS?!

*deep breaths* So, this post was much more rambly than intended, but I feel better for having exorcised these terrible CW vampire show-related feelings.


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