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First of all, WHAT THE SHIT, ORIGINALS. Probably that should be WHAT THE SHIT, JULIE PLEC, YOU HELLBEAST. That's usually a good bet for who to blame. So, I guess Rebekah is no longer a series regular and this show just lost a hell of a lot of its appeal for me. I hate to be one of those people who're like I'LL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN CAUSE THEY DID A THING because a) not true in this case [if I've watched TVD this long, I am not going to give up on TO this early in the game] and b) that's dumb. But this show has certainly lost a lot of its appeal for me, which is sad because it's been so much better than TVD this year and actually pretty enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I adore Elijah and I actually don't dislike Klaus as much as a lot of ~intellectual~ fans do. I find him kind of hilarious and sometimes I want to hug him then slap him and tell him to get over himself. I've surprisingly enjoyed the new characters like Cami and Davina [Marcel is okay but I just haven't warmed to him a ton], and Hayley has been miles more enjoyable than she was on TVD. But losing Rebekah makes that Original family relationship so much less interesting. Elijah and Klaus are kind of trapped in this endless cycle where they reenact the same arguments over and over again and never go anywhere, and Rebekah had been able to come in and shake that up this season.

Oh my god. This show is going to turn into Supernatural. LET ME DIE. Ugh.

What made it worse was all those adorable scenes we got with Baby Originals With Questionable Accents. THIS WAS SO DUMB. MAKE UP AND BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. I'm happy for Rebekah that she gets to go be free, but this was just such a weird sendoff. I know they say she can still come back for guest appearances, but for me this really messes up the dynamic of what I was enjoying about the show. Maybe this is why you shouldn't have killed off ALL THE OTHER Originals on TVD. If you can resurrect both Bonnie and Jeremy, pretty sure you can resurrect Kol. You need to drop another sibling in there to keep Klaus and Elijah from falling into their boring old routine.

Also this situation seems so sketchy, and no one seems to know what's really going on here. It doesn't make sense for Claire Holt to have signed onto a new show as a series regular if she "hadn't intended to play Rebekah for this long," like some reports are saying. WTF?

In happier news, I finally started watching Hannibal, because I'm on anti-anxiety meds now and won't become convinced beyond reason that I will be serial killed in some horrible ritualistic way if I watch stuff about serial killers. Anyway it's great, and I devoured (harhar) all of the aired episodes last weekend. Did have some weird dreams but nothing close to Will Graham levels. Although maybe not the best benchmark.

This show is so great! One of the things I really like about it is how visually stunning it is and how much it takes advantage of the fact that it's a visual medium, which a lot of shows, especially network shows, do not seem to realize other than "have hot people take shirts off maybe???". Also I find it to be a really fascinating take on the Serial Killer Show, or even just the People Get Murdered show, because there isn't that attempt at manufactured sadness and sympathy where you see somebody's mom crying or whatever and then you're like, "Oh, now I must feel bad about this murder." There isn't actually all that much sympathy for the victims, so much as there is an acceptance that this is just how the world is and all you can do is stop it before it gets any worse. Which is ridiculous, because in reality ~30 people are not killed and sewn into a giant human centipede eye thing for ~art~. On a show that tried to portray itself as a realistic depiction of our world, that would be laughable. But this show is like our world only ten shades darker and dirtier.

Also Will Graham! Will Graham and his dogs! Will Graham being a fragile teacup but also getting ready to fuck up Hannibal's shit and manipulate him! I love it. One of my biggest issues with media that focuses on a genius serial killer is that it can come to worship that serial killer and make him omnipotent and omniscient in a way that stretches credulity. And I get really angry when serial killers keep winning and the victims keep dying, because I think it's bullshit that there wouldn't be one person who would get a lucky break. No one is THAT perfect and infallible, no matter how much planning they've done or how powerful they are. (BEYONCE TAUGHT ME THAT.) Especially when these types of narratives are usually steeped in misogyny, and its usually women whose suffering is fetishized. ANYWAY I HATE THAT. So I'm really glad that this show seems to be going toward a place where Hannibal will not be infallible and Will will beat him (at least for awhile). I mean, obviously if they are following the books. Which I have not read, but know the basic stories because my mom is a huge Manhunter/Silence of the Lambs fan (thanks for the childhood trauma, mom!). Also I once stayed up really late watching Red Dragon with my cousins and was like, "....wait, what?" at 2AM when we finished. What the fuck, Ralph Fiennes, what the fuck.

And Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal is so fantastic and refreshingly toned down and less campy than Hopkins. I was scared of Hopkins!Hannibal, for sure, but I'm impressed by Mads!Hannibal. And like I said, I hate those cults of hero worship that rise up around particularly creative and long-lasting serial killers. But Hannibal is much more complex than your average Ed Gein. And, yes, he is a brutal serial killer cannibal, but the show does a good and unsettling job of making you almost complicit in his crimes, almost like, "Well, that person WAS really rude to him, so... Wait, wtf did I just think?" At least it does that for me. Also, I crack up so much at the scenes of him in his kitchen and serving people. It's just so ridiculous and like... SO devoted to being a sick fuck. You gotta at least take a step back and be like, good pun work, buddy.

I've also really enjoyed the rest of the characters, especially Alanna. I really hope she doesn't die. :/ Was she a character made up for the show? I don't remember ever hearing her name before.

Also, Abigail! Where does fandom come down on that? Did Hannibal really kill her? I'm curious as to what people think. Is there some one-eared girl wandering around a quaint Italian town or something?

Also, what the hell happens to Will Graham in canon? I tried looking around Wikipedia to find out, but couldn't find any answers. Not that the show necessarily has to stick with that, but I'm just curious. I wonder if he will stick around when the show introduces Clarice? I really hope so because I have grown very fond of Will.

Oh, also Bedelia being a badass! And I love this show's interpretation of Freddie Lounds. This show really has a lot of awesome women. And a nice lack (besides the first case) of overly misogynistic killers. Most of the killers seem unconcerned about their victims' gender.
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